The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 9 : Act First, Report Later


“What the hell am I in your eyes!!!” After hearing Risa’s explanation, Lin Xiang was going crazy. Am I a perverted beast from somewhere to you?


“You told me not to go upstairs before and said that it was a little dirty. I didn’t really mind it actually, so I came up, but I found some strange white stuff on the floor. Then Reidy came out of her room and this white stuff was on her thighs, her clothes. Her face was very red as well. With her clothes in her hands… I unconsciously thought…”


“Your imagination is simply too good!”


“Hehe, I read the comics.”


“You still read comics?”


“Of course, when I was in middle school, I read it in a bookstore with my friends to get to know the boys better.”


“Are you Yalide the second?”


“I really don’t understand why boys like that kind of comics. They are fake and unreal.”


“I don’t even understand that you, a girl, would read those perverted comics.”


“That’s why I said that I want to know about boys better. All girls do this, don’t they? Won’t you guys see that kind of thing when you all want to know about girls’ bodies?”


“Well, that’s true…” Lin Xiang scratched his face. Although he did not take the initiative to buy it, that guy, Kurugani Naoki had a lot of private goods. He even showed it to him when they were at the beach.


“Hey.” Risa said, “I… like Xiang.”


“Thump!” Lin Xiang’s heart started beating violently. His vision seemed to blur all of a sudden and he felt a rapid congestion in his brain.


Looking at Risa, the stars in her eyes twinkled with an attractive charm.


“What the hell are you talking about?!” He took a few steps back.


“I… like Xiang.”


Time seemed to have stopped, and Lin Xiang could hardly breathe.


Risa… likes me?


Seeing Lin Xiang standing stupidly, Risa said angrily, “You’re really… Can you say something too?”


“I…” Lin Xiang was unsure how he felt about Risa. He was a little confused now.


“Ah~” Risa sighed, “As expected…” Then she laughed, “I’m just joking, don’t take it to heart.”


“What? Are you really just joking? It scared me to death.” Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, but a voice inside told him that Risa was serious.


“Of course, otherwise what do you think? Even if I do, it’s just the love between good sisters, similar to the love between best friends. Look at you, how far ahead were you thinking?”


“Well…” Lin Xiang scratched his head and looked at Risa. Although she looked like she did not care, he always felt that there was something hidden behind her smile.


“Alright, I’m going to go into my room and have a look. Xiang, you don’t have to come here.” Risa walked into her room, closed the door, and left Lin Xiang standing there blankly.


“Have I overlooked something all this time?” He recalled it carefully, but to no avail, his heartbeat rate recovered a lot, so he started mopping the floor.




At dinner, Risa was the same as usual, and she got along well with Silent Water and the others, so Lin Xiang was less worried about it.


He have asked Freed, but all she just said was to let him understand it himself, which meant nothing to him.


However, since Risa was fine, that was enough. On the other hand, Reidy’s eyes were dodging him and she did not dare looking at him. She must be embarrassed about the afternoon.


Lin Xiang was actually pretty terrified of her at the time too.


“Ah… I feel a headache.”


The appearance of a fresh and pure girl flashed through his mind. That was when he was in the first year of junior high school, when he had not known Risa.


That girl was Lin Xiang and Takahashi’s friend, and he mistakenly thought she liked him. However, when he confessed to her, he found out that she liked Takahashi… After that, the girl became estranged from him and even transferred schools…


He had recalled the unpleasant things.


Lin Xiang sat on the bed, covering his face.


Buzz buzz


His phone vibrated. He looked at the number and it was Kamiki.


“Hey, Kami… Kuji, what’s wrong?”


“Risa is at your house, right?” Kamiki said that as soon as he answered the phone, which made Lin Xiang a little unresponsive.


“Risa is at your house, right?” she repeated again. Her voice was calm, like usual.


“Yes.” Lin Xiang replied.


“I knew it. I heard that her parents were away, so I wanted to ask her to come to my house for the night. But, the phone line couldn’t get through, and there was no one when I went to her house.”


“Don’t people usually worry about what happen to their friends? How could you think of her at my place?”


“Society is a little dangerous now, but her neighbor said that she went out in the afternoon with a suitcase. When she came back to get something, she informed her neighbor that if anyone came to find her, they can say that she will be staying at a good friend’s house. ”


“So you know that she’s at my house with this info?”


“Of course. Her good friend, Hoshino Chiyuki, went to another city before high school started. The girls in the class have a normal relationship with her. Therefore, if she carried a suitcase, she must have been staying at someone’s house, which is either you, or Nagisa. However, Nagisa doesn’t know about this, which means it’s only you.”


“You’ve investigated, right? You are so clear about this.”


Hoshino Chiyuki was a friend of Satsuki’s junior high school in that world. However, due to family reasons, Hoshino Chiyuki transferred to another city in her third year.


Hoshino Chiyuki still had a little impression to the nerdy ‘Lin Xiang’, because ‘he’ liked Risa, so he naturally paid attention to Risa’s affairs. Hoshino Chiyuki was often with Risa, and she was also sat in front of ‘him’ in class at that time.


In the past, Risa in that world was relatively simple and innocent. Although she had become bold for some reason now, she was relatively quiet in the past. Hoshino Chiyuki’s name made her seemed like a quiet person, but in fact, she was more open and would chat with both boys and girls. She was a good person and would not look down on ‘him’ because ‘he’ was a waste, so she would occasionally talk to ‘him’.


But, due to ‘him’ being a timid person, ‘he’ never dared to answer her questions. Later, she seldom talked to ‘him’.


Compared to Risa, their looks were almost on the same level. In terms of body shape, ‘he’ could not remember very well. ‘He’ only paid attention to Risa, but it seemed that hers was pretty good too.


Being an open and talkative girl, she was liked by many boys. ‘Lin Xiang’ did not have a deep understanding of the following incidents. In short, Hoshino Chiyuki and Risa were the flowers in the class at the time.


When Risa said that she read those perverted comics, she should be guided by Hoshino to read them.


If Kamiki had not mentioned the name, Lin Xiang probably would not have remembered it. Have she checked all of their information?


“It’s not that I went to investigate you on purpose. It’s just that my butler wanted to investigate everyone who approached me to see if anyone would threaten me for my safety.”


“I get it.” Indeed, after such a kidnapping incident, how could they not be wary?


“Since Risa went there, why don’t we go there too?”




“Nagisa and I.”


“You both want to come and stay here too?”




“Well… I do have rooms here.”


“Then, open the door.”


“Have you two already arrived!?”




“I’m so sorry…” Nagisa’s voice came from the other end of the phone.


“Do girls always like to act first and report later? Wait just a second. I’ll be downstairs to open the door in a jiffy.”


After hanging up the phone, Lin Xiang quickly went down to the entrance and opened the door. Sure enough, Kamiki and Nagisa were standing at his front door. They were not as exaggerated as Risa, because they were just carrying a luggage, probably filled with something, like clothes.


“I’m very sorry for disturbing you.” After Lin Xiang opened the door, Nagisa immediately bowed.


“It’s fine. There are quite a few rooms in my house.”


Yes, there was a spare room on the second floor, and that room was for his books. It was full of books left by the nerdy ‘him’, so there was no problem sleeping there.


If not, there were three rooms on the third floor, and they were always vacant.


The original owner had many family members, possibly more than ten, so there were not many other things in the house, except rooms.


“Why did you suddenly think of coming to my house? You just came back from the beach, didn’t you? You should feel the comfort of your own home.”


“Dad has been very busy lately… There are a lot of new buildings, so he stays at the construction site now… I’m the only one at home…” Nagisa said hesitantly.


“For me, it doesn’t matter whether I stay at home or not.” Kamiki still had that cold expression. Her father did not have time to take care of her, and her mother seemed to have passed away.


“Anyway, you are all welcomed here. Come on in, don’t stand outside.” Lin Xiang waved to them.




“You girls are here too.” Risa was not too surprised by Kamiki and Nagisa’s appearance, so she had predicted it. However, Reidy bit her lip and said nothing.


“Hey. Didn’t we say before that we want to strengthen our abilities? If we want to train at a place where there’s no one, then Darling’s place just meets all requirements.”


“Indeed, there aren’t many people around here, so it’s a good place for training. Where’s Senior Kaoru?” Lin Xiang asked.


“Why? You can’t leave that senior, that obeys your every word, alone now?” Kamiki’s words felt like a needle.


“No. Senior Kaoru is the captain of our clan, so we can’t miss her.”


“Heh. Probably.” The corner of Kamiki’s mouth curled into an arc, “In Kaoru’s case, due to the gradual increase in number of people in the dojo at home, I have thought that she will not be able to leave, so I didn’t inform her. It’s the same for her to train at home and at the dojo, isn’t it? She can also relieve her father’s burden.”


“Oh, you’ve thought out well.”


“It’s natural to think of this.”


“Most people won’t think about it too much. It’s just that your thoughts are too careful.”


“Goo~~” A sound suddenly came from Nagisa’s stomach. She blushed instantly, and lowered her head to cover her stomach, “I’m sorry…”


“Has Nagisa not eaten yet?”


“No… When I cleaned the house at noon, I just bought a piece of bread.”


“Speaking of that, Nagisa was taken by me when she was about to have dinner. So Darling, take responsibility.”


“Isn’t it you who has to take responsibility?”


“The wife’s responsibility, the husband bears.”


“I’ve never heard of that, and you’re not my wife.”


“I will be sooner or later.”


“I won’t continue this with you. Nagisa, wait a minute, I’ll give you something to eat.”


“That would be too much trouble for Lin Xiang.”


“It’s fine.” Lin Xiang asked them to tidy up the room as he went to the kitchen to cook some noodles.


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