The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 10 : Identify


“Lin Xiang, you’ve always been very gentle.” Nagisa came to the kitchen and stood beside Lin Xiang as she watched him cook the noodles.


“It’s nothing.” Lin Xiang skillfully poured the noodles into the water and into the pot, “You can eat them in a few minutes. Just wait a little longer, Nagisa.”




For a while, neither of them spoke, not knowing what to say. The atmosphere was a little awkward.


“Nagisa’s father is very healthy now.” Lin Xiang tried to find a topic.


“It’s all thanks to Lin Xiang that he’s healthy.”


“Well… What does Nagisa usually do at home?”


“Read books, organize the house, and others. I occasionally go shopping with Xiao Ye (Nagisa’s classmate and best friend) by the street.”


“Is that so?” Nagisa’s day off were spent very tediously, just like how I used to be. Lin Xiang thought.


The two of them said no word again. Aside from the sound of cooking noodles, the kitchen was terrifyingly quiet.


“You see, Lin Xiang,” After a long time, Nagisa opened her mouth.




“How do you think…” Nagisa stopped when she said that. Lin Xiang looked beside him to see that she was lowering her head. Her face was filled with confusion while her hands were intertwined. Her two thumbs were constantly spinning.


“How do you think of me!” Nagisa suddenly raised her head. Her tone was very stiff, and the moment she met Lin Xiang’s eyes, she lowered her head again. Her face was like a hard-boiled egg, it would probably be very hot to the touch.


“What do you mean ‘how’…”


“Lin Xiang… What kind of girl do you think I am…”


“What kind of girl? Nagisa has your own ideas. Although your family’s condition is not very good, you do not accept alms from others. You are a strong and filial good girl.” One day, when withdrawing money, Lin Xiang found the transaction records that Nagisa had returned him the four million. The date was the day after her father’s illness was cured, which surprised him.


“What about in terms of appearance?”


“Well, Nagisa is very cute…” Lin Xiang’s eyes stopped on Nagisa’s chest, “Your figure is also very… great. I really like being with Nagisa.”


Lin Xiang’s last unintentional remark shocked Nagisa.


The joy, the unprecedented pleasure, made her forget her shyness. She raised her head and looked at Lin Xiang. In fact, she unexpectedly said what was in her heart.


“I like you too, Lin Xiang.” Nagisa immediately covered her mouth, but it was too late. Her wide eyes blinked a few times, and then like a frightened deer, Nagisa rushed out of the kitchen.


Glug glug. The noodles have been cooked for enough time. Usually, Lin Xiang had already picked them up, but at that moment, he was a little dazed.


“I said that I like being with Nagisa as a friend… but Nagisa’s like… is…”


By the kitchen door, Nagisa was leaning against the wall. Her cheeks were flushed. As she clutched her chest, her heartbeat could not be calmed.


“I said it. I accidentally… said it.”


But there was no regret on her face, just a silly smile.


————Living room


“It’s our horoscope session. Today, we will be talking about Aries. In this month, the relationship between Aries and the opposite sex will develop further…” said an entertainment channel on television. However, that was not the channel that Fire Dance and Dusty liked to watch, so they changed the channel at once.




After putting the boiled noodles well, Lin Xiang was going to go to Nagisa, but he just saw her at the door, which saved a lot of effort.


Lin Xiang did not stay in the kitchen. He knew that Nagisa would definitely feel uneasy if he was there, so he went back to his room.


Lying on the bed, Lin Xiang sighed, “Ah…Freed, what do you think this situation is about?”


What do you think?


‘I don’t know. I’m confused.’


Well, just treat this situation like before. Your brain has yet to develop.


‘Yes.’ Lin Xiang sat up and found that the phone on the bed was flickering. Someone had sent an email.


After clicking it open, the sender was Pure White Wings.



I’m sorry, Lin Xiang. I’m so busy, really busy. The show will be recorded until 12 o’clock in the evening. T_T

You don’t have to wait for my call, just go to sleep. Maybe you don’t intend to answer me at all→_→Although I know everyone has secrets, but yours doesn’t sit right with me.


“Sorry, I really can’t say it. You just have to believe that I’m not a bad person.” After replying, Lin Xiang picked up his clothes and went downstairs to take a shower. It was past eight o’clock.


————In Remi’s room


—— Leader, do you really want to leave us? @_@


——Why must you give up? You promised to make our guild the number one in the region.


——Leader, what difficulties do you have? Please tell us, we will find a way to help you.


Looking at the dialogues in the chat box, Remi was reluctant to give up, “Sorry, there are some things I have to do. Everyone, I’m really happy all this time.”


—— Leader, don’t go.


Facing the retention of the guild members, Remi sighed: “You are good players in the game. In reality, you must also become powerful people. You don’t have to convince me to stay any more. I have already made my decision. Let’s play overnight!”


—— We… will follow our leader’s decision.


—— Tonight, everyone is going to have a good time. Let’s clear all those advanced dungeons!


“Thank you very much, everyone.”


That night was a sleepless night.


It was the same for Lin Xiang. After taking a shower, he returned to his room and kept thinking about what Risa and Nagisa said that day.


——The next morning in the dining room


“What? Spirits?” Risa stood up from her seat as she pressed against the table. She looked at Silent Water, Reidy and the others in disbelief.


In fact, she had thought about it before, but she could not help being surprised when she figured it out.


Nagisa also kept peeking at Silent Water and the others. It turned out that humanoid spirits were so close to her.


Kamiki was having breakfast very calmly. She was intelligent, so she had guessed as soon as Silent Water and others made their appearance.


“I thought about telling you before, but I didn’t have the right opportunity.” Lin Xiang scratched his head and yawned. He fell asleep thinking about things too late last night.


“What do you think? Have you felt that I’m very powerful? Satsuki Risa.” Reidy shook her hair, obviously proud of being a spirit.


Indeed, with such a beautiful human appearance, they were much better than humans in terms of magical talent. It could be said that they were better than humans. Well, except for a certain part.


“Truly amazing,” Risa nodded, “so, are you going back to the demon world today?”


“I have to send my brother back. At the same time, I’ll go home to see my family.”


“There really is a spirit country in the demon world, right?”




“No wonder Silent Water told me not to be surprised when she asked me to go to her house. She’s a spirit…” Nagisa looked at Silent Water and then at Lin Xiang, “It’s great that Lin Xiang can contract humanoid spirits.”


There was no jealousy. Nagisa was happy from the bottom of her heart. It was the same for Satsuki.


“So, we came to Darling’s house at the right time.” Kamiki wiped her mouth with a tissue and put down her chopsticks, “It should be fine, right? Reidy, take us to the Spirit Country.”


“This is not a problem, but spirits tend to repel humans. You may be gossiped when you go there.”


“It doesn’t matter. It’s good enough to visit the Spirit Country. If we are in the demon world, we can probably find fog spirits and poison spirits, right?”


“You want them to teach you?”


“That’s right. If everyone is able to find spirits of the same attribute to practice magic, it’ll be much faster than being self-taught.”


“You’re right, Kuji. Hey, Fire Dance is a fire spirit, aren’t you? Can you teach me fire magic?” Risa looked at Fire Dance, who was stuffing a large piece of bread into her mouth.


“Me? @$%#&!#”


“Huh?” Risa could not hear what Fire Dance said at all.


“Sister Fire Dance said that she doesn’t know how to fight and only knows how to set herself on fire.”


“Dusty, in some sense, you are also quite powerful.”


“Am I really powerful? Hehe, how can that be?” Dusty touched the back of her head embarrassedly and laughed.


“Spirit country… Excuse me, Silent Water, are there any rules there?” Nagisa asked Silent Water next to her.


“I’m sorry.” Silent Water showed a wry smile, “I didn’t grow up in the Spirit Country.”




“Something happened and my parents were forced to leave the town and live outside.”


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Nagisa realized that she had said something wrong and quickly apologized.


“It’s fine.” Silent Water shook her head.


“Reidy’s brother… seems to be called Remi, right? Where did he go?” Risa asked.


“My brother…” Reidy looked distressed, and sighed while massaging her forehead, “He stayed up all night last night. I just checked him and he was asleep. After he came here, he was completely poisoned by human technology and became an otaku.”


“That’s really scary. Then again, how do we get to the demon world?”


Reidy was silent as she looked at Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang scratched his face with his index finger, “You should know that I can use the power of darkness and light, right…”


“Yes.” Risa and Nagisa repeatedly nodded. They felt that it was so strange, because demons used darkness, while angels used light. However, Lin Xiang could use both, was he still human?


“Forgive me for not sharing the details, but I have two special mentors who gave me the power of light and darkness…” Freed told him to not mention the existence of Dragon Gods to outsiders. Silent Water and the other spirits knew about it, because he could not help it. But Lin Xiang did not want Risa and the others to know that, or it would become a burden for them.


When sharing secrets, the sharer would feel more relieved and comfortable, but those who know the secrets must keep the secrets, which was very hard work.


In fact, many people did not intend to reveal other people’s secrets. However, sometimes they would feel too uncomfortable, which made them accidentally leak it… That broke many friendships.


The Dragon Gods were in Lin Xiang’s body, which was a very serious matter. If anyone who cared about it knew, then Lin Xiang would be in deep trouble. Lin Xiang knew that LRsa and the others would not say it, but knowing that secret, they must have been worried about themselves. Lin Xiang did not want that.


“Really? It doesn’t matter, let’s not talk about it. Then, how do we get to the demon world? Using the power of light?” Risa did not ask any more, which was unlike her usual self. She knew that Lin Xiang did that for their good, so she returned to the previous question.


“It’s not light, by the dark abilities. That mentor…” Calling Yalide a mentor made Lin Xiang uneasy. She was a mere map of the demon world with lustful eyes.


You really do want to die! Believe it or not, I’ll head out there and give you a 360-degree roundhouse kick.


Ignoring Yalide, Lin Xiang continued, “The mentor who used the darkness had the ability to split space. She can cut through space and let us reach the demon world.”


“Seriously? Cut through space?” Risa and Nagisa were shocked, while Kamiki also could no longer disguise her emotions.


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