The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 46 : Invasion Begins


The clouds were dense in the sky, and lightning flashed across the clouds from time to time. Ten kilometers away from Delza, a large group of black creatures were rushing forward.


They were ugly demon insects with a hard outer shells, sharp fangs and claws.


The liquid they secreted fell on the flowers and green grass, corroding them like concentrated sulfuric acid. Wherever they went, the grassland would definitely become a wasteland.


“There, there are many unseen evil creatures! They all are approaching!” After several scouts, who went to check on the situation, flew back, they shouted to the soldiers below.


Wind Chimes’s magic, the sound transmission technique, was created by her herself, so not all wind spirits know about it. In the demon world where technology was absent, soldiers could only pass on the words one by one.


“Damn it, the city lords are not here at this time either.” An old soldier hammered the city wall.


Unlike the world beyond the skies, in Spirit Country, the status of soldiers was higher than that of guards.


Soldiers had to go out to fight against demons, while guards just patrol and guard the town. Comparing both roles, their contributions were naturally different.


“General Hawke, what should we do?” There was a barracks beside the city gate, and many soldiers were gathered there at the moment.


Surrounded by soldiers was a spirit who looked to be in his fifties with slightly white hair. His eyes were like an eagle’s and his demeanor was majestic. If humanoid spirits were all about handsome and beautiful beings, then he would be an exception. What he had was only fortitude. His thick nostrils and dark skin had countless small scars, as well as on his arms, and calluses on his hands.


“It’s the first time I’ve heard the Bell of Defense chiming since I was born, which means that the enemies this time will be stronger and in great numbers compared to the ones we’ve encountered before.” Hawke’s voice was so loud that all the soldiers present could hear his words clearly, “Will all of you be afraid?”


“We won’t!”


“Then, say no more! If you’re a male, take charge! Drive out those evil creatures that want to invade our homeland!”




The city gate opened. Soldiers in armor and weapons rushed out.


According to the scouts’ report, those creatures were already close to Delza, so they chose to take the initiative to stop them.


Hawke was riding on a horse, rushing to the front and taking the lead along with some army commanders. The battle was about to start.




The civilians in Delza were also in a panic at the moment, and ran out of Leibao in a mess.


“Sir Lin Xiang…” Furla pulled Jane-Era close to her. Both of them showed frightened expressions, but only Jane-Coral looked fearless.


“Big Sister Furla, take them home. You must believe that you will successfully survive this disaster.”




Seeing that the exit was cleared and the spirits scattered, Lin Xiang ran out.


He did not want Reidy to be impulsive and have any accidents.


Risa and the others followed Lin Xiang closely, but Lin Xiang was so fast that he lost them all at once. Fortunately, Dusty was able to follow Lin Xiang’s remaining scent to lead the way.


“What should I do? My heart seems like it was about to jump out.” Risa was affected by Delza’s flustered atmosphere, and knew that a swarm of enemies was incoming. Her chest seemed to be pressed by something, and she could clearly feel the violent beating of her heart.


“We’ve only been here not long ago. Why is this happening?” Nagisa looked at the spirits searching for shelter everywhere as she frowned.


“There are no creatures that can reproduce safely and forever. There will always be disasters that reduce their numbers and screen out stronger species. This is the law of nature.” Kamiki’s face showed no expression, as if she had seen everything.


Wind Chimes nodded, “This sharp-eyed lady is right.”


“Is Wind Chimes not feeling nervous at all?” Risa looked at Wind Chimes in disbelief, because Wind Chimes looked the same as usual.


“Nervous? No, I don’t have any feelings for this place, probably because I’m not that interested in everything here.”


“What are you talking about?! If this place is really invaded, the only thing waiting for the spirits is death and enslavement!”


“That might be good too, to see the new social system.”


“You!” Risa was so annoyed by Wind Chimes that she went speechless.


Wind Chimes just looked ahead, still looking listless and unable to face anything with energy.




“Reidy!” Lin Xiang was unsure where Reidy ran to. With habit, he ran to the East gate near Thunder Castle.


There, the soldiers had already started defensive work by setting up magic roadblocks, and preparing for battle.


“Uncle, have you seen Reidy?” Lin Xiang grabbed a soldier and asked.


“Miss Reidy? No, Sir Lin Xiang, Delza is about to face danger now, you should go to the refuge quickly. Please rest assured, although the city lord is not here, we will never let any evil creatures break into this beautiful city.”


After the soldier uncle finished speaking, he ran back to his own business.


“Don’t worry, Sir Lin Xiang.” The rest of the soldiers smiled at Lin Xiang and went to help with the defense.


It was night now and the sky covered by dark clouds was pitch-black. Without a single ray of light, the lights around the city wall were dim, while the shadows of the soldiers stretched by the ignition of flames seemed busy.


It was incredibly difficult to search for Reidy among so many spirits.


Oh right, he could just talk to Reidy telepathically and ask her where she was.


‘Reidy, Reidy? Can you hear me?’


After a while, Reidy responded.


‘I’m going to find my dad and brother. It’s dangerous outside, so don’t you come out.’


‘Are you stupid?! We are family now! If something happens, we should face it together! Quickly tell me where you are.’


‘You, how dare you talk to me like that.’


‘Stop the nonsense!!! Quick, tell me where you are.’


‘Outside the Eastern city gate…’


‘I see. Just stop obediently and don’t leave.’


‘Why does this lady have to listen to you!’


‘Because you are my spirit.’


After Lin Xiang finished speaking, he ran out of the city gate.


At a glance, Reidy was seen, and she was surrounded by several soldiers.


“Miss Reidy, you can’t go out. According to the scouts’ reports, a huge number of evil creatures are approaching.”


“That’s right, if City Lord Reggie and Young Master Remi come back and know that you’ve run away again, we will definitely be punished. Not to mention, we’re still in this period of time. If something happens to you, we will feel guilty for the rest of our lives.”


“Hmph!” Reidy did not answer, if Lin Xiang had not stopped her, she would have walked away by now.


“Reidy.” Lin Xiang ran up to Reidy, “Don’t act impulsively. Remi and Uncle Reggie will be fine.”


“Have you not understood? If there is a problem with Bloom Water, then his father, Dusk Water must also have a problem. My father and my brother followed Dusk Water out. If he betrays us without warning, then wouldn’t they…” Reidy stamped the ground.


Lin Xiang also knew, but he was clueless about where they went. But, if Reidy did went out, where could she find them?


“Master, Big Sis Reidy.” Dusty was the first to run over to them, followed by the others behind her.


“Reidy… I know you’re worried about Brother Remi and Uncle Reggie… but you can’t go looking for them alone without making preparations.” Nagisa spoke intermittently, and then breathed heavily. Her physical strength was not very good. The same was true for Silent Water. After running such a long distance, it was inevitable that she would be short of breath.


“Who said I wasn’t prepared? I’m ready. When I meet the demon clan or a demon apostle, I will kill one.”


“Then do you know the exact location of your father?” Kamiki asked.


“Anyway…we will find them in due time.” Reidy looked away with some guilt.


“Heh, you’re just that thick-skinned. What you should do now is to stay in the castle and wait for their return. Otherwise, if they return and you leave, it will be troublesome.”


“Tsk…” Reidy was not very happy. Now that she had calmed down, her thinking became much clearer.


“Where is Fire Dance? Where did Fire Dance go?” At that moment, Lin Xiang noticed that Fire Dance was gone.


“Eh? She was still there just now.” Risa turned her head to look, but there was no sign of Fire Dance.


“Why does it have to be this time…”


——— Two hours ago


“Dusk, I didn’t expect you to do such a thing.” Paulie Water was covered in bruises. He held a water sword and confronted hundreds of guards in front of him.


Gentle Water also condensed some magic in her hands as she looked away from Paulie Water, watching the guards in front of her warily.


She and Paulie Water were surrounded.


Just after the main force was separated, Paulie Water and Gentle Water followed Dusk Water to patrol around. Out of blue, there was a scream. Paulie Water turned his head and found that several guards of Water Castle had killed other guards. No, they were not actually killed, but injured. Blood was flowing everywhere, and although they did not die immediately, they were not far from death.


Before the guards realized what was going on, all the guards of Water Castle took action, wounding all the guards who did not belong to the Water Castle.


Paulie Water and the rest of the guards fought against Dusk Water, but they were outnumbered. Eventually, the rest of the guards fell, leaving only Paulie Water and Gentle Water were left.


“Brother, don’t you understand? This is the beginning of a new life.”


“What is your new life worth? Killing your own people?”


“These are no longer our compatriots, including you, Brother.”


“Can you tell me why?”


“Remember that I once asked you a question? Brother? [If the end comes and there is a chance to gain great power, will you accept it?] Your answer at that time was…”


“[If you gain great power when the end arrives, you will definitely lose yourself, Dusk].”


“Yes, you still remember, Brother.”


“Of course, your question puzzled me for a long time, but I never thought that the end you mentioned would be now.” Paulie Water smiled wryly.


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