The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 13 : The Legendary Lap Pillow


“This statement is a bit exaggerated.”


“No, I humbly don’t think I can fully express my loyalty to my young master. Pardon me for asking, but is Young Master going to the Spirit Country in the demon world this afternoon?”


“Yes, is Senior Kaoru coming too?” When they were practicing swordsmanship just now, Lin Xiang had already learned that Kaoru’s family dojo had other instructors, so Kaoru would not be too busy. In order to avoid Kaoru from letting her imaginations run wild again, Lin Xiang gave an invitation.


“I am willing to follow Young Master, no matter where I go.”


“Then Senior Kaoru can go home and bring some clothes.”


“Understood,” Kaoru turned around and was about to leave. She took a step, but suddenly took it back. Turning her head, she looked at Lin Xiang carefully, “That… Young Master won’t go to the demon world with Risa and the others first when I go home, right?”

Lin Xiang was wondering what Kaoru was going to say, but it turned out to be that. He replied with a very serious expression, “Absolutely not, I will wait for you, Senior Kaoru.”


“Yes!” Kaoru straightened up after getting a positive answer and strode away.


Is this really good? You just let so many people know at once.’ Freed said.


‘I believe in them.’


Humans are complex creatures. Well, in order for them to arrive safely at the demon world, I’ll let you use a teleportation magic.


‘Freed can use teleportation magic?’


Isn’t this nonsense? I said I’ve been to the demon world a few times, right? If I don’t use teleportation magic, do you think I will open a crack in space like Yalide that idiot?


Who are you calling an idiot?! You a******!’ Yalide roared, ‘I enjoy the process of entering the space membrane. The process! How is it Interesting to arrive there directly?


Those who don’t know teleportation magic can bark slowly.’ Freed did not quarrel with Yalide any further, and continued, ‘But, boy, if you use light, it will consume a little more energy.


‘It’s fine! As long as we can get there safely, it doesn’t matter.’ If Freed did not mention that, Lin Xiang almost forgot about the pitiful process he had to go through when he went to the demon world through the different-dimensional crack.


Silent Water and the others were fine. Lin Xiang could summon them after he reached there, but Risa and the others could not. If they passed through the crack, let alone whether they could get to the ground safely, they would be scared even when they had to slide down quickly.


You both don’t know anything at all, hmph.’ Yalide was indignant, but she kept silent.




Silent Water made their lunch, and when they were eating, Kaoru came. She changed into a new set of clothes, which were denim trousers, and a black tight T-shirt. Her high ponytail made her look very capable.


“Senior Kaoru, you came so fast. Have you eaten yet?”


“No, in order not to delay Young Master’s time, I grabbed some clothes and rushed over.”


“Let’s eat together then. Have you told Uncle Sunao.”


“Yes. I told my father that I will go to another place for special training with Young Master. I did not mention anything about the Spirit Country.” Kaoru walked up to Lin Xiang and squatted down, “For Young Master’s sake, this is the first time I have lied to my father.” She said in a somewhat embarrassed tone.


“Although it’s wrong to lie, Senior Kaoru is very trustworthy.”


“Then, Young Master…” Kaoru slightly stretched out her head, and there was a gleam of desire in her eyes.


“Yes, Senior Kaoru is great.” Lin Xiang patted her head. Kaoru liked that feeling very much, and the emotion of being ashamed for lying to her father gradually got better. Like a kitten, she closed her eyes, feeling the touch at the moment as a slight smile appeared on her lips.


Lin Xiang patted until he suddenly stopped. He felt a line of sights.


There were Reidy’s glare, Kamiki’s squint, Risa’s stare and Nagisa’s peek.


Silent Water served Kaoru with rice, but she did not show much performance, while Dusty and Fire Dance wanted to be touched like Kaoru.


Their lunch time was slightly livelier than usual.


After the meal, for some reason, Reidy acted irritable when she kicked Remi’s door open. Remi, who was sleeping soundly, was startled and fell off the bed.


“Quickly go wash up and have lunch immediately!”


Reidy gave an order, and Remi scrawled into the bathroom.




The sun was too fierce outside, so Kaoru kept practicing the Fallen Leaves Slash inside the house. She had no problem unsheathing the sword. The rest was how to instantly and accurately retrieve the sword.


Nagisa helped Silent Water to clean up the tableware. Needless to say, Dusty and Fire Dance were watching TV. There was a bookshelf in the living room, from which Kamiki chose a book to read, called “Legend of the Dragon God”. Risa used her mobile phone to surf the Internet while sending emails to someone from time to time.


Now, it was one o’clock in the human world, and it was night for the demon world. Lin Xiang and Risa talked about the concept of time in the demon world and the human world, and suggested to go after three o’clock in the afternoon. At that time, it was probably the early morning in the demon world. Everyone agreed.


Lin Xiang came to the yard bored. He also wanted to practice swordsmanship, but the sun was very fierce outside. Looking at the drying clothes and feeling the cool summer breeze, he was drowsy. Soon, he sat there and dozed off.


“Lin Xiang?” Nagisa’s voice sounded behind him, and Lin Xiang looked back, “Yo, Nagisa. What’s wrong?”


“I don’t have anything to do… can I sit next to you?”




Nagisa sat next to Lin Xiang, and the two faced the yard together. They looked at the grass by the yard wall and the clothes fluttering in the wind. Aside from the cicadas, it was very quiet there. The sound of the TV from the living room and the laughter of Dusty and Fire Dance could not be heard.


“Lin Xiang?” Nagisa looked to the side, only to see Lin Xiang’s head drooping from time to time, and then forcibly propped up again.


“What’s wrong, Nagisa?”


“You didn’t sleep well last night?”




“Is it because I… said those strange things… I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean anything else. I just thought that… I really like being with Lin Xiang…”


“I know. We are good friends.” Lin Xiang yawned, “I’m going to sleep first. I’m too sleepy.”


“If you don’t mind, what about here?!” Nagisa’s tone became stiff when she became nervous.


“Huh?” Lin Xiang looked around, “The light here is good, and it’s windy too. Alright, I’ll go get a pillow.”


“I, I’ll help you. Lin Xiang, wait here for a moment.” Nagisa stood up in a panic and ran out of the yard.


Soon, she came back with a small fan in her hand. There was no pillow or something else.


Under Lin Xiang’s inexplicable gaze, Nagisa sat down. She lowered her head and patted her snowy thigh, “Please.”


Lin Xiang was stunned for a while. Nagisa was wearing shorts, so her thighs looked very fair. In the sunny place at the moment, it was dazzling like a white gem.


The legendary lap pillow? The phrase flashed across Lin Xiang’s mind.


Oh, oh! Great! Do it! Come on, brat! Bury your head between those thighs…


‘Shut up!’


Lin Xiang stopped Yalide, scratched his head, and stared at Nagisa who was restless. He could not bear to refuse.


“I… I’m lying.” Lap pillows or something, especially on a girl’s thighs made Lin Xiang very nervous.


“Yes…” Nagisa closed her eyes tightly. Sweat dripped from her palms as she cheered herself up in her heart.


Come on, Nagisa, you have to be friendlier with Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang lay down slowly, resting his head on Nagisa’s lap.


So soft, so warm, and so fragrant. Lin Xiang seemed to have returned to his childhood, in his mother’s swaddling clothes.


“If Nagisa feels tired, let me know.” After Lin Xiang finished speaking, he became even drowsier.


“It’s fine. It’s fine.” Nagisa still closed her eyes tightly, and when she secretly opened them, Lin Xiang had already closed his.


Breathing gently, with a faint smile on his lips, Lin Xiang seemed to be asleep.


She quietly fanned Lin Xiang’s face, and solemnly glanced at Lin Xiang’s profile. Nagisa really hoped that time would stop at that moment and not pass.


“Lin Xiang?” Nagisa called out softly, but Lin Xiang did not respond. It was already certain that he was really fast asleep.


Her eyes swept across Lin Xiang’s face, and Nagisa’s attention finally stopped at Lin Xiang’s mouth.


“Everyone has something similar. Why would they feel weird when those things come into contact with each other?”


“Really, what am I thinking?” Nagisa’s fanning speed accelerated.


“Zing zing zing zing.” Cicadas were full of vitality in summer. On the trees in the yard, a few cicadas were lying on their stomachs, singing their praises for their short lives after emerging from the ground for a few years or even a dozen years.


Staring at Lin Xiang’s lips, Nagisa’s mind was a little confused as countless thoughts raced in her head. Lightly pursing her red lips and closing her eyes, Nagisa gradually bent down…


When her lips were about to touch Lin Xiang’s, she stopped. Her moist and bright eyes opened again, “I’m not flexible enough… I can’t bend down.”


Yes, she could not keep bending over.


Nagisa was not contented. After several trials, her face turned red. She could not lower her head no matter what. Only her chest pressed against Lin Xiang’s face, making close contact with him.


Somewhat suffocated, Lin Xiang slightly moved his head, which frightened Nagisa that she immediately sat upright. Continuing fanning him some wind, she looked ahead, pretending that nothing had happened. However, her face flushed to the tip of her ear lobes, which already betrayed her.


After he could breathe normally, Lin Xiang continued falling asleep, not waking up again. Nagisa finally heaved a sigh of relief.


Gently touching Lin Xiang’s hair, she showed a smile of joy.


“Only this… is more than enough.”




Hey, kid, get up. It’s past three o’clock.’ Freed’s words suddenly sounded in his head.


“Hmm…” Lin Xiang felt someone stroking his head gently, like a mother’s caress, almost making him fall asleep again. After Freed’s constant reminder, he slowly opened his eyes.


What caught his eye was not the familiar ceiling, but Nagisa’s cute face. She turned her face sideways, not daring to look at Lin Xiang.


“Sorry, I just wanted to lie down for a while, but Nagisa’s lap as a pillow is really very comfortable. I can’t help…” Lin Xiang hurriedly sat up.


“It’s fine.” Nagisa slightly shook her head.


After stretching, Lin Xiang secretly exclaimed that the nap was really comfortable. Looking at the clock again, it was almost four o’clock. They must be ready to go to the demon world.


“Huh? Nagisa, why aren’t you getting up?” Lin Xiang asked when he saw that Nagisa was still sitting upright.


“I… I’ll get up now.” Nagisa tried to stand up by supporting her body with her hands on the floor, but she could not stand firm, and leaned forward…


Her face was about to hit the floor.


Lin Xiang’s sharp eyes and agile hands were quick as he immediately grabbed Nagisa and picked her up.


“Is it because you’ve been the lap pillow for too long, so your legs are numb?”


“It’s only…a little…” As Nagisa was held in Lin Xiang’s arms, her heartbeat rate increased, and she held Lin Xiang’s clothes tightly.


“Can… can you still walk?” Lin Xiang finally noticed that there were two giants against him. He could not help, but gulped.


“It should be fine.”


Lin Xiang released Nagisa and tried to make her stand by herself, but her legs seemed weak, because she would fall as soon as he let go. Lin Xiang grabbed her again.


“Come on, I’ll carry you to sit on a chair.” As he said, Lin Xiang wrapped his arms around Nagisa’s back and hooked her legs with the other, carrying Nagisa like she was a princess.


Nagisa was not reluctant, and she huddled in Lin Xiang’s arms obediently.


Putting Nagisa on the chair in the room, Lin Xiang looked at Nagisa’s lap and calves, and they were all red. Lin Xiang knew that Nagisa could not bear to wake him up when he was asleep, so she endured it like that.


“It was better to just get a pillow. Why do you have to risk your own body?” Lin Xiang massaged Nagisa’s legs and said a little reproachfully.


“This way… is better.” Nagisa whispered softly.


“Huh?” Lin Xiang raised his head and looked at her. He had not heard clearly of what she just said.


“It’s… nothing! Nothing at all!”


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