The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 18 : There’s nothing inside…


Demon World


The blood-painted sky, like a floating sea of ​​blood, surged above.


The mountains and dense forests had overlapping peaks. In the demon world, where there was no interference of human technology, everything was full of the breath of nature.


A huge volcano sat among the forests while billowing lava bubbled in the crater.


Due to the high temperature, the nearby plants grew lusher. The field of vision was gradually zoomed in, and two small figures could be seen sitting on two tree stumps.


One was red, one was blue.


There was a big tree lying on the ground. It was burning, and several wooden cones which had stabbed fish were stuck around in the ground.


“Hey, Little Valarie, what happened to the demons lately? They seemed to have become crazy. They were just one or two in number, yet they dared to challenge us.” Hair, as blue as the nearby water, was resting on her shoulders. She was a quiet girl who was sensible at her age.


“I don’t know.” The one who responded to her had a low female voice. Her short fiery red hair did not reach her shoulders, while her eyes looked hollow without light, like rubies without its color.


“Ah~~ It’s so annoying! Although it’s easy to solve them, they appear every once in a while, so we can’t get along well.” Bellina had been complaining like that recently.


“This… might be better.” Valarie jumped off the stump and picked up two cooked fish.


Bellina’s eyes lit up. She smiled, and stretched out her hands to Valarie.


“Ah mm.” Valarie opened her pink mouth and took a bite of the smoking grilled fish.


Bellina still maintained her pose.


One fish was quickly eaten, and Valarie turned her attention to the other fish in her hand. She opened her small mouth as she was prepared to take a bite.


“Wait, wait!” Bellina quickly jumped down, ran to Valarie, and said with her cheek puffed up, “Shouldn’t you be giving this to your Big Sis at this time?”


Valarie looked at Bellina and then at the fish in her hand.


“Ah mm.” She took a bite.


“Too ruthless! You’re too ruthless! Little Valarie!” Bellina burst into tears and suddenly thought of something, “Could it be that Little Valarie is just testing the temperature? Yes, this fish is very hot. She really has to try it to see if it suits her Big Sis. Yup, that’s right, it must be like this. Little Valarie is really a good kid. Although she still bit the fish, Big Sis surely won’t mind.”


Touching her blushing cheeks, Bellina twisted her body to herself as a beautiful picture was playing in her mind.


“Ah mm.” Valarie looked at Bellina and continued to eat the fish.


When Bellina came back to her senses, all the cooked fish were eaten by Valarie. The wooden cones were neatly placed on the stump.


“Huh? Where’s the fish?”


“It’s gone.”


“Have they all been eaten up?” Bellina was not angry, but had an expression of relief, “Little Valarie is growing up, huh. You’ll grow faster if you eat more.”


As she spoke, her hand naturally stretched towards Valarie’s head.


Valarie tilted her head and avoided it naturally.


“Almost!” Bellina secretly screamed pity, and returned to normal in an instant, “Then I’ll go catch some more fish. Little Valarie, wait for me here~”


Valarie sat back on the stump again, and Bellina was already far away. She wiggled her slender feet, feeling a little bored.


The Valley of Fire was very quiet. There were no cicadas or birds, only the rustling sounds of the leaves that were driven by the wind.


“Huh?” As if sensing something, Valarie suddenly looked in a certain direction.




Yalide’s arrival would inevitably cause Risa and the others to question them. Yalide laughed out loud, explaining that she first came to the demon world when she accidentally encountered a demon. She ran into spirits and they rescued her, who then brought her to Delza.


That reason was very casual and not very convincing, but Risa and the others did not ask much. Lin Xiang guessed that they would think that Yalide was his mentor.


After all, it was not impossible to be able to split space and arrive at the demon world.


After eating, Risa and the others decided to go out for a walk and take a stroll around Delza.


Lin Xiang did not follow them though, but stayed in the Thunder Castle to continue his practice.


The feeling of sweating brought him back to when he was in junior high school, but at present, he was no longer taught by the sloppy uncle, but the beautiful Yalide.


“This ring is so strange. There is a foldable space inside. Although it is of poor quality, it is not easy to achieve this level. The wisdom of human beings really should not be underestimated.” When Lin Xiang was practicing the fourth sword-swing of the Hundred Slashes, Yalide exclaimed in awe after taking the storage ring and researching it.


Lin Xiang did not know what foldable space was, but maybe due to it being foldable, if the load exceeded the weight limit, it would break the ring.


“Can it be transformed into what you said?” He asked.


“Of course, give me some time.” A black light lit up on Yalide’s hand.


In broad daylight, black light could be said to be very conspicuous. For the same reason, in the dark, white light would also be very eye-catching.


There were two sides of the same coin regarding that, which was really amazing.


About a minute later, Yalide wiped off the sweat that did not exist on her forehead and pretended that ‘she was exhausted trying to transform that particular ring’.


“Phew, it’s done, a hundred square meters. It can hold a lot more things now and it really exhausted me.”


“Just say that you want to go out and have fun.”


“Eh…” Yalide blinked, looking a little stunned, and then buckled over, “What was that? Huh? You make me look like I’m doing these things as if I have an intention. It really hurts Lady Yalide’s heart so bad.” While saying that, Yalide kept shaking her head. The collision between Lin Xiang’s face and her chest was… Should he address it as pain or happiness?


When she shook till it made him dizzy, Yalide finally let go of him.


“Unhappy, I’m very unhappy. Brat, take your sweet time and practice slowly by yourself, while I go out to relax.” Yalide left silently like a child who had been wronged.


That fellow, since she wanted to pretend, she did not have to take such big steps, which clearly showed her impatient mood.


Lin Xiang would always ask her not to cause trouble outside, but he did not even bother caring about her anymore.


He had to control his spiritual power first, otherwise with his current state, Yalide, would not be able to teach him anything.


You have to make an extra effort. Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang encouraged himself.



Fresh and fragrant wind blew from behind him. Lin Xiang continued to swing his sword without turning his head. He was just wondering how the wind could smell like a girl.


“Hu~” There was another gust of wind. That time, the wind also felt warm, and it was blown by his ears.


Feeling itchy, Lin Xiang turned around immediately and found a girl with short purple hair standing there.


She was wearing a black dress similar to a kimono, and her fair skin glowed with the aid of her black dress.


With eyes that were rather dull and slightly disheveled hair, Lin Xiang remembered that her name was Wind Chimes.


The daughter of another city lord in Delza.


“Hi!” She greeted him like a human, waving her hand, “I haven’t seen you in a while.”




“Did you… come here to find Reidy?” For some reason, Lin Xiang was pulled by her to the stone bench by the castle wall and sat down.


“I’m here to find you.” Her eyes stared at him all the time, which made Lin Xiang feel like he was a rare animal. It was uncomfortable to be looked at.


“Cough cough. Why are you looking for me… what’s the matter?” Lin Xiang moved slightly to the other side of the stone bench, because she made a little person with her fingers as her both her forefinger and middle fingers danced along Lin Xiang’s thighs.


Not caring at all about his intention to keep his distance, she moved over to him, closer. That time, she immediately grabbed his hand and squeezed it.


What’s the matter with this kid? I don’t know her very well, do I?


“Well, what’s the matter?” Lin Xiang pulled his hand back and asked her the purpose of coming again.


She stood up and bent down in front of him. Her dress was similar to a kimono, so one side of the cloth was pulled to the other side to cover the cloth on the other side, and then tied with a string around the waist.


When she bent like that, the collar of her dress was open.  The scene of two snow-white mountains appeared in front of his eyes. When they met before, Lin Xiang knew that her chest was huge, and when she kept that position, I somehow felt like she would fall down there.


“I’m not wearing anything inside. Would you like to try putting your hand in? You can play around with them too.”


“Pfft!” Lin Xiang’s face was hot, and something warm seemed to flow down his nose. He quickly covered it, and the red liquid instantly wet his hands.


He was having a nosebleed? He obviously had seen girls’ chest before, but not like that. However, why did she give such an offer?


Out of the blue, Yalide’s words echoed in his head. Those were the words she used to reprimand Kurugani Naoki at the beach.




“No wonder you’ve always been a low-level pervert, let me tell you. Bare chests are indeed great. However, if they are a little covered up in a way where it’s just right and you can’t see it, but it seems to be visible as well, that will be the most attractive thing women have. Do you know why undergarments exist? This is because they are used to increase a woman’s charm! Due to something being covered, people can freely imagine. Due to having great imaginations, the charm can be greatly increased. If you only like to see women bare, then you can never comprehend them in the right way.”


“Big sister! I’ve been taught! But I still don’t understand it, why don’t you demonstrate it for m… ah!” Kurugani was kicked to the ground.


“I admire you as a person, but I really have no interest in men. I can barely digest a guy like that stinky brat.”


“Don’t sarcastically say that I’m not a man, okay?”




Thinking back to what Yalide said, Lin Xiang thought that it was the same case now. More than half of the snowy peaks were exposed, but the tip was blocked by the collar of the shirt, giving the impression that there was fog near the mountain, which was hazy. It seemed that the mountain could be seen, but it looked invisible as well.


“No need.” He looked away, and his nosebleed was quickly stopped with Freed’s help.


Although Freed did not say anything, Lin Xiang could feel that she was despising him now.


“Oh.” Out of the corner of his eye, Lin Xiang could see Wind Chimes standing up. Then, she seemed to put her hand into the collar. He looked over to find that she took out a notebook and pen from it. Flipping open the book, her pen scribbled as she recorded something in it.


It appeared! Lin Xiang saw her do that last time too. Sure enough, she had a different dimension inside, right?


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