The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 7 : Risa’s Arrival


“Are you moving houses?” Lin Xiang ran to the entrance and opened the door to find that Risa was standing there. Wearing denim tights, her long legs were perfectly outlined. The beige-pleated chiffon shirt was very dazzling in the sun.


The large and small bags behind her were all over the place, reminding Lin Xiang of the time when he went to Dragonborn Village.


“No choice, my mother asked me to bring these.”


“Didn’t your mother left?”


“I have to stay outside the house, so I have to inform her.”


“What did you say?”


“I called her and said that I will be staying at my bestie’s house… for a few days. Then she replied: ‘My daughter is all grown up. Mom has prepared everything for you. Go ahead and take those things in your room and bring them with you to your ‘bestie’s’ house.’ After that, I…”


“Are you a God? How can you move so many things yourself?”


“I have a storage ring, you know? My mother puts everything in it.”


Indeed, that fellow’s parents worked for a famous magic gear company, so it was normal for her.


However, how expensive was her storage ring to be able to store that many things?


“Can you put these things back into the storage ring and come in again?”


“About that…” Risa rarely spoke in a hesitant manner, “Actually, I was going to ring the doorbell and give you a sudden surprise, but it was inconvenient to carry my entire baggage, so I forced them into the ring. Who knew the ring would explode.”


“That’s why these things are lying on the ground like this?”




“You’re really good at seeking trouble for me.” Lin Xiang sighed.


“I’m sorry.” Risa lowered her head, like a child who have done a mistake.


Standing under the sun, the beads of sweat on her cheeks gleamed with crystal light.


“Fine, come in quickly, isn’t it hot outside?” Lin Xiang touched her head to find that it was clearly very hot.


“Xiang, you are so kind. I thought you would be angry if I did this.” Risa hugged him.


“How come? Don’t stick so close to me, it’s scorching hot.”


Lin Xiang took a few steps back. In summer, he wore fewer clothes, so the skin-to-skin contact made me feel a little hot.


“Ah? Xiang, why are you blushing?”


“It’s too hot.” Lin Xiang pushed Risa, who was having a weird smile on her face, into the house. He then helped her carry her things in.


“Why are you here?” Lin Xiang entered the house with two big baggage. Reidy was talking to Risa in the corridor.


“I’m coming to stay for a while, can’t I?”


Reidy glanced at Lin Xiang as he was entering the house, and snorted, “It’s none of my business.” Then she turned and left by going upstairs.


“Phew~ By the way, Xiang, your house is a little hot.” Risa kept pulling on her collar, exhaling hot air from her mouth to show that she was hot.


“There is only my house around here, and there are no other houses. Of course, it will be hot when the sun shines directly here. Go to the living room. There is an air conditioner, as well as other rooms.”


“And you?”


“Helping you carry your things. What did your mother ask you to bring? These boxes are not light though.”


“A rice cooker, some kitchen utensils or something.”


“You really are moving houses.”


“She also has her reasons. Let’s go, I’ll move them with you.”


“Isn’t it hot?”


“There’s no reason for me to let you move them alone, right? I’ll feel guilty.” Risa and Lin Xiang went outside together.


“Guilty, heh—” Thinking back to his previous world, Risa would never feel guilty. She just regarded him as her servant.


They came and went several times, and finally moved everything in. Lin Xiang was sweating profusely, Risa too. They leaned against the wall and exhaled deep breaths. Their chests also went up and down in a fixed momentum.


The heat could make the molecules in the air vibrate and move faster, so the fragrance of her body kept reaching into his nose.


Risa looked over to Lin Xiang with a sweet smile, which made him look away. His attention shifted to the things she brought. Gas stove, rice cooker, blanket… He would not criticise about the others, but why would she bring a cotton blanket on a hot day?


There were even sleeping bags, canned food, and rice bags. How worried was her mother that made her think that her daughter would be treated unfairly at a friend’s house?


“My mother said that this is a must when going out.” Risa seemed to know his doubts and began to explain, “There are unforeseen circumstances, so you never know what will happen in the next second. If you go out one day and encounter any disasters, such as a plane crash, a cruise ship being hit, or accidentally being caught in the demon world due to the different-dimensional crack, these will come in handy.”


“The chances of these happening are very small though.”


“But they can still happen, don’t they? It’s always better to be a little more prepared. After all, we have to be prepared just in case.”


“I see.” Lin Xiang nodded. Although bringing those around was a bit troublesome, in case something did happen, those could really be life-saving items.


“It’s too hot, let’s go and cool ourselves with the air conditioner. We’ll deal with these later.” Risa took his hand and walked into the living room.


The living room was very cool. Dusty and Fire Dance were fascinated by watching television, so they did not notice Risa’s arrival at all.


“Phew~” After Lin Xiang sat down on the couch in the back, Risa sat down too.


“Huh?” Lisa raised his hand and looked at the storage ring he was wearing, “This is…”


“It’s the reward from the last mission, the storage ring.” Lin Xiang took it off and handed it to her.


Risa picked it up and looked, “It has a bearing capacity of ten kilograms. These kinds of rings are worth two million.”


“You know this so well.”


“My mother occasionally brings some magic gear and props home. She probably knows them. Although this storage ring is intermediate-level magic gear, it’s the most expensive one. The person who issued the mission is really willing to pay for it.”


A two-million storage ring reward for the first place was indeed generous. The average intermediate-level magic gear would only be worth a few hundred thousand at most.


“Darling, will you marry me?” Risa picked up Lin Xiang’s hand playfully and put the ring on his ring finger.


He did not mind role-playing with her, “I will.”


“Now, we’re husband and wife.” Putting the ring on his finger, Risa opened her hand and leaned towards him. Lin Xiang did not sit still and leaned to the side too.


Due to the sweating, his skin was a little sticky. That viscosity, combined with the temperature radiating from Risa’s body, made him feel like the two people were sticking together.


Risa rubbed against his chest. Her hair tickled his nose, itchy, “Yes, yes, husband and wife.”


“Quit it, quit it. It’s going to be hot again in a while.” Lin Xiang looked at Dusty and Fire Dance, but fortunately, they had not looked over. It would be bad if they also learned from Risa.


Risa was also very refreshed and straightforward as she quickly sat up. She then took off the ring from his hand and put it in his palm, “One more time, this time it’s your turn.”


“Well.” Lin Xiang scratched his head and looked at Risa. Her face was a little flushed, and her breathing rate seemed to accelerate.


When Lin Xiang was a child, he would watch others role-play, but he never played it himself. When he grew up playing it, he always had a strange feeling.


However, Risa was looking forward to it, so he was willing again.




“Call me darling.”


“Dar…ling? Will you…”


“I will!”


“That’s fast!”


“Don’t pay attention to the details.” Risa waved to him then put her tender white hand in front of him.


Grabbing her thin hand, Lin Xiang just wanted to put the ring on her finger when she patted him, “Idiot, it’s not the index finger, it’s the ring finger. Wedding rings are always worn on the ring finger.”


“Whatever, what’s the formality for?”




“Fine.” Lin Xiang switched fingers and pushed the ring in.


Risa stared at the ring on her hand in a daze, and then looked happy, “Although it’s fake, I feel so happy.”


“Wouldn’t it be nice to find someone you like to wear it for you,” Lin Xiang said.


“Idiot.” Risa rolled her eyes at him, turned around and ignored him. She raised her hand to herself, admiring the ring.


Have I said something wrong? Weird.


Their cartoon just ended. Dusty and Fire Dance finally diverted their attention and only noticed Lin Xiang and Risa.


——The Demon World


Dozens of people in black robes gathered on a rocky pothole. They surrounded a big hole that had just been dug. In the big pit, all kinds of spirits were imprisoned together.


They consisted of both animal and humanoid forms, such as pigmen and tiger people. They all looked at the humans in front of them in panic.


“It’s not enough. It’s far from enough. With just these little spirits, it’s impossible to open the door to the Demon Abyss.” The leader was an old man with white hair. His voice sounded old but loud.


“Prince, we have encountered fewer spirits recently. It is speculated that they have a town somewhere here. If we can attack… Although the spirits here are not very strong, we will suffer a certain loss when their number increases.”


“I don’t care what method you use. Hurry up and find me those spirits. Spirits as sacrifices are not as effective as human beings. Humans’ emotions are more complicated. They will feel hatred to those that cause their death when their end is near. But all spirits do is being afraid. If there is less negative emotion, the power will be weaker. Moreover, when it comes to negative emotions, human beings have the upper hand. Three spirits are equivalent to one human being. If the resentment is not strong enough, how can we relieve the seal of the ancient demon king?”


“Understood, we will immediately look for the gathering location of spirits.”


Behind a rock in the distance, two burly tiger-headed men peeked out.


“We have trouble. It’s the humans. It looks like they were responsible for the heart-digging spree.” Toby, the tiger man, looked at his captured companions and said worriedly.


Back to half an hour ago, he and his companions went out to find spring water. There was a cave nearby. Toby the tiger man and another tiger man went into the cave to check if there was any danger. When they came out, they found that several of their tiger men companions are gone. They searched by their scent, and arrived to find those humans, as well as the bound spirits.


“What should we do? Those humans don’t look weak. There are too many people. The two of us can’t beat them,” said the tiger man next to him.


“Let’s go back to the city lord and ask the city lord to send guards over.”


“Yes.” The tiger man looked again, and suddenly found that there was a human looking over in their direction. He said in surprise, “Damn it, we’re discovered! Run!”


Toby the tiger man took a look, and sure enough, several humans had already rushed over to them.


The two tiger men touched the ground with their limbs, and started to run towards the forest in the opposite direction at their fastest pace.


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