Volume 12, chapter 49

Back to the human world

“Are you really all right, young master?”

“Well, as long as Kaoru-senpai gets off me, I will be fine.”

“Sorry!” Kaoru hurriedly sat beside him.

“Ahem, Kaoru-senpai, you…you have nothing on now…”

Kaoru looked as if she was hooded by a pervert and got stripped of everything.

“Ah.” Kaoru seemed to have just recalled it. She quickly clamped her legs and covered her body, “I’m sorry, a body like this one should not be seen by my young master. It doesn’t have the sensuality that a girl should have, and it’s not soft at all. “

“There is no such thing. Didn’t I say it before? Kaoru-senpai’s body…is very, very flexible.”

“So…so that’s it. Does young master prefer flexible bodies on girls?”

“Well, sort of.” Lin Xiang scratched his head, trying not to focus on Kaoru’s body, “what happened to Kaoru-senpai? Why did you take off your clothes?”

“I was initially waiting for my young master here, but there hadn’t been anybody for a long while, so I wanted to change and look for my young master. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use my strength when I raised my hand. Young master, could you please help me? I can’t breathe well and it doesn’t feel good.”


There are many ways to take off clothes. The most common way is to grab the tail of the clothes and then pull them up, but this is mostly done by boys. For girls, they usually pull their hands out of the clothes first, before pulling them up.

Kaoru was obviously the second type, but since her hands were weak and the collar of her shirt was relatively tight, her head was stuck at the collar.

Lin Xiang grabbed the shirt and pulled them hard a few times, “Wow!” In the end, Kaoru escaped from the shackles of the clothes.

“Thank you very much, young master! I am so sorry to have let you see the way I am.” Kaoru breathed a little hastily, and because she had struggled for a long time just now, her face blushed and she also felt shy after Lin Xiang saw her body.

“Ha, I think that Kaoru-senpai is very lovely like this.” Lin Xiang happened to look Kaoru in the eyes and was somewhat stunned. His body also leaned forward uncontrollably.

Her eyes were like a whirlpool. They looked very charming and seemed to be able to pull someone in.

“Young Master.” Kaoru’s red lips flickered, looking a little indecisive, “may I tell young master something?”



Lin Xiang was so nervous and he felt that he was using force all over his body. For some reason, he seemed to expect Kaoru to say something unexpected.

Kaoru’s eyes were covered with mist. They looked crystal clear, as if there were splashes of water turning around, “can you move your feet? My hand is being stepped on by the young master.”

Lin Xiang looked down and he was really stepping on Kaoru’s hand. He seemed to have stepped on it when he accidentally took a step forward. And because of too much tension and force, he made it hurt even more.

“I’m very sorry!” Lin Xiang quickly backed away.

“No…it’s alright.” Kaoru smiled and flicked her red fingers.

“Let me see, Kaoru-senpai.” Lin Xiang grabbed Kaoru’s hand and it was a bit injured.

“Hey, someone is here.” Yalide’s voice came from outside the door, but neither of them heard it.

“Kaoru-senpai, does it hurt?”

“No…Actually…that…it’s okay.” Kaoru’s eyes began to wander, and perhaps due to the candlelight, her face turned even redder.


“I almost forgot to take my clothes back.”

“Yes, I brought all my clothes. I’ll be in trouble if I don’t bring them back.”

Risa and Yorikawa were walking on the staircase in front of them. Behind them, there were Kamiki, Reidy, Silent Water, Wind Chime, Dusty and Fire Lotus.

“Hey! Sister Yalide! What are you…why are you here?” After going upstairs, Risa saw Yalide leaning against the door of the room of Kaoru and Kamiki, looking inside from time to time. For Yalide, Risa could only be described as ‘mysterious’.

“Huh? Ah, I’m enjoying the wind here.”

“Enjoying the wind?” Risa looked around, and the windows in the corridor were tightly closed, “there seems to be no wind here.”

“There was indeed no wind just now. Now that you’re here, there’s going to be a strong wind.” Yalide said so and shouted into the house, “hey, somebody is coming.”

There was instantly a bad thought, and Risa and Reidy immediately rushed over.

It was Kaoru with a pair of moist eyes and only underwear. She grabbed Reidy’s hand.

“What are you doing!!!”

———In Reidy’s room.

“Alas…” After taking a deep sigh, there was a bright red pattern of five fingers on Lin Xiang’s face, “so, I’m ready to go back.”

His left hand was surrounded by black light, which gathered in the air. Then, it spread out, forming a crack in another dimension before returning to his hand. The colored faded a lot and it’s flickering.

“It’s…it’s that simple?” Risa was still thinking about what cool moves Lin Xiang would make, but it was done like that already.

“Yeah, otherwise, how complicated did you think it would be?” Lin Xiang shook his hand, and the black light in his hand dimmed.

“I thought…that it would be troublesome. After all, we had to cut the space…” Yorikawa also imagined how cool Lin Xiang would look to open the rift in another dimension. It’s just that her imagination was far from reality.

“Well, the simpler the move seems, the more difficult it is in reality, don’t you think? In my impression, no human being can artificially create interdimensional rifts.” Kamiki said.

“That’s right! Kuji really knows everything! You know what, master Yalide is excellent in his every move and not every human being can imitate him. This stinky guy is just lucky enough to have encountered master Yalide. Hahaha, oh, why aren’t you surprised at all?”

Yalide suddenly looked doubtful.

“I’ve already thought that it’d be sister Yalide, that’s why I wasn’t surprised at all.” Risa curled her hair with her fingers.

“Liar! How is it possible? Could it be that Yalide is simply too attractive, and you guys found out about it so easily?” Yalide supported his chin and asked.

“How should I put it…sister Yalide kind of gives a dark feeling…”

“Hey! What do you mean?”

“No, no, I mean…I mean, sister Yalide is very suitable for darkness, that is, she’s just dark as a while. No, no, what I want to say is…she doesn’t seem like a bright person. No, I, I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m talking about…I’m really sorry…” Yorikawa was almost crying and she couldn’t describe how she felt.

“What Yorikawa wants to say is that you give people a feeling that symbolizes darkness. Although your skin is very pale, it is used to show off your incomparable black hair, lurking in the darkness, as if you can see through other people through your pair of scarlet eyes. With the inadvertent smirk on your face, you just suit the word ‘darkness’ very much.”

“Yes, Kuji is right, that’s what I wanted to say.”

“Ah, sure enough, master Yalide’s just too bright to be hidden.”

“It’s your lustful radiance that cannot be hidden. You’re not a good person from the first glance.” Lin Xiang glanced at Yalide and said, “everyone, let’s go back.”

Risa and Yorikawa looked a little bit reluctant.

“In the end, I still couldn’t see Fan’er.” Risa murmured, and Yorikawa also looked at Wind Chime. After ten days, they both grew really fond of each other.

“Don’t worry about me.” Wind Chime shook her head at Yorikawa. During this period, all the spirits were extremely nervous, but Wind Chime was the only one who remained calm, “the Spirits’ Country will not perish. I look forward to the day when you’ll come again.”

“Well, I will come again, please, you must continue to teach me magic.”

“No problem.”

“You have to apologize to Fan’er for me, Wind Chime.” Risa smiled helplessly, “I promised to teach her how to count, but I ended up in a safe place first.”

“Just right, please say goodbye to that gluttonous Jenxi and Fox, who has always been in a daze except for fighting, and tell them that I’ll definitely come back if I survive.”

“All spirits will survive! The evil will be defeated by justice!” Yorikawa was stimulated by what Kuji had said and she yelled.

If there is no if, the spirits would definitely be able to survive!

After seeing this, Lin Xiang lowered his head, looked at his hands and shook them.

Yalide clapped his hands to keep the atmosphere from being so serious, “okay, don’t make it look like a farewell. I am not going to comment on this incident, but you must believe that the Spirits’ Country will be safe. Now, please get back.”

After instructing Wind Chime for a while, Risa and the others walked into the rift in another dimension.

“See you later, the person chosen by the Dragon God.” When Lin Xiang entered, Wind Chime whispered in Lin Xiang’s ear. Lin Xiang turned his head and glanced at Wind Chime, who was smiling at him.

“How did you……”

Wind Chime didn’t answer any more, and Lin Xiang also walked into the rift of another dimension, and was floated up by a huge suction force.

The interdimensional rift began to rotate, turned into a point, and finally turned into light and dissipated in the air.

“Strange, did I ever tell you that I am a dragon god?” Yalide looked sideways at Wind Chime.

“There is an ancient book that records that, apart from teleportation magic, the only way to get to the human world is a dimensional rift that will occur at some point. And the rift is the energy left by the Dragon God.”

“Books can indeed contain knowledge. Don’t worry, I made the devil world a hell. Now that it’s recovering, it’s never going to let it happen again.”

Outside the door of, Fan’er was sitting on the ground with teary eyes, and behind her, there were Jenxi and Fox who hurriedly tried to help her up.

“Have you already returned? Lord Lin Xiang, sister Risa and the others…are you abandoning us because some enemies will come?”

“Fan’er, this has nothing to do with lord Lin Xiang and the others.” Jenxi pulled Fan’er up and patted her head.

Aoyi, an old spirit, prayed silently in the corner, “it’s good that miss is safe, master, young master, come back quickly, Delsa can’t be without you.”


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