The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 11 : Apology of Disembowelment


Come on! Worship the Great Yalide to your heart’s content! Wakaka!’ Yalide laughed complacently. Of course, no one could hear except Lin Xiang.


“What kind of person can do that? With the ability to cut through space, won’t it be possible to create different-dimensional cracks?” Risa said.


“It’s true. But Risa, sit down, don’t stand.”


“I’m just so excited.” After Risa sat down, she quickly took a sip of water and exclaimed, “I’m not dreaming now, right? Xiang has unconsciously become super powerful from a waste in others’ eyes.”


“First of all, Silent Water and the others are spirits, and then Lin Xiang is mentored by a very powerful person to learn the ability to cut through space. My brain couldn’t comprehend them all.” Nagisa was a little dizzy, because she had too much to take in since that morning.


“Everyone remember not to tell these things to others.”


“I, I, I will never say it! Even to my dad.”


“Well, thank you, Nagisa.” Lin Xiang smiled. Nagisa also nodded with a grin.


“Then, when are we going to the demon world?” Risa asked.


“After lunch.”


“There’s no time to lose, let’s have lunch now.”


“Hey, you haven’t finished your breakfast yet. Besides, you have to wait for Remi to wake up anyway.”


“Alright, let’s just wait a little longer. Really, you should have told me later, I’m really looking forward to it now.”




After breakfast, Risa pulled Silent Water and the others aside to ask about spirits, while Nagisa and Kamiki listened. It was obvious that she was very interested in the Spirit Country that she would be visiting.


Lin Xiang yawned again, picked up the cold sword from the cabinet at the entrance, and went to the yard to practice swordsmanship.


His right hand has recovered a lot, but it was not suitable to practice the Hundred Slashes. He could practice the [Spinning ​​Dance] that Michita taught last time though.


Michita told that Lin Xiang’s control of elements was much better than that of ordinary beginners. Of course, that was because Lin Xiang could control fire. If it was spiritual power, Lin Xiang thought that it would not work.


Let’s try using Spirit Fire.


Lin Xiang thought, so he tried to enchant the cold sword with spirit, not the flame element.


Enchanting with spirit was by attaching spiritual power onto a weapon. The spiritual power of battle technicians could be expressed in the form of elements, while the mages needed to convert the spiritual power into magic power and then into elements to launch magical attacks.


The conversion between energies would suffer a loss. Compared with mages, battle technicians lacked the step of converting magic power. Therefore, battle technicians with similar spiritual power values ​​would deal more damage than mages.


Although mages had weaker damage, they could attack from a distance. Battle technicians who were not strong enough could not release their spiritual power, which meant that it would be difficult to emit sword energy.  If the battle technicians could not get close to the mages during battle, then it would result in a hard fight, which led to defeat.


“Uh…” Lin Xiang closed his eyes and tried very hard to feel the existence of spiritual power. However, when compared to dragon energy, his spiritual power was only a tiny bit. Lin Xiang’s less than four hundred spiritual power was no joke. Like a few days ago, Lin Xiang was still unable to capture traces of spiritual power.


Relax. I am now increasing the amount of spiritual power. You can try using it.’ Freed said.


‘Yes,’ the spiritual power in Lin Xiang’s body began to gradually increase.


Despite the increase, Lin Xiang still could not control his spiritual power, as if something was blocking him.


Spiritual power, also known as the power of the soul, was the soul energy that was generated as soon as a spiritual energy user from the human world was born. Lin Xiang was not a user. In the previous world, he was an ordinary person who could not generate any soul power. At present, it was naturally very difficult for him to use spiritual power.


However, Lin Xiang was still very patient. Although his spiritual power was constantly running around, playing hide-and-seek with him, his learning vitality still followed closely behind him.


Lin Xiang, who closed his eyes, did not notice that there were golden sparks flashing around the cold sword. In fact, it was difficult to notice it in that well-lit yard.


Hmm…’ Freed muttered silently, but it did not interfere with Lin Xiang, who was trying to use his spiritual power.


The sun hung obliquely in the air, and it had changed from red to yellow.


After a long time, a drop of sweat fell on Lin Xiang’s face. He opened his eyes.


“Ah… it still won’t work.” The moment he opened his eyes, the golden sparks disappeared.


Unable to control spiritual power, he felt that it was better to practice basic sword-swinging skills. After thinking about it, Lin Xiang started wielding his sword.




“Ding dong.” The doorbell rang. Risa and the others were still talking about spirits when Dusty was told to open the door.


Opening the door, it was Kaoru. Both her eyes were red and she had severe dark circles. Her face was filled with resentment.


“Sister Kaoru?”


“Where is Young Master? Dusty, where is Young Master?” Kaoru’s voice sounded a little choked and hoarse, making Dusty unsure of how to deal with the situation.


Her usual Sister Kaoru was not like that.


“Master… he’s in the yard.” Dusty noticed that Kaoru was holding a cloth-wrapped cylindrical object in her hand.


“The lowly I will seek for Young Master.” Kaoru did not enter the house. Instead, she went straight around it and saw Lin Xiang in the courtyard.


Lin Xiang swung his sword quite seriously, and had no idea that Kaoru was walking towards him.


It was not until she approached that Lin Xiang heard footsteps.


Looking sideways, Kaoru looked at Lin Xiang with her red eyes, “Young Master, don’t you need the lowly I to be here?”


“Wait, Senior Kaoru?” Lin Xiang had never seen Kaoru like that before. It was like a person who was completely desperate in the dark.


“Since Young Master thinks that the lowly I am in the way, I shall end myself.” Kaoru untied the cloth wrapped in her hand, revealing a dagger. She pulled the scabbard, and the sharp blade of the dagger glowed coldly in the sunlight. Kaoru took a deep breath and raised the weapon.


“Wait a minute!” Lin Xiang hurried over and grabbed Kaoru’s hand, “What are you doing!? Senior Kaoru!?”


“Young Master thinks that I’m very troublesome, right? Young master thinks that I can’t help Young Master, right? Let the lowly I apologize by disemboweling*.”

*T/N: Apology by disemboweling is a form of apology by Japanese warriors, which is by st*bbing their own abdomen and spilling their guts. Kinda gruesome…


“No, no, this is too exaggerated. After all, how could Senior Kaoru have such an idea?” Lin Xiang wanted to grab the dagger from Kaoru’s hand, but he did not expect that her strength was out of the ordinary.


“Young Master has let Risa and others stay in, but not tell me. Has Young Master decided to abandon the lowly I? After thinking about it for a night, the lowly I must have done something that makes Young Master dissatisfied, but Young Master can’t bear to say it… The lowly I am unsure of how to express my deep apologies, so let me apologize and hope that Young Master will have a different impression of me.”


“Yes, I already have a different impression. It’s changed enough. I didn’t dislike Senior Kaoru, and Senior Kaoru never makes me dissatisfied. It’s just that Senior Kaoru’s dojo would be very busy, so I didn’t tell you.”


“Is that so?” Kaoru stopped resisting and looked at Lin Xiang in disbelief.


“Of course, the dojo at Senior Kaoru’s house is probably very busy right now. Isn’t there an increase in apprentices? If Senior Kaoru comes over, Uncle Sunao won’t be able to deal with it.”


The dagger fell to the ground, and Kaoru immediately kneeled in front of Lin Xiang, “I’m so sorry!!! Young Master is so careful, but the lowly I made such a joke because of my ignorance! I’m deeply sorry!” (orz)


“It’s alright, it’s alright. Get up, Senior Kaoru.” Lin Xiang wanted to help Kaoru up, but she suddenly picked up the dagger on the ground, “I’m really a disqualified bodyguard. I was not wary of my decisions. In the end, I still have to…”


“Stop it!” Lin Xiang quickly grabbed Kaoru’s hand.


Lin Xiang never knew that Kaoru would be so dangerous. Thinking about it, it was reasonable. When he went to Dragonborn Village, he had sent a text message before, but that time there was nothing. Kaoru was so old-fashioned and had a strong warrior spirit. It was not impossible for her to apologize by disemboweling herself if she felt that she could not satisfy her master.


“By the way, why does Senior Kaoru think I abandon you?”


“It all starts when I got home yesterday.”




“Father, I’m back.” There were many apprentices in the dojo during the summer vacation, and countless new apprentices. Many boys were fascinated by that heroic female senior in front of them.


Kaoru stood upright in front of Suehiro Sunao.


“Our Excellency Lin Xiang had a good time, right?”


“Yes.” Kaoru did not say anything about the dock incident. In that case, her father would scold her for being useless, for dragging her young master behind, and for being rescued by him instead.


“Good.” Suehiro Sunao nodded. The greatest wish that was passed down from the ancestors to find a sword holder has been fulfilled. Now, it was only necessary to take care of the dojo and improve one’s own cultivation.


The succubus last time made Suehiro Sunao ashamed. He felt that he was not a strong man, but he should not have been defeated so badly. He felt that he seemed to be too relaxed.


“Then father, I’m going to see Choshi.”


A few of Suehiro Sunao’s friends came to the dojo as a mentor, so Kaoru was relatively free.


“Wait, Kaoru. Let His Excellency Lin Xiang come to our house for a quick meal. I haven’t seen him for a long time. How about tomorrow?”


“I will inform Young Master. That’s right, Father, I have a ruthless request. Can I ask my friends to come too?”


Suehiro Sunao looked at Kaoru and nodded heavily, “Of course, as a father, I will definitely treat Kaoru’s friends well. You’ve been working hard all these years.”


“No! Father has it more difficult. Then I will talk to Young Master and friends later.”




Kaoru returned to the house. Choshi and her close friend, Okusu, were watching television, so Kaoru handed her the dried squid and other seafood she brought back from the beach.


Choshi happily tasted them with Okusu.


Back in the room, Kaoru sorted out the things she brought back and changed into her uniform before beginning her swordsmanship practice.


After dinner, Kaoru felt that she should tell Risa and the others in advance.


She called and no one answered. Kamiki, Nagisa and the others were the same.


“Has something happened?” Out of concern, Kaoru went to Nagisa’s house, which was closer.


No one.


Risa’s house.


No one.


Kaoru was unsure of Kamiki’s house address.


Where have they gone? When she was in doubt in front of Risa’s house, the neighbor next door happened to see Kaoru, so she told her that Risa went to stay at a good friend’s house for a while.


“Good friend?” Kaoru did not think it was Nagisa, because there was no one in her house. Could it be Kamiki?


She called Risa again. That time, the line went through. Risa said she was at a good friend’s house, but she did not mention the name. After calling Nagisa, she said the same thing without mention the name of that good friend. She called Kamiki, where she said, “I’m about to take a shower, why are you looking for me? Where are we? At Darling’s house. As for Kaoru… Darling just asks you to stay at home, so you don’t need to come here.”




Like a bolt from the blue! Kaoru was stunned.


The thought of her young master not wanting to meet her immediately came across her mind.


“Hey, hello? Kaoru, are you still there?”


However, Kaoru could no longer hear what Kamiki said after that.


Kaoru wanted to go looking for Lin Xiang, but it was night. If she went to her young master, would she be even greatly abandoned?


Kaoru, who had been thinking about what she had done wrong all night, finally came to Lin Xiang in the morning and staged such an apology of disembowel.


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