The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 6 : Storage Ring


“What’s the use of this?” Reidy leaned over and looked carefully at the ring he was holding. The scent of her hair wafted, making his heart skipped a beat.


Without being so serious and losing her temper, Reidy did not look seem like a bad person.


“I don’t know, maybe it’ll work and show magic if I wear it or something. Generally speaking, a mage needs a medium to cast magic.” Lin Xiang said so, because the most common medium was the magic wand issued by the academy.


“In that case, we won’t be able to use it.” Reidy soon lost interest. Dusty and the others noticed that it was not something fun, so they showed no interest too.


“Dangdangdang” Remi’s eating speed suddenly accelerated. There was a crisp sound when the spoon and the bowl collided.


“Big Bro, let’s return to the topic. You used to make me so proud, but now you stay at home all day. I can’t just watch your downfall. Tomorrow, I will let the human take you home.”


Remi stopped immediately. Was it because he was afraid of being lectured?


“You’re kidding me, right? Sis.”


Lin Xiang remembered the moment when Remi came. He said that the human world was peaceful and very boring. Now, he did not seem to want to leave.


“Of course, it’s true.” Reidy’s expression was irrefutable.


“I’m not in the way here, right? I’m usually in the room, and I don’t interfere with you and… Ow.” Remi suddenly bent down, as if to cover his feet. He sat opposite Lin Xiang, which was the opposite of Reidy. He might be kicked by Reidy.


“Don’t spout nonsense.” Reidy was a little anxious, and her face flushed redness, “Why do you mean about interfering? I can’t watch you stay at home and play computer games all day like this.”


“You don’t know that, Sis. I play games to learn skills, and I’m also the leader of a guild, leading dozens of gamers. This can cultivate my organizational skills, and…”


“After all, it’s still a game, isn’t it?”


Remi was speechless.


“Think about it for yourself. What was the former forbidden soldier, Remi, like? And what are you like now when you wake up?”


“…” Remi fell silent for a long time. He raised his head again, with a hint of determination in his eyes, “Yes, Sis, you are right. I lived too comfortably and almost fell into the abyss like this. I will bid goodbye to my guild members in a while and go back to the demon realm.”


“Yes, now this is my brother Remi.”


Looking at Reidy, he did not expect her to look so worried about others, especially when she said that he was her brother. The gentle voice almost made him thought his hearing was broken.


Noticing his sight, Reidy looked over and scolded, “What… What are you looking at?”


Well, maybe her tenderness was only shown to those who were close to her. She was still so rude to him, but that was why she was Reidy.


He did not glance at Reidy again, and ate carefully, for fear of making her unhappy.


“Ah,” Remi sighed. Silent Water looked at Reidy worriedly for some reason.


“Eat. Let’s eat. Dusty, you have to eat all the vegetables.”


“Yes.” Dusty, who had secretly put the greens aside, put it in her mouth and chewed.


“Damn it. Why is it always like this?”


Lin Xiang heard Reidy soft muttering, not knowing what she was scolding about. Was she talking about Dusty not liking green vegetables?


After the meal, their luggage was also sent back.


There was a lot of dust in the house, so Silent Water started to do housework, while Reidy sorted out the clothes in the luggage and put them back in everyone’s room. The little turtle was placed in the living room. Like a statue in the water basin, its eyes remained and motionless.


Lin Xiang wanted to help Silent Water with the housework, but she smiled and shook her head, telling him to have a good rest. To be honest, his right hand movement was not active enough and since he was afraid that it would affect Silent Water, he sat on the side and studied the mission’s reward, the ring.


After wearing it, he felt no difference. That was really an ordinary magic ring after all?


No, I can feel that it has ability about space. This is not an ordinary ring, but I don’t know much about space like Yalide. When she wakes up, you can ask her.’


‘Ability about space? This can’t be a storage ring or something, right?’


Storage rings, as the name suggested, was where the user could store things with it. Magic stores sold them, but the price was very expensive. It had a different dimensional space similar to spiritual space, which was used for storing things.


The storage capacity of the ring was calculated by weight and the things stored should not exceed several kilograms.


Possibly, put it on and try sensing the ring to put things in.


Lin Xiang tried it. Sure enough, there was a response, so he aimed at the snack bag on the table.


Fire Dance reached out to the snack bag, and Lin Xiang happened to stow the snack bag into the storage ring.


Fire Dance, who was watching television, touched the table with her hand. Her attention was drawn away from the screen and she looked at the table. After blinking a few times, she made a surprised voice, “Huuuuhhhhh?!!”


“What’s wrong? Sister Fire Dance?” Dusty asked.


“Just now, the French fries that were here are gone!”


“Really?” Dusty looked around.


Lin Xiang could not help but continue tricking Fire Dance. Therefore, while the two of them were searching, he put the fries out of the storage ring again.


“It appeared again! It suddenly appeared!” Fire Dance pointed at the snack bag while her eyes were filled with panic, “There’s a ghost. A ghost has appeared!” She said as she jumped behind Lin Xiang.


“What? There’s a ghost!?” Dusty turned her head sharply and stared at the snack, “Come out, be careful or I’ll bite you to death.”


Dusty was not afraid of anything, except heights. However, Fire Dance was different. She grabbed Lin Xiang tightly and remained standing behind him, shaking.


“Master, there’s a ghost! You must protect me.”


“How can there be a ghost here?”


“But the French fries disappeared and came out of nowhere! The last time I watched TV, there was a similar scene.”


“Ghosts don’t exist.” Lin Xiang could not help laughing.


“How dare you scare Sister Fire Dance? I’ll bite you to death.” Dusty had already rushed up to chew on the fries, while eating them quite happily, “Ghosts taste the same as these snacks.”


“Dusty, you can do it.”


Well, I think I should talk to them, otherwise they really think there is a ghost or something, and it will be troublesome: “Actually…”


“It turned out to be the master! The master is good or bad!” Huo Wu kept rubbing behind me after knowing the truth. She was just an ordinary child acting like a spoiled child. Although she was said to be a child, her breasts were still well developed, two soft things. I kept sweeping my neck, and I felt my head was going to be congested.


“I’m sorry, sorry, it’s my fault.” Lin Xiang patted Fire Dance’s head to calm her down. If Fire Lotus came out under that situation, she would definitely beat him up.


“But it’s amazing, Master. You can put things into the ring. How did you do it?”


“I know this!” Professor Dusty appeared. She still had some snack crumbs on her mouth. Pretending to clear her throat, she spoke, “It happens with just a swish and click. Then it shrinks, and flies into the ring.”


The explanation was unclear.


Looks like she watched too much Toraemon.


“Oh! That’s what it is!” Fire Dance nodded. She actually understands it?



“A fragrant mashed potato paste… seems kind of delicious?”


“Oh, so it stores food with food.” Fire Dance seemed to have got it.


Although Dusty called Fire Dance her big sister. Most of the time, Fire Dance would be learning from Dusty, so she be often misled.


“It’s a different-dimensional space.” Lin Xiang corrected. Why have Dusty always thought of food? “It’s like the relationship between the human world and the demon world. They are located on different interfaces, do you understand this explanation?”


The two shook their heads.


In fact, Lin Xiang did not know much about it too, “This ring is like a bag, it can store things.” That was all he could explain.


Out of the blue, he thought of Yalide, who often gave Fire Dance and Dusty candy. That fellow must have made use of the different-dimensional space. After all, she was the child of darkness, and was an existence that could split space.


By the way, how much can this ring hold? There was no manual or something, so Lin Xiang could only ask Yalide once she woke up.


After half an hour, Dusty and Fire Dance sat next to Lin Xiang and told him about the animation characters they liked.


It was an animal-themed cartoon called “The Penguin Family.” Lin Xiang nodded while dozing off. He was really not impressed with that kind of thing, but he would be fine if it was about Angie’s concert. It was probably due to his meeting with Angie that made him more interested in those shows than before.


Speaking of her and Nicia… Angie could use light magic, while Nicia had silver wings and hair.


An angel was just so close to him.


Buzz~ Buzz~ The phone vibrated in his trouser pocket.


The caller displayed the name: Satsuki Risa.


“Hello, is this Risa?”


“Yes, Xiang, can I go to your house?”


“What’s wrong?”


“Am I not welcomed?”

“No no no, if dear Risa can come to my humble house, it really makes the humble house shine.”


“No no no, don’t exaggerate it. It’s nothing actually… I was just thinking of stay… house…”


“Sorry, the signal is not good. What did you just say?”


“I said that I want to stay at your house.” Risa raised her voice.


“I heard it, but why?”


Is Risa coming to my house? What’s happening?


“My parents, you know, don’t often stay at home. When I got home, I found that they left a note for me, saying that they were going on a business trip for two weeks… My house is huge. I am alone… and scared.” Risa’s tone revealed great softness.


Speaking of that, Risa’s family was really big. It was a huge mansion, but its population was very small because her family consisted of only her and her parents.


“I don’t really mind…” Looking at Dusty and the others, since there were girls at home anyway, he thought that it might be better for everyone to be together.


“Really?” On the other end of the phone, Risa’s voice showed an uncontrollable excitement.




“Great, then open the door.”



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