The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 23 : Replenishing Blood


When Lin Xiang returned to Thunder Castle, it was a few minutes past three o’clock in the afternoon.


When they arrived there, it was four o’clock in the afternoon in the human world, but eight o’clock in the morning when they came to the demon realm. It had been eight hours since 8:00 am in the demon realm. If Risa and the others had not come to the human world, in another eight hours, it would be twelve midnight in the human world.


They were sleepy, and under Reidy’s arrangement, they stayed in the upper floors of Thunder Castle, where there were more vacant rooms.


Lin Xiang took a nap, but he did not feel sleepy yet.


He walked into Thunder Castle and found that Kaoru was dozing off by the wall.


Kaoru did not wear the spirits’ usual attire, but a tight pink T-shirt. Her bulging chest propped up the clothes, and her slender legs were outlined by denim trousers.


Seeing that, Lin Xiang slightly blushed. Taking a few deep breaths, he walked over to lightly bump Kaoru, “Senior Kaoru? Why don’t you go to sleep when you’re tired?”


“Ah…Young Master…” Kaoru opened her eyes and stood up straight after seeing Lin Xiang, “I am waiting for Young Master. Isn’t Young Master not feeling so well? I want to see if there is anything I can do to help.”


“I’m fine. If Senior Kaoru is tired, you can go sleep.”


“Yes, then good night, Young Master.” After Kaoru finished speaking, she closed her eyes and fell to Lin Xiang’s side.


“Hey… Senior Kaoru.” Lin Xiang hurriedly supported Kaoru. Her face was pressed against Lin Xiang’s chest, and she spoke in a daze, “Sorry… Young Master, I…can’t bear it…”


Lin Xiang also realized that Kaoru did not sleep well the past night. Not to mention that she was practising swordsmanship and went shopping as well, so she must have been exhausted.


However, what should he do now?


I’ll take Senior Kaoru back to her room then.


Lin Xiang carried Kaoru on his back. Unexpectedly, Kaoru’s extremely elastic chest was pressed against his back, like a spring, trying to bounce Lin Xiang away.


“Hmm… What was pi again? 3.1415926…” Lin Xiang dictated on the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter as he walked towards several servants who were cleaning the glass containers.


“Excuse me. Do you know where her room is?”


“I’m sorry, I’m not sure. Can you wait here for a while? I’ll ask someone else.” A servant ran into a room, which Lin Xiang remembered, was the room where the servants rested. After a while, she and Oyi came out together.


“Miss and her friend’s room are at the top. I’ll escort Master Lin Xiang there.” Oyi said as he led Lin Xiang the way.


“Thank you.” Lin Xiang nodded to the servants, followed Oyi with Kaoru behind his back.


“Wow, Sir Lin Xiang is so polite.”


“Yes, and he is so gentle. His voice is very low too, as if he is afraid of waking up the woman behind him.”


“No wonder Miss Reidy has taken a fancy to him. He is probably the friendliest type of human beings. Most human beings are still hateful creatures.”


“Miss Reidy is so lucky. She has a noble status as well as having the ability to meet a master like him. I also want to make a contract with humans.”


“I’m afraid that evil humans will sell you off instead.”


“That’s right.”




“It’s here. They stay in these rooms. This girl’s room is that one. Sir Lin Xiang’s room is on the lower floor, which is the one on the far right under Miss Reidy’s room. If there is nothing else, I will take my leave first.”


“Yes. Sorry for the inconvenience.”


After Oyi left, Lin Xiang carried Kaoru to the room Oyi said.


Thunder Castle had quite a history, but the walls were well-conserved as there were no traces of dust and cobwebs. Lin Xiang pushed the door and head in, to find that the room was spacious. No, he felt that it was rather empty.


A big bed, a long wooden table and a few chairs, a cupboard for clothes, and a few potted flowers by the curtains, there are no other items.


After all, that was the demon realm. They did not have home decoration like humans.


On the big bed, there was a black-haired woman sleeping on it. She had a naturally arrogant temperament that made people dare not approach her so easily.


Kamiki Kuji, Lin Xiang’s inexplicable fiancée.


She was in a black nightdress with her bright porcelain skin. She was leaning sideways, her pair of snowy thighs overlapped, and a corner of her panties could be seen from the end of the skirt.


Due to her sleeping sideways, the two cotton ball-like objects were even more tightly stuck together, forming an eye-catching cleavage. With regular ups and downs, one could know that she was in her dreams.


Kamiki was usually in the same room as Kaoru.


Lin Xiang discovered that there was a pattern in the rooms the girls match.


Silent Water and Reidy, Nagisa and Risa, Dusty and Fire Dance, Kamiki and Kaoru.


These matches were quite suitable.


Lin Xiang tiptoed to the bed, and gently put Kaoru on the bed from his back, very carefully and softly. However, Kamiki still felt their presence.


She opened her sharp eyes and looked at Lin Xiang who was smiling awkwardly, “I’m sorry, Kuji, for waking you up.”


“It’s fine.” Kamiki propped her head up with her hands, and looked at Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang felt a little uncomfortable being stared at, and said, “I’ll go first,” before turning around and leaving.


“Is it pleasing to the eye?” Kamiki asked suddenly.


“What are you referring to?” Lin Xiang almost lost his balance and fell to the ground.


“You should know what I mean.”


Could it be that Kamiki knew about him peeking at them in the bathroom? Lin Xiang thought it was possible because Kamiki was intelligent after all.


Thinking of that, Lin Xiang did not dare to look at Kamiki. Her gaze was so piercing, staring at her eyes made he feel like she would know all his secrets.


“I… I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s that fellow, Yali!”


“Oh? And how is Yali related with this?”


“She… took me there.”


“Where did she take you to?”


“Huh?” Lin Xiang felt that something was wrong. He looked at Kamiki, and saw that Kamiki was playing with her hair and staring at him.


Was she trying to glean information from him?


“She… took me out just now…”


“Then, I asked you if it’s pleasing to the eye, why did you mention her?”


“Uh, I’m not feeling well… My mind is a little confused. Well, yes. Excuse me, what do you mean is pleasing to the eye?”


Kamiki’s hand swept down from her head, “My looks.”


So close! Lin Xiang’s heart was pounding, because he was almost exposed.


“Yes, it’s good… good-looking.” Lin Xiang nodded. He praised her with a few words, and walked out of the room as if he was fleeing.


Seeing Lin Xiang like that, the corners of Kamiki’s mouth rose slightly, “How can you be this cute, Darling. Looks like you need to replenish your blood as well.”




Lin Xiang, who left the room, was still in a state of anxiety. He understood a lesson. If he was in face of an incomprehensible question, he had to clarify it before answering.


“Oh, brat, you’re back. Where have been for fun?” Yalide appeared at the stairway mysteriously.


“And you, where did you run off to?”


“There are some things that I really need to care about.”


“You must be caring about someone else’s beautiful spirit.”


“Yes, yes.” Yalide threw the storage ring over.


Lin Xiang caught it and put it back on his finger, “By the way, where is your room?”


“I stay in the same room as you.”




“Hey, what’s with that expression? Do you think I’m willing to? Lady Yalide really wants to share Jensy’s room and stay with the female guards, you know? It’s all Reidy’s arrangement.”


Huh? Lin Xiang remembered that Reidy would not allow girls to sleep in the same room with Lin Xiang. After Dusty and Fire Dance sneaked into his room at night, it was inevitable to face Reidy’s lecture the next day. Although neither of them had any intention of repenting, they would always find ways to get in.


Reidy now arranged him to share a room with Yalide…


So, that’s how it is! She wants me to keep an eye on Yalide, so she won’t harass the spirits living in Thunder Castle.


Lin Xiang suddenly became enlightened, and he did not object any more. Anyway, he did not have any thoughts about Yalide. Of course, the premise was that Yalide would not do anything to feel ecstasy.




At night, the magic light crystals used to illuminate every house in Delza dimmed.


Occasionally there were guards patrolling with torches. They were all wearing armor, but they walked without making a sound. They also did not talk, which would not distract the attention of the spirits from their usual lifestyle.


On the uppermost floor of Wind Castle, which had the same structure as Thunder Castle, light was coming from the windows.


A magic light crystal hung from the top beam, and a girl with short purple hair was writing hard at the desk.


——Likes shopping.


——Longing for beautiful things.


——Can talk about a lot of irrelevant subjects.


“Female human… doesn’t seem to be interesting… As for male…”


——Good physical strength, not much different from ordinary male noble spirits


——Obvious reactions to female vital parts, has nosebleeds, and fainting in severe cases


——Polite, makes others feel friendliness


Looking at the densely packed words in the notebook, Wind Chimes shook her head, “With only these materials, it’s still not enough…”


Putting down the pen, Wind Chimes stood up, went to the window sill and jumped out of the window, “I’ll go and study how it looks like while sleeping.”


Ignoring the height of the castle, she jumped down and flew lightly towards a building not far away.




When Wind Chimes flew over a certain alleyway, she noticed that several spirits were gathered together.


There was no moon in the sky that night, so Wind Chimes could not usually see those spirits by flying over them like that. However, it was found that a spirit lit a torch, which made her notice. The torch illuminated the surroundings at that moment, but it was quickly extinguished.


It was unknown in other cities, but the spirits in Delza would not go outdoors for activities at night. Even if they had, they would never be so mysterious.


However, Wind Chimes was not interested in spirits, so she ignored them and continued to fly towards Thunder Castle.


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