The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 43 : Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel


After looking at each other for a while, Lin Xiang took a step. The scythe weasel immediately lowered its front body, raised his buttocks, and made a vigilant gesture.


“That… I don’t have any malicious intentions. Really.” Lin Xiang was not too scared. He believed that animal spirits had spirituality after contracting, and they could see if he really had any malicious intentions.


Step by step approaching Kaoru, the scythe weasel just put on a vigilant posture and did not launch any attacks. It was not until Lin Xiang walked in front of Kaoru and held up Kaoru’s head that the scythe weasel stood up straight and put away its vigilance.


“Huh~ Thank you for trusting me.” Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, and looked at Kaoru in his arms. She had several wounds on her body and her clothes were torn, which made Lin Xiang feel heartbroken.


‘Freed, whatever method you use, let Senior Kaoru get better quickly.’ Lin Xiang felt that it was Freed’s idea that Senior Kaoru became like that.


Hey, I know you can’t bear it, but don’t blame me, alright? This matter has more advantages than disadvantages. I remember that there’s still a bottle of healing potion left during the demon resistor trial in the world beyond the skies, right? Give her a drink, the potion has a healing effect.


Fortunately, when Lin Xiang was tidying up the drawers before arriving at the demon realm, he placed the healing potion in the storage ring along the way. Quickly taking it out, Lin Xiang slowly poured it into Kaoru’s mouth.


The red healing potion flowed into Kaoru’s pale lips, and after a while, Kaoru’s breathing became much calmer.


After tidying up Kaoru’s hair, Lin Xiang carried Kaoru on his back, looked at the golden scythe weasel, being very curious about what that creature was. He seemed to have heard those spirits mention that it was a Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel just now?


This is probably a mutant. Scythe weasels are generally of the wind attribute, and yet, this little guy also has a metal on its body, which shows that its body is hard, its attack is strong, and its speed is agile. It can be said that it has assembled very good conditions. It was no wonder that a spirit like it would not recognize Kaoru as its master.’ said Freed.


‘Then… Since it came out this time, it wouldn’t disappear again, right?’


Nope, it was moved by Kaoru’s determination, and the spirits of the duo have been completely connected. This contract, which can be considered to have lasted for several years, is now finally completed.


Lin Xiang nodded, and walked to the exit of the alleyway with Kaoru on her back. There were several humanoid spirits on guard. They should be Nantes and others’ accomplices.


The Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel wanted to rush forward, but Lin Xiang made a stop motion to it, “No, there are ordinary spirits passing by this intersection, which will cause chaos. I don’t know why they want to attack us, but we mustn’t attack.”


The Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel tilted its head when it heard Lin Xiang’s words. It did not understand clearly, but was he telling it to not do anything? The Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel withdrew its sharp claws.


Lin Xiang looked around and found that the fence there was relatively low, so he retreated a certain distance, swooped up and jumped over the fence, followed by a golden shadow.


“Huh?” One of the spirits, who was holding on guard at the entrance of the alley, heard the sound of landing, turned his head to look sideways, and found nothing.


“Speaking of which, Norco and the others are really slow.”


“They should be teaching those brainless animal spirits a lesson. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have to take action this early.”


“That’s right, what should we do if it affects our plan?”




It was dark, and there were very few spirits on the road, so Lin Xiang walked smoothly without disturbing other spirits.


Back in Thunder Castle, the guards in the castle were startled. First, it was due to the “blood” made of tomato juice on Lin Xiang’s clothes, and second, it was the Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel following close behind Lin Xiang.


Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel, an extremely dangerous wild spirit, was no stranger to the spirits in Spirit Country.


A long time ago, there were a few spirits who went outside to collect herbs, but they disappeared. Later, some spirits went to look for them, but they also disappeared. The place where they disappeared was the same location, so the guards were sent out.


That battle was very difficult. A small wild spirit caused heavy casualties to hundreds of guards. Its scale armor was impenetrable to ordinary magic and weapons, and its speed surpassed that of ordinary wind spirits.


The last three city lords went out in person and killed the wild spirit only after it injured one of the city lords.


After the killing, the wild spirit’s body was returned to the spirit country, and it was demonstrated in all cities, and the spirits were told not to offend that wild spirit, which they named it: the Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel.


Now, that extremely dangerous spirit appeared in front of the guards, so how could they not be startled?


Moreover, there was blood on Lin Xiang, which reminded them that it was the Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel who hurt their Sir Lin Xiang.


“Sir Lin Xiang, be careful behind you.” A spirit shouted, drawing out his weapon at the same time.


“Huh?” Lin Xiang turned his head and looked at the red torches on the street. There was nothing unusual. Then, he looked down and saw that the Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel was in a vigilant posture, “Everyone, don’t get too worked up. It’s not a bad guy. It’s Senior Kaoru’s spirit.”


“Senior Kaoru?” The guards also knew that the woman behind Lin Xiang was Senior Kaoru, “Then, Sir Lin Xiang, what happened to the injuries on your bodies?”


After reassuring the Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel, Lin Xiang looked at the guards, “I can’t tell as well. Will you guys… hate me?”


“How is that possible? You brought us food, and at the same time, you are Miss Reidy’s master. We respect you very much.”


“That’s right, that’s right.”


“Yes… then I shall go first.” Lin Xiang walked into Thunder Castle thoughtfully.


“Sir Lin Xiang, then the injuries on your body…” Out of concern, a female guard wanted to ask, but the Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel behind Lin Xiang glared at her, making her speechless.


Those bloody red eyes could make one feel frightened just by a short glance at them.




“Really, where were you both going… What’s wrong?” Lin Xiang entered the hall, and Reidy and the others were sitting there waiting. Seeing the red liquid on Lin Xiang’s body and Kaoru on his back, they were momentarily dumbfounded.


“There’s trouble… Some spirits want to kill us?”


“What!? Who is so bold to want to kill both of you?” Reidy banged on the chair and stood up, “Tell me, I’ll get them right away.”


“There are quite a few of them. Also, when I say us, I don’t just mean me and Senior Kaoru, but all of us.”


“Master, may I ask what the matter is?” Silent Water asked.


“I don’t know the specific details. Probably right now, some spirits want to kill other spirits… and they seem to know about the prophecy.”


“Why so?”


“I want to know the reason too.”




Kaoru slowly opened her eyes, and a blurred face appeared in front of her eyes. As her vision became clear, she saw that face clearly, it was Lin Xiang, and that was her room.


“Young Master…” Kaoru’s voice was a little hoarse.


“Senior Kaoru, do you feel anywhere uncomfortable?”


“I just can’t exert my strength. It’s great that Young Master is fine.” Kaoru heaved a sigh of relief, and she glanced around, “Where is it? I remember… it came out.”


“Did Senior Kaoru mean the spirit?”




“Hey, your master is calling you.” Lin Xiang said to the scythe weasel on the ground, and the scythe weasel jumped onto Lin Xiang’s head.


“Be gentle…” Lin Xiang was afraid that the little guy’s claws would scratch his head, but fortunately, it retracted its claws.


Moreover, the scales of the scythe weasel would turn into soft fur in non-combat state, or in other words, when in battle, its fur would harden and form a layer of scales to protect itself.


“You finally appeared.” There was a smile on the corner of Kaoru’s mouth. Seeing Kaoru’s smile was rare, and at that instant, Lin Xiang could feel the joy in Kaoru’s heart.


The scythe weasel did not make a sound, just staring at Kaoru.


“Please, accept the lowly I, and become my strength, okay? I don’t wish to… just watch Young Master being attacked, but I can’t do anything.” All of a sudden, there was a 180-degree change, and tears were almost trickling down from the corners of Kaoru’s eyes.


The sudden appearance of tears made Lin Xiang a little flustered, “Senior Kaoru? It has accepted you, and it will show up again. Also, Senior Kaoru, I want to apologize to you about what happened before…”


Lin Xiang told Kaoru about pretending to be dead.


After Kaoru heard that, the tears in her eyes gathered together, forming teardrops and falling down.


Was Senior Kaoru angry? Would she be mad at him for hurting her by doing that?


Lin Xiang was apprehensive, ready to accept all the reprimands from Kaoru.


“Thank you, Young Master.”


However, what he got was a gentle thank you.


“Isn’t Senior Kaoru angry?” Lin Xiang asked.


“Why should I be angry?” Kaoru asked back.


“Because Senior Kaoru suffered so much and was attacked by spirits. At worst, you would have died.”


“For the sake of Young Master, the lowly I have nothing to fear even if I die. Young Master is only pretending to be attacked. If there is a slight mistake and Young Master is really stabbed, what should I do? Thank you, Young Master, for everything you have done for me.”


“I feel that Senior Kaoru should be angry, after all, I put you in danger.”


“No, Young Master made the right choice. If the lowly I was alone, I would not have known when it would appear.”


“Well…” Lin Xiang scratched his head, and the scythe weasel on his head pressed against his hand with its paws, preventing him from shaking.


“It seems to be compatible with Young Master. By the way, Young Master, how about you give it a name? I don’t know how to choose a name.”


“I don’t know how to choose a name as well though.”


“Please, Young Master.”


“Hmm…” Kaoru’s pleading eyes made it difficult for Lin Xiang to refuse, “Little Goldie?”


“Pak!” The scythe weasel patted Lin Xiang on the forehead, obviously dissatisfied. What the heck is Little Goldie? Little Goldie.


“Little Shadow?”


There was another slap.


“Little Scythe, Little Weasel…”


“Pak. Pak.”

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