The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 48 : Rescue Any Living Creature In Sight


“Fire Lotus…?” Lin Xiang gulped, feeling a little uneasy.


“Why do you want to meddle in my business…” Fire Lotus asked again. Her voice was filled with resentment.


“Because I saw Sister Fire Lotus getting bullied, so I thought of doing something.” Dusty got her whole body out of the ground and tilted her head towards Fire Lotus, “Did I do something wrong?”


“Of course… It’s just… a huge mistake!” Fire Lotus rushed forward with a sea of flames. Lin Xiang hurriedly tried to block it, but Dusty held Lin Xiang back without fear, and stood in front of him all by herself.


Fire Lotus’s fist stopped half a meter away from Dusty, trembling faintly.


“I can protect Little Dance by myself, so you don’t need to meddle in other people’s business.”


“However, there are things that one person can’t do. If Sister Fire Lotus can’t force them out of the ground, what should you do?”




“As for me, I like Sister Fire Dance very much. She can play with me. We can watch TV and take a bath together. She and I are best friends. If someone wants to hurt her, I will absolutely, absolutely, absolutely not allow it. Of course, it’s the same for whoever wants to hurt Master.”




“I also like Sister Fire Lotus. If someone wants to hurt you, it is not allowed too. So, let me protect Sister Fire Lotus, and then we will work together to protect Sister Fire Dance. What cannot be done by one person, can be done by two.”


“Fu~” The flame faded, “You… usually seem foolish, but what you said… actually makes sense.”


Raising her head, Fire Lotus smiled. Although it looked stiff, it was a smile from the bottom of her heart.


“Oh, Sister Fire Lotus, you’re smiling.”


“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not smiling because I’m happy, I’m just really relieved to feel your sincerity towards Little Dance.” Fire Lotus tried concealing it.


“Yes~ yes~ Can we hug? I haven’t hugged Sister Fire Lotus before.” Dusty opened her arms and hugged Fire Lotus.


“Hey, you didn’t get my consent at all.”


It was the first time Lin Xiang saw Fire Lotus’s smile. Although Fire Lotus and Fire Dance were originally the same person, they felt completely different.


Fire Lotus was constraining her emotions as if she had experienced countless things, while Fire Dance had always been cheerful and energetic.


That’s because she has endured all the negative emotions Fire Dance has. Haven’t you noticed that whenever Fire Dance encounters unhappiness or danger, she always has Fire Lotus’s personality?


After what Freed said, Lin Xiang felt that it was right.


He looked at Fire Lotus. Normal people would have emotions, such as happiness, sadness, etc. No one had only one kind of emotion. No matter how much pain a person felt, there were things to be happy about. No matter how happy a person was, there were things that would make them sad. It was so that a complete person could be formed. The same concept was applied for the spirits.


Fire Lotus had always been enduring the pain that Fire Dance felt, and gave Fire Dance all the happiness…


“You really love Fire Dance.” Lin Xiang was unsure which nerve of his went wrong that made him reach out to pat Fire Lotus’s head. The result was a fist hitting his stomach.




“You’re not allowed to touch me. You’re just someone who stood there and did nothing.”


Lin Xiang smiled wryly, “I’m sorry, but before we go back, Fire Lotus, can you extinguish the nearby fire?”


Due to the fire, the homes of some spirits were burned down, and they all had to come out. They could not speak up when they saw that the other party was Fire Lotus.


“No.” Fire Lotus turned her head. Why should she listen to that man?


“Sister Fire Lotus, well, look, it’s because of you that you set the spirits’ houses on fire.”


“Hmph.” Fire Lotus looked around, opened her hand and pointed at the flames, all of which were sucked back into her body.


Lin Xiang scratched his face. It seemed that Fire Lotus had opened up to Dusty. It was normal when he thought about it. Even if she was usually in the Fire Lotus state, Dusty was not bothered by her cold tone and expression while still sticking herself to her.


So, if I spend more time with Fire Lotus, will I have a better relationship with her?


Lin Xiang thought so as he went back to Thunder Castle with them.


“That scoundrel, how dare he kill so many of our brothers. Sir Bloom Water, allow me to finish them.” Several figures floated up from the ground.


“Don’t be silly, their attributes are not good for us. If there’s only Fire Dance, we will have no problem dealing with her, but there is an extra earth spirit… Hmph, I naturally don’t think that Lin Xiang is very powerful, but the sword in his hand is a rare weapon for us.”


“Should we go snatch it?”


“You’re right. Such a weapon should never be owned by a human being!”


“Are you all fools? Didn’t I just say that his spirits are not advantageous for us? Seeing how miserable our brothers died, if I hadn’t noticed that earth spirit was coming and told those nearby to leave, you all would have turned into steam a long time ago.”


“But such a treasure should only belong to Sir Bloom Water.”


“Don’t worry, there’s always a chance. They seem to be going back to the human world. Sooner or later, we’ll get the supreme ability to conquer that world. By then, we can find him and get that beautiful sword.”




Back in Thunder Castle, Silent Water and the others had been waiting for a long time. Knowing that Fire Dance was lured away by the water spirit who became her mother, they were very afraid when they encountered an attack, and felt that they should pay more attention to their surroundings.


Lin Xiang comforted them, and talked about returning to the human world, “I know everyone wants to help, but it’s really dangerous, so let’s go back first.”


Risa and the others nodded. Strangely, Silent Water and Reidy did not object, but also nodded.


So, it turns out that they are just like you, planning to send the little girls, Satsuki and the others back first, and then return to the Demon Realm. It’s probably because they considered that if they didn’t return to the human world now, the little girls, Satsuki and the others would also stay.’


‘I still hope that it would be best for Silent Water and Reidy to stay in the human world.’


It’s not good for you to always want to bear anything alone. This is their home, and they will never wait blindly for their home to be invaded, do nothing and escape to a safe place.


Speaking of their homeland being invaded, Lin Xiang thought that the feeling should be similar to a loved one being taken away. Lin Xiang really could not bear to do nothing as well.


Don’t worry, they will know how far to go and when to stop.’ Freed added another sentence, which made Lin Xiang feel relieved.


“I’ll go upstairs and call Senior Kaoru down.”


Many servants in Thunder Castle brought their families to take refuge. When it came to strength, the castle was undoubtedly the strongest place in Delza. Seeing the worried expressions of the adults and the confused look of the children, Lin Xiang gritted his teeth.


Why am I so weak? If I am strong enough, I should be able to prevent this from happening…


As if. You see, the Great Yalide is so powerful, yet she still can’t control her own territory, right?’ A cloud of black air floated out of Lin Xiang’s body, turning into a woman with a model-like figure.


“Sometimes you can’t solve the problem by being strong. Even if the enemy is much weaker than you, but in huge numbers, they will consume you slowly by letting your energy run out, and then attack you. What will you do when that happens? The demon clan contains all despicable creatures. They will let the weak ones die first, and leave the strong ones for the end, which also greatly increases their chances of invasion. Didn’t I tell you before? They were like this back then. I am strong, but what can I do? Don’t always think about saving all lives, because you can’t, and I can’t either. Sacrifices will always occur.” Yalide patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder.


“Then… I want to rescue any living creature in sight.”


“Yes, that alone is enough. It’s like when you stand up for people you witnessed being bullied in that world.”


Walking up to the upper floor of Thunder Castle with Yalide, Lin Xiang opened the door and walked into Kaoru’s room. He was stunned by the scene in front of him.


Under the bright candlelight, the wheat-colored skin was extremely delicate, like a piece of flawless cloth, without any blemishes. In the middle of the black bra was a cleavage, which was not that shallow.


Kaoru was taking off her shirt, but she could not due to her weak arms. The clothes were wrapping around her head and she could not take it off. Only her ponytail was flicking outside.


The scythe weasel stared at Kaoru’s ponytail from the side, following the sways of the ponytail as it swung its head back and forth. When it heard the sound of the door being pushed, it immediately arched its body. Seeing that it was Lin Xiang, it relaxed itself.


“Who is it? Is it Kuji? Sorry, Kuji, can you help me? This shirt is so tight that I can’t take it off.”


Lin Xiang turned around, looked at Yalide, and wanted Yalide to help, but he did not know that Yalide gave him a thumbs-up. With a gleam in her eyes, she urged, “Go! Rescue any living creature in sight.”


“Hey.” Lin Xiang really wanted to go over and hit Yalide’s head hard.


“Kuji?” However, Kaoru was still calling out from the other side, so he had no choice but to give up.


“Ahem…that…Senior Kaoru, it’s me.” Lin Xiang turned his eyes away as he spoke.


“Young…Young Master!!!” Hearing Lin Xiang’s voice, Kaoru seemed to be greatly shocked. Her whole body shifted outwards and she was falling off the bed.


“It’s dangerous!” Lin Xiang ran to the bed very quickly, and supported Kaoru before she fell to the floor. However, he was too anxious. Before he could stand still and support Kaoru, he lost his balance and fell to the ground together with her.


“Young Master, are you alright!” Even though the cloth was blocking Kaoru, Lin Xiang could still feel the concern in her voice.


“I’m fine.” Lin Xiang opened his eyes to see that Kaoru was sitting on top of him. Her lower body was only wearing a pair of black underwear, while her thighs reflected the dazzling light under the candlelit night.


Looking up, it was Kaoru’s abdomen without the slightest fat.


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