The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 17 : Training


“Tsk, you don’t have enough strength. When you run with your feet, your hands also need to exert force.” It was very easy for Yalide to block the cold sword. She just pinched and the cold sword seemed like it was deeply stuck in a rock. No matter how much he pulled it, he could not pull it out.


At that moment, she held his wrist with her other hand, pressed it hard, and rotated. Soon, the cold sword escaped from Lin Xiang and ran into her hand, “If you can’t withdraw your weapon, give it up temporarily. If the enemy can defend against your attack, it just means that it’s strong and you need to maintain a good distance.”


Lin Xiang took a few steps back consecutively.


Yalide slammed the cold sword to the ground, “Now, you have temporarily given up the weapon. What are you going to do with your bare hands?”


Lin Xiang’s eyes moved left and right, and he unleashed a fireball in Yalide’s direction.


The fireball he unleashed after the losing control of his magic was way bigger than the ordinary one. If Lin Xiang did not have simple control over his fire, he probably would not be able to send it out according to his consciousness.


“You’ve changed to a long-range attack? But if it’s too weak, it won’t work.” Yalide reached out her hand and grabbed the flying fireball, and the fireball exploded.


Meanwhile, Lin Xiang also took advantage of the moment when the fireball burst into flames, rushed forward and welcomed her with the Dragon’s Roar.


The energy group whistled out along with the roar, but Yalide disappeared in place and appeared behind him. When Lin Xiang turned his head, she slashed towards him from the top with a karate hand chop. Her speed was amazingly swift.


“Dak.” She tapped Lin Xiang on the head.


When her hand was about to hit him on the head, she decreased her strength, and just hit him, which did not hurt much. If she was serious, Lin Xiang guessed that his head would be like a flower. Why was it a flower though? Flowers would bloom and what kind of scene would it be if his head bloomed? It was a terrifying thought.


“Dragon roar can be used as a killer move when you don’t show it, just like how you just did, by suddenly approaching me and releasing it. Of course, I knew that you’d make that attack, so I dodged it.” Yalide withdrew her hand.


Lin Xiang walked over to the cold sword and pulled it up.


“Generally, a battle technician will have a spare weapon. If you lose the main weapon, you can replace it with a spare. You can have a spare, but it won’t be very useful. There is no weapon that can compare to the cold sword in your hand, so, you have to learn to summon it. .”


“Like when we were at the dock?”


“Yes. It recognizes you as its Master now and will appear according to your wishes. Well, you summoned it unintentionally at that time. What you need to do now is to summon it intentionally.”


Human beings were sometimes very strange. They could do something intentionally, but always failing, yet was able to succeed when occasionally doing something unintentional.


“When you can do it, even if your weapon is lost, it will be returned to your hand.”


Yalide clearly could also be very serious when teaching others. If her character was better, she would obviously be quite a good one.


“Hey, don’t stare at me like that. I know that I have infinite charm, alright? Next, we’ll try the [Spinning Dance] you learned from that old principal. From my point of view, this move is pretty good.”


Still unable to control spiritual energy, Lin Xiang had to attach flames to his sword and attack Yalide as taught by Michita.


Yalide jumped back, while turned her head to avoid the flames from time to time, with ease.


Suddenly, Lin Xiang had an idea. After turning around and slashing, he increased his flames abruptly. After the flames blocked Yalide’s vision, he stabbed forward.


“Oh~ This is not bad! It’s a new one.” Yalide swept her foot, and the cold sword that was kicked by her flew away.




The cold sword spun a few times in the air, and was about to reach the huge door of Thunder Castle’s backyard.


At that time, Senior Kaoru just exited the castle as the cold sword flew towards her. When Lin Xiang witnessed the scene, his heart almost jumped out.


Senior Kaoru’s pupils shrank sharply, but she did not show panic. She bent slightly to one side. Holding a dagger in her left hand, she grabbed the hilt with her right hand and quickly pulled her dagger out.


“Duang!” A spark flashed in the air as the cold sword was hit and fell to the ground.


“Phew~” Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. As expected of Senior Kaoru, who had been practicing swordsmanship all the year round, her reflexes were no joke.


Senior Kaoru raised her dagger and took a look at it. Her eyes became hollow, “The guardian blade given by my father is broken.”


Taking a closer look, the sharp dagger was missing a tip at the moment. The cold sword could be said to cut iron like mud, and Senior Kaoru’s dagger could be regarded as a good weapon, because it flicked the cold sword away. However, that dagger was broken now.


“It’s all you, Yalide!”


“Hey, even if Lady Yalide is very powerful, I can’t sense when Kaoru will come out of there.”


Yalide was right, and he could not blame her either. In that way, he had no choice but to comfort Senior Kaoru.


“Senior Kaoru, are you alright?” Lin Xiang trotted to Senior Kaoru’s front, and she looked at the dagger in a trance.


“Senior Kaoru?”


“Ah… yes, Young Master, I’m fine, but the guardian blade is damaged. If my father finds out, I will definitely be punished. If it’s serious, I may lose the qualification to protect Young Master.”


“That serious?”


“Of course, Young Master, the guardian blade is passed down from generation to generation to the guardian to protect the sword bearer. After the wooden sword was broken in the dock incident, I knew the importance of a weapon. When I got home, I asked my father for a weapon. That was when the guardian blade was bestowed by my father.”


“My father said that the sword is in the presence of people. This dagger is to protect Young Master’s existence, which is also my lowly existence. The people of the Kamikawa family have always been eyeing Young Master. If they knew that the guardian blade handed down from generation to generation had been damaged by me, they would definitely find a reason to reprimand me and choose their family to protect Young Master. ”


“Don’t worry, Senior Kaoru. The only guardian I trust is Senior Kaoru. Divided families, like the Kamikawa family, are not qualified to make irresponsible remarks.”


“Besides, Yalide and I were also at fault. If she hadn’t kicked the cold sword over, Senior Kaoru wouldn’t have blocked it with a knife. I don’t want to see Senior Kaoru hurt more than the broken dagger.”


“Young Master…” Senior Kaoru’s eyes flickered, and Lin Xiang could see that she was very moved by what he said.


“That’s right, Kaoru. The body is the most important thing. There are many people who have hurt themselves and others because of money and other external things.” Yalide came over, picked up Senior Kaoru’s dagger and looked at it.


“Well, this knife is good, but it’s not as good as the cold sword. It’s not difficult to repair this level of damage. A weapon store in the human world will do the trick, but you need to choose a reliable one. Also, Kaoru is not suitable to use a dagger. You should be better off with a long sword. An unsuitable weapon will limit the strength of the user. When the time comes, let alone protecting this brat, you will be in danger as well. This dagger is usually used as a backup weapon.”


“Young Master’s sister words are very true. I will keep it in my heart forever.” Senior Kaoru put away the dagger, recollected her thoughts, and then asked the question he had been worried about, “Speaking of which, why does Young Master’s sister appear here?”



“So that’s the case. Did you come to the demon realm first?”


Lin Xiang could not believe that Senior Kaoru believed that far-fetched reason! Yalide also used the same reason at the beach back then, which seemed reasonable. However, they were in the demon world, how could they arrive at the Spirit Country first?


But, Kaoru was a bit block-headed. She would not give much thought about it too much, because the only thing she probably cared about was swords. What he should be worried about was how to explain it to Risa and the others. Kamiki would definitely be suspicious, because that fellow was very intelligent.


“Is Young Master practicing swordsmanship with Young Master’s sister?”


“Yeah, this fellow here is amazing. I don’t have to worry about hurting her at all.”


“Hey, won’t powerful girls get hurt? I’m a delicate and beautiful girl, you know?”


“Please don’t dishonor the term ‘beautiful girl’.”


“Excuse me, can the lowly I accompany? Young Master’s sister looks very strong and the lowly I want to get advice.”


“Oh oh~ You’re very welcomed, very welcomed.” Yalide nodded repeatedly.


Senior Kaoru returned to Thunder Castle and took a wooden stick about the same length as a normal sword from the servant. She held it with both hands and used it as a wooden sword.


With Kaoru there, Yalide waved at Lin Xiang, like she was valuing a lover over friendship as she tried to drive away someone who was in the way. She wanted him to practice summoning the cold sword or controlling the spiritual power.


Lin Xiang was not bothered by that. Yalide could teach him anytime anyways, so he let her help Kaoru as well as instruct her with some sword skills. The best thing was to let Kaoru’s spirit accept her. As long as she could summon her spirit, Kaoru would be able to use spiritual power and she would definitely become more powerful by then.


The cold sword was stuck on the ground. Lin Xiang squatted down and stared at it while holding his chin.


He remembered when he was underground at the dock. He was very furious that time and wanted a weapon to kill all the guys who hurt Dusty.


Was it necessary to have such a consciousness to summon his cold sword over?


Lin Xiang closed his eyes and tried to brew his emotions while repeating them in his head. I need a weapon, I need a weapon.


From time to time, Senior Kaoru’s shouting as she swung her sword and the sounds of Yalide instructing her came to his ear. After about a few minutes, his hands were still empty and he did not feel a thing.


“Hey, I said, you are a spiritual weapon, so you should be conscious, right?” Lin Xiang flicked the blade of the sword, which made a crisp clacking sound.


There was no response. Lin Xiang scratched his head, “I’m stupid enough to talk to non-living things.”


“Buzz~” Out of the blue, he seemed to see the cold sword lit up, but it was only a flash. Maybe it was the reflection of the sunlight?


Lin Xiang retrieved the cold sword from the ground and found that the coldness in his hand seemed to be stronger than before.


The summoning of the cold sword could not be forced, just like how he controlled his spiritual power, by taking it slow.


Feeling the spiritual power, Lin Xiang tried his best to make them flow to the cold sword. That was a process that made him force out numerous drops of sweat.


When his mentality was about to catch up with his spiritual power, something unknown had blocked him. His spiritual power took that opportunity to be mentally thrown far away.


He failed again.


Could it be that the seal that his ‘parents’ left in ‘him’ was not lifted? Lin Xiang remembered his uncle once said that both his ‘parents’ were very powerful. In order to prevent ‘him’ from being lost because of power, ‘they’ put a seal on ‘him’. The poor nerdy him had countless grievances for that reason. Before his power was unsealed, his soul had already been burned.


Spiritual power was the power of the soul. The soul was the source of all spiritual power. When ‘his’ soul disappeared, his ability also disappeared.


But in that case, the seal should have been applied in his soul.


The reason he could not succeed was probably because he was not a local, so he was not familiar with spiritual power.


Not discouraged, Lin Xiang continued to sense the spiritual power and tried to catch up with them.


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