The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 45 : The Bell Has Chimed


“We…we really did see you and that woman kill them.” Those animal spirits checked their injuries immediately after Lin Xiang roared his companions away with the dragon roar, and after they carried the injured out of the alley, the bodies of the guards were just seen lying on the ground.


The guards at the entrance of the alley also came over because they could not wait anymore. Both sides found the body, but they could not find Lin Xiang.


“You’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, but why aren’t you saying how such a wound is caused?” Kamiki laughed coldly.


The animal spirits, which attacked Lin Xiang, were speechless.


“What’s the matter? Why aren’t you speaking up? How did Sir Lin Xiang kill them?” All the spirits in the crowd were filled with righteous indignation. They were frightened when they saw the wounds of the deceased before and wondered what kind of creature could do that. However, at that moment, all they wanted was to return Lin Xiang his innocence.


“Sir Lin Xiang kindly taught us how to make food. If you find it unpalatable, don’t eat it. We will eat it ourselves, but you must not slander Sir Lin Xiang.”


“You usually idle around, stay in the tavern drinking all day and don’t work. You want us to believe your words? How’s that possible?”


If there were spirits talking badly about Lin Xiang just now, they were basically suppressed by doubts now.


The spirits, who arrived late, heard the narration of the spirits in front and also shouted that it was impossible. Sir Lin Xiang would never do such a thing.


Bloom Water laughed loudly, “Lin Xiang, oh Lin Xiang, human beings are really cunning. How long have you been here? Look how many spirits chose to believe in you based on only one type of food? Should I say you are very clever in scheming, or should we feel sad for these stupid low-level spirits?”


As soon as Bloom Water said that, the faces of the spirits were not very good-looking.


“Sir Bloom Water, please let me say something. Don’t think that you can look down on us just because you are the son of City Lord Dusk Water and a forbidden soldier. Although we are not as smart and outstanding as you nobles, we also have our own thoughts. Do you think we can’t tell the difference between right and wrong?” A wood spirit led two little girls out of the group of spirits. Her clothes were obviously different from those around her, which was similar to human’s maid outfit.


“The one who says Sir Lin Xiang is a bad guy is the villain!” One of the little girls pointed at Bloom Water and shouted.


The other buried her head in her mother’s lap, not daring to face everyone’s eyes.


“My husband, Div, is an ordinary spirit who goes out to look for supplies regardless of the wind and rain. It is a pity that he became one of the recent disappearance cases. My daughters are still young and can’t go out. I can’t leave them either and our family has no income. It was Sir Lin Xiang who gave us a life, so that I can, with a smile, to wait for my husband to return, to wait for their father’s return. You said that a Sir Lin Xiang like this will kill the guards? I will absolutely never believe it.”


After Furla finished speaking, dozens of female spirits with the same clothes as Furla stood up with their children, “We have the same thoughts as Furla. It is Sir Lin Xiang who gave us our current life. We have experienced the taste of life, the taste of food. Don’t you think that tasting food is a pleasant thing?”


“Yes, usually at home, although I do talk to my family, I always feel that something is missing. Since Sir Lin Xiang taught us how to make food, I found that I have become closer to my family and the time we spent to enjoy eating was also filled with warmth.”


“That’s right! It really warms my heart to have a few friends work together to create food and then sharing them together.”


Many spirits have spoken their minds.


Bloom Water clapped his hands, smiled and nodded in praise, “Your stupidity has once again proved my thoughts. In fact, sometimes, it was not the human beings who are cunning, but you are too stupid. He casually passes on some human knowledge to you, and you just idolize him blindly. Your stupidity makes me want to cry. Since you don’t believe me, I’ll ask him a question.”


Bloom Water looked at Lin Xiang. He kept smiling all the time, making people feel that he was never in a hurry, “I wonder if you humans have something called an alibi?”


“Of course,” Lin Xiang nodded and thought of something.


I see, so are you trying to prove that I have no alibi? Indeed, after buying the ingredients in the afternoon, he was called away by the pig man. There were very few spirits on the street at that time, so they probably did not see him. In that way, when Kaoru and Lin Xiang were not in Thunder Castle, it happened to be the time of guards’ death…


“Then, where were you in the evening when it’s getting dark?”


“I bought the ingredients at the food store, and was called away by a spirit, that’s the one.” Lin Xiang raised his head to the pig man.


“Liar! It’s clear that you asked me to call my brothers to the entrance of the secret passage in the city wall.” The pig man shouted agitatedly.


“Well, both sides have different stories, so what happened then?”


“He took me to the alley, which is the entrance to the secret passage, and then dozens of spirits suddenly appeared and surrounded me.”


“No, he asked me to call my brother there, and then suddenly attacked us. He did a weird move, and it was like a dragon roar. That roar sent my brothers flying away. They are still lying in the medical hall now.”


“Well, what happened next?”


“Later, the guards appeared…” A line of sweat dripped from Lin Xiang’s forehead. Those guys really came prepared.


“There’s no need to talk about the next part.” Bloom Water smiled again.


Indeed, Lin Xiang could not go on. Although Lin Xiang did not kill the guards, they had something to do with Kaoru and Windie. If Lin Xiang said it, then Kaoru would be in danger.


Noticing Lin Xiang’s silence, the spirits all began to waver, making voices of resentment.


“How come?”


“Sir Lin Xiang, is this true?”


Lin Xiang smiled wryly, and just as he was about to say something, Jane-Coral ran to Lin Xiang’s side, hugged Lin Xiang’s thigh, looked at Bloom Water without fear and spoke, “Even if Sir Lin Xiang killed them, those guards deserve to die.”


“What are you talking about!?” The guards of Water Castle drew out their weapons and aimed at Jane-Coral.


Out of the blue, many children ran out and stood in front of Lin Xiang and Jane-Coral, “Sir Lin Xiang did the right thing. You all are not good people.”


“Interesting, really interesting.” Bloom Water looked at Lin Xiang, “Fortunately, you couldn’t bear it and finally make a killer’s move. Otherwise, you would have to stay for another year or a half and I am afraid that children all over the country will be deceived by you. In a thousand years, you will bring an army of humans to capture the spirits and sell them back to the human world… I bet they will maintain their silly smile and let you count the money.”


“Nonsense! Sir Lin Xiang wouldn’t do such a thing.” Furla’s lips were trembling, and her hands and feet could not stop shaking, which showed that she had already given up, “The children’s feeling is right, even if Sir Lin Xiang did it, those guards deserved their death.”


“Children can be forgiven for talking nonsense, but, as an adult spirit, you believe in a child’s feeling. At the same time, you said such provocative words, which I can’t pretend not to hear you.” Bloom Water’s narrowed eyes slightly widened.


The atmosphere seemed to have dropped to freezing point, suffocating the spirits present. Jane-Era clutched her mother’s clothes tightly as her little body trembled constantly.


“I, I think that Sir Lin Xiang must have his reasons for doing that.”


“Sir Lin Xiang, can you please tell us what happened?”


More and more spirits stood up.


“It seems that not only the small ones, but also the big ones are deeply poisoned.” Bloom Water glanced at them, and turned his gaze to Lin Xiang again. His eyes narrowed more and more.


What should I do… Should I tell them?


Telling the spirits what happened would at the same time involve the talk about the prophecy. There might be chaos, but it would prepare the spirits for it, wouldn’t it? Lin Xiang gritted his teeth and decided to speak out.


“You see…”


Bloom Water suddenly raised his hand, and a water blade flew out towards Lin Xiang’s head.


Reidy had predicted that Bloom Water would attack Lin Xiang. The moment the water blade flew out, the lightning in her hand was condensed.


A golden lightning bolt smashed down the middle of the water blade.


The spirits still had not catch on what was going on. Why did he make a move all of a sudden?


“Hmph, you are really annoying. Those idiots who went to you in advance are also annoying. It would have been good to break you in one fell swoop, but they caused me trouble instead.”


“You really have a share of this, right? Why?” Reidy asked the guards of Thunder Castle to surround Bloom Water and the guards of Water Castle.


“Why? Haha.” Bloom Water snapped his fingers, and it turned into liquid and merged into the ground, “Wait to die, you rotten-minded brats. We will gain new strength and survive in the new world.”


It could be found that Water Castle guards who came that time were all water spirits, and they also merged into the ground, disappearing without a trace.


Those animal-human spirits that were hostile to Lin Xiang also hid in the group of spirits and escaped when Bloom Water attacked.


“Sir Lin Xiang, what’s going on?” The spirits were very surprised by the sudden change.


“Everyone may be in danger.”






“Duang! Duang! Duang!” The huge bell interrupted Lin Xiang’s words. When the spirits heard the bell, they froze for a moment, and then showed a look of panic.


“The Bell of Defense bell is ringing, is it about to start?” Reidy panicked, “Dad! Brother!”


Pushing away the spirit in front of her, she ran out. Silent Water’s breathing also became hasty.


“The Bell of Defense?” Lin Xiang wanted to catch up to Reidy, but at that time, the spirits were already in a mess and blocking the way. Therefore, he could only ask Wind Chimes, who did not seem to be affected by the chimes of the bell.


“The Bell of Defense is an alarm bell that will sound when a major disaster occurs. Of course, a major disaster does not mean a natural occurrence. It will only chime when there is an invasion of foreign enemies. By the way, it has only sounded once in the past few hundred years, which was 243 years ago when tens of thousands of demons attacked the city.”


“How do you know it wasn’t the spirits who made the mess just now?” Kamiki asked.


“The Bell of Defense cannot be chimed manually. There is one in every city, and it was made by the Great Spirit Elder himself. When the magic energy near Delza reaches a certain level, it will chime.”


“That is to say, there are many demons approaching, and the prophecy of the Great Spirit Elder begins now!?” Risa exclaimed in shock.


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