The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 12 : Teaching


“I’m really sorry for causing trouble to Young Master because of my ignorance. As expected, I have to disembowel myself!”


“I said stop.” Lin Xiang grabbed Kaoru’s hand tightly even though he just released it.


“However, letting Young Master see my lowly unreasonable troubles makes me feel that I have no more dignity to live on.”


“Uh… Senior Kaoru will listen to what I say, right?”


“Even if I have to go through water and tread on fire, I will never refuse your orders.”


“Senior Kaoru, you must never disembowel yourself to apologize. You don’t have to kneel. Look, aren’t your clothes dirty?” Lin Xiang helped Kaoru up from the ground, “Death is indeed a very simple thing, but Senior Kaoru has to think of your relatives, Choshi and Uncle Sunao.”


“I’m really sorry, Young Master.” Kaoru lowered her head, like a sincere subordinate receiving a lesson, “Young Master’s words have woken me up.”


“Phew~ You scared me to death, what should I do if Senior Kaoru gets hurt?”


“I’m really sorry.”


“No need to apologize. Seeing Senior Kaoru like this is cute.”


“Huh?” Kaoru’s face flushed, and she looked at Lin Xiang blankly.


“Of course I wasn’t talking about the apologizing incident or something. It’s normal to be reckless once in a while. Let’s just let the past go. Since Senior Kaoru is here, let’s practice sword skills together and discuss how to use the swords.”


“It’s an honour, Young Master!” For some reason, Kaoru felt very happy.


——In the house


“Who’s here?”


“Sister Kaoru.”


“Huh? She’s here? Why didn’t she come in?”


“She went directly to the backyard to find Master.”






“Young Master holds the sword very firmly.”


“It’s alright, what combat skills does Senior Kaoru know?”


“It’s a trick that I’ve been practicing hard, Four Interceptions. I guess Young Master knows it as well.” When talking about swords, Kaoru had returned to her usual self with her cool and serious face.


“Oh~ That was very powerful. With just four slashes, even a titanium alloy sword can be broken with a wooden sword.”


“Yes, as long as the entry and force point are correct, it can be done.”


“That’s Senior Kaoru’s signature battle technique. You must have been practicing for a long time, and you can also use dark strength too.”


“The lowly I have really practiced for a long time. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the dark strength that Young Master said?”


“Usually when swinging a sword, we use light strength, which is by simply swinging the sword with the power of the hand, while dark strength is a clever way to use the power of the whole body. Both these methods are similar, which involves swinging the sword with the hand, but dark strength can produce different effects.”


“That’s how it is! Young Master is really intelligent. Indeed, when the lowly I was using Four Interceptions, my waist and legs also worked together.”


“Am I really that smart?” Lin Xiang smiled bitterly. In junior high school, he was often scolded by some sloppy uncle.


“Why are you so stupid?”


“Idiot, use your brain. You use a sword without a brain, are you waiting to be chopped?”


Lin Xiang missed the kendo instructor with a face full of scum, like a listless kendo instructor with his eyes drooping due to lack of sleep.


“Does Senior Kaoru have any other sword skills?”


“This depends on the actual combat situation. In fact, sword skills must be combined with spiritual power to be regarded as real sword skills. But, the lowly I can’t use spiritual power…”


“Huh?” Speaking of that, Lin Xiang had never seen what element Kaoru’s spiritual power was, aside from sword energy.


“Why can’t Senior Kaoru use spiritual power?”


“It’s been like this since I made a contract with that spirit.”


“Is that so… One day, Senior Kaoru will be able to be accepted and summon it.”


“Yes, I’m grateful for Young Master’s auspicious words.”


“What does Senior Kaoru usually practice?”


“I practice basics of unsheathing a knife, slashing, picking it up, and blocking. Speaking of unsheathing knives, Young Master, I have always wanted to ask Young Master for that sword skill similar to Instant Slash.”


“You mean the Fallen Leaves Slash right?”


“Yes, Fallen Leaves Slash! Such a powerful name, is it done by slashing fallen leaves in an instant…”


“Well, that’s probably what it means. For Fallen Leaves Slash, you need swift arm movement.”


“I’m still confident with my arm speed. May I ask you, Young Master, how should I do it?”


“Posture is very important. First of all, it must be conducive to the shot…”


“Probably like this?” Kaoru recalled Lin Xiang’s actions and slightly bent her body to the side.


“Your body should be lower.”



“I didn’t expect it to be so difficult.” Kaoru tried several times, but it did not work. It was either her unsheathing was not smooth, or her shot was too slow.


“Senior Kaoru’s posture is not right.” Lin Xiang, who had been holding his chin, looked at Kaoru a few times as he analysed.


“How should it be?”


Lin Xiang pondered for a while, and walked behind Kaoru. As if hugging Kaoru, he grabbed both of her hands, and pressed his chest against Kaoru’s back.


“Huh!” Kaoru’s whole body trembled, and the short knife in her hand almost fell to the ground. Under Lin Xiang’s control, her body was positioned.


Lin Xiang pressed his body forward and lowered Kaoru’s waist. At the same time, he moved Kaoru’s hand to turn her sideways to a certain extent.


“It’s almost like this.” Lin Xiang said, grabbing Kaoru’s hand and suddenly pulling out the dagger.


Shhk! A cold glow cut through the air.


“Oh! It’s smoother!” Kaoru forgot the strange throbbing in her heart at that moment, and was completely immersed in the time when he drew the dagger out.


“That’s right. It’s actually not that difficult!” Lin Xiang chuckled. He suddenly found that he and Kaoru were very close to each other. His mouth was about to kiss Kaoru’s ear.  Kaoru’s body was very flexible and tough. Her high ponytail still had the fragrance of shampoo. With a flushed face, Lin Xiang took a few steps back.


Kaoru did not notice anything. She retracted the dagger back into the scabbard, and drew it just like before.


No matter how many times she tried, she could not get back that feeling like just now. Was something wrong?


“Young Master, can you help me to fix my posture again? I will use my body to remember that feeling.”


Oh~ She’ll use her body to remember~’ An ordinary sentence was turned sour in Yalide’s mouth.


Lin Xiang, who was just teaching Kaoru just now, felt nothing, but now that he realized he was too close to Kaoru, he scratched his face with a wry smile, “I’ll just teach verbally. Senior Kaoru can understand it yourself.”


“Why? Compared to language, body teaching will be clearer. Young Master, have I done something that makes you unhappy?”


“No, no. Look, isn’t Senior Kaoru a girl? I’m a boy. If we keep doing this, the two of us will have some physical contact. Men and women should not touch hands when they give or receive things. There’s something like this.”


“No, Young Master, you don’t need to treat your servant as a woman. Now, the lowly I am Young Master’s apprentice, so there is no distinction between men and women.”


Lin Xiang had heard that patients were regardless of gender.


Seeing Kaoru’s determined look, Lin Xiang really could not say a thing. Since Senior Kaoru always says this, should I show some masculinity? It’s just teaching, nothing else.


Thinking about it that way, Lin Xiang was indeed much more natural.


He approached Kaoru again then grabbed her hand from behind, pressing his chest against her back.


He did not realize that Kaoru, who was in front of him, had already her pretty face turned red.


It did seem like there really was something wrong after what her master said… But that strange feeling was very peculiar to her.


Lin Xiang began to change Kaoru’s posture. Kaoru immediately put away the inexplicable mood, and tried to remember the feeling of the dagger.


After three consecutive physical teachings, Kaoru basically memorized it. She was able to swing it smoothly. Although it was too late to retract it, she did draw the dagger and slashed into the air in an instant.


“Thank you so much! Young Master! I already understand the Fallen Leaves Slash.”


Compared to himself who spent a few days just setting his posture, Lin Xiang was full of tears. People really could not be compared with others, especially those who were better.


“Practicing the sword requires perseverance. You’re doing a good job, aren’t you?” After the first successful strike, the sloppy uncle put his hand on the still childish Lin Xiang’s head and patted it.


Around that time, Lin Xiang fell in love with kendo, and later won the national youth kendo competition, although it was forgotten for a while.


Unintentionally, Lin Xiang put his hand on Kaoru’s head and patted it, “As expected of Senior Kaoru, you learnt really fast.”


The feeling of getting patted on the head reminded Kaoru of the touch of her father when she was a child that motivated her physically and mentally. A smile appeared on her lips.


“Ah, sorry,” Lin Xiang, who was deep in his memories, reacted, and withdrew his hand in embarrassment.


She’s my senior. What am I doing?


“No, Young Master, please encourage me more and more in the future.”


“Oh… ok…”


“Good, now I have to practice taking the dagger and sheathing it.” Kaoru was full of energy. Although she had dark circles under her eyes, she did not seem to be tired at all.


Meanwhile, Lin Xiang swung his sword from time to time, whilst feeling the spiritual power, leaving no skill behind.




The sun was already high above his head, and the shadow of the house could no longer block Lin Xiang and Kaoru.


“Senior Kaoru, that’s all for this morning.”


Kaoru has made rapid progress. In just one morning, she could basically retract the knife into the scabbard very quickly. To obtain the form of Fallen Leaves Slash, the art of keeping the sword back into the scabbard was the most difficult part, because it needed to be done accurately and quickly, which was hard to master.


However, Lin Xiang believed that Kaoru could master it in a few days.


“Understood, Young Master.” Kaoru kept the dagger and wiped the fine sweat from her forehead, “Time flies so fast. By the way, Young Master, my father hoped for Your Excellency, Silent Water and the others to be guests at our humble home tomorrow.”


“Tomorrow? I’m sorry Senior Kaoru, we can’t.”


“Really?” Kaoru did not persuade Lin Xiang to go over, but nodded, “I will inform my father later. I wonder when Young Master will be free.”


“I don’t know either. Let me tell you something, Senior Kaoru.”



“What!? Silent Water and the others? Not to mention, Young Master’s mentor is undeniably powerful! I’m really looking forward to it!”


I don’t think there is anything to look forward to.


Lin Xiang smiled bitterly, “Senior Kaoru can keep it a secret for me, right?”


“Of course! I will keep it and take this secret to my grave!”


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