The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 16 : If He Wants To See


“Master, what happened? You’ve showed such a heavy face.” When Lin Xiang was thinking about how to increase his dragon energy, Silent Water’s voice interrupted him.


After returning to his senses, he found that Silent Water was putting her hands on her knees and bent over to look at him. Silent Water was wearing a pure white T-shirt with a loose collar. Her position was just right to be able to see inside through the collar.


The shape of the collarbones looked like crescent moons. Her skin was white and flawless, and the blue bra tightly wrapped the two well-developed breasts, forming a seductive gully.


“Master? Your face suddenly turned red, what’s wrong?” Silent Water asked with concern. Seeing that he did not answer, she followed his line of sight and slowly looked down.


“Ah, Master is really… H.” Silent Water grabbed her collar as her white face began to redden, like a peach, tempting people to take a bite.


“I… I didn’t mean to.” Lin Xiang’s words were a little weak. Although he really was unintentional, he could have the opportunity to look away, yet somehow he could not. Was he really influenced by Yalide?


Stinky brat, don’t blame me for everything!!!’ Yalide growled, making Lin Xiang’s head hum and he frowned. Sure enough, he still felt that Yalide would be better off in her human form, so her voice would be much, much nicer.


Noticing Lin Xiang frown, Silent Water hesitated for a moment, then let go of the hand holding the collar, “Master, don’t be unhappy. If Master really wants to see… I don’t mind it, actually.”


The beautiful scene appeared in front of him again.


“Ugh.” Lin Xiang quickly looked away, “You see, Silent Water, I wasn’t unhappy at all. I just showed that expression because my head suddenly hurt.”


“Is that so? Is Master uncomfortable? Is it because Master used teleportation magic?”


Silent Water stretched out her hands and massaged his temples. Through the corner of the eye, the collar that had already drooped downwards due to gravity once again showed Lin Xiang the beauty inside. Although it was not clear from the corner of his eye, it gave off the feeling of having a hazy mystery.


Lin Xiang closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and calmed down. He finally understood why that fellow Kurugani Naoki always wanted to tiptoe to look inside the collar of a girl. It turned out to be such a tempting thing.


“Master, are you feeling better?”


“Uh-huh.” He nodded, “I’m all right now. Silent Water, stand up first.”


The soft touch of her fingers on the temple was removed, and after Lin Xiang opened his eyes, Silent Water had already stood up. Both her hands were in front of her, with her left hand placed on the back of her right hand, very ladylike.


“Then what was Master thinking about just now? You looked stressed. If there’s anything, Master can share it with everyone.”


If he told that it was because he was worried about absorbing Valarie’s dragon energy through kisses, Valarie would burn him to charcoal when she matured in the future, then he was unsure how Silent Water would react.


“I’m thinking about… the disappearance of the spirits.” In order to avoid Silent Water from looking at him like ‘You are not my Master’, he decided to bring up that topic to the top.


“Spirits were disappearing?” Silent Water tilted her head, looking very puzzled.


Lin Xiang simply told Silent Water about the conversation he heard between Tuberson and Remi and his own thoughts about the matter.


“If it’s really the demon apostles’ doing, won’t my parents be in danger?” Silent Water became nervous.


“Silent Water’s parents live in a very remote area, so I don’t think they will face any problems. They are very powerful as well.” Speaking of which, Lin Xiang did not understand why although Silent Water’s parents were very powerful types, they would still be defeated by superior fire-attributed demons? That puzzled him with doubt.


“However, Silent Water’s still very worried about them. Master, can you give Silent Water some time and let Silent Water return to have a look?”


“You alone?”


Silent Water nodded firmly.


“What nonsense is this? I won’t let Silent Water go out alone. If you’re going, then we’ll be going together.”


“Master, thank you.” Silent Water showed a happy smile.


“We are family, aren’t we?”




“Are we going today?”


“No, Master can take a rest first. If Master’s head still hurts, it will be bad.”


“Then, tomorrow.”



It was around four o’clock in the afternoon before they arrived at the demon realm, so everyone was mostly hungry, and it was time to prepare dinner. Silent Water discussed with Reidy and told the servants to prepare the ingredients.


Although spirits do not eat rice, they could still consume vegetables, because some spirits would eat vegetables to replenish energy.


As for how to improve dragon energy, Lin Xiang had not thought about it for the time being. The special dragon energy Freed and Yalide produced were not easy to obtain, so he had not much left. However, if it was converted into spiritual power, it would result in huge amounts of power. Therefore, if he could use spiritual power, he would have an unlimited supply of energy.


But, the use of spiritual power required a certain amount of spiritual power, because it was necessary to mobilize and control spiritual power. Now, in addition to controlling his own spiritual power, he also needed to strengthen his mentality greatly.


He felt that the process would be difficult.


However, in order to protect Silent Water and Risa, he had to do it.


Out of the blue, he was filled with determination and wanted to practice swordsmanship.


The Hundred Slashes or the Spinning Dance.


In that case, allow Lady Yalide to teach you with my body.


A mass of black energy floated out from Lin Xiang’s body, gradually forming a concave and convex figure. Soon, the black energy quickly dissipated. With fair skin that contrasted with her fluttering dark hair, a woman with an outstanding figure of a model and a perfect face stood in front of him. Her closed eyes slowly opened. Those were a pair of strange red eyes that could attract the attention of others.


“Hey, don’t you know what’ll happen if you suddenly ran out and was discovered by others?” Lin Xiang hurriedly looked around, but fortunately, he was sitting in the corner. It was unknown where Risa and the others were, but they should be hanging out near the castle. Several servants were cleaning and did not look over in their direction.


“Don’t underestimate Lady Yalide. Even if they’ve seen us, they can forget it with a little magic trick.”


It sounded like an awesome trick, but it actually only make the other party forget what happened in a short period of time. If others seen it and did not tell, soon, they would secretly spread the news. The consequences would be just as troublesome.


“Aren’t you afraid of being recognized by the spirits?” Lin Xiang recalled that in Deli Temple, there was a portrait of Yalide carved on the stone wall.


Speaking of which, Deli Temple, Deli Temple, Deli, wouldn’t it be Lide when rearranged? Yalide.


“No, no.” Yalide waved her hand, “Rather than talking about this, how about finding a place to practice swordsmanship?”


Yalide seemed very positive, which led Lin Xiang to show her a suspicious look.


That fellow must be trying to do something.


Needless to say, it had to be something, like m*lesting female spirits or others. After all, they were in Spirit Country, where humanoid spirits would gather.


“Let’s make an agreement in advance. If you want to go out, you must not cause trouble.”


“What do you take this Great Lady Yalide for?”


“A perverted dragon, an abnormal perverted dragon, a super abnormal perverted dragon.”


“You, stinky brat, really want to die, huh?” Yalide rushed over and clasped Lin Xiang’s head. There was pain in his neck, but there was indeed softness on his face.


“Let go, let go. I’m just joking.” Lin Xiang slapped Yalide’s hand. She shook him a few times before letting go.


Since Yalide could now spar with Lin Xiang and he did not have to be afraid of hurting her, he could finally fight with all his strength, which would be much better than simply practicing swordsmanship alone.


The spirit servants had never seen Yalide before. They were clueless about where Yalide suddenly appeared from. With Yalide having neither human, nor spirit aura, and having a too-perfect appearance, it surprised the spirit servants.


Lin Xiang enquired about a place where they could spar. Under the stares of numerous spirit servants, Yalide and Lin Xiang came to the backyard.


The backyard was very spacious. It was neither like a park, nor his front yard. There were no plants and the rolled flat ground was very suitable for activities. Not to mention, there were several black marks on the ground. It could be seen that the spirits usually polished their skills there.


“Wakaka, Lady Yalide really is so charming. Those spirits just forgot to blink when they saw this Lady Yalide just now.” Yalide laughed as they gathered in the backyard.


“Yeah, yeah. If there was a pervert in front of my eyes, I couldn’t help but take a few glances.”


“You nasty little…”


“Get ready to start.” Lin Xiang took the cold sword out of the storage ring.


“The fury I have. Nasty brat, you’re putting me in a bad mood. Will it kill you to praise Lady Yalide?”


“I really don’t know what merits you have to make me praise you.”


“Fine, I’ll let you know what merits Lady Yalide has.” As soon as Yalide’s words reached his ears, she disappeared in place. At that moment, a pair of bewitching red eyes had appeared in front of him. The corners of her slightly thick lips gently rose, and she stopped a knife in front of Lin Xiang’s neck.


Lin Xiang was unsure how close her hand was to his neck. He could clearly feel the presence of her hand when he gulped. Probably within 0.1 centimeters?


“Hey! How shameless of you! As soon as we come, you showed your real moves. How can I fight like this?”


“And what if the enemy was this fast?”


“I haven’t entered my wind speed state yet.”


“Oh, the enemy can give you time to enter wind speed state too?” Yalide poked Lin Xiang’s chest, “Remember, when you encounter the enemy, you immediately enter the wind speed state, which allows you to quickly attack or avoid the enemy’s sudden attack.”


Lin Xiang had to say that what Yalide’s words were very reasonable. He nodded, and she maintained a certain distance from him again, “Come on. This time, you will attack, anywhere you want.”


Entering the wind speed state, Lin Xiang clenched the cold sword and rushed towards her.


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