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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 26 : Breakfast (2)


“Let me sleep for another five minutes,” Risa replied vaguely.


“I have some things to get from you.”


“Ten more minutes of sleep.”


“You increased your sleep time instead? Hey.”


“What… It’s Xiang…” Lin Xiang shook the blanket for the third time, and finally made her slightly awake, “What’s wrong?”


“Lend me your storage ring. I need to use some things.”


“Oh.” Risa took off the ring from her hand, put it on Lin Xiang’s hand, and fell asleep again in a daze.


“Then Nagisa, you can continue sleeping. I’ll go down first.”






Lin Xiang asked the servants if there was a place where he could cook, and the servanta told Lin Xiang that the water-boiling room was fine.


Although the spirits did not have to eat, drinking water was a must. Water was the origin of life, which was an applicable sentence no matter where it was used. Even demons and the devil race needed to drink water. Of course, they could also drink the blood of other creatures. In short, no creature could live without water.


As the name suggested, the water-boiling room was the place where water was boiled.


The spirits would boil water there. They would brew certain plants with hot water to drink. Some plants had different effects, and drinking them would also provide certain benefits to spirits, such as making spirits feel refreshed, helping them sleep, and so on.


There were also some medicinal herbs that must be soaked in hot water and dried in order to exert their efficacy. In short, there were many uses of hot water.


Arriving at the very spacious boiling room, kettles of various sizes were seen hanging from the ceiling, and some wood was placed directly below. Such a water-boiling environment could be said to be very casual, as there was no stoves.


There were two kettles above the fire, and the burning wood below was sparkling, which was easy to cause a fire. However, there were special fire spirits in charge to prevent the fire from happening.


“Sir Lin Xiang, why are you here?” The fire spirit was a female humanoid spirit, who was about twelve years old. She had the same features as Valarie with fiery red hair, but with two ponytails, and she looked quite cute. She was a little surprised by Lin Xiang’s arrival, because most of the spirits there would not enter. That was because when the fire was started, it would get incredibly hot in there.


“I’m here to cook something.”


Under her surprised eyes, Lin Xiang put out the things needed to prepare the porridge.


“This is amazing! Where did you take it out from?” Children were always curious about unknown things.


“This… do you know what a storage ring is?”


The fire spirit shook her head.


“It is similar to the sacks you use to store things. This ring can put things in.”


“This is awesome! Humans are really intelligent creatures. Sir said you want to cook something, what is it?” The fire spirit looked at the round cauldron, gas stove, gas cylinder, and various seasonings, and asked again.


“Porridge. It’s a kind of food for human beings. Once I make it, you’ll know after you taste it.”


“Porridge?” The fire spirit repeated the new term, “Is it edible? Can I eat human food?”


“Of course. Any living creature needs energy for movement. We humans obtain energy for our daily activities by having food. In the demon realm, the atmosphere is full of magic power, so you spirits can directly absorb magic power from the atmosphere to carry out daily activities. Naturally, you don’t need to eat anything. However, when you get to the human world where magic power is scarce, you need to eat food.”


“Ha…” The fire spirit nodded as if she partially understood, while watching Lin Xiang busy at work.


Connecting the gas stove to the gas cylinder, Lin Xiang washed the cauldron with hot water. He untied the rice bag, put the rice into the cauldron, and then washed it.


The fire spirit could not see what Lin Xiang was doing at all. Although she wanted to speak up and help him, she did not know what to do, so she had to stand aside, afraid to say anything, for fear of disturbing Lin Xiang.


Everything was ready, Lin Xiang had never cooked such a large amount of porridge, and he hoped that the taste could be grasped well.


Anyone could cook. As long as the cook paid attention to the heat, the food would not burn so easily. The difficulty lied in the grasp of the taste. It could neither be too salty, nor too bland.


Lin Xiang planned to cook egg porridge. As for eggs, there were still creatures, like chickens, in the demon realm. Hens would lay eggs regardless of whether they were fertilized or not. The spirits did not discard the eggs that could not produce chicks, but stored them in one place. Usually, some animal spirits, such as tiger people and wolf people, would consume them as snacks.


Lin Xiang had asked the servants to bring him some eggs just now. He had to cook the porridge first, and then eggs were added, as well as salt and other seasonings. The pot of egg porridge would be considered complete.


There was also another question in him. What would the spirits use to serve the egg porridge?


Lin Xiang recalled that when he came to Delza, Reidy had made egg fried rice. At that time, he used the bowls used by spirits to drink water.


Well, if that was the case, everything was under control.




“Hey hey, Jensy, get up quickly. If you don’t get up again, the egg porridge made by Sir Lin Xiang would be gone.”


Jensy, who was on the night shift before work, was woken up by her partner in a daze.


“What… egg porridge…” Even if she was a spirit, it was not okay to be sleep deprived.


“It’s human food. They say it’s very delicious. In the lobby, Sir Lin Xiang is distributing porridge to everyone. I’m leaving first, so don’t complain that I’m not a good friend, because I’m come all the way here to inform you.” The partner finished speaking before impatiently running out the room.


“…” Jensy’s brain had not reacted, and she fell back into a deep sleep.


After a while, she seemed to smell a very special scent in her sleep.


Opening her eyes, she saw that her partner was sitting on a wooden chair, blowing on the contents of the bowl with her mouth, and some of the white fog from the bowl came to her.


“What are you eating?”


“Egg porridge, are you an idiot?”


“You speak as if I wasn’t the one working night shift for you last night.”


“I’m really sorry, but I can’t help it if my mother asks me to go back.” The partner was a humanoid spirit of the fog attribute. She and Jensy grew up together, named Fox.


After blowing for a while, Fox took a sip when the steam from the porridge was not so much.


“Oh! What is this!”


“That’s what I was asking, what are you yelling for?” Jensy covered her ears with a pillow, “Don’t make any noise here, I want to sleep.”


“Jensy, you should try it. This thing is really awesome! It feels better than the pure fog I absorbed outside before.”


“Aren’t you exaggerating it a bit?” Jensy sat up, and Fox brought the porridge to her, “Let me give you a taste.”


Due to the addition of eggs, the porridge was golden yellow with some egg bits floating on it.


Jensy bit the edge of the bowl with no interest. Fox gradually raised the bowl like she was feeding a child. Soon, the porridge with egg bits slowly flowed into Jensy’s mouth.


“Glug glug glug,” Out of the blue, Jensy took the bowl and began to drink.


“Hey! I only gave you a taste as promised.” Fox hurriedly snatched back the bowl. Staring at her egg porridge, which more than half went missing, her heart bled.


“This is… egg porridge?” Jensy did not look tired at all at the moment. She looked energetic as her pink tongue swept across her lips, reminiscing about the taste just now.


“Are you done with your nonsense? How bad can human food be? I told you to get up earlier. Since you didn’t get up, the porridge should be finished by now.” Fox took another sip. She was not as fast as Jensy, but she carefully tasted it. Showing a happy expression, she complimented, “It tastes great.”


“I want to eat egg porridge! I feel that my stomach is empty now, and I really want to eat.” Jensy got off her bed and ran out.


“Hey, are you leaving like this? Can’t you at least change clothes?” Fox reminded.


Jensy was wearing cotton pajamas. Her shirt was similar to a sports vest, while she wore a pantskirth on the lower half of her body. Her two snow-white thighs were clearly visible. For a humanoid female spirit, that kind of exposure was very high.


Spirits were more conservative creatures. The shortest skirts and trousers worn by female spirits in public did not exceed the knees, and the clothes they wore would not show their navels.


It was obviously against the rules for Jensy to wear like that.


Jensy hastily pulled out her clothes and put them on.


“Hey, after eating so much of my egg porridge, you have to pay me back after you get your own share.” After a few sips, Fox’s porridge was gone.


“Can’t you go get an extra bowl?”


“There are countless spirits in Thunder Castle, and Sir Lin Xiang’s cooking tools were not very big. It’s hard to say whether all the spirits could eat them. I’m going to sleep first. Daylight is my enemy… By the way, when I went there just now, there wasn’t much porridge left.”


“Then I have to hurry up!”




“Sorry, there’s no porridge left.”


In the queue, there were two other spirits before Jensy. Hearing Lin Xiang’s words, she felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave.


“Thank you, Fan’er, for helping me.” Lin Xiang smiled at the fire spirit, who was helping.


“Sir Lin Xiang is the one who allowed us to taste such delicious food. I never knew that kind of fishy-smelling egg could be made into such a thing.” When Lin Xiang just made the egg porridge, Fan’er ate two bowls. Seeing that she still could not get enough of it, Lin Xiang told her to eat more, but Fan’er was considerate of the many spirits in Thunder Castle. The pot of porridge would definitely not be enough, so she did not have the nerve to ask for more.


“Eggs can also make more varieties of dishes. I will teach you when I have time. In this way, it can also make your spirit life more fun.” There were only a handful of entertainment methods in Spirit Country. Lin Xiang could not do much, but at least he hoped to let them enjoy the delight of life by eating.


“Really? Thank you so much.” Fan’er was very happy. Usually, it would be very boring to look after the water-boiling room alone. It would be great if she could have something to eat from time to time.


“Sigh, I’m late.” At that time, Lin Xiang noticed that there were still many spirits in line. They all looked enviously at the other spirits who had porridge.


“Don’t worry, everyone. I will still make more of it. You all can wait here for a while. Soon, you will be able to taste the food later.”


Hearing Lin Xiang’s words, the spirits who had not eaten them suddenly regained their spirits.


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