The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 20 : To see something good




Kaoru felt a gust of wind blowing as a flesh-colored shadow flashed before her. Looking to her left and right, there was no such thing in sight. Kaoru tilted her head in confusion, “Was it an illusion?”


Then, she walked into the room.


“Nagisa, what’s happening to you? Wake up.” Soon, Kaoru’s nervous voice sounded in the room.


“Phew~” Lin Xiang, who was hiding at the corner, heaved a sigh of relief. If he was a second late, with Kaoru blocking the door, he would be in trouble.


It was about one o’clock, and it was the servants’ break. Fortunately, there were no servants in the corridor. Otherwise, Lin Xiang would face a more troublesome situation.


Now, his location was farther from the bathroom and nearer to the hall. Since Nagisa and Kaoru were there, Lin Xiang knew that Risa and the others would also return.


The hall’s dangerous, I can’t.


How about the bathroom?


But what would that female guard think of me?


Lin Xiang was lost in thought for a while. After carefully weighing the pros and cons, he decided to go to the bathroom. It should be fine to talk to the female guard later.


“Hey, stinky brat, what is this? A shameful play?” Yalide’s voice suddenly sounded in Lin Xiang’s ear, which startled Lin Xiang, almost crying out in shock.


Yalide looked at Lin Xiang with a popsicle in her mouth. It was impossible to sell popsicles in the demon world. Without further thinking about it, Lin Xiang knew that it was Yalide who bought the popsicles and stored them in her space to deceive the little spirit lolis in the demon world.


Regardless of Yalide’s intentions, Lin Xiang finally found someone who would not be too shy even if he was seen naked. That was probably because she stayed in his body before, so she must have seen everything.


“Listen to me, Yalide, because something happened, my clothes are in the hall. Can you bring my suitcase over here?”


“Huh? That feels so troublesome.”


“Otherwise, can you go to the bathroom to help me get my clothes? There are clean clothes there too.”


“You’re making a fool of yourself. You obviously have clothes, but you run out like this. Are you training your guts?”


“That’s why I said something happened.”


Pulling the popsicle with crystal saliva out of her mouth, Yalide said, “Boy, let’s go to the bathroom together.”


“There is a female guard in front of the women’s bathroom. If you want to pass the men’s bathroom, you must pass the women’s bathroom first.”


“It’s okay, I’ll attract her attention. You can just sneak in and get dressed.”


“What will happen if you bring it for me?” Lin Xiang did not want to make a mess.


“Didn’t I say it before? Do your own business. After you get dressed, I’ll take you to see something good.” Yalide showed a mysterious smile.


Lin Xiang had a bad premonition in his heart. After getting dressed, he would certainly leave. Lin Xiang would not want to look at anything good.


Kaoru passed along the previous pathway just now, so Lin Xiang chose to take a detour. Like a man who was caught cheating, he was only hung a towel, and walked barefoot behind Yalide. Meanwhile, focusing on his ears, he was prepared to hide as soon as there was any trouble.


As he knew before, most of the servants went to rest, and Lin Xiang did not encounter any spirits or people along the way.


When he came to the corner, Lin Xiang headed out to take a look. The female guard held her hand in front of the bathroom door.


Looking at Yalide, Yalide smiled lightly and said, “Let’s see how Lady Yalide handle this,” before walking slowly towards the female guard with a popsicle in hand.


The female guard did not know who Yalide was, but she had heard of foreigners staying in Thunder Castle.


Yalide should be the guest brought by Miss Reidy. The female guard thought so, and her eyes were also attracted by Yalide’s pretty faces that could kill both men and women.


“It’s very hard, right? Standing here.” Yaleide came to the guard.


“It’s not hard. It’s easier compared to my companions standing guard outside.” The female guard replied nervously.


“Oh, what a good kid. Take your helmet off and let me see what you look like.”


“This…” The female guard hesitated for a moment, then took off her helmet. Her long hair fluttered down, and her facial features stood out. Most of the guards were humanoid spirits, so there were lesser abnormal humanoid spirits. Abnormal humanoid spirits’ roles were basically collecting materials in the wild, because they evolved from animal forms, so they retained the characteristics that animals should have, and were more convenient in movement than humanoid spirits in the wild.


The guards of Thunder Castle did not mean that they were all lightning-attributed spirits. The female guard was a poison-attributed spirit.


“Oh~ Such a nice face.” Yalide raised her chin naturally.


“Please… please don’t do this.” The female guard turned her head slightly, and her face began to flush red.


“Are you getting shy? Heh~ Have you ever eaten this?” Yalide pulled out the half-melted popsicle and shook it in front of the female guard, “It’s very delicious.”


“What is this?” The female guard was also a little curious.


“Try it yourself.” Yalide snapped her fingers, and suddenly there was a popsicle with white smoke in her other hand.


“How… how did you do it? Where did you get it?”


“Instead of asking, why don’t you give it a try?” Yalide handed the popsicle to the female guard’s mouth.


The female guard looked at Yalide, opened her mouth slightly, and took a bite, “It’s so cold.”


After chewing a few more times, an incredible expression was shown on the female guard’s face, “Is this ice? But why does ice have such a strange taste?”


“This is the food of the human world, called popsicles. The strange taste you said is yogurt. Also, the correct way to eat it is not to bite, but to put it in your mouth and melt it with the temperature, then lick it with your tongue. Come, try it.” Yalide put the popsicle into the mouth of the female guard, then gently pushed it in and pulled it out again, repeating.


“It… tastes… pretty good…” The female guard’s words were a little vague, and the white liquid from the melted popsicle fell to the ground with a tick.


“Yeah, that’s pretty cool, right? Here, take it.”


The female guard took the popsicle, and just like Yalide did, she gently pushed it in her mouth and pulled it out again, repeating it. “Shiu~Po” The sound of the mouth sliding around the popsicle kept repeating.


“What is your name?”


“Jen…Jensy, Bosen.”


“Miss Jensy, I want to see inside the bathroom, can you take me in?”


“There are……”


“I want you to take me there.” Yalide’s bewitching red eyes stared at the female guard’s eyes.


“I’m very…very honored.” The female guard said, leading Yalide in. Before entering, Yalide made an “OK” gesture to Lin Xiang who was not far away.


Lin Xiang, who was in the corner, was also speechless about what Yalide did.


At that moment, there were footsteps and voices coming to his ears. It seemed that they belonged to Senior Kaoru and Nagisa. Lin Xiang did not think much about it, and quickly rushed into the men’s bathroom.


Fortunately, his clothes were not taken away. He felt that Wind Chimes should have left long ago. After getting dressed, he walked into the bathing area and saw that there was no one there.


In order to avoid being barged in by Wind Chimes to study his private part next time, Lin Xiang decided to take a bath with cleansing crystals in the demon world. When he was packing things in the room and storing the dragon crystal in the ring, Lin Xiang brought it along the way.


The cleansing crystal was a product of the outer world. It was of water attribute and could help the user to cleanse the body. It was a must-have item for travelers who went out on adventures and did tasks, especially women.


A body cleansing crystal could be used about twenty times. It mainly depended on the degree of cleanliness. The crystal was slightly transparent and bluish. Every time it was cleaned, the inside would become a little darker. When it was completely black, it could not be used.


Lin Xiang’s was only half black, so it could still be used for a while.


Putting the dirty clothes into the storage ring, Lin Xiang walked out of the men’s bathroom. Yalide stood at the door, obviously waiting for him.


Looking at the women’s bathroom, he found that the guard was gone.


“Hey, what did you do to her?”


“Don’t worry, I just let her take a rest. Let’s not talk about this, brat, I’ll show you something good.”


“No, I want to rest.”


“What are you being polite for? It’s time for you to increase your resistance in some areas.” Yalide grabbed Lin Xiang’s head and dragged him to the women’s bathroom involuntarily.


“You…what are you doing? Where are you taking me?” Lin Xiang secretly screamed. Yalide must be trying to do something bad.


“It’s a good thing. Remember to thank me after seeing it.” As he spoke, Yalide had dragged Lin Xiang into the women’s bathroom.


“Remember, don’t make a sound, if you make a sound… hoho~ I don’t know what could happen.” Yalide said maliciously.


Lin Xiang, whose head was buckled tight, found at that moment that there were two sets of clothes that had been taken off at will on the floor, which looked very familiar.


That… Were those from Dusty and Fire Dance?


Looking at the shelf, Silent Water and Risa’s clothes were all there, as well as the armor of the female guard. The folded clothes were covered with underwear of various colors.


Could it be that?!


Lin Xiang had already thought of what Yalide said.


“Wait, hey, I don’t want to. Yalide, how can you be so wretched?” Lin Xiang tried his best to keep his voice down.


“Tsk. Brat, think about it, I’m a woman. If you want to see it, it’s fine to go in and join everyone. I’m doing this for you. You’re too resistant to women’s bodies. What happens if female assassins come and use beauty tricks on you to kill you?”


“This is ridiculous, how can there be female assassins?”


“There was one time when I was at the beach. Although her mission was to capture you, I sensed murderous aura from her. She definitely killed a lot of people.”


“But… this has nothing to do with peeking at girls taking a bath, right?”


“Of course, the more contact you have, the more resistance you will have, so that you can avoid being attacked when you are shy. At first, you were not used to girls holding your hand, weren’t you? Now you are basically already getting used to it.”


“No, Yalide, if I’m found out, I’ll be dead meat.”


“If you don’t speak up, you won’t be discovered.”


As he got closer to the bathing area, Lin Xiang also heard the conversations of the girls inside.


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