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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 21 : Mysterious Wind


In the spacious women’s bathroom, the steam filled the air, like a fairyland, ethereal and virtual. Several naked bodies surrounded by bath towels were looming in the steam.


“What’s wrong, Nagisa? Your face is so red. You’ve been like this even before we soaked, right?” After Nagisa sat down in the round pool, Risa could not help asking, “Are you sick?”


“I…I…I’m fine. Don’t worry!” Saying that, Nagisa’s face turned even redder, and her pupils were shaking. The images she saw before were always replayed in her mind.


“It’s maybe because everyone is not used to being together.” Kaoru adjusted the towel on her body, “The lowly I am not used to it. Everyone’s body and skin are better than mine too.”


In comparison, Kaoru’s skin was a little more light brown than other girls’.


Kaoru did not practice swordsmanship in the sun, but in her own dojo. Sometimes, she practiced too seriously, and the sun would come in through the window and basked on her without knowledge.


“What are you talking about? Senior Kaoru has a great figure.”


As a result of long-term exercise, Kaoru’s curves were better than those of other girls. She looked very thin, but she was not without chubbiness.


“Hmm…” Speaking of body figures, Reidy sat alone will putting her arms around her knees, gurgling water.


From time to time, her attention stayed in front of Silent Water’s chest, and then she shifted her gaze to Risa. She looked at everyone, and finally found confidence under Dusty’s flat towel.


Dusty was so strong, so how could a lady like me be discouraged?


“Speaking of which, Kuji’s chest is quite big. It might be a little smaller than Nagisa’s.” Risa stared at the round and curved objects wrapped under Kamiki and Nagisa’s bath towels, and expressed her thoughts.


“Oh, I’m really happy when you say that. It’s only a little smaller than Nagisa’s, so mine is considered gigantic too.”


“Student Kuji, please don’t say that.” Nagisa went sorrow as she spoke, “I don’t want it either.”


“Tsk.” Reidy gritted her teeth. Why do some people want it but can’t get it?


“Oh yeah, here comes the water impact.” Dusty held up a hand of hot spring water and poured it on Fire Dance.


Fire Dance wiped the water on her face, and chuckled with a smile, “Such a daring move, Dark Master Dusty. Are you ready to be attacked by the Messenger of Hell, Master Dusty?”


The two played happily, imitating a recent TV show, The Legend of the Hell Messenger.


The female guard who came in sat in the corner, afraid to move. She was forcefully pushed in by Yalide, so she had to sit in the corner, and soak herself in hot spring water while watching Dusty and the others have fun.


“Want… want some?” Nagisa handed over the fruit plate, and the female guard looked at it, “Thank you, but I’m not a fruit-eating spirit.”


“Is that so…” Nagisa took the plate back with a frown. She wondered how the spirits grew up without eating those.


Looking at the colorful fruits on the plate, the female guard spoke again, “Actually, I also want to taste what kind of thing fruits are, if you don’t mind.”


After experiencing the taste bud stimulation brought by popsicles, the female guard wanted to try what humans eat.


“Sure. Please.”


The female guard took a piece of fruit similar to an apple and put it in her mouth, “This taste is indescribable. How is it this delicious?”


“There’s more here, eat some more if you like.”


“Thank you very much, a servant like me was originally not allowed to be with you…”


“There is no distinction between nobility and inferiority. It’s the same for spirits. Everyone is equal.”


“This is really a philosophical sentence. Humans are indeed intelligent creatures.” The female guard said while putting the fruit into her mouth.




“Damn it, I didn’t expect that the steam would be so much, and they could not take off their bath towels due to their shyness.” A hole was opened in the stone wall between the changing area and the bathing area by Yalide. That hole was black. They could see the opposite side through it, but the opposite side could not see their side, which was a magical skill, a skill where Yalide named it ‘Peeping’.


Phew~ Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. He looked at Silent Water who was sitting on the edge of the round pond and eating fruit. He felt that it was great that Silent Water was covered with a bath towel. He really did not want to desecrate Silent Water and others.


“There’s nothing good to see anyway. Let’s go, Yalide.”


“No, no, how can you just give up? Maybe they are just not used to bathing with so many people. They will take it off after a while.”


“Hey, do you do this kind of thing a lot?”


“Are you bluffing?! Lady Yalide can just walk in if I want to see it. Why should I do this kind of thing often? Do you think I feel that doing this will be more exciting? Seriously.”


“The last sentence is from your heart, right? You’ve spilled it all out.”


“Stop nagging and talking nonsense. Let’s just wait a little longer. If you can’t wait, I’ll go in in a moment to liven up the atmosphere and let everyone take it off.”


“No, I… I don’t want to wait either. I don’t want to see it.” Lin Xiang looked at the round object that bulged out of the tight T-shirt Yalide was wearing. The sight of the indescribably round object and the slim trousers made him gulped.


“It’s impossible for a man not to want to look at a woman’s body, unless he’s gay. Are you gay? Be honest with yourself.” Like a well-qualified instructor, Yalide stared steadily at the ‘battlefield’ while grabbing Lin Xiang’s neck, not letting him turn his head.


Well, to be honest. How could Lin Xiang not be interested in girls’ bodies? Looking at Risa and the others like that, Lin Xiang’s nose felt itchy, and it was about to bleed at any moment.


“Where do you think Big Sis Yalide went? I saw her just now.” Risa asked.


“Maybe she went to find Young Master. Everyone’s clothes are in Young Master’s storage ring.”


“Who cares where she goes.” Reidy knew Yalide’s identity and virtue, “Didn’t you just buy some local clothes? Just wear those.”


“Well, indeed. The clothes made by spirits are so soft and the fabrics are super comfortable, which is impossible to get in the human world.” Risa nodded.


“It’s just that the style is relatively old-fashioned.” Kamiki stood up and picked up the shower gel from the side.


“Fuu~” A cool breeze blew from somewhere unknown, blowing the towel around Kamiki to the ground.


Kamiki looked around. That bathroom was a secret chamber, and the exhaust port was also in the corner, so the wind was…


She looked down at the towel. Forget it, she was too lazy to pick it up. Kamiki directly applied some shower gel on her body.


“Pfft.” Lin Xiang covered his nose, and his brain, which was originally hot, became even hotter now. Fortunately, the steam blocked his view, so he could not see much.


Noticing that Kamiki was so open, Risa also took off the bath towel and used the shower gel on the side.


There were several areas where water would fall in the women’s bathroom, which was similar to a shower. However, spirits who designed the bathroom did not know about something like shower heads, so a few water jets fell straight down to wash the body. Its effect was no different.


“Kuji, can you help me wipe my back?” Risa stroked her hair to the front, revealing her smooth back.


“Okay.” Kamiki poured some shower gel on her hand and started to slide her hand on Risa’s back.


“Hey, how can I make my breasts bigger? I want mine to be bigger.” Risa asked.


“One reason is genetics, and the other is…”


“Yeah! You… what are you doing?” Risa called out when her chest was suddenly caught.


“The second is by massaging.” After speaking, Kamiki began to rub.


Risa was facing Lin Xiang’s side. Under the obscurity of the steam and the rich bubbles, it seemed a little subtle, like it was visible, yet invisible.


Tip tap. A drop of red liquid seeped out from the gap between Lin Xiang’s fingers and fell to the ground.


“Oh! Sister Risa and the others seem to be doing very interesting things.” Dusty noticed the situation there.


“It seems that it can make the chest bigger, Little Dusty, why don’t I help you?”




Dusty and Fire Dance walked out of the round pond and began to imitate them.


“It’s fine, Kuji, stop this quickly. You’ve misguided Dusty and Fire Dance, ahh hng~”


“It doesn’t matter, everyone is a woman. And didn’t you say you want your breasts to get bigger? I’m helping you.” Kamiki’s skillful technique made Risa scream.


“Little Dusty, I don’t have to do mine. I’ll help you instead.”


“I also want Sister Fire Dance’s to be bigger. Wow, it’s so soft, Sister Fire Dance.”


“It feels… It feels weird though…”


“Tee hee, yes, feels itchy.”


“Hmm… It can make chests bigger…” Reidy was very moved, but she could not lose her face either. Besides, who should she seek to help her?


Reidy looked around. Silent Water was washing her body with the falling water outside the round pool.


“Yes, that’s it.” Reidy walked towards Silent Water secretly.


Silent Water had just wet her hair when suddenly two hands stretched out from her armpits and grabbed her…


“Ah! Reidy, what are you doing?”


“Didn’t you see that Satsuki Risa and the others are playing like that? It seems that it can make chests bigger.”


After Silent Water listened, she immediately understood.


“Is that so, do you want me to help you?”


“Ah~ Wait.”


There was an exciting battle in the bathroom.


“That… Senior Kaoru, let’s go to that area to take a bath…” Nagisa smiled awkwardly. She did not want to be a part it.


“Yes…” Kaoru nodded. She could not open up like the other girls, so she planned to take a serious bath in the corner with Nagisa.


“I… I’ll leave first.” The female guard who finished eating the bowl of fruit also walked out of the round pool, “The human world is too complicated.”


At that moment, all the members left the round pool of hot spring.


Another gust of wind was blowing from an unknown direction. That time, the wind was so strong that it blew away the steam, and the field of vision became clear.


Nagisa and Kaoru, as well as the bath towel on the female guard, were blown down by that strange gust of wind.


While feeling strange, everyone said in unison, “It’s so cold.”


“This is it, this is it! Brat, do you see it? That mysterious wind is really helpful. Nagisa’s is really big, and if she continues to grow in the future, she will have no problem catching up with me. Dusty’s is still so sad. Hey, hey…” Seeing that Lin Xiang did not respond, Yalide turned his head to look, only to find that he had fainted in a pool of blood. The nosebleed kept flowing like two small streams.


“Seriously! You suck!”


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