The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 22 : Missing Cases


After “exercising”, they took a shower. Silent Water and others all had charming flushes of red on their faces, and they felt that they were much less tired from shopping today. Due to their honesty with each other, the relationship between everyone had slightly improved. Even the female guard became acquainted with them.


Wrapping a bath towel and going out to get dressed, Nagisa, who was the first to go out, was startled by the blood on the ground. It was due to the fact that the blood stain was not there before she came in.


“Well… If you look carefully, the blood volume is not much, so it would not cause someone’s death. Since there are traces of dragging, maybe someone was peeping here just now, and then that someone was beat up, injured and taken away.” Kamiki analyzed.


“Peeping? That can’t be, right?” Aside from Dusty and Fire Dance, who did not quite understand the meaning behind the word, everyone else covered their bodies at once upon hearing it, even though they were all wearing bath towels.


No matter whether a girl was wearing clothes or not, hearing the word “peeping”, would make girls cover their vital parts instantly, which was also a kind of conditioned reflex.


“Of course, it’s just my guess. Who knows what the real situation is.” Kamiki said immediately.


“Well, that’s right. The people of Thunder Castle would not do such a thing.” Reidy did not think the servants in the family would do that.


“It’s all my fault, Miss Reidy. If I’m on guard outside…”


“It’s alright, Jensy. We got along really well and happy, as long as we find out whom had been here, it’ll be fine.” Risa rubbed Jensy’s shoulder with her hand comfortingly.


Just then, Yalide walked into the changing area.


“Eh, you girls have already finished bathing?” Yalide secretly cried out in pity. After Lin Xiang was settled down, she wanted to come and cleanse the blood, then go in and enjoy the beautiful scenery. However, she was regretful that she arrived late.


“Does Big Sis Yalide know what’s wrong with the blood on the ground?”


“Oh, this? Hmm, I don’t know.”


“Uh… Alright… Then, does Big Sis Yalide know where Xiang is? Our luggage is in his ring. We have clothes now, but as for underwear…”


“That guy is not feeling well. He asked me to bring the ring, so aren’t I bringing it to you all?” Yalide raised the ring in her hand, and then put out their luggage.


“Hurry up and put them on.” Yalide stood there, as if she was hinting them to not be bothered by her presence.


“…” Everyone looked at each other with some helplessness on their faces. Risa smiled and said, “Big Sis Yalide, can you go out please?”


“Why? Everyone here is a woman.”


“I always feel a little embarrassed to be stared at.”


“Is that so? Then, can I turn around?”


“It’s better to go out instead of this.” Reidy pushed Yalide out and closed the door.


“Dear Reidy, don’t do this. Open the door and let me see how your bodies are growing.” Yalide knocked on the door.


Taking advantage of that opportunity, everyone tacitly took out their underwear and put them on skillfully.


How skillful they were? They first wrapped themselves with a bath towel, and then put on their panties. After that, they draped the bath towel over their shoulders, and wear their bra. The process could be described as swift and secretive.


In fact, they were not guarding against Yalide. It was due to Yalide’s words that made everyone a little embarrassed to look at each other while changing their clothes, except Dusty and Fire Dance.




Lin Xiang lay on the bench in the hall. He covered his forehead with the back of his hand, while his eyes wandered around a little. Just a moment ago, when the wind blew the steam away, he saw everyone’s…


No, can’t think about it.


Even catching a glimpse of his thought would make Lin Xiang feel that the nosebleed was about to come out again.


You really are disappointing.’ Freed sighed.


‘This is impossible to bear, isn’t it? It happened all of a sudden… who in the world can endure it.’


Well… should I describe you as innocent or what? It is necessary to be able to resist a woman’s body, Yalide was right.


‘Freed thinks so too?’


Of course, but I still think it’s better to just go with the flow and not pursue speed. In fact, I have a method that can make you completely immune to women.


‘Oh? What is it?’ Lin Xiang felt that it seemed like a very powerful method.


That is to dislike women.


‘Are you trying to persuade me to be gay!?’


I’m not interested in that, as long as you like spirits, won’t it be fine?


‘Like you?’


That’s right! You see, spirits are definitely better than…


Freed began to explain the benefits of the spirit-loving way.


‘I’m a normal boy, so I’m fine with a normal sexual orientation…’ Although Lin Xiang felt that Freed was right, there was no way he could fall in love with animal-type spirits.


I thought you would be different, but I didn’t expect this…’ Freed made a regretful tone, ‘Well, just be yourself. There’s no need for you to change yourself deliberately.’




“Young Master? I heard that you are not feeling well. Are you feeling better?” Kaoru’s voice suddenly brought Lin Xiang, who was talking to Freed, back to reality.


Looking at Kaoru, her hair was down and it was a little wet. Her face was a unique pink that would appear after a bath. His gaze looked down a little bit, to see a bulging…


Lin Xiang bounced off the bench and bowed to Kaoru, “I’m really sorry!”


He ran away quickly, leaving behind a baffling Kaoru, “What’s the matter with… Young Master?”


After that, Lin Xiang also bumped into Silent Water and the others. Similarly, Lin Xiang bowed and apologized to them, and finally ran out of the castle.


“Phew~” After running out of the castle, Lin Xiang took a deep breath. His feverish head finally cooled down. Now that he met Silent Water and others, he naturally thought of what he saw in the bathroom.


If Lin Xiang accidentally saw it, he might be fine. However, he was initially taken by Yalide to witness it. Using the term “witness” was somewhat appropriate, but the term “peep” was more accurate. That made Lin Xiang felt really guilty.


The streets in the afternoon were a bit deserted. In most cases, spirits would head out to collect resources at that time.


Near evening, or early morning, was the time when the streets were lively.


Delza was a big city, and had many streets. The streets had different names. As for the names, Lin Xiang was clearly clueless about them.


He walked around to see that there were quite a few spirits at the stalls, but they were all selling things he did not know of, like the devil-free tree bark, or the black reef fertile soil.


Feeling a little thirsty, Lin Xiang stopped at a place selling spring water. It was a simple stall made of wooden stands, with some water in bottles on it. There were a few words next to it, which read [Demon Spirit Spring Water]


The stall owner was an old tiger woman. Her clothes were patched, which was common clothing in that area. With a height of 1.7 meters tall, she had a little hunched back, with a dry face that had fur and wrinkles crowded in a pile. She stared blankly at the bottle in a daze.


“That… Granny, can you give me some water to drink? I don’t have any money right now, but I’ll come back and hand the money to you later.” Lin Xiang tapped on the table lightly.


“Ah…” The old tiger woman regained her senses and looked at Lin Xiang, “It’s Sir Lin Xiang. May I ask what do you need?”


It was no exaggeration to say that no matter where Lin Xiang appeared in the Spirit Country, the spirits would recognize him. It was due to him being the first ever human to be recognized by the Spirit Country and welcomed by the Spirit Country with open arms.


“I’m a little thirsty and I would want to drink some water. I’ll come back later to give you the money.”


“It’s fine. This is free.” The old tiger woman handed Lin Xiang a medium bottle, which was about five hundred milliliters.


“The money is still needed to be given.” Lin Xiang took the spring water and took a sip.


The sweet, cold spring water slid into his throat, making Lin Xiang shake mentally. The chilly feeling spread to his stomach again, making his whole body feel relaxed. With just one sip, his thirst was quenched. However, that did not prevent Lin Xiang from continue drinking as he kept on chugging it like a sweet drink.


“Glug glug.” Lin Xiang quickly finished his drink and put the bottle back on the table. Lin Xiang found that the old tiger woman was still in a daze, as if she had something on her mind.


“What’s wrong? Granny?”


“Huh? Well, it’s nothing. I just feel that I’m getting old…” The old tiger woman said as tears streamed down from her amber pupils.


“What’s the matter?”


“Ah.” The old tiger woman sighed, as if she went to being ten years older in an instant, “Sir Lin Xiang, do you know what happened to Delza recently?”


Lin Xiang thought for a while, “Missing cases?”


“That’s right… My son… went out with a friend to fetch spring water the other day… and went missing.”


The old woman was a half-tiger, and her son was also a half-tiger. Lin Xiang heard Remi and Tuberson discussed about it in the morning that a few tigermen had disappeared the other day.


Sure enough, it must have been something done by the demon apostles, right?


“Don’t worry, Granny, he will come back.” Lin Xiang could only say that, but felt helpless. The demon world was gigantic, how could he know where the demon apostles were, and where the old tiger woman’s son was?


“Yes, I kept on believing this. That kid wasn’t very powerful before, but after returning with an injury, he started practicing hard. Although he was not strong, I believe he can escape any dangers.”


“Ah, certainly. What’s your son’s name?”




“Huh?” Lin Xiang’s mind flashed a simple and honest smile of a tigerman.


“Speaking of which, he seems to have mentioned that he fought together with Sir Lin Xiang and Miss Reidy, but I didn’t take it seriously at the time. How could existences like you interact with someone like him? But he started practicing seriously that day, which really made me very happy.” From the teary eyes of the old tiger woman, Lin Xiang could feel her deep longing for her son.


“Granny, I know Toby and have actually fought together with him. He’s a nice pers… spirit. He’ll be fine.”


“Thank you.” The old tiger woman felt that Lin Xiang was comforting her, but she still did not think that her son ever had a moment with Lin Xiang and the others, “I’m disturbing Sir’s time. Sir Lin Xiang can go back to being busy. You really don’t need to give me money, you don’t have to.”


Lin Xiang, who had left the spring water stall, did not notice that there were several pairs of malicious eyes staring at him in the corner.


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