The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 8 : White…


“There’s a vacant room on the second floor, the second room on the right. I have cleaned it up, so Risa can stay there.”


“Thanks, Silent Water. I should have cleaned the room I stayed in by myself.”


“It’s fine. I usually have to clean it anyway.” Silent Water smiled and did not care so much. She did not even ask why Risa moved in.


“Thank you.” After Risa thanked Silent Water, Silent Water went out.


“Okay, Xiang. Hurry up and help me carry everything up. I’ll go home and get a spare storage ring to put in the unnecessary things.”


“Oh, be careful on your way.”


“Don’t worry.” Risa said and walked out of the living room. Lin Xiang stood up and helped her move her stuff upstairs.


“Why is Satsuki Risa suddenly staying over?” Reidy came out of nowhere.


What should I say about her relationship with Risa? Sometimes good, sometimes bad.


“You never have been to her house, right? Her house is huge, but she is the only one there. Her parents couldn’t come back because of work. She was afraid, so she came to stay for a while.”


“Really?” Reidy nodded. She seemed to understand Risa. It seemed that when Lin Xiang first met Riedy, she was running away from home. They were people, who had a huge family, but they had no one to talk to. She could understand Risa about those lonely and frightening times.


“I’ll help you.” Reidy volunteered.


“That will be really helpful.”


The heavy items were handed over to Lin Xiang, while the lighter ones were carried by Reidy. The efficiency of two people was much faster than that of one person.


“What is Satsuki Risa even bringing? Don’t we have blankets in our house? Also, who the heck covers themselves with blankets on a hot day? Is she ill?”


“Well…” Lin Xiang smiled wryly, and expressed the worries of Risa’s mother.


“Her mother is really a wise person. If we are in the demon world, it may be very hot during the day, but the temperature will drop dramatically at night. With this, we can keep warm. That’s right.” Reidy nodded, as if agreeing with Risa’s mother.


Most of the stuff was moved upstairs, and the empty room was almost full. Walking down the second floor corridor again, Lin Xiang was carrying the high stack of blankets, almost blocking his view. Reidy walked in front of him. It was unknown if she was holding the things steadily, because the things in her arms, such as shower gels, kept falling off. Lin Xiang could not stop in time, which caused him to topple forward after stepping on one of the bottles.


“Bang.” All the blankets flew forward, and Lin Xiang fell to the ground. The pain was not much, because there was something soft on the bottom. A small round object was pressed against his face.


This is… not good!


He opened his eyes sharply, and, as he thought, he was leaning against Reidy’s chest.


He got up quickly, and saw that Reidy looked like she was in pain, which might be due to the fall. There were some white shower gels on her thighs, abdomen and chest. Most of them were on her thighs.


The sticky white shower gel had a light milky scent. It penetrated into Reidy’s clothes. Her legs were naturally spread, revealing a bit of her black underwear. Lin Xiang also had some shower gel on his slacks, but he did not have time to worry about that. He quickly shook Reidy, “Hey, Reidy, are you alright?”


Reidy opened her eyes, looked at him a little blurrily, and massaged her head, “It hurts to death.”


“Sorry, sorry.” Lin Xiang stood up and held out his hand to her. After grabbing his hand, Reidy pulled hard.


Unexpectedly, the shower gel under his feet was too slippery, and they fell to the ground again. That time, it was Lin Xiang’s turn to be at the bottom.


“It hurts.” His head hit the floor. It was so painful that he finally understood why Reidy had such a painful expression just now.


“Reidy?” Reidy fell into his arms and did not move, so he shook her shoulders. From that position, he could only see her hair. He was unsure if she had opened her eyes. There was no response, which was possible that she could have fainted.


Lin Xiang was about to move her when suddenly, two hands grabbed his shoulders tightly. Reidy leaned over, raised her hips and her lilac eyes stared straight at Lin Xiang.


“What’s wrong? Does it hurt anywhere?”


Reidy did not answer, and lowered her head slowly.


Did Reidy hit her head? What is she doing?


Her sweet breath got closer and closer. Reidy’s red lips were also very close to his. Gradually, the two soft surfaces of her lips pressed down against his.


Lin Xiang’s eyes flung wide open, while hers were tightly closed.


Well, Lin Xiang noticed that Reidy did not seem to know how to kiss. Like Yalide said, the entanglement between tongues was the true meaning of kissing.


 Wait, I wasn’t expecting anything. I just genuinely thought Reidy doesn’t know how to kiss.


Gradually, her lips began to tremble, probably trying to hold her breath. Sure enough, after a few seconds, she let go and took a few deep breaths.


There were two red patches on her cheeks, and she did not dare to look at Lin Xiang. She turned her head and looked at the wall.


“What happened just now is just to test the things learnt from the TV series. It’s not because that this lady has feel… feelings for you. Don’t get me wrong.”




“Actually, kissing is not a big deal. It’s a lie to say that people have electricity flowing all over the body, and I don’t have any feeling of rapid heartbeat. TV series are really unbelievable, ohoho~”


“Well, Reidy, can you get up from my body first?” Reidy sat a little under his belly. That position could be said to be a bit clever, and he could clearly feel the flexible hips.


“I don’t need you to tell me this!” Reidy stood up immediately, “I’ll leave the floor clean-up to you. I’m a little uncomfortable, so I’ll go back to my room first.”


Saying that, Reidy walked into her room, and Lin Xiang seemed to see her legs trembling.


Bang, she closed the door. Then there was a thud, probably the sound of Reidy leaning against the door.


Lin Xiang focused his attention on his ears and heard the sound of panting.


That fellow… Although she said it simply, she was actually very nervous.


Reidy was a spirit, but she was also a girl. It was normal for adolescent girls to yearn for those. Lin Xiang smiled bitterly, but he seemed to have taken countless advantages. He touched his lips, as if Reidy’s temperature was still there.


Shaking his head and putting aside the distractions, Lin Xiang started to pack up the things on the floor.


Ding dong~ His phone’s ringtone had a crisp sound, which was the mailbox.


Putting down the work at hand, Lin Xiang turned on his phone and took a look.


Sender: Pure White Wings


Content: Lin Xiang, I’m Angie. I’m glad you recovered. From today onwards, we also have a way to communicate with each other. (≧ω≦)


There was also a cute emoji on the back.


With Lin Xiang’s moderate typing speed, he replied:


I can’t believe I actually have the mobile phone number and email address of the popular singer Angie! If I sell this, I might make lots of money.


After sending it out, Lin Xiang continued to organize the things on the floor.


“Ding dong.” About a minute later, there was a new email.


Hmm hmm, you dare? I’m in the dressing room right now, and I’ll be participating in a show in a while, so I won’t say much more. I’ll call you later. I have so many things to ask you. (>﹏<)


“Is she still curious after all…” Lin Xiang put his phone back into his pocket, and moved the things on the floor into the room. There was also a lot of shower gel on the blanket, so Lin Xiang handed it over to Silent Water for cleaning. Once he cleared the remaining shower gel on the floor, his work would be done.


Lin Xiang went down to the first floor and got a mop in the bathroom.


At that time, Risa came back. He heard the door open and her voice as she called out to him, “Xiang, where are you?”


“I’m in the bathroom. I’ve moved everything. It’s a little dirty, so don’t go up.”


“Oh.” Risa responded, and her footsteps went away.


Lin Xiang filled a bucket with water and carried the mop upstairs, only to find Risa standing at the entrance of the stairs on the second floor.


“Reidy, can you explain the sticky white stuff on the floor and your clothes?” She was talking to Reidy.


“It’s because of that human. It made me very uncomfortable, so I’m going to take a shower.”


“Wait… What did you say he did…” Risa’s tone became a little strange.


“You can also say that it’s because I was not careful. I was walking in front of him, and then…”


“And then he did that to you!?”


“Huh?” Although Lin Xiang could not see Reidy’s face, he could tell that she was full of doubts, which made him feel curious.


“So, he…” Risa looked furious. Just at that moment, she saw Lin Xiang coming up with something out of the corner of her eye. Clutching her waist, she stood at the entrance of the stairs and said to him, “Good, Lin Xiang, no wonder you won’t let me come up here. Now, tell me what you did.”


“What did I do?” Lin Xiang questioned back. He was really clueless about what happened to Risa all of a sudden.


“You still want to deny it, right? Although I haven’t tried it, I still understand it. Reidy’s blushing face, the white stuff on her clothes and on the floor…” Risa ran down, pulled him up, and arrived in front of Reidy.


Reidy was holding clean clothes in her hand, and she was blushing as Risa said.


“If you have anything to say, wait till I finish my shower. I feel sticky and uncomfortable.” Reidy avoided Lin Xiang’s eyes on purpose, probably because she was embarrassed about what happened just now. She passed by them and went downstairs.


“Hmm? There’s no strange smell?” Risa said suddenly.


“Huh?” Reidy turned her head and stared at Risa.


Risa walked up to Reidy, bent down and sniffed her chest, “This faint smell of strawberry milk… Is this my shower gel?”


“Yes, when I was helping you bring up your things just now, the shower gel fell on the floor, and then the human stepped on it accidentally, so it squirted out.” Reidy did not mention the fall. After that, she went downstairs.


“About that… Risa? What’s wrong with you just now?” Lin Xiang still could not figure out the current situation.


With a blushing face, Risa replied somewhat evasively, “I’m so stupid.”


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