The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 19 : How about using mouth


“Then, what do you think about the bottom of the skirt?” After recording, she raised her head and asked again.


“Skirt?” Lin Xiang’s attention slowly moved down. The kimono-like clothes were not long, and he could see those two smooth thighs.


“What would you do if I sat on top of you right now and put my thighs around your waist?”


“Pfft!” Lin Xiang quickly turned his head away and covered his nose.


Oh no, the nosebleed that I just stopped is about to flow again.


“Mm hmm. Expressing shyness.” Wind Chimes nodded and recorded something in the notebook.


“About that, I’m not feeling well, so I’ll take my leave.” Lin Xiang stood up and wanted to leave.


“Please wait, I still have a few tests that I haven’t done yet. One is to slowly turn my upper body in front of you, taking off my clothes in the meantime, and the other is…” Her voice was a bit like Valarie’s low voice. It reached his ears like a whisper of a devil, full of charm.


“Goodbye!” Lin Xiang picked up the cold sword and hurried into Thunder Castle.


“Sir Lin Xiang, what’s the matter? You seem to be in a panic.” Oyi was holding some clothes, possibly on his way to wash them. When he saw Lin Xiang running in, he could not help but ask.


“No, nothing. I’m just doing sports.”


“I see. Please pay attention to safety. There are many things in the castle. Be careful not to bump into something and get injured.”


“It’s alright, I’ve finished exercising.” Lin Xiang looked back, and found that Wind Chimes did not come after him.


Phew~ He was sweating all over and decided that he had to take a bath.


Lin Xiang took his luggage out of the storage ring and grabbed a few clean clothes.


He knew where to take a bath. On the right side of the first floor of the castle, there was a bathroom. It was very spacious, similar to some large bathhouses in human world.


The servants had their own bathroom on the lower ground floor. In fact, there were not many spirits bathing in Thunder Castle, because most of the spirits did not live there. They had their own homes and they would go home at night and arrive in the morning.


Needless to say, the bathroom was divided into two, male and female. Moreover, the bathrooms were also separated by a certain distance. There were guards standing by the female bathrooms to prevent people from peeping.


When it came to peeping, the servants of the castle would not do it, because the people who bathe there were usually Reidy or the guests who came to Thunder Castle. Humans were incomparable to spirits, because spirits were very loyal and would not do the following things, let alone doing shameful acts to the family of the city lord.


It was hard to tell about the spirits from outside. Some abnormal humanoid spirits, which were those humanoid spirits with animal heads, were more interested in the humanoid spirits’ bodies, so they might not resist the temptation to peep.


“Yo, hello.” Lin Xiang greeted the guard who was watching over.


“Hello, Sir Lin Xiang.” The guard was wearing a helmet. Just looking at the guard, the handsome features stood out. Lin Xiang thought the guard was a man, but he did not expect what he heard to be a female voice.


That’s right. Women’s bathrooms should be guarded by female guards.


“It’s hard work.” Lin Xiang smiled at her and walked to the men’s bathroom, which was some distance away.


The bathroom was divided into two areas, the changing area and the bathing area. There were racks in the changing area for the bather to put their clothes on them. They could put the clean clothes aside, and take off their unclean ones.


Putting away his clothes and holding onto his towel, Lin Xiang entered the bathing area.


In the center, there was a large round pool containing a steaming hot spring. The hot spring was transported in through a stone pipe that penetrated from the outside.


The demon world was rich in resources, such as hot springs, which every spirit could enjoy and were often used as water for bathing. The hot spring water came in from one side and flowed into the ground on the other side. In the underground, there would be a recycling process dedicated to the cleaning of hot spring water by earth spirits.


After soaking in the hot spring, Lin Xiang felt that the fatigue from practicing his sword skills just now disappeared, and the muscles of his whole body were relaxed, which was very enjoyable.


“Hmm…” Out of the blue, a serious question came to mind. There were no shower gel and shampoo at the moment. He brought it with him, but they were in the luggage in the hall…


Risa and the others should have some of them in their luggage too, and it was in his storage ring, but he felt that he could not rummage through girls’ belongings.


Lin Xiang looked around the hot springs to see that it was mostly empty, and it did not look like there was shower gel or something.


“Well, I’ll just wash up for a while and go out to get it, then come back again.”


He murmured, dipping his head into the hot spring, and washing his hair.


When he got up again, he suddenly found two glass jars on the rock behind him with labels written in the spirit language.


Body wash, shampoo.


“I’m lucky.” Although he was a little puzzled why he had not seen it just now, he simply picked up the jar of shampoo, pulled out the rubber stopper, and smelled it.


It was very fragrant, must have been made with a kind of spice. Although he was not familiar with spices, he always felt that he smelled that scent from somewhere before.




He poured the clear shampoo onto on his hands, and started to wash his hair. The shampoo had a lot of bubbles, cool and refreshing, and it felt pretty good. Lin Xiang buried his head in the water to clear the bubbles, then he stood up straight again and wiped off the water around the eyes…


Black clothes, like a kimono, came to sight. A delicate face looked a little hazy amongst the steam, and short purple hair swayed slightly with the pen in one’s hand.


Squatting on the ground with a notepad in hand, Wind Chimes was constantly recording something with a pen as she squatted outside the round pool. She looked at Lin Xiang from a distance of less than one meter away.


Lin Xiang immediately remembered that the smell of the shampoo was from Wind Chimes.


“Ah!” At that time, like a girl who found a voyeur, Lin Xiang yelled out when he was taking a bath, and grabbed the towel to cover his body.


“Yes, a very interesting reaction.” Wind Chimes nodded as she began to write faster.


“Why are you here?!”


“Researching humans.”


“I know I know, but I’m taking a bath!”


“Bathing is also part of the research, to study which part you wash first. By the way, I wash my body first, then my hair, but you wash your hair first.”


“Where’s the point of that?”


“There is a point! There is a reason for the existence of everything. If you study the order of bathing, maybe the relationship between humans and spirits will be saved, and you will become the person who makes the greatest contribution that will last forever.” Her tone had improved, and her words were impassioned, just like it was a real thing.


“The order of bathing is just a personal habit!”


“However, I can’t let go of a single detail. Sometimes, the details will decide everything.” Wind Chimes stared straight at him.


“Wh…what’s wrong…” Her gaze was very subtle, but he knew that she was looking at exactly where he blocked with his towel.


“The water level is a little deep and I can’t see clearly. Could you please come up, take off the towel, and show me?”


“How could that be possible?!” The water level where Lin Xiang stood was at his belly.


“Really. What a pity. Then you can just stand still and let me touch it with my hands.”




“How about changing to using my feet?”


Lin Xiang looked at Wind Chimes snow-white legs as she was standing upright, and quickly shook his head, “No.”


“Buttocks?” Wind Chimes turned around and patted her buttocks, as if he did not know what buttocks were.


“Don’t even think about it.”


“Then…” Wind Chimes looked distressed, and after thinking for a while, slender fingers pressed against her thin cherry lips, “How about using mouth?”



“Please don’t…” Before the guard by the women’s bathhouse could finish speaking, she stopped and looked even surprised.


Yes, Lin Xiang ran with his bare body. He was not completely bare, because he had a towel to cover himself, but it was not far from being naked.


After Wind Chimes said those words, Lin Xiang rolled and crawled out of the bathroom without even wearing clothes.


When a girl said something like that, it had a big impact on him. If it was Yalide, there would be no problem, but the other party was a girl who he did not know very well.


There was an intersection in front of him, and two servants happened to pass by. He hurriedly hid in a nearby room, and when he heard the voices of the servants go away, he was relieved.


However, there came the problem. He abruptly ran out in a hurry and did not have any clothes on. His suitcase was sitting in the hall and he had no clothes to wear now… Should I go back to the bathroom to wear my clothes? But what if Wind Chimes was still there?


“Clank!” Something fell on the ground, attracting his attention, and then Lin Xiang finally paid serious attention to the room.


There were many wooden racks with various fruits on them. Nagisa was looking at him with red face and red ears. What fell to the ground was a plate with a lot of sliced ​​fruits.


Was she making a fruit plate?


No, instead of that, what he needed to care about now was why Nagisa was there, and why he appeared in front of her like that.


“Uh, Nagisa…” He could not help but take a step forward. Fate played him like he was a joke, because the towel was not hold firmly as it fell on his feet with a thud.


Nagisa’s eyes slowly lowered, and then her eyes rolled upwards. There seemed to be white air coming out of her mouth as she collapsed on the ground.


Lin Xiang picked up the towel and hurried forward. Fortunately, Nagisa was fine.


He could not go out like that, so his only choice was to ask Nagisa to bring the suitcase for him.


“Nagisa, Nagisa, wake up.” Lin Xiang lifted her head and shook her gently.


After a while, her eyelashes moved, and her eyes gradually opened, “Lin Xiang…is that you? I had a strange dream just now, dreaming that you…”


Nagisa continued speaking, but stopped. She looked away from his face as her attention swept down, and she fainted again.


And that time, no matter how he shook, Nagisa would not wake up. Her flushed cheeks and hot body would make unrelated people thought that she fainted due to a fever.


That was bad. He carried Nagisa to a chair and put her down carefully. Just when he thought of looking at the door to see if anyone was there, Kaoru’s voice sounded outside the door.


“Nagisa, are you okay?”


His heart was beating violently, and he was even more nervous than being peeped at by Wind Chimes and Nagisa fainting.


As for the reason, it was because he only had a towel now, and Nagisa was unconscious. No matter how anyone looked at it, it would seem like he was a pervert, running out without wearing any clothes to scare her.


Damn it, there’s nowhere around here to hide.


“Nagisa?” Kaoru’s voice almost reached the door.


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