The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 44 : The Thief Cries Thief


Lin Xiang’s ability to choose a name was really not very good, and his forehead was patted red by the Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel. Finally, Freed made an opinion, Windie温儿, which she took it according to the English word, wind.


The scythe weasel did not refuse it too much.


“Windie? What a good name.” Kaoru was also very satisfied.


Lin Xiang felt that the name was too feminine. They did not know if that scythe weasel was a male or a female?


Ninety percent, the spirit summoned for contract will be the same gender as its master.’ Yalide said.


‘That means, Risa and their spirits are all female?’


Well, animal spirits prefer human contracts of the same gender as themselves. Although this spirit was not summoned by Kaoru, it happened to be a female.


‘I see.’ Lin Xiang really did not know that.


At some point, there was a commotion outside, and Dusty came running into the room in a panic, followed by Fire Dance.


“Master, it’s not good. Some spirits said that Master killed the guards and hurt the residents.”


“That’s right, Master, there are a lot of spirits down there right now.”


“Those scoundrels, the thief is crying thief first. Are they planning to bite back?” Kaoru was furious after hearing that, and wanted to get out of bed and head to the hall. Although she drank the healing potion, it did not mean that she was healed. The wound on her body still needed healing. When she moved, the area, where her wound was, hurt. Lin Xiang noticed that, and gently pressed Kaoru’s shoulder, “Senior Kaoru, don’t move and take a good rest.”


“But Young Master, they obviously attacked first.”


“Senior Kaoru, just rest well and leave it to me.”


“Young Master… Be careful.”


“Don’t worry.” Lin Xiang patted the scythe weasel on his head, “Windie, take care of Senior Kaoru.”


Windie jumped onto the bed and stood by Kaoru’s side.


“Master, what should we do? Sister Reidy and the others are confronting the guards below.”


“We’re heading down now.”




“You have seen for yourselves, how miserable the death of Norco, Nantes and the others!” A group of guards from the Water Castle carried a few wooden beds covered with blood-stained white cloth.


They were in illuminating contrast to Thunder Castle’s guards, and there was a stalemate.


They were surrounded by an unknown crowd, and they whispered.


“I heard that Sir Lin Xiang killed them? That’s impossible, right?”


“Anyway, I don’t believe it.”


“Why don’t you believe it? Human beings are evil. Maybe it was Norco, Nantes and the others who discovered Lin Xiang’s illegal behavior, so they were silenced.”


“That’s right, that’s right, what good things can humans have? I seriously suspect that the disappearance of the spirits is caused by Lin Xiang’s collaboration with humans.”


The ordinary spirits were divided into three factions, the believers, the neutrals, and the insinuators.


“Human beings are evil biological creatures. The tragic death of Nantes and the others is chilling to see. I really don’t know how he did it.” As he spoke, a guard lifted the white cloth, and the corpse on the wooden bed made the spirits feel extremely unwell.


Although uncomfortable, that was indeed the most powerful proof.


“Hmph.” Reidy snorted coldly, “They did it first. Don’t think that this lady doesn’t know.”


“Oh? Then does Miss Reidy know why Nantes and the others want to do it first?”


Since Lin Xiang did not know why they did it, Reidy knew that the spirits present would not be convinced just because of Lin Xiang’s one-sided speech.


“Anyway, I know you guys did it first.”


“Miss Reidy, are you using your noble status to bully us little guards?”


“Ke…” Reidy glared at the guard who spoke, but he was not bothered at all while he looked at his companions with a well-masked smile on his lips.


“Then let me ask you?” Kamiki took a step forward and looked at the humanoid spirit who spoke first, “How do you know that it was Darling who killed them?”


“That’s because a spirit saw it.” From the group of guards, a blue-haired boy, about the same age as Remi, walked out. He was a handsome spirit with long hair.


“Yes, we can testify.” Several animal spirits in the group of spirits said, “We have witnessed everything.”


“Who is this guy?” Kamiki turned his head to Reidy and asked.


“Bloom Water, the son of the current water city lord, looks like they came prepared. Damn it, what are they going to do at this moment when the city is under siege at any time?”


“I have a guess, but I’ll tell you guys later.” Kamiki stood upright, and stared at the male spirit in front of her, who was prettier than any girl, with sharp eyes, “Have you seen it?”


“I’m sorry, I don’t.” Bloom Water smiled dignifiedly and generously, “But we received reports from residents that our foreign visitor, Lin Xiang, brutally killed several guards in a remote place.”


“Oh? Really? Those spirits, who witnessed it, can you please raise your hand and let me have a look?”


More than a dozen spirits raised their hands.


“Well, very good, if you think Lin Xiang is the murderer, please raise your hand too.”


Hundreds of spirits raised their hands.


“Very well, please step aside.”


“Kuji, what are you doing?” Risa whispered in Kamiki’s ear.


“Don’t you already know who is hostile to us now?”


“Ah, that’s right!” Risa suddenly realized.


Looking at the spirits who raised their hands, sure enough, their gazes were fierce and hostile.


“What a bunch of idiots.” Bloom Water glanced at them contemptuously, and then said to Kamiki, “Don’t you think it’s irrelevant and a waste of everyone’s time if you let them stand in a pile? The main question now is, where is Lin Xiang? We need to capture him.”


“I still have a question. You just said that Lin Xiang killed the guards in a remote place.”


“That’s right.” Bloom Water felt something was wrong.


“Excuse me, why are there more than ten witnesses in a remote place?”


The spirits looked at each other, that’s right, why are there so many spirits in that remote place?


Among the spirits of the “witnesses”, there was the pig man who led Lin Xiang to the alley, and the lion man who led them. They were lucky not to be injured by Lin Xiang’s Dragon Roar of Madness, so they went there to testify.


However, they did not expect Kamiki to be so sharp to grasp the problem.


“They… I remember that when you reported the case, saying that Lin Xiang took you there and attacked you. Later, someone went to the guards, and the guards went to check, but they were all killed by Lin Xiang, right?” Bloom Water said.


“Yes, yes, that’s right, that’s it. Chief Bloom Water, several of our brothers was injured, and they were knocked out by the strange ability Lin Xiang unleashed.” The lion man nodded repeatedly.


“Then, do you think, when you fight with the guards, will the guards win or you?” Kamiki asked another question.


“How is this related to the spirit-killing case?”


“Just answer me.” There was a cold light in Kamiki’s eyes, and her tone lowered, making people feel a sense of oppression.


“Isn’t this nonsense… Of course it’s the guards.”


“Good, so, Lin Xiang beat and wounded your brothers, and then killed the more powerful guards. Is this what you want to express?”


“You woman… so annoying.” The lion man looked at Kamiki with a ferocious face, “In short, it is true that he killed the guards.”


“That’s right, no matter what happened in it, Lin Xiang killed the guard, this is an undeniable fact.” Bloom Water did not want to say any more to forbid Kamiki from grasping any words, but looked at Silent Water and involved family matters, “Long time no see, I wonder if you still recognize me.”


“I don’t know you.” Silent Water said expressionlessly.


“That’s making me sad, we did grow up together.”


“I will not speak to those who slander my master.”


“So it’s because of your master? I don’t understand what’s so good about human beings.”


“Sir Lin Xiang is very good. He is very gentle, much better than you high-ranking nobles.” A voice from the group of spirits shouted.


Then more voices sounded.


“That’s right. Sir Lin Xiang is very kind. He treats us equally and even teaches us how to cook.”


“He will respond to every spirit who greets him, but what about you nobles? You all are arrogant. Even if we do greet you, you make it look like it’s a compulsory matter. I don’t believe that Sir Lin Xiang will kill the guards.”


“Look, you have all been fooled by Lin Xiang. This is the terrible thing about human beings. He makes you think he is good, and then he can slowly kill you.” Bloom Water smiled lightly, feeling nothing and not paying attention to the spirits’ objection, “The porridge he taught you to make is simply unpalatable. Only you common people can eat it.”


“That’s right, it’s disgusting.”


The two sides, one that believed in Lin Xiang and one that satirized Lin Xiang, began to quarrel. Those who believe in Lin Xiang account for the majority, and more would come later.


“Fine, stop the nonsense and call out Lin Xiang. He probably absconded in fear of crime.” A guard from Water Castle yelled.


“Of course not,” A small voice reached everyone’s ears in that noisy environment. While taking notes, Wind Chimes stared at the man with a kind of radiance in her lifeless eyes.


Everyone fell silent and sought for the source of the sound. Lin Xiang appeared at the entrance of the hall.


“Isn’t this our protagonist, Sir Lin Xiang? What is it? Do you still think of arguing?” The guard of the Water Castle pointed at the corpses.


“But, I didn’t kill any spirits.” Lin Xiang shrugged and spread his hands, with a natural expression. After all, he did not really kill any spirits.


Kaoru killed one by mistake, and Windie took care of the other guards.


“Nonsense! If it’s not you, who else?” The guards of Water Castle all looked at Lin Xiang in fury. Their eyes seemed to be breathing fire.


“He’s got a companion. It was a woman with her hair tied up. They’re both murderers.”


“Then tell me, how did I kill them? You are witnesses.” Lin Xiang saw Nantes with a pierced chest. Although he felt that he deserved to die, the tragedy was still a bit pitiful.


His eyes and mouth were wide open, his expression was distorted, and he was extremely frightened. The other guards’ corpses also looked like they were panicking, as if they had seen some terrible creature. Their chest armor was shattered, and their bodies were pierced.


Lin Xiang once again felt Windie’s strength and terror.


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