The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 27 : Breakfast (3)


The spirits were all looking forward to the food made by Lin Xiang. They all crowded by the door, but they were afraid of affecting Lin Xiang’s performance, so they dared not enter the room.


“Actually, making human food is not difficult. As long as you learn the skills, it will be very simple.” Lin Xiang was also a little nervous for being watched by so many spirits while cooking.


He explained to the spirits about the origin of rice and the functions of salt as well as other seasonings. Although the spirits hardly understood, they still listened with keen interest.


The porridge cooked over a small fire was the best, and the spirits were also patient. After about an hour, the egg porridge they were looking forward to was freshly made.


Being the educated creatures they were, each spirit queued up in front of Lin Xiang to receive the porridge. Although the spirits who had eaten wanted to taste it again, they did not shamelessly line up again.


Lin Xiang felt that human beings would never be able to do that. It was probably why Freed liked spirits. Of course, Freed liked cute animal spirits, so humanoid spirits would not interest Freed as much.


The pot of porridge was finished, and the spirits in Thunder Castle had all tasted human food that time.


“That…Sir Lin Xiang, I would want to have some more. I hope to take it back for my children to taste.” A tall bear spirit shyly scratched the back of his head and said.


Lin Xiang hesitated for a moment, and asked the spirits to forge more pots. In that way, he could cook a few more servings at a time, so everyone could eat more.


Bringing the pots, a few wind spirits quickly went to the place where the armor was made.


The spirits were also delayed for some time because of the distribution of porridge, so they went back to work separately, looking forward to eating the food made by Lin Xiang again.


“If you open a restaurant here, it’s no problem to become the richest man.” Lin Xiang sighed and began to clean up the egg shells on the ground. Fan’er also helped alongside him.


Seeing that there was no one around, Jensy was about to leave, but she heard the conversation between Lin Xiang and Fan’er, and stayed again.


“It’s time to make breakfast for Silent Water and the others. Do you want to eat together too, Fan’er?”


During the first round of porridge cooking, Lin Xiang had already learned that Fan’er was an orphan, and her parents were guards in Thunder Castle. They both died in a fire twelve years ago.


Of course, being a fire spirit, yet being burned to death by fire was really ironic. However, the cause of that fire was Fire Dance’s mother, Queen Fire. The ferocious flames were unbearable to the fire spirits, so one could imagine how powerful she was.


It could be said that many spirits lost their families in that fire, and Fan’er, who was just born at that time, was arranged to live in Thunder Castle and she was raised by the servants. She has been in the water-boiling room since she was five years old.


“Is it possible? But, I have a low status, not a noble spirit…”


Although noble spirits were basically humanoid spirits, there were almost no other spirits that were nobles. However, it did not mean that humanoid spirits must be nobles, because there were also humanoid spirits who were commoners.


“Of course it’s possible. To me, there is no such thing as low status. Since Fan’er is a very good girl, it’s no problem to eat with us.” Lin Xiang smiled and patted Fan’er’s head, mainly because he felt sorry for that child. Due to Fire Dance’s mother, she lost her family.


“Yup! Then what are we eating?”


“Do you like eggs?”


“I didn’t know it before, but now I like it!”


“Then shall I make you omelet rice?”


“Omelet rice… Great!” Although Fan’er did not know what omelet rice was, she felt that it must be delicious.


“Sir Lin Xiang… hello… I… that… this…” Jensy was anxious. She really wanted to ask him for some omelet rice too, but when the words came to her lips, she could not always say them.


“You are…” Lin Xiang remembered that Jensy was the female guard guarding the bathroom. At that time, he ran out of the bathroom with no clothes on and did not explain to her. He really hoped she would not misunderstand.


“What’s the matter? It’s okay to speak up.”


Lin Xiang’s words were like an engine, driving Jensy to speak, “Can you let me try omelet rice too! Ah… I’m sorry…”


“Hmm…” Lin Xiang scratched his head. He was a little distressed, because the reason why he made so much porridge was to prevent the spirits from feeling unfair when they saw other people eating.


Now that he had to make another breakfast… Having Fan’er was fine, because he could take that opportunity to thank her for her help, but if Jensy would be eating with them…


“What’s your name?” Lin Xiang asked.


“Jensy! Jensy Bosen.”


“What kind of spirit is Jensy?”


“Poison attribute…” Lin Xiang had not answered Jensy’s question about her wanting to eat omelet rice, which made Jensy a little nervous.


Lin Xiang thought that he could let her teach Kamiki poison magic, so that she could have an excuse to eat with them.


“Can you teach my friend magic?”


“Magic? If it’s about poison, I think it should be fine. Excuse me…who wants to learn it?”


“Well, there is a girl named Kamiki Kuji, the one with black long hair and eyes…”


Without Lin Xiang’s description, Jensy already knew who it was. Speaking of which, she was the one who caused the embarrassing activity in the bathroom yesterday.


With that proud aura and sharp eyes that make people unable to lift their heads in front of her, Jaensy was very impressed with Kamiki’s ambience.


“It’s not a problem… About that… will I be able to eat omelet rice after teaching?” Jensy asked cautiously. Things like food were indeed a big killer for girls, even spirits.


“Of course. In fact, it doesn’t mean that you must teach her in order to eat. I’m happy to cook food for everyone. It’s no problem to make easy ones like porridge, but omelet rice requires skill. If I give each spirit in Thunder Castle, I’m afraid that I can’t finish making it all day, and it will be very tiring. If I only feed some of the spirits, other spirits who have nothing to eat will definitely feel inequality. Therefore, I need a reason for you to eat omelet rice. That way, people won’t give too much thought about it.”


“Oh, Sir Lin Xiang really considers a lot. I’m sorry to bother you so much because of my affairs.” Jensy bowed to Lin Xiang. As expected of a human being, having different ideas compared to a spirit.


“It’s fine, Kamiki really needs spirits to teach her. By the way, do you know any fog spirits? She also needs to learn fog magic.”


“Yes! Yes! Her name is Fox. Like me, she is a guard. She is always on night shift.” If there was a good thing, Jenxi certainly would not forget her friend.


Fog spirits were more powerful at night, so most fog spirits were night owls.


“Well, please tag her along too. Let’s eat together upstairs later, good idea?”


“Thank you so much!”


After Jensy left, Lin Xiang continued to pack his things.


“Sir Lin Xiang, I…I also need a reason to eat, I can’t let everyone gossip about me!” Fan’er said seriously.


“Well…” Lin Xiang smiled wryly, “Does Fan’er know fire magic?”


“Yes! Although I am much weaker than an adult spirit, I hope I can help.” The scarlet eyes shone with earnest hope.


“Good, Fan’er will definitely become an excellent mentor.”






“Huh? Sir Lin Xiang? Is this reality? Can I eat other food too?” Fox, who was sleeping on the bed, raised her head suddenly after hearing what Jensy said.


“Shh, keep it down.” Jensy looked around.


Five guards lived in one room. Fortunately, there was no one in the room at the moment.


“To be serious, the egg porridge was great. Since the omelet rice requires skill, it must taste even better, right?”


“Of course, human food is really good. Like yesterday, a beautiful woman gave me something called an ice pop. Although it is ice, the ice has an indescribable taste. It urges me to take a second after one bite.”


“That’s magical.”




The news about the delicious human food Lin Xiang made spread around Delza all at once. It was unknown who leaked the information.


“Human food? It won’t hurt your stomach if you eat it, right?”


“I heard it’s delicious. Is it more delicious than the earthworms I usually eat?” asked an Asian dragon spirit.


With doubts, nearby spirits came to Thunder Castle one after another, wanting to find out.


Lin Xiang was just using the few pots brought back by the servants to cook a lot more porridge. They were lucky enough to share it, and they all agreed with its great texture and taste after having it.


The news was confirmed, and more spirits wanted to taste human food, so the entire Thunder Castle was almost full of spirits.


“Wow! What’s going on!” Remi had woken up. He walked down to see that Thunder Castle was so lively, so there was barely place for him to stand.


Randomly grabbing a spirit and asked, good grief, it turned out that Lin Xiang was the culprit.


“He’s really hardworking.” Remi glanced around for a while to find that the crowd of spirits extended to the gate of the front yard. There must be thousands of spirits.


Lin Xiang did not expect that a simple breakfast could cause such a huge commotion. He and Silent Water were going to visit her parents that day, so how could he have such spare time to make more for the spirits? Besides, there were countless spirits. If he had to keep cooking, wouldn’t he die of exhaustion?


“Damn it. Stinky brat, what were you doing? Could it be that you teased the underage spirits so much that you provoked the public’s anger?” Yalide appeared behind Lin Xiang at some point as she stared at Fan’er.


“It’s you who wants to provoke the public’s anger. I really never expected the situation to develop like this… Fan’er, you can go upstairs to eat. Leave this place to me.”


“Alright.” Fan’er was not very fond of having that many spirits around her. She was used to being alone. Although she was petite, she tried squeezing her way out of the crowd of spirits.


“Although I don’t know what happened, but don’t you want to say something? To disperse the spirits?”


“Where have you been?” Lin Xiang was puzzled by what Yalide said. Although he did not know what happened. It stood to reason that all the spirits in Delza knew about the news, and it was possible for Yalide to hear the news from the streets.


“Don’t worry about it. Do something quickly. Didn’t you agree to go to Silent Water’s house today? There’s no end to it if this goes on.”


“That’s true…” Lin Xiang looked at the crowd of spirits in front of him, feeling a little headache.


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