The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 51 : The Defense of the Demon Realm


As soon as the spirit soldiers entered the field, the chivalry that had been suppressed all along was burst out all of a sudden. The voices of the soldiers were resonant. The demonic insects made a screeching sound, like fingernails scratching on a blackboard. To them, welcoming the soldiers were signs that they were good food.


As long as there was food and energy supply, the demonic insects could reproduce. Under various conditions, a hundred demonic insects could produce an army of demonic insects in a few hours. Reproducing tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands was not a problem at all, which was why they were countless.


However, it was impossible for the demonic insects to reproduce indefinitely. They needed food in order to survive, so the more demonic insects there were, the greater the food demand. Their companions were also food to them. When they had no common enemy, they would attack and eat each other instead.


At present, there were thousands of spirit soldiers in front of them, and they were all scrambling to advance forward. The demonic insects that could fly in mid-air even swoop down, spread their sickle-like claws, and harvest the group of armored food. However…


“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!” A rain of arrows flew over, and the arrows made of special metal penetrated the hard carapace of the insects.


“Shoot! Make sure that our partners in close combat will not be interfered. We must kill them all!” A team leader raised his long bow and drew it like a crescent moon. A magic rune appeared in front of the arrowhead, exuding faint shades of colors. As the captain let the string go, the arrow was shot out ferociously.


“Whoosh!” The magical arrow was like a comet, dragging its long tail as it pierced through several demonic insects.


Other archers followed suit and shot down all the monsters approaching from the sky.


“Hey, did you see that, we can’t let the archers steal our prey. Charge!”


The soldiers running on the ground also came into contact with the demonic insects in the front row. With unstoppable strength, they rushed into the pile of demonic insects. Even though the number of demonic insects was several times or dozens of times more than theirs, they believed that as long as each person killed more than a dozen of them, they would definitely be able to wipe them.


Not to mention, they had the ability to do so. For them, demonic insects were inferior to demons. They had no IQ, and they could only swing their claws or open their teeth to chomp.


Hawke swung his long silver sword and kept moving forward among the demonic insects. Any demonic insects that approached him at a distance of two meters would be chopped off along with their shells. With his domineering strength and sharp blade, black blood that flew around neither touched the hem of Hawke’s clothes, nor the long sword in his hand. The blade was still as silvery white as the moon.


“As expected of General Hawke! That’s amazing!”


“Everyone, let’s go all out and kill all those things!”


Chivalry immediately soared, and even the tired magic gunner, who only recovered a little of his magic power, started to give his all in the fight.


In the eyes of the soldiers, it was no doubt that the outcome of that battle would be their huge victory.


“They really have no skill in combat. I really want to try fighting against stronger evil creatures.” A certain soldier stabbed the head of the monster with the sword in his hand, and then flung it away. Black blood sprayed all over when he used his shield on the other arm to block the incoming sprinkles of blood. The corrosive effect of the black blood took no effect on the shield.


“That’s right. These guys are only suitable for recruits to deal with. Killing these things is just a waste of our strength.” Another soldier chuckled.


“Are there no stronger ones? I thought it would be a fierce battle. After all, the Bell of Defense has chimed. Now, haha, it simply feels easier and more relaxing.”


“Why don’t we compare and see which of us kills more?”


“Bring it on.”


The soldiers began to enjoy taking down the demonic insects. Of course, some soldiers were accidentally attacked by the creatures, but they were not seriously injured. The soldiers, who were attacked, were teased by their companions, which made their fighting spirit surge.


Hawke and his soldiers went forward all the way, like mowing grass to make way for themselves. Although the two sides were densely covered with weeds, the amount of grass in front of them was decreasing. Many soldiers followed Hawke and others closely.


“Be careful.” Hawke said suddenly when they were almost at the end.


The soldiers who were cleaning up the demonic insects on both sides heard Hawke’s words and immediately stayed focus on their surroundings, only to see a demonic insect stronger than ordinary demonic insects appearing in front of them.


It had a carapace with metallic luster, exposed teeth that looked like saws, as well as sharp claws that could easily tear apart its enemy. Its figure was even bigger than the previous ones. It had mucus in its mouth, and when it dripped on the ground, it was black, even the ground was corroded.


“This kind of thing is just a little scary in appearance. General Hawke, I’ll take care of them.” A soldier stepped forward, drew out his sword, and aimed at it.


Jumping high, he slashed down vertically with the sword of the wind element.


DuangA crisp and loud sound was made as the soldier’s sword broke. The demonic insect’s claws also swung violently at the soldier, who lost his balance and fell from above.


The soldier’s pupils dilated suddenly. Although he was a wind spirit, the speed of the opponent was incredibly swift. In that state, it was too late to dodge. The dark sickle claws hooked straight towards his abdomen.


Duang!” There was another sound, and the soldier fell to the ground. He shook his head in a dazed state, and stared to see that a long silver sword blocked the attack of the demonic insect. Looking back, it was Hawke’s serious and resolute face, as always.


“That’s why I said, be careful.”


“Yes!” The soldier quickly got up.


The demonic insect’s dark green eyes looked at Hawke, and they stared at each other. Its sickle claws continued to exert force, but the sword in Hawke’s hand was as safe as a house, not budging at all.


The next second, Hawke moved, turned around, raised his long sword, and slashed downwards.


“Duang!” The long knife hit the sickle claw. Like metal colliding with metal, sparks flashed.


The demonic insect’s reaction was not as sluggish as its huge body. On the contrary, its speed was swift. Before Hawke could retract his sword, black mucus spewed out of its mouth.


“General Hawke! Be careful!”


Without being reminded by his subordinates, Hawke was five meters away in an instant, avoiding the shooting range of the mucus.


“Sizzle.” The ground covered by the mucus kept emitting white smoke and making noises. Within a short while, a pothole was left on the ground.


The soldiers gulped. They could imagine what would happen if they were sprayed. They also clearly realized that the monster in front of them was different from the others.


Although they were a little shocked by that creature, they admired Hawke even more. Hawke’s teleportation was not magic, but a move that instantly increased his own speed. It was a move that every melee soldier wanted to learn.


“General! We subordinates will help you.” Several of Hawke’s personal soldiers stood up. They knew that the demonic insect in front was different from the others.


“Just take good care of yourselves.”


“Huh?” The guards did not quite understand Hawke’s intention. However, as if to let them understand, several creatures similar to the monster in front of them crawled out from nowhere. There were around seven of them.


“Two in a group, each attack one of those. Beware and make sure to keep a distance. They have strong defense, great power, and not slow in speed. The body fluid is corrosive, which is the tricky part.”


“Understood.” The soldiers took a deep breath as the monsters moved, including the ordinary monsters on both sides. They were all surrounded, making the scene became chaotic.


If there were only those ordinary demonic insects at first, then the soldiers would definitely not be so afraid. However, now that there were a few bigger insects, they were a little panicked. Just like what Hawke said, the big demonic insect was much stronger than the ordinary demonic insects in all aspects, and its speed was faster, which was what they were most concerned about.


The big ones were quick to move. When the soldiers were attacking the smaller insects, the bigger insects would strike, completely ignoring the ordinary ones around them. As the sickle claws came forward, the little demonic insects would be slashed into halves. Fortunately, the soldiers that came with Hawke were all experienced in many battles. Naturally, they escaped at the most critical moment, but if that continued, it would be a matter of time before they were hit.


Hawke looked around and shouted, “Everyone, come to me. The attacking methods of these creatures had a sudden change. Something is manipulating them.”


Hearing that, the soldiers instantly gathered towards Hawke.


“My back will be in your care.” Hawke flicked the long sword, and the demonic insects that rushed over split into two pieces. After that, he bowed his body, with the long sword tightly held in his hand, a silver light began to flash on it.


“Is it here? General Hawke’s moves.” The soldiers looked excited when they saw Hawke’s posture, which made them fought more fiercely against the attacks of the demonic insects. Several soldiers risked their lives to attract the attention of the big insects in order not to let them interfere with Hawke.


“Ha…” Hawke let out a breath while the soldiers all hid behind Hawke.


The big demonic insects that could not kill them due to being distracted by the soldiers just now also crawled over when they saw the soldiers gathering in that direction.


“Great… landslide!!!”


There was a deafening noise! The ground shook violently, and the earth seemed to be alive. Like an earth dragon, there was a shock wave sweeping across the ground. The demonic insects were quickly sucked into it, and under the pressure of the soil, the sound of broken shells repeated.


The soldiers in the large army could clearly see that near the end of the demon swarm, there seemed to be a huge explosion. Dust and soil kept rising upwards.


When the dust cleared a little, what appeared in front of the soldiers was a long and deep gully, which contained countless detritus of demonic insects.


“As expected of General Hawke!” A soldier shouted, while the rest of the soldiers were also extremely happy.


Hawke’s great landslide involved thousands of monsters, including those few bigger ones that had not fully shown their skills. It was like breaking through the sea and opening a passage in the middle.


Coupled with the strong combat effectiveness of the soldiers, the original ocean of demonic insects had now formed a river. The number of demonic insects has dropped sharply.


As for Hawke, whose eyes were like a falcon’s, did not smile joyously like the soldiers behind him. His attention was fixed on the distance where the dust had not dissipated.


“Huh?” At that moment, a spirit who had better eyesight seemed to have seen a shadow moving in the dust a few distances away. According to its size, it should not be a monster. It was vaguely like a human figure.


“What is that?”


“Could it be that the city lords are back?”


“It’s very possible! Brothers, let’s kill those weak creatures! We’ll let them know that we are not easy to mess with!”




At that moment, chivalry has reached its peak, and the number of demonic insects has changed from hundreds of thousands, to tens of thousands, and then to thousands.


“Everyone, step back! Defense up!”


Just as the soldiers were gaining their willpower to kill, only Hawke’s sonorous voice was heard.


The soldiers would not question their general. Although they were puzzled, they all immediately retreated and put on their defensive stance.


Hawke also stepped back in front of the soldiers, looking closely at the approaching shadow.


As the shadow got closer, the dust in the air fell back to the ground. Finally, the soldiers could clearly see the figure on the opposite side.

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