The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 47 : Invasion Begins (2)


“Since then, you and I have nothing to do with each other. The end is coming, yet you chose to rot, while I chose a new life.”


“Your so-called new life is to kill your own compatriots and gain new power?”


“Necessary sacrifices are unavoidable. Do you know, Brother, in fact, part of us spirits are transformed by humans. It’s us, noble spirits! Why are we noble spirits smarter than other spirits? That’s because our ancestors were once humans!”


“Where have you got that information from?” Paulie Water was a little surprised.


“The diary of the Great Spirit Elder. The text he wrote is not our current text, so deciphering it consumes a lot of our time.”


“In other words, you already knew the prophecy?”


“Of course. Don’t think that Delza is the only one facing the disaster, but the entire Spirit Country. Several of our city lords have discussed to sacrifice those rotten and degenerate spirits, let them be our strength.”


“As long as we protect, there will never be doomsday at all. But, if you all have given up, it will really be the end.”


“No, Brother, let me tell you one more thing. The Demon King and his subordinates are being sealed in the Demon Abyss. This means that the Great Dragon God cannot kill them, but can only seal them up. If the seal is released… Do I need to say more? The Demon Realm will return to the previous Demon Realm. However, if we rely on the demonic side and obtain new power, then we can control our own lives.”


“Heh… Sure enough, just like I said, great power will make people lose their minds. You haven’t got it, yet you are already like this. After you obtain that… Are you all really a bunch of idiots? In the end, he will definitely kick you away and sacrifice all of you.” Paulie Water said to the guards.


“Don’t try to sow discord, Brother, I won’t do that. We will move towards that future together, and our world will be decided by us. We will also attack the human world, and let human beings taste the taste of being hunted and killed! Hahaha! Brother, you already know enough. Now, please become a member of the sacrificial offering. The more powerful the spirit, the better the sacrificial effect will be.”


The guards began to move, and Paulie Water’s glares became as sharp as knives.


Surrounded by so many water spirits, it was impossible to escape by using water.


“Gentle, I’ve troubled you.” Paulie Water said softly.


“What’s the matter? Although we can’t survive together, we can die together. I’m just worried about Little Silent… Well, with Sir Lin Xiang, she should be fine. Come on, let’s make a final contribution and kill as much as we can. As they said, they are no longer our people, and I will not show mercy.”


“Take charge, everyone, you can ignore the life and death of Brother and Sister-in-law.”






“What kind of creature are they? Their pollution is so strong and there are so many of them.” Hawke looked at the sea of demon insects as they destroyed the land in front of him. He was quite shocked.


“Magic gunners, get ready. Before we get to know the details about the enemy, we mustn’t approach them.”


A group of soldiers using magic came out to the front, condensed their magic, and waited for the demon insects to enter their shooting range.


Every soldier could not help gulping their saliva when they saw the sea of demons. That was the first time they met so many enemies, which they had never seen before. Not only were they crawling on the ground, but some were flying in the sky, just like huge waves above the vast ocean.


The demon insects were getting closer and closer, and the soldiers took a deep breath.


“Attack!” With the shout of the soldier captain, magic cannonballs were shot out.


“Hhong!” The shell of the demons that was hit had cracked. Black blood flowed out and spread across the ground, which was quickly covered by the advancing companions behind them.


“The enemy is not too strong. Continue your attacks and annihilate the enemy in one go!”


“Hhong hhong hhong!”


In the dark night, when viewed from the walls of Delza, a distinct light could be seen.


Lin Xiang and others were standing on top of it.


It’s started. From the color of the light, it should be the attacks of those soldiers. I also sensed that although the demon energy there is rich, the purity is not strong. It is constructed by weak individuals, so they should be demon insects.’ Yalide said.


‘I want to take Risa and the others out of here.’


Alright, but brat, let me tell you one thing, let me stay.


‘You want to stay? How can this be?’


Don’t worry, because the main dragon soul is still fused with your soul. Unless you die, I won’t die. At most, my body will be broken and I’ll need energy to recreate the body.




No buts.’ Yalide’s voice became serious, ‘This is the world I wanted to protect after all, yet, I have let it become like this. This time, I will not watch it fall. Otherwise, nature and all the spirits who live here will get hurt.


‘In this case, I’ll stay with you. I can’t help but be worried about you.’


Wow! Don’t say such words that gives people goosebumps, and it’s making me a little sick, blegh~


‘You scoundrel, you really do deserve a punch.’


If you can defeat me in the fight, then bring it on.


‘I’m going to find Fire Dance first, then bring Senior Kaoru here, and send them back together.’


It’s up to you, but I don’t think Little Silent Water and the others will leave so willingly.


Lin Xiang froze for a moment. That’s right, this is their home. How could they leave so easily?


However, Lin Xiang absolutely did not want to see them get hurt, he had to persuade them well later.


“Everyone head back to Thunder Castle first. After I found Fire Dance, everyone will go back to the human world. Dusty, follow me.”




The girls stared at the sight of Lin Xiang and Dusty leaving, and then at the East where the light was constantly shining and making explosive noises. They felt indescribably depressed in their hearts.




In Delza, there were only left-behind shoes and debris on the streets, as if they have been invaded and became desolate. There were almost no spirits on the road, and the doors of every house were tightly closed.


Wind Chimes said that the Bell of Defense had not chimed for more than two hundred years, which meant that those spirits had not suffered any large-scale attacks before, so their behavior was also normal.


“Dusty, do you smell Fire Dance?” Lin Xiang was most worried about Fire Dance at the moment.


“Sniff~” Dusty sniffed, and pointed to an alley, “Sister Fire Dance seems to have separated from us here and walked in there.”


“Good, let’s go quickly…”


“Hhong!” Out of the blue, more than ten meters behind the alleyway, a pillar of fire rose into the sky, instantly illuminating the surroundings.


“Was that… Fire Dance?” Lin Xiang felt anything, but reassurance. He talked to her mentally, but she gave no respond. It seemed that she was in trouble.


The two ran into the alley, while the pillar of fire was still going on When they came to the pillar of fire, they saw Fire Dance inside, staring at the dozens of Water Castle guards surrounding her with furious eyes.


“This brat is as troublesome as her mother, but it doesn’t matter, since we have the ability to kill her, the spirit from the outer world.” Bloom Water was among them, and he issued an order to the guards.


“Attack!” The guards were all water spirits, and they used their strongest water magic to attack the pillar of fire surrounding Fire Dance. However, before they could touch it, their water turned into steam.


“You damn rascals, how dare you pretend to be my Great Mother to deceive Little Dance, I must kill all of you!” Fire Dance, no, Lin Xiang knew that it was Fire Lotus. Fire Lotus clenched her fist, and the pillar of fire suddenly expanded its radius and became wider.


“Go to hell!” A sea of flames moved towards the guards.


Almost at the same moment, they all turned into water and melted into the surface, avoiding the oncoming scorching flames.


Boom! The building hit by the wave of fire immediately burst into flames.


“Hahahaha, come on, I’m here, keep coming.”


“She said she wanted to kill us, but her strength is just too weak.”


The guards provoked Fire Lotus, which Lin Xiang felt a little strange. At present, they could not hurt Fire Lotus, but if they kept on blindly avoiding her, Fire Lotus would always have the moment when her energy was exhausted. After her energy ran out, Delza would also turn into a sea of flames. It seemed that those guards wanted to use Fire Lotus to capture Delza from the inside!


Thinking of that, Lin Xiang patted Dusty on the shoulder, told her to hide and rush towards Fire Lotus.


“Eh? Isn’t this our Sir Lin Xiang?” After avoiding another attack, Bloom Water exposed himself from the ground and shouted in a mocking tone.


The rest of the guards sneered.


“Sorry, your provocation methods are useless to me.” Lin Xiang took the cold sword out of the storage ring. Emitting blue light and exuding white fumes, the seemingly transparent cold sword immediately attracted the attention of the guards as soon as it appeared.


“That sword! It’s so beautiful!”


“That’s awesome. That sword, how can he be worthy of such a beautiful sword?”


“It doesn’t matter now. It will belong to our Great Sir Bloom Water in a while.”


Bloom Water smiled upon hearing it, “I really didn’t expect that Sir Lin Xiang would give me a gift during this time.”


“Although I have never killed a spirit, no matter you’re a human, a spirit, a lowly demon or the demon clan, I will never allow anyone to hurt my family and friends!”


“Don’t meddle in my business.” The flames on Fire Lotus’s body erupted like a volcano, and the heat wave made the surrounding beings difficult to breathe.


“They all deserve death. They actually took advantage of the softest spot in Little Dance’s heart, pretending to be her mother to deceive her. I will never forgive them!”


“Oh, oh, here we go again.” The guards laughed.


“Fire Lotus, don’t! They just want to use your hands to turn this place into an ocean of flames!”


“These are none of my business! Anyone who has impure feelings towards Little Dance must be removed!”


Once again, the sea of fire rushed over towards them.


The guards smiled at each other and easily blended into the ground.


“Bang!” Suddenly, dozens of stone pillars protruded from the ground. Those stone pillars were at least four to five meters high. Covered by a sea of flames, screams were heard at the same time!






After the flames passed, the stone pillars were still burning, and there were waves of water vapor floating above them.


“Dusty!” Lin Xiang looked back, but Dusty was indeed gone.


“Master, you called for me?” Dusty’s head protruded from Lin Xiang’s feet, and her nose was still stained with dust.


There’s not even a chance for me to join in. Lin Xiang felt a little regretful, but if the enemy hid underground, Lin Xiang really had no other choice. He knelt down and stroked Dusty’s head, “You did a great job.”


“Hehe.” Dusty smirked, enjoying the feeling of being caressed by Lin Xiang.


“Mind your own business…” His ears faintly heard Fire Lotus’s voice. Following the sound, he saw that Fire Lotus lowered her head, but the flames on her body were not dispelled by the death of the enemies.


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