The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 25 : Breakfast


“That’s why I said that you have to let me go. Don’t research me anymore…” Lin Xiang sat on the bed in distress, scratching his head.


“No, you are very valuable for research. If you want to ask why, it is because you have contracted four humanoid spirits, and one of them is the daughter of Fire, which makes me very curious.” Wind Chimes wiped her hair with the towel.


“I’m not even sure the reason for these things to happen.” Recalling the contract, Lin Xiang felt that it was natural. He never did anything deliberately, which showed that it was probably fate.


“There must be something hidden in you. All I need to do is to find out. In this way, spirits and humans may be able to live in peace.”


“There is no so-called hidden thing in me.” If there were hidden things, it must have been Freed and Yalide. Meeting them made his life change dramatically, Lin Xiang thought.


“Maybe you don’t know it yourself, and I will find it out.” Wind Chimes patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder.


“There’s really none… By the way, aren’t you going to bed? It’s very late now.” Wind Chimes stood in front of Lin Xiang. Her wet nightgown became a little transparent, her chest… She did not seem to be wearing lingerie as well…


Lin Xiang turned his gaze elsewhere.


“Indeed, it’s late. It’s time to go to bed.” Wind Chimes climbed onto the bed, lay flat under Lin Xiang’s confused eyes, then pulled the blanket and covered herself, “Good night.”


“Aren’t you going home?”


“It’s fine. My family won’t worry.”


“I mean, why are you sleeping in my bed?”


“In this way, whenever I open my eyes, I can observe you.”




“Don’t sit still. Come on, lie down.”


“What? Are you calling for me?” Yalide, who was overly self-aware, ran to Lin Xiang’s bed.


“I wasn’t calling for you at all. I don’t need to study female’s bodies.”


“Why are you still acting like this? As I said, every female’s body is different. It will be clear when the two of us take off our clothes and compare them.”


“Alright, let’s compare.” Wind Chimes sat up and began to take off her one-piece nightgown.


Lin Xiang wanted to run away, but Yalide was there. If she did something to Wind Chimes, it would be bad. He quickly grabbed Wind Chimes’s skirt and pressed down to prevent her from pulling it up.


“Bang!” The door was violently kicked open. Reidy, who exuded a sinister aura, walked in, “Human, what are you doing?”


Lin Xiang squatted in front of Wind Chimes, grabbing her skirt, trying to take it off, was the scene that appeared in Reidy’s eyes.


“And I was just wondering why it’s so noisy down here… It seems that you are tired of life.”



“Ah~ Hmm~” Jensy was on duty that night as replacement for her teammates. She yawned, and suddenly saw a golden light shining from a window in the high place of Thunder Castle. At the same time, there was lightning overflowing, she could not help but rubbed her eyes.


There was nothing. The surrounding was very quiet as well.


Was that an illusion?


Jensy felt that she was exhausted that day. She should not be on the night shift after guarding the bathroom all day. Fortunately, she was on duty in the first half of the night, so she could rest in the second half.


Thinking of seeing Lin Xiang running naked outside with a towel hanging when she was in the bathroom today, she was a little confused whether she should tell others. What if Sir Lin Xiang has the habit of not wearing clothes after taking a shower?


It’s better not to say it. But it’s still so confusing!




The next morning, when Lin Xiang woke up, his whole body was numb.


The sunlight from outside the window shone in slightly, making the room brighter. It’s about six o’clock now? Lin Xiang was not very clear.


Last night, Reidy forcefully asked Wind Chimes to go back to Wind Castle. Wind Chimes originally disagreed, but Reidy said, “If you don’t, you won’t be allowed to visit Thunder Castkle next time”, making Wind Chimes had no choice but to return home.


Each spirit city had different laws, and Delza had a law, which was that each spirit’s home had the right not to be trespassed by other spirits, unless the spirit had made a big mistake and had convincing evidence. If so, spirits, such as guards, could enter.


If the owner did not welcome the visitor, yet the visitor insisted on breaking in, then it would be a crime. As for the punishment, it depended on the seriousness of the circumstances.


That law existed very early, so it was carved deep into the hearts of the Delza spirits. Although Wind Chimes was a very free spirit, she would not do things that touch the law. It was due to her father, Wind Fury, would let Wind Chimes mess around all she wanted, but in terms of law, he was very strict, even if it was his own daughter.


“That fellow, Yalide, has disappeared so early in the morning…” Lin Xiang looked at the empty bed next to him and sat up.




There seems to be something here!


In the process of sitting up, Lin Xiang clearly caught sight of a girl lying beside him from the corner of his eye. He just noticed the window on the other side and Yalide’s bed, so he did not see her.


“Good morning.” Wind Chimes greeted Lin Xiang normally. She was wearing shorts and a sleeveless top, which were more ordinary clothes.


“Didn’t you go back?” Lin Xiang looked at Wind Chimes in surprise.


“Yes. Reidy said told me to go back to sleep, but she didn’t say that I can’t come after I slept.”


“Then…then how long have you been here?”


Was she doing something weird to me? Thinking of that, Lin Xiang could not help but tightly clamp his legs.


“Probably in the morning.”


“Oh, so it’s not that long since you came here.”


Phew. Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, and his clamped legs also relaxed.


“Actually, it’s quite a long time, isn’t it? It’s past midnight in your human world, so is it considered very early in the morning?”


“That’s right.” Lin Xiang nodded, and suddenly thought of something, “Don’t tell me that… the morning you said means the wee hours…” Lin Xiang’s legs were clamped tightly again. He slightly bowed to jump off bed, “You didn’t do weird things to me, did you? No, right?”


“Is it a weird thing to stare at you all morning?”


“Uh…” That had escalated into something weird. Think about it, if someone stared at you as soon as you woke up and opened your eyes…


“Don’t worry, that Yali said that I can come in and observe you, but I can’t touch you, so I was very well-behaved. I have been forcibly suppressing my right hand’s exploring spirit, so as not to let it touch you.” As Wind Chimes said, she raised her trembling right hand, while her left hand was grasping her right wrist. Sure enough, she was forcibly suppressing it.


“What should I do to make you stop researching me…”


“When I finally know everything about you! I can’t let go of every single detail.” Wind Chimes’s eyes focused on Lin Xiang’s crotch.


“Don’t do this…”


The legendary female pervert was in that kind of a situation.


“Do you know where Yali has gone?” Lin Xiang changed the topic.


“I don’t know. Before dawn, she said that the early bird catches the worm, and left.”


That fellow… really can’t be patient.


“If you’re tired, it’s fine to sleep here… Since I’m up, you can come down if you want to have breakfast.” Lin Xiang slowly moved towards the door. Seeing that Wind Chimes did not speak, he opened the door and stepped out.




“Phew~” Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief as if all burden was relieved. Every time he was with Wind Chimes, he would blush and accelerate his heartbeat rate.


Like the first time she came to Delza, she ran into Lin Xiang’s room at night. The second time was when she met the Clear Weather Dragon, and this time was the third…


Lin Xiang had to say that Wind Chimes was the most daring girl he had ever seen so far, aside from Yalide.


Going down to the first floor, Lin Xiang planned to make breakfast for Silent Water and the others. He looked at the servants who were busy early in the morning, and had an idea in his mind. Since he decided to prepare it, he would like to make it for everyone to eat.


However, what could be made and eaten together? When it came to food that everyone could feast together, it would be steamed stuffed buns. Each person could have several of it, which was fair, but the problem was that Lin Xiang did not know how to make them.


After thinking about some more food, Lin Xiang finally decided to make porridge.


At that time, the things Risa’s mother asked her to bring came in handy. Lin Xiang remembered that there were rice, a gas stove, and a large pot.


Walking up to the top floor of Thunder Castle, Lin Xiang knocked on the door of Risa’s room.


He waited for a while, but there was no response.


Lin Xiang knocked again, and at that moment, Nagisa’s vague and sleepy voice sounded, “Coming~”


With a creak, the wooden door was opened. Nagisa, in her dark green pajamas, rubbed her eyes and appeared in front of Lin Xiang.


She had very ordinary pajamas without any patterns. Due to the lack of fanciness, it greatly outlined Nagisa’s figure, and the buttons of the pajamas felt like they were almost stretched open.


“Lin… Lin… Lin Xiang! Why are you here?” Nagisa was surprised by Lin Xiang’s appearance. She covered her chest with one hand, and lowered her head with the other hand to straighten her messy hair.


“I’m here to get something from Risa.”


“She’s still sleeping, why don’t you come in?”


“Is it alright?” Lin Xiang felt that it seemed inappropriate to casually enter the room where girls slept. When he brought Kaoru back to her room, he realized that problem when he saw the sexy pajamas Kamiki was wearing.


“It’s fine.” Nagisa stepped aside and let Lin Xiang in.


“Excuse me.”


That room was similar to Kaoru’s room. Without any furnishings, it looked a bit empty. Risa and Nagisa’s suitcases were placed on the table. One of them was open, and a very eye-catching set of lingerie was placed on the top.


That’s huge!


Following Lin Xiang’s line of sight, Nagisa also saw the lingerie, and her little face flushed red.


She rushed over to close the lid at an unbelievable speed, blushing up to her ears, “I’m sorry, Lin Xiang, I should have tidied up my belongings.”


“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Lin Xiang waved his hands, walked to the bed, and patted the Risa, who was hugging around the blanket into a ball.


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