The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 28 : Before Departing


Under the guards’ escort, Lin Xiang came to the high platform of in the hall of Thunder Castle, and said to the noisy spirits below, “Everyone, be quiet.”


The spirits quickly calmed down, and it turned terrifyingly silent as they all looked at Lin Xiang in unison.


“Uh… Ahem ahem. I’m glad that everyone is interested in human food, but because there are too many spirits, I can’t do it.”


“Why did it turn out like this?”


“I heard from the old man, Wang, next door that it’s delicious. I want to try it too, Sir Lin Xiang.”


All kinds of complaints echoed.


“I can’t do that much by myself. But don’t worry, because everyone can do it. There is a saying we human beings have, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ It means that rather than cooking for all of you, it’s better to teach you to cook, so you can cook for yourself and your family.”




Hearing that, the spirits were suddenly enlightened.


“I will let Remi make an announcement about the required ingredients later, so everyone can go gather them. I have something to do today, so I need to go out of the city. I will share how to make it later.”


“It’s very dangerous outside, Sir Lin Xiang, you better not go out.”


“That’s right! There have been a lot of incidents recently, and we don’t dare to go out.”


“Don’t worry, everyone. I…”


While Lin Xiang was explaining to the spirits, Yalide’s eyes kept scanning the group of spirits, as if she was looking for something.




“It’s really noisy down here.” Risa took a bite of Lin Xiang’s omelet rice and nodded repeatedly, “This’s delicious! As expected of Xiang.”


“It’s only natural that something like that would happen if you feed the spirits human food. I really don’t know what he’s thinking.” Reidy was a little angry. Thinking of Lin Xiang being surrounded by spirits, especially the female ones, she felt something not very comfortable in her heart.


“Young Master has his concerns.” As soon as Kaoru finished speaking, Jensy interjected.


“Yes, Sir Lin Xiang said…” Jensy repeated what Lin Xiang said at that time.


“Well, it fits his personality, doesn’t it? By the way, you two are the spirits who will be teaching me magic, hmm…” Kamiki looked at Jensy and Fox, “He brought me two beautiful instructors during breakfast, is it luck or intentional?”




The spirits dispersed quickly. When they left, they were still recalling what Lin Xiang said. They were very much looking forward to eating human food.


“Phew~ It’s finally over.” Lin Xiang wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. If there was a riot in Delza due to breakfast, Lin Xiang could not afford to shoulder that responsibility.


“Haha, this shows the charm of human food! Although spirits hate humans, they look forward to them. The first time I ate the egg fried rice made by my sister, it feels very new and odd. I can understand their feelings.” Remi Patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder, “By the way, did you cook my breakfast? Although I don’t need to eat food when I’m back in the demon realm, I think it would be better to eat some.”


“Yes, I asked Grandma Oyi to put it away for you. You can go find her. After a busy morning, I’m starving to death.”

(T/N: It appears that Oyi is a female. I apologize… –.–lll)


“Quick, have a meal. However, you must be careful about going out today.” Remi’s tone was a lot more serious, “The disappearance of the spirits this time is not that simple.”


“Don’t worry.” Lin Xiang waved his hands, dragged his tired body, and went upstairs. Yalide stood where she was, staring at the backs of the scattered spirits.


“Yali, I have noticed since just now that you were staring very seriously. What are you looking at?” Remi asked curiously.


“The buttock is not raised enough.”


“What?” Remi thought he had misheard.


“I said that spirit’s buttock wasn’t raised enough just now! If I have a hundred points, I can only give a maximum of fifty points. Just because of that, it dragged down her average score! It’s really not worth it.”


“That’s right…” Remi coughed once, “I’m going to have breakfast. You can take your time and look…”




“So, you are my mentor?” After interacting, Risa and the others along with Fan’er and the others became well-acquainted with each other.


“Yes! Although I am still young and not as powerful as other fire spirits, I will do my best!”


“You’re really cute.” Risa pinched Fan’er’s face.


“How old are you?” Dusty asked.


“Twelve years old.”


“What kind of magic do you know? Can you teach me?” Fire Dance sometimes wondered why she would be tired and fall asleep when she was in danger. However, when she woke up, the enemies were gone instead. She really wanted to use her power to help her master when she encountered enemies.


Fan’er did not dare to look at Fire Dance. She lowered her head and shook her head left and right, “No… Everyone says that you are the incarnation of a devil… I can’t talk to you, or I will be killed.”


“I… I would never do that…” Fire Dance became anxious when she heard Fan’er’s words.


“But… Mom and Dad were killed by Fire Dance’s mother. Many spirits were killed…” Fan’er’s voice trembled a little.


“Mom won’t kill people so casually. There must have been a mistake!”


“But…my parents were really burned to death by Fire Dance’s mother’s flames.” Speaking of that, Fan’er shed some tears.


“My… mom must have had a reason to do that… Mom…won’t kill people so casually…” Fire Dance was also very depressed.


The originally good dining atmosphere changed instantly.


Silent Water and Reidy glanced at each other.


“Your name is Fan’er? Right?” Reidy put down the spoon and stroked Fan’er’s head, “Do you know my mother? She also died in that disaster.”


Hearing that, Fan’er raised her head and looked at Reidy with moist eyes.


“At that time, I was already sensible. Knowing that I would never see my mother again, I cried a lot. The pain I endured was much, much more than that of Fan’er who was still a baby. However, when I met Fire Dance later, I was neither afraid, nor furious, because it was her mother who did the wrong thing, not Fire Dance.”


“But, my mom did nothing wrong. I don’t remember what happened at that time, but I’m sure my mom did no wrong. She did it to protect us…”


“Let’s not talk about the details, but only talk about the outcome. Fire Dance, your mother has indeed destroyed many spirits’ families.”


“I’m sorry…” Fire Dance pursed her mouth and her thin eyebrows frowned. She was broken-hearted as well.


“Fan’er, look at her, do you think she is a murderous demon?”


Of course, it was the same for Fire Lotus. When they were at the dock, she saved Reidy when that big guy attacked her at the dock. Being an unconcerned person did not mean that she was cold-blooded.


Seeing Fire Dance’s sorrowful look, Fan’er really found that she did not look like a bad person. Speaking softly, she apologized, “I’m sorry, Sister Fire Dance… Everyone had been saying that about you… so…”


“It’s fine… Mom did take the lives of a lot of spirits, yet I’m the one who said I’m sorry. But, believe me. She must have had her reasons for doing so.”


“Well, no matter what happened at the beginning, everyone should get along with each other now. Breakfast is going to be cold and omelet rice is only delicious if it is eaten warm.” Silent Water clapped her hands, informing everyone not to be tangled in that issue for too long.


Fan’er, Jensy, and Fox also had a better understanding of Fire Dance. The evil impression in their minds had changed greatly.


When Lin Xiang came up, everyone was already chatting and laughing. He did not think too much and just sat at the table to eat breakfast.


Wind Chimes in Lin Xiang’s room also started to eat the omelet rice delivered by a servant. While eating, she kept taking notes.




After having breakfast and resting for a while, it was time to pay a visit to Silent Water’s house. Lin Xiang originally thought that everyone would go, but Kamiki shook her head, “I won’t be going. If there’s danger outside, I might distract you, because I’m too weak.”


“There is no such thing, Kami… Kuji is intelligent. You can help us find a way, can’t you?” Lin Xiang said.


The other girls also agreed. Neither of them felt that anyone would drag anyone down.


“Fine, I’m actually too lazy to go. There’s no car here to take us either, so is Darling planning to carry me?” Kamiki puffed out her chest somewhat intentionally.


“Ahem… Let’s not do that.” Lin Xiang recalled what happened in the bathroom from the previous day, and his eyes were flickering a little unnaturally.


“That’s it, I’ll be fine here, and start my training plan as well.”


“Well…then you should be more careful. Also, don’t speak ill of the spirits.” Lin Xiang leaned against Kamiki’s ear and whispered.


In front of Lin Xiang, Kamiki seldom spoke viciously. However, he was worried that after he left, she would make Jensy and Fox cry due to her dissatisfaction. It would be troublesome then.


“Why? Do you care about those two spirits so much? I am suspicious of you specifically looking for those two beautiful humanoid spirits.”


“What’s good to be suspicious of… Do you want plant spirits to be your teachers, or animal spirits? Can they even talk? Seriously.”


“Let’s say you made some sense.”


“Jensy, Fox, we’ll have to trouble both of you.”


Jensy, who was secretly fighting for Fox’s omelet, stood up immediately after hearing Lin Xiang’s word, “No trouble! I will do my best to teach Miss Kamiki magic. Hey, Fox, say something. “


Fox was originally a year or two older than Jensy, and since she was not that active during the day, she lazily replied, “Yes~”


“Really, what was that? Sir Lin Xiang gave you this omelet rice. Have some motivation.”


“Haven’t you eaten more than half of mine? If I eat my portion and eat half of yours as well, I will definitely be motivated.”


“Hahahaha.” Everyone laughed.


“What are you talking about?” Jensy wished she was an earth spirit, so she could dig a hole in the ground and dive in.


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