Volume 12 chapter 50

Back to the human world (2)

“Huh~ I’m back.” It’s morning. Risa, who came out of the rift of another dimension, looked at the blue sky and the slightly whitish sun, and sighed.

“Yes, we are back…” Yorikawa glanced around and nodded.

“It feels like I’m sitting on a lift. With a whoosh, I’m being pulled by a force.”

“Yeah, it’s like taking a lift…”

“Yorikawa, don’t act like an answering machine, okay? We’ve already returned, so it’s useless to think about it.”

“That’s right…sorry.” Yorikawa smirked, and her smile gradually froze.

Seeing Yorikawa like this, Risa put away her forced smile and waited for others to come.

The third was Dusty, the fourth was Fire Lotus…and the last was Lin Xiang. The interdimensional rift disappeared.

“Huh? Where’s sister Yalide?” Seeing that everyone had returned except Yalide, Risa was a little surprised.

“She has something to deal with in the demons’ world.”

“Well…someone like her should be very powerful, and she can definitely help the spirits get through their difficulties.”

“I hope so.”

“Then…” Risa looked around and said, “let’s go back first.”

“So soon?” Lin Xiang thought that Risa and the others would procrastinate and he felt surprised.

“I’ve been in the demons’ world for so long, it’s time to go home.”

“I’m a little worried about Dad.”

“It’s nice to go home once in a while.”

“Everyone, are you…” Kaoru wanted to say something, but Risa pressed her mouth and grabbed her arm, “did Kuji call your housekeeper to pick you up?”

Kamiki quickly grabbed Kaoru’s other hand, “they are on standby at any time, and they should be at that intersection.”

“How amazing, no wonder you’re the beloved daughter. Let’s go then, and don’t worry about us, goodbye.” With a smile, Risa and the others quickly walked away, only Kaoru was still struggling. She was looking at Lin Xiang, whimpering and mumbling something. However, since she was still weak, she couldn’t resist Risa and Kamiki.

Yorikawa looked back from time to time, with a strange look in her eyes.

When the figures of the four disappeared around the corner, Lin Xiang looked away, “I know that no matter what I say, you will not stay here anyway, so I just hope that you won’t take risks.”

Silent Water nodded, Reidy flicked her hair and only replied, “you don’t need to remind me.” Dusty naturally went wherever Lin Xiang went, while Fire Lotus didn’t speak.

“Freed, please.”


—-On the other side.

“Kuji, how do you think we can become stronger?” Risa looked at the front in a daze like a lost lamb, as if she needed somebody to guide her.

“I want to know as well.” Kamiki smiled and shook her head, “let’s not talk about becoming stronger, it’s already not bad if you can avoid slowing us down.”

“We…we really get in the way, right? We’re dragging Lin Xiang and the others down.”

“Well, although Xiang and Silent Water don’t have such thoughts, our staying will only create more troubles.”

“That’s why everyone said they wanted to go home unanimously, just to keep them from being troubled.” Yorikawa said as her eyes began to moisten, and pearly tears swirled in them, “I’m so scared, if…If we separate from Lin Xiang and the others this time, we can no longer…”

“What nonsense are you talking about? It’s absolutely impossible. Xiang has the hang of it.”

“Are you sure? Heh.” Kamiki smiled, “I have known him for so long, I don’t think he’s like that. He always puts everything on his shoulders, and it is not impossible for him to do stupid things.”

“The young master will be fine.” Kaoru had already broken free from the shackles, “my young master is the successor of the holy sword, and he will definitely use it to kill all evil creatures. Although my ability is low, I am willing to become the strength of the young master. I won’t hesitate even if I need to sacrifice.”

“Kaoru-senpai!” “Kaoru!”

Under the surprised look of Risa and Kamiki, Kaoru summoned her spirit.

“Wen’er, I’m begging you, take me down by the young master’s side.”

“Chhh.” Itachi yelled, turning into a golden light and flying into Kaoru’s body. Then, a gust of cool wind made her disappear in place.

“Damn it! Hurry up and follow.”

Kamiki reacted very quickly, and she was the first to run back. Risa and Yorikawa looked at each other and followed closely behind.

“Where’s sister Kaoru?” The front of Lin Xiang’s house was empty, there was no one and no signs of Kaoru.

“Could it be that…she just followed Lin Xiang and the others…We’ve only been gone for a while, and sister Kaoru may have caught up with the teleportation array or the rift in another dimension, that has not been completely closed…” Yorikawa might be right.

“What a dead-headed woman.” Kamiki sighed, “she should be sent back by Darling, so just wait here.”

“Ka cha.” The door was opened, and Dusty poked her head out from inside, “sure enough, it’s sister Risa, I thought that I heard it wrong.”

“Dusty!? Why are you here?”

“This is my home, where else can I be?”

“Didn’t you go back to the demon realm?”

“Hey! How did you know?” Dusty covered her mouth, “why are we going back to the Demon Realm? Sister Risa, I think you’re supposed to be home.”

“Isn’t Kaoru inside?” Kamiki didn’t answer, but asked Dusty instead.

“Big sister Kaoru? I didn’t see her, huh?” Dusty sniffed the air, then turned her head to look into the room, “she seems to be inside.”


“Did you forget anything here?” In the living room, everyone was sitting on the sofa, Kaoru was sitting upright, and Wen’er was lying on Lin Xiang’s head like a kitten.

“I was really taken aback when I saw sister Kaoru suddenly coming to me.” Lin Xiang stretched out his hand and touched Wen’er.

“My master is planning to go to the Demon Realm, right?”

“Pfft, sister Kaoru, what are you talking about?” Lin Xiang was a little flustered, “why am I going to the Demon Realm?”

“It’s too lame.” Kamiki, who was playing her his hair, looked at Lin Xiang, “darling’s lying skills are not even considered amateurs, and you still want to hide it from the others?”

“Whenever Xiang tells a lie, he puts his hands behind his head, and I can tell at the first glance.”

“Hey…Lin Xiang is actually quite cute like this…”

“Uh…” Seeing that everyone already knew about it, Lin Xiang also said frankly, “I’m not afraid if you tell me that you want to stay. The demon realm is very dangerous now. Let alone the demon race, those spirits are difficult enough to deal with. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“So we intend to pretend that we don’t know anything.” Risa’s eyes were fixed on Kaoru.

“I don’t think it’s wrong to stay around the young master. If I can’t fight, then I can act as my young master’s shield.”

“I’m afraid he will be your shield instead.” Kamiki let down her hair and looked at Lin Xiang seriously, “then, why haven’t you left yet? According to what I think, you should have set off immediately after we left.”


“OK.” After Freed answered, Lin Xiang waited for the teleportation array to appear, but nothing happened after a while, while it was much faster last time.

“What’s wrong?”

“How troublesome.” Freed pondered for a while, “the current space in the demon realm is very unstable, especially on the side of the spirits’ city. This should be caused by the gathering of a large number of evil creatures and I can’t locate accurately. If we just teleport like this, we can get to the city directly, but if we aren’t, we will almost end up in the wilderness, or directly fall into the crowd of evil creatures.”

“Does it mean that we can’t go back now?”

“Well, I overlooked one point before. There is a drawback with the teleportation magic. It must have an accurate coordinate position or some sensor, or there will be a random teleportation. Now, there are evil creatures gathered around the Spirits’ city, which affects my sense of teleportation crystal, and so there will be deviation in the teleportation.”

“Is there no way to solve it?”

“It depends on the influence of the demonic energy, as long as the spirits wipe out some demons, it can be alleviated. Now, we are facing a very strong demonic energy, and Yalide can ignore this impact.”

“But he isn’t here now, so I can’t use its ability…”

“Well, wait a little longer, I think I can sense it. Let’s go home and rest first. Too many things happened today, maybe there will be a fierce battle later. “

———In the demon realm.

“Huh~huh~” Hundreds of spirit soldiers panted, looking at the monster insects that kept coming and they were all exhausted.

These demonic insects would eat the corpses of their companions, and they were incredibly fast in gnawing, which would not delay their progress at all. Especially the monster worms in the front row, which devoured their companions and their carapaces became harder, nothing could penetrate and hurt them.

“There is a big advantage with the number of the opponents, and they can gain energy by devouring their companions.” Hawke said slowly, “we’ve basically figured out who our enemy is – it has a hard body and its body fluid is corrosive. It is not agile, so we just need to be careful and keep a distance while attacking. The magic gunners should retreat first and leave the rest to us. Are you ready?”

Hawk shouted to the thousands of soldiers behind him.

“We’re ready!” The soldiers answered in unison, it was as loud as thunder, resounding through the entire forest.

“Come on! We can certainly kill them all.”

“How could such a weak thing invade our homeland?!”

The footsteps were mixed with shouts and dust.


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