The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 14 : Departure, Demon World


“Did you sleep well?” The door to the living room was opened, and everyone was inside. Kamiki leaned against the wall, clasped her hands, and looked at Lin Xiang with a playful grin.


“I… guess so.” Lin Xiang slowly smiled.


“Hmph!” Reidy snorted heavily, but said no word.


“Nagisa is also hard-working too. If she was me, I would definitely not be able to stand it. If you want to ask why, just remember that it’s three hours of sitting and the weight of a head.” Risa’s every sentence pierced his heart like a needle. I am sorry for that.


Fortunately, the red marks on Nagisa’s legs dissipated quickly. Freed said that it was because Nagisa possessed the power of the Goddess of Luck, Gertha. Although the amount of energy was not large, it would not vanish easily, seemingly guarding Nagisa.


Now, her legs were numb, so she could not walk very much. She still comforted Lin Xiang that it was not his fault, because she volunteered.


That made him even more embarrassed. To be honest, he slept very comfortably just now, and his right hand seemed to be fully recovered, so he did not feel that powerless.


“Come to think of it, you girls should wake me up when you see us.”


“Nagisa kept telling us that it doesn’t matter and to let you sleep longer. We have no choice but to wait for you to wake up. Where’s Nagisa?”


“She’s resting.”


“Yes, it’s really difficult for ordinary people to sit upright for three hours. I presume that Nagisa’s legs are numb. If Young Master wants to sleep, you can look for me, because when I cultivate my mind, I often sit for hours.”


“I’ll just find a pillow in the future, so I don’t have bother any of you. Everyone has prepared the things needed to bring there, right?” Lin Xiang looked at the suitcase on the ground and tried picking them up one by one to estimate the weights.


It was not heavy, so there were probably all clothes or something. He could put them all in the storage ring.


The storage ring could store things in, which was very convenient, but its price was expensive and had a disadvantage, which was that the ring would burst if it exceeded the storage capacity. To put it simply, it would be broken.


“Young Master, is that a storage ring in hand?” Kaoru saw that the luggage on the ground was gone, and turned her attention to the storage ring in Lin Xiang’s hand.


“Yeah, this is the prize from the last mission. Why don’t you keep it, Senior Kaoru?”


“No, the lowly I think it’s best to let Young Master keep it.”


“I have no opinions.” Kamiki said while the others also nodded.


“Well, then I’ll keep it.”


It was very convenient to have a storage ring. Things, such as the dragon crystals given by Valarie and Bellina, and the anti-magic badge, which were not easy to be carried around, could just be stored in it. Whenever in need, they could be taken out at all times.


What is this storage ring?’ asked Yalide in a disdainful tone.


‘As the name suggests, it’s a ring that can store things.’


It’s rubbish.


‘Hey, it’s pretty good that humans can do this.’


Really? Really?’ Yalide echoed a few times before clearing her throat, ‘It specifies how much weight it can bear, right? I can modify this kind of thing at will, so that its unit of measurement changes from the weight capacity to space capacity.


‘Can it be done?’ If it was based on space, then he did not have to worry about the ring not being able to hold heavy objects. However, if the space was too small, it would be very annoying. It had pros and cons. But if Lin Xiang had to choose, he would definitely choose the space capacity. Besides, Yalide would definitely not let space capacity go any lower.


Of course, I am the Great Dragon God, Lady Yalide. I’ll help you do it later. About a hundred cubic meters should be fine. Too much will waste a lot of dragon energy.




After a few minutes, Nagisa came to the living room, and she was able to walk. In that way, they could all go to the demon world.


Lin Xiang took everyone outside and asked Freed what to do. She only told him to just relax.


‘Where will we be teleported to?’ Although Freed was a lot more reliable than Yalide, Lin Xiang needed to know where they were going, just in case.


Although I’m not familiar with the demon world, isn’t there a teleportation area in Spirit Country? I can resonate with those crystals and teleport you all there.


‘I see.’


A white light appeared from his right hand. Lin Xiang raised the hand as the white light was condensed into a ball in his palm. The ball flew out, hitting the open space in front of him.


A large white teleportation array spread out, and the incantation on it was clearly visible, giving it a clean and solemn feeling.


The teleportation array was different from magic arrays. Teleportation magic was very difficult to master. Among the many mages, there might not be a mage who could teleport.


“Wow! This is amazing! But didn’t Xiang say that you’ll use the ability of darkness? Why is it white?” Risa asked.


“For some reason, it’s better to use light.”


“Well, whatever. Spirit Country, here I come!” Risa jumped in first, following by Kamiki and Nagisa. They could not wait any longer.


“Hurry up and get in.” Remi dawdled for a while, but was pushed inside by Reidy.


“Master… Can I not go?” Fire Dance tugged his clothes and frowned. Her behavior was very different from her usual carefree appearance.


“What’s wrong?”


“The spirits don’t welcome me…”


Fire Dance’s mother had caused serious damage to Delza, and was later killed. Fire Dance was banished to Fireback Mountain. That was when Fire Lotus’s personality appeared.


“It’ll be fine, I’m here.” Lin Xiang held her hand, and she held it tightly.


Dusty next to her came over and held her other hand, cheering her on, “You have me too.”


“Yes.” Fire Dance smiled and walked into the teleportation array with them.


A beam of light rose from under Lin Xiang’s feet, and he felt like he was about to float. The surrounding scenery was gradually filled with particles of light. Finally, his sight went blank and his eyes closed reflexively.



The sound of nearby cicadas disappeared, which was replaced by the sound of people talking.


“What’s the matter? Why did the teleportation array suddenly open?”


“Looks like someone’s in there.”


When the light dimmed, Lin Xiang opened his eyes. Through the thin layer of light curtain, he could see some weird-looking humanoid creatures.


They looked like cow-headed or pig-headed people or something. There were also some handsome and beautiful men and women.


There was a shining crystal column behind them, which was a teleportation crystal, and they were located in a spacious building. There was no doubt that they were at the teleportation area, which meant that they had arrived at the demon world.


“Who is that? A human?”


“One…two…three…five humans… five spirits? Those two blond-haired male and female look familiar.”


The spirits were whispering amongst themselves.


“Wow! Humans with animal appearances! No, they are spirits.” Risa and the others looked around curiously.


“That’s Sir Remi and Miss Reidy!” At that moment, some spirits recognized Remi and Reidy’s identities.


“That’s right! And isn’t that Sir Lin Xiang?”


“They’re back?”


“There are four unknown humans.”


“These four human girls are so beautiful. They shouldn’t be evil, right? They were brought back by Sir Lin Xiang, Miss Reidy, and Sir Remi too.”


Risa and the others were watched like they were rare animals. Nagisa was embarrassed and hid behind Lin Xiang. Kamiki was also a little bit disgusted by the attention given to her. She never liked places with many people. Although they were spirits, it was no different.


“Everyone, make way.” Soon, the managers of the teleportation area pushed themselves through the crowd and came over.


It was a middle-aged male spirit, and he bowed slightly to them, “My name is Joff. May I ask if this is Sir Remi, Miss Reidy and Sir Lin Xiang?”


“Yes.” Remi nodded. Since he returned to the demon world, he no longer felt the laziness he had in the human world. It was replaced by majesty.


“Welcome back to Delza. Although I have no right to ask, my curiosity kept urging me. May I know who these four humans are…” Joff’s gaze swept over Risa and the others.


Well, after all, they were human beings, and they appeared from the teleportation array. If something happened when they left, he would be responsible for the consequences, which was why he was so worried about it.


“Mr. Joff, please rest assured. They are all my good friends. They visit the Spirit Country only to train their abilities and will never cause trouble.” Lin Xiang said solemnly.


“Sir Lin Xiang, I can trust you, because the Great Spirit King, as well as the Chief of the Fire Sect, had accepted you with optimist. It’s just that Fire Dance, daughter of Fire, makes me very worried.”


It turned out that what Joff mainly wanted to talk about was Fire Dance?


When her name was mentioned, Fire Dance held Lin Xiang’s hand a little harder.


“It’ll be fine.” Lin Xiang comforted her gently, and then said to Joff, “As you can see, Fire Dance is already my spirit. She is very good and will not cause trouble to everyone.”


“That’s right, but who knows if she’ll go crazy like Fire?”


“That’s right. She got along very well with everyone at the beginning, but then she started a killing spree among the spirits.”


There were numerous mutterings in the spirit crowd.


“What’s going on?” Risa asked in confusion.


“It’s a long story.” Lin Xiang sighed, trying to resolve the hatred of the spirits towards Fire Dance.


With Lin Xiang’s explanations and the guarantees of Remi and Reidy, the spirits did not say anything more. However, he could still hear people talking about Fire Dance behind her back.


Although unpleasant things happened at the beginning, after leaving the teleportation area, Risa and the others were attracted by the buildings of Delza and the spirits on the streets.


“Look! That’s a lizard-turned-man, right? And that’s a tiger.”


“Really?” Nagisa, like Risa, was looking around with bright eyes.


“It feels like I have come to the Dragonborn Village, except that the tourists and the local dragon descendants have been replaced by spirits.” Kamiki said.


Indeed, the buildings and street-hawking in Dragonborn Village were relatively retro, and there were no sounds like the calling of vendors and car horns. That was very similar to the Spirit Country.


“Well, this is the kingdom of spirits after all.” Kaoru nodded while looking around.


Reidy and Remi also clearly showed their familiarity there as they introduced Risa and the others about the things around them.


Seeing that Fire Dance was gloomy, Lin Xiang patted her head, “One day, everyone will accept you. Don’t worry.”


“Yes!” Fire Dance showed a cheery smile.


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