The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 15 : Upgrading Method


Along the way, various spirits attracted Risa and the others’ attention, and they also attracted the attention of the elves.


“There are human women.”


“How did they come here?”


“Are you blind? Those are Sir Lin Xiang’s friends. He brought them here. Miss Reidy and Sir Remi are also here.”


“Ah, human women, they looked like noble spirits, so beautiful.”


“Slim arms, thin body, I really don’t get why you call them beautiful at all.” A certain large female pig flung her hair, “For a plump and beautiful girl like me, my body is the most standard.”


“Blurgh!” The surrounding spirits vomited.


The reactions of the spirits reminded Lin Xiang of when he came here, but this time, the centre of discussion was Risa and the others.


“How is it? Do you have the urge to make a contract with the spirits after seeing so many of them?” Lei Ming squinted at Risa and the others. Lin Xiang knew that he was probing.


“I’m so sorry, but I didn’t feel the slightest bit of urge when I saw these spirits.” Kamiki gave a disdainful smile.


“Me too, I used to think it would be great to have a talking spirit, but now that I’ve finally seen them, I think animal-type spirits are cuter. After all, these have a human-like body, but an animal’s head. It’s weird.” Risa nodded, agreeing with Kamiki.


“I think… having Little Ball is enough for me.” Nagisa’s voice trembled as she was watched by the spirits. She kept grabbing onto Lin Xiang’s shirt.


“This is probably because everyone has their own spirits. Although I can’t summon my spirit, I am still worried about it.” Kaoru expressed her thoughts.


“Senior Kaoru said it well, but Silent Water thinks that it’s because everyone here is not greedy.” Silent Water’s words made the point.


That was right. They were not tempted so easily because they were not greedy people. Those with greed, like spirit dealers, were absolutely unbearable. In their eyes, all they saw was wealth, or slaves who could benefit themselves.


“Haha, as expected of being with Lin Xiang. Your answers are very good. I will make an announcement later, so that the spirits of Delza know of your arrival.” Remi had long thought that of their answers, but since he got to hear it from their mouths, it reassured him even more.


“Remi and Reidy are the children of the city lord? Is the place we are going to really be a castle?” Risa asked.


“Yes, but the castle is actually not as good as you think.”


“Reidy is just used to staying in a castle. I’m really looking forward to it.”


Every girl had her own princess dream, living in a luxurious castle, wearing beautiful clothes and waiting for the arrival of a prince on a white horse.




Because they passed by in a hurry, the spirits’ attention was on Risa and the others, so Fire Dance did not receive much attention from the spirits as they came to the gates of Thunder Castle smoothly.


The guards at the gate immediately recognized Remi and Reidy. They addressed them respectfully before moving out of the way.


Entering the big entrance of the castle, Risa and the others could not help but admire.


The front yard was like a park, with flowers and plants, chairs and fountains, and a large stone road that went straight to Thunder Castle.


It was now a little past eight o’clock in the morning, the sun was still hanging obliquely in the sky, and the large shadow of Thunder Castle enveloped them, making it look majestic. The lightning symbol on the top layer was very conspicuous.


“It’s amazing! Aside from the castle seen in the theme park, I’ve never seen a real castle before at all.”


“This is the first time I’ve seen…” The pupils of Nagisa’s eyes were flickering, and she, who had never been in contact with those, was hit by an unprecedented gaze.


“How imposing, is this the castle built by the spirits?” Kaoru raised her head, and the Thunder Castle bathed in sunlight was reflected in her eyes.


“It has the feeling of the middle ages, the outfits of the spirits here too. Did they flow into the demon world from the human world more than a thousand years ago…” Kamiki folded her arms and looked around, muttering to herself.


The castle’s servants were pleasantly surprised by the return of their young master and eldest lady, and they all came out to greet them. Oyi, the old spirit who grew up with Reidy walked out of the group of spirits tremblingly, looking at Riedy with tears in his eyes.


“Miss, welcome back.”


“Oyi.” Reidy hugged Oyi and introduced Risa and the others to him and the other servants.


An old man, who looked to be in his fifties, left the crowd and walked towards Remi. Lin Xiang looked at the spirit. He could feel a solemn and suffocating aura. That was a special aura that could only be possessed after countless life-and-death battles.


“Master Remi, you have returned at the right time.”


“Uncle Tuberson, what’s the matter?”


The spirit called Tuberson pulled Remi aside and said something to Remi with a serious expression.


Lin Xiang listened carefully to find that they were talking about many spirits were being attacked and disappeared recently. Several bodies had been found that had lost their magic crystals. Two days ago, several tiger men who sold spring water also had disappeared.


“What did Father say about this?”


“City Lord Reggie and the other two city lords are holding a meeting to discuss a plan.”


“Got it, I’ll speak to my father later.”



Entering Thunder Castle, the interior decoration was full of aristocratic atmosphere, which opened Risa and Nagisa’s eyes. Reidy naturally took them around to get acquainted with the environment.


After Fire Dance came in, she recovered a lot and started playing with Dusty. Lin Xiang sat down on the wooden chair, recalling what Tuberson said just now.


Corpses that lost their magic crystals… The demons would not dig out spirits’ magic crystals. The wild spirits were out of question… Humans, the human beings in the human world were impossible, because they would definitely do everything they could to bring the spirits back home when they encountered humanoid spirits. Even if the spirit was killed, the body would be brought back.


However, the major cities and villages of Spirit Country were located in the depths of the demon world. Humans were on the edge of developing the demon world, where there were fewer demons and spirits, so it was impossible for humans in the Human World to discover Delza’s spirits.


Then, it would only be the doing of demon apostles, fallen humans, who came from the world beyond the skies, who believed in demons and worshipped demons.


They understood the role of magic crystals, and there were demon apostles appearing from time to time in the human world. The saints could not find how they came. The only thing that made sense was that they travelled by using the magic abyss.


In fact, the Demon Abyss was also a passage to the world beyond the skies. It was through that pathway that led Fire Dance and her mother to the demon world. The same true for Ah Si, who served the spirit elders in the Deli Temple.


‘Freed, do you think you can seal the Demon Abyss passage?’ Lin Xiang asked.


I’m not sure. After all, energy is still the most important thing. Yalide and I were like people who didn’t eat. We have a body, but we can’t do any effort.


‘Isn’t there a way to quickly increase dragon energy?’


We have discussed this issue before. Just let it grow naturally, but it would be done very slowly. The quickest way is to slay dragons, kill those powerful dragons, and absorb their dragon souls.


‘Is there no other way?’


No. This is all I know.


‘Sigh.’ To slay a dragon, he needed a powerful dragon. Not to mention that dragons were categorized into good dragons and evil dragons. Evil dragons were not easily encountered in the demon world, and they were dragons with the level of ancient dragons as well, which were even rarer in the demon world. Therefore, it was unlikely for him to slay one.


Stinky brat, there are other ways.’ Yalide interjected.


‘What is it?’


Do you remember that because of me, you were able to counteract the erosion of dark energy and even transform it?


‘Yes… do you mean that the method is to absorb the energy of the demons?’


No no no, demons are too low-level. They will at most provide a little energy, and that energy needs to be released immediately. As for the demon generals, that huge fellow is more advanced, but because it is close-combat type, its energy usually strengthens the body only. The energy stored in the body is not much. Demons, like the cloaked demon that escaped, used magic and could store energy well, so they had more energy. However, after absorbing its energy and converting it into dragon energy, the dragon energy obtained would be very little.


‘People said that it’s better than nothing. If we have a little more energy, so be it.’


It is true, but you consume more energy defeating that kind of demon than you absorb and transform it, so there is still nothing gained.


‘Uh…  So, I have to be like the ice dragon by instantly absorbing a lot of energy in order to recover the lost energy and expand more energy?’


That’s right. You must know that the demons with a lot of dark energy will not be weak. Now, you find it difficult to deal with even big demons, let alone those with higher rank than them.


‘If this is true, then what you said just now is pretty much useless. It would have been better if you didn’t share it.’ Lin Xiang sighed.


At least there is such a way. Hmm!?’ Yalide suddenly thought of something, ‘I almost forgot. We can absorb Valarie’s dragon energy too! She is an ancient dragon. After eating more food, she will recover in a few days. After recovering, we can absorb again, so your dragon energy will definitely rise.


To absorb Valarie’s dragon energy was to… Thinking of kissing a little girl who looked like twelve or thirteen years old made Lin Xiang felt a deep sense of guilt.


Lin Xiang tried to avoid that method as much as possible. Now, Valarie was still young, and she did not know the real meaning of kissing. After she knew about it, she would surely set himself on fire. Lin Xiang was deeply worried and cleared his throat, ‘Aren’t your dragon energies special? Will there be some leftovers after transforming Valarie’s dragon energy?’


That’s right. But, there really is a good saying. Having something is better than none.’ Yalide let out a weird laugh.


Using what he said to refute himself actually left Lin Xiang speechless.


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