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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 24 : You Wet Me


The beds in the demon realm were generally three meters wide, and there was usually one bed in each bedroom. In the room where Lin Xiang stayed, there was only one bed at first, but another bed was brought in later, and it was prepared for Yalide.


Yalide, who was leaning on the bed, looked at Lin Xiang who was sleeping unconscious next door, and shook her head, “You brat, it’s hard to wake you up after you fell asleep, yet you said you want to supervise me. Ridiculous.”


Looking out of the window, it was pitch black, there was no moon, and the sky was filled with dark clouds. Yalide snapped her fingers, and a book fell into her hand out of nowhere, “Fortunately, Lady Yalide has foreseen this situation and brought a book to read.”


It was a book with a colorful cover. It showed a beautiful woman wearing animal ears and posing in a provocative pose. The book was called “My Shameful Life with My Master”, which was an uplifting book for those who read.


As she flipped through the pages, Yalide’s eyes lit up. From time to time, she commented, “Oh, yes, this here can have some sort of sound.”


“Huh?” Yalide turned her eyes to the outside of the window. She closed the book, put it back in her space, and quickly lay down.


The breeze blew into the house, carrying bursts of fragrance, and a girl with short purple hair jumped into the window.


The girl was wearing a yellow nightgown and pajamas. When she saw the two beds in front of her, she tilted her head in doubt.


There was no sound while she walked. Wind Chimes first looked at the nearest bed, it was Yalide.


Yalide had left Wind Chimes a great impression.


When she received the news that humans were coming to Delza, Wind Chimes rushed to Thunder Castle. She hid in the dark, and first observed Risa and her group of female humans, then found Lin Xiang. It was the moment when Lin Xiang saw that Silent Water’s collar was showing more of her bare skin, which made him in a daze.


Later, Silent Water went to prepare the ingredients. Since Wind Chimes was a little curious about what human beings eat, she followed her to take a good look. After writing down the names of those plants, she returned to continue observing Lin Xiang, but found Yalide, who appeared out of nowhere.


She heard the servants say that five humans came, which were Lin Xiang and four girls, who were walking around the castle. It was exactly five. Yalide was clearly not a spirit, yet she did not give off any obvious human aura, which made her a little concerned.


Bending down and observing Yalide carefully, Wind Chimes could not discover anything. There was no difference between Yalide and human beings.


The origin of that woman was unknown. Wind Chimes felt that it was better to research about Lin Xiang first.


Turning around, she looked at Lin Xiang who was sleeping soundly. Wind Chimes put her fingers on her lips, as if she was thinking about what to do.


After about a few seconds, she reached out her hand and gently squeezed Lin Xiang’s face, waiting for his reaction.




For a long time, there was only the sound of Lin Xiang’s breathing.


She poked Lin Xiang’s face with her finger again, but Lin Xiang still gave no response.


“Alright, after falling asleep, the reaction to the outside world becomes slow, and the sense of crisis becomes poor.” Wind Chimes took out a notepad and recorded it, but she did not notice a pair of red eyes staring at her from behind.


“I’ll take this opportunity to check his body.” Wind Chimes closed the notebook. Just as she was about to take action, two hands suddenly stretched out from behind her, and grabbed her chest.


Thud. Clack. The sudden attack caused notebook and pen to fall to the ground.


Wind Chimes turned her head to find that it was that mysterious woman.


“Little girl, it’s wrong to break into other people’s rooms in the middle of the night.” Yalide started to move her hands.


“Hmm!” Wind Chimes felt a strange current spreading from his chest. What a bizarre feeling!


“Why aren’t you talking? Do you want something more exciting?” Yalide sped up.


Wind Chimes opened her eyes wide.


No, I cannot be wavered like this.


Turning around abruptly, she got rid of Yalide’s grasp. Wind Chimes’s hands shot back quickly as she grabbed Yalide’s chest in return.


I can’t cover the whole thing with my hands. The opponent is so fierce!


But it did not matter to her, so Wind Chimes also started to massage.


Yalide stood still, looking at Wind Chimes with a smile in her eyes, “You have a strong desire to explore, but you lack experience, so I don’t feel it.”


“Really?” Wind Chimes withdrew her hand, “What’s your name?”


“Yali. You can call me Sister Yali. You are Wind Chimes, right?”


“Yes.” Wind Chimes nodded.


“So, Lil’ Chimes, what are you doing here so late? I thought you were an enemy.”


“I’ve come to research.”


“Researching the brat?”


“Yes, it’s about male humans.”


“What do you usually do?”


“Record their basic necessities of life, as well as body structure.”


“Oh! The one at the back is amazing! Do you need to research me?” Yalide pulled the hem of her clothes, revealing a snowy ditch.


“You are very strange, neither a spirit, nor a human, but I think your body should be the same as a female human, so I’ll pass.”


“That’s so saddening, how about letting me research you?”


“It’s not necessary, we’re all the same.”


“No, no, we’re different.” As Yalide said, she made a book appear in sight, which was the book, “My Shameful Life with My Master”, from just now.


“This is… a book?” Wind Chimes was very interested in that ‘book’ with a very special cover.


“That’s right. This is a very good book. It can let you understand that women’s bodies are different.”


———After half an hour of in-depth research


“It turns out that although they all have breast, their size and shape make them look different.”


“That’s right, girls are all treasures created by God. Although they are the same in essence, they are different.”


“I understand now.” Wind Chimes nodded as the pen in her hand never stopped recording.


“So, how about we study each other’s body?” Yalide showed her trademark smirk, and finally revealed her purpose.


Wind Chimes wrote the last paragraph before closing the notebook and looking at Yalide, “No.”


“Your refusal is so straightforward! You heard all I said just now, right?”


“It has indeed greatly changed my view of the females, but what I want to research is male human, so I am not all that interested in the females.”


“Tsk, it’s a pity that I can’t become a man.” When Yalide sighed, Wind Chimes had already walked to Lin Xiang’s bed, climbed up, and touched his face, followed by neck and chest…




Lin Xiang, who was dreaming of sitting in the park with Silent Water, watched the setting sun dye the clouds in the sky. He suddenly heard a deep voice in his ear.


“Hey, although it has nothing to do with me, I’ll need to let you know.”


“Who’s speaking?”


Dreams were wonderful things. In dreams, all kinds of incredible things would happen. Sometimes, acquaintances would become strangers, while strangers, who they had never met, would become old friends who have known each other for a long time.


Lin Xiang was in such a situation.


“Master, what’s the matter?” Silent Water, who was sitting next to him, shook Lin Xiang’s hand. Due to the refraction of the setting sun, Silent Water’s face seemed like she was also covered with a red veil, very attractive.


“That… it’s nothing.”


When dreaming, dreams would be very realistic. Lin Xiang felt that the moment was reality, while thinking that there was something wrong with his ears.


“I suggest you wake up quickly.”


“Who the hell is talking?”


“What’s wrong, Master? There’s no one here, are you feeling uncomfortable?” Silent Water lifted Lin Xiang’s face, and then dropped her hands from his neck to his chest without a halt.


“Silent Water… wait…”


“Hey, wake up.” The voice sounded again, while “Silent Water” also touched Lin Xiang’s abdomen.




He opened his eyes adruptly, and the glamorous short purple hair came into view. The hand moving on the abdomen also stopped, and the owner of the hair blinked her dull eyes, as if surprised by Lin Xiang’s sudden wake. However, the expression on her face was not rich.


“Hello.” Wind Chimes nodded in greeting to Lin Xiang, and then moved her hands again.


“You, what do you want!” Lin Xiang immediately grabbed Wind Chimes’s hand.


“That’s what I said at noon today, research.”


“So, where are you going to research?”


“Reproduction organ.”


After Lin Xiang heard that, he jumped up, “You are a girl, right!? How can you casually research that kind of part!?”


“Why?” Wind Chimes looked at Lin Xiang seriously.


“It’s…that…” Lin Xiang hesitated.


How can I say such a thing!


“Anyway, if you did this to a weird guy, he’ll do terrible things to you.”


“What is the terrible thing?” She was still serious with her questions, like a primary school student looking forward to the teacher’s explanation for the first time.


“Uh…” Lin Xiang rolled his eyes, and his eyes fell on Yalide who was lying on the bed and pretending to be asleep.


Lin Xiang could not believe that Yalide would fall asleep after such a big commotion. Not to mention… you have to put away that smug smile on your face even if you pretend to be asleep!


“It’s just… um… a terrible thing.” Lin Xiang nervously picked up the water on the table and took a sip.


“You mean (beep)?”




The unswallowed water spurted out.


Lin Xiang wiped his mouth, and found that Wind Chimes’s face and hair were wet. The water dripped on her yellow nightgown, revealing sensuality.


“You wet me.”


“Sorry, sorry!” Lin Xiang quickly took out a clean towel from the suitcase and put it on Wind Chimes’s head.


“Isn’t it just (beep~), why do you have such a big reaction?”


“It’s better for girls not to say this so bluntly.” Lin Xiang coughed a few times.


“So that’s how it is.” Wind Chimes’s notebook did not get wet, so she wrote a sentence on it, “Male humans are a kind of hypocrites. They are obviously lustful creatures, but they want to pretend to be a gentleman.”


“Hey! It’s your own freedom to think what you want, but don’t read while writing! Also, I’m not that kind of person!”


Yalide did not pretend to be asleep any more, and laughed out loud, “Ahahahaha! No more, I can’t hold it in anymore.”


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