The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 42 : Golden Shadow


“Go to hell, human!” Noticing Kaoru’s approach, the humanoid spirit using fire released several fireballs in a row.


Kaoru’s eyes were like arrows, and the wooden sword accurately cut through the fireball.


“Hhong!” The fireball exploded, and the surrounding heat rose. Kaoru walked out of the fire wave, unharmed, her bloody cold gaze made the spirits sense slight fear.


“The wood in her hand is definitely not simple. Be careful, spread out and attack. Nantes, pin her down.” The guards separated tacitly, and one of the guards who was good at close combat stepped forward to confront Kaoru.


Unlike the animal spirits before, the spirit named Nantes was trained as a guard and he was very confident in close combat. He pulled out the sword at his waist and walked towards Kaoru slowly.


Kaoru looked at Lin Xiang, who was motionless on the ground, wondering if Lin Xiang was fine. She had to go to Lin Xiang’s side.


Focusing on the spirit in front of her, Kaoru lowered her body and dashed towards him.


Naturally, Nantes would not block her head-on. He did not guarantee that the sword in his hand was stronger and sturdier than that of the humanoid spirit who died just now. He took a few steps back, and the scattered guards also started to release magic, attacking Kaoru.


Disturbing Kaoru with magic, Nantes launched an attack. When Kaoru’s attention was on Nantes, they casted magic again.


Kaoru needed to defend against incoming magical attacks, and also block Nantes’s attack. Therefore, it could be said that she was surrounded by enemies from all four sides.




“Where did he and Suehiro go?” In front of the ingredient store, Reidy, Silent Water, and Risa could not help being surprised when they heard from Furla that Lin Xiang had been there and went back for a while.


“Could it be they went somewhere to play?” Risa said.


“Is there any place to play in Delza?”


“Could it be?! Xiang is finally going to attack that obedient senior? Now, in a corner, where others can’t see?”


“Hey, Satsuki Risa, don’t spout nonsense. No, I want to teleport to him.”


“Reidy, don’t, Master’s mental fluctuations are normal, so there’s nothing urgent. We don’t need to use teleportation magic so casually, or it will cause trouble to Master.”


“Tsk, I’m just worried that they don’t know the way home.”


“Don’t worry, Master and Senior Kaoru should be delayed by something, let’s go back first.”




“Huh~huh~” Kaoru panted, and the tattered Taoist uniform on her body was covered with mud and dust, revealing her snow-white thighs and stomach.


The tactic of the guards, which was similar to the attrition warfare, was very effective. As soon as Kaoru got close to Nantes, the other guards would use magic to attack her. By avoiding those magic, Nantes would come to attack Kaoru again.


“Tsk, this woman is really difficult to deal with. Although I don’t know why she doesn’t use the spiritual power unique to humans, which is obviously beneficial to us, we just can’t kill her.”


“Do you want to change tactics?”


“No, slowly consume her energy till death. Gan Li and the others are guarding the entrance, so no one will come in.”


The sky covered with dark clouds became darker again. It was believed that in another ten minutes, it would be night.


“Ke…” Kaoru clenched the wooden sword tightly.


Was she still unable to stay by her young master’s side?


“Huh?” A sharp-eyed spirit smiled when he noticed that Kaoru was looking at Lin Xiang, and that Kaoru seemed to have been going towards Lin Xiang before.


“Hey, Nantes, take care of our Sir Lin Xiang.”


After Nantes heard the command, he immediately understood and also showed a smile. He walked towards Lin Xiang and grabbed Lin Xiang’s hair, “You are so persistent, could it be that want to save him?”


Lin Xiang’s eyes were closed tightly, and a stream of muddy blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.


“Let go of Young Master!” Kaoru’s eyes widened, and her voice was raised.


“Oh? You’re excited.” Nantes shook Lin Xiang, “I still feel angry for this guy, should we, kill him?” Nantes put the blade on Lin Xiang’s neck.




“We can stop, but how about you stop too? Stand obediently, don’t move, and drop your weapon.”


Kaoru’s chest was going up and down. Her hands were trembling, and immediately, the cold sword fell to the ground.


“Haha, you are so obedient. Hey, why aren’t you guys moving yet?”


The guards glanced at each other, but they were not in a hurry to kill Kaoru. The fire spirit hit Kaoru with a low-damage fireball.


“Hhong!” The fireball exploded on Kaoru’s body.


The rest of the spirits followed suit and attacked Kaoru with the lowest damage magic.


Nantes laughed loudly, “Norco told you not to resist just now, but you didn’t listen. Now, you deserve this miserable situation. This is your retribution for killing Norco. Huh?”


From the corner of Nantes’s eyes, it seemed that Lin Xiang’s fist was clenched. However, there was nothing unusual about it when he looked again. Lin Xiang was now half-dead, and when his blood ran out, his life would be over.


“A hallucination?” Nantes murmured, and then looked at Kaoru, who was already bruised and almost unable to stand, as he shouted to his companion, “Hey, get rid of her quickly. Clean up, and then go drink porridge. Only this thing is left to prove that they have existed.”


“Damn it…” Kaoru fell powerlessly to the ground. She slightly opened her eyes to see a spirit walking towards her with a sword. She could not help, but felt despair.


She still… could not protect her young master… No matter how hard she practiced her swordsmanship, she still could not, protect her young master?


Looking at Lin Xiang again, Nantes was stepping on Lin Xiang and pointed his sword at Lin Xiang’s neck, “Sir Lin Xiang, in order to thank you for allowing us to drink porridge, let me let you go now.”


Am I just watching Young Master helplessly during my death?




Her heart beat violently.


Is there really nothing I can do next?


Deep within, a light seemed to ignite.


Death… doesn’t matter to the lowly I… but I will never allow Young Master to get hurt in front of me!


The ray of light became radiant.



“Ah!” With a scream, Nantes, who was about to stab down, suddenly raised his head, only to see the spirit walking towards Kaoru fell to the ground. At the same time, a golden figure rushed towards him, bringing a cool breeze.




Nantes, who had not understand what was going on, raised his head and slowly lowered it. A complete round hole appeared in his chest.


From the round hole, on the other side blocked by his body, there was a golden creature lying on the ground.


“What’s… that… A Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel?” A spirit with trembling lips called out.


“It’s really the Golden Shadow Scythe Weasel! Where did it come from?!”


The creature that appeared out of the blue had golden scales and looked extremely solid. Its sharp nails were like knives as it left a few scratch marks on the ground.


Small red eyes stared at every spirit present.


“Oh no, run.” A spirit turned around and ran. A gust of wind blew through his body, and he fell to the ground, like a robot that suddenly lost its power, not getting up again.


“Are we… are we going to die here?” The remaining three spirits gulped, they understood how powerful that creature was.


“If we run away, we will definitely die. If we fight it, maybe we will attract the attention of our companions outside. By then, we will still have a chance to survive.”




The three spirits took a deep breath, exerted their greatest strength, and released their magic.


There was no conflict as the wind, fire and electricity, three kinds of magic, blended well together to form a more powerful mix of magic.


The scythe weasel looked at the flying magic, took a few steps back, and leaped. Turning into a gust of wind, it cut the mix of magic without further doubt.


In the next second, “Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh,” the armor of the three spirits burst, and blood came splashing out like a fountain.


The scythe weasel flicked its bloody nails, and slowly walked up to Kaoru.


“It’s…it’s you…” Kaoru still had a sliver of consciousness. After seeing the scythe weasel, she completely passed out.




“So this is the spirit of Senior Kaoru…” Lin Xiang got up from the ground and patted the dust away.


The scythe weasel turned its head and looked at Lin Xiang. Their gazes met.


“Don’t be nervous, I’m not an enemy.” Lin Xiang did not know if it could hear him, but fortunately, the scythe weasel did not make further movements.


Lin Xiang was really taken aback when he saw the scythe weasel’s attack without delay.




Earlier, when he came out from the alley and met those guards, Freed told Lin Xiang that those guards were not a good thing either.


Just as Lin Xiang was about to take Kaoru away, Freed suddenly commented that it was a great opportunity.


Do you want Suehiro little girl’s spirit to appear? While I’m not entirely sure, the odds are high. In a while, show a little gap. Those guards will definitely attack you. You don’t have to resist and don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Yalide will help.


After that, Lin Xiang turned around. At the moment when the guard stabbed him with a sword, Yalide split the space where the guard wanted to pierce Lin Xiang, letting the sword penetrate Lin Xiang’s body and appearing on the other side. That method was like Lin Xiang had been pierced.


Lin Xiang was furious. Since Yalide could make the attack ineffective in that way, why didn’t she use that trick to defend?


Yalide explained that the trick only worked against ordinary attacks without any blessings of spiritual magic. That was because spiritual power and magic would make that space invalid.


That made Lin Xiang became even more furious. What if the spirit used a weapon with magical blessings on him, or attacked him directly with magic?


Yalide replied with, ‘We’ll decide when the moment comes.


However, in order to let Kaoru’s spirit appear, Lin Xiang had no choice but to take risks.


Then, there was blood. Yalide had some tomato juice hidden with her. Since dragon energy could be converted into many types of energy, it was extremely simple to use it to change the texture of the tomato juice. That made them thicker, brighter red, and smelly.


Fortunately, the spirit did not use any further ability, only using a weapon to assassinate Lin Xiang. Everything went smoothly, and Lin Xiang fell to the ground, pretending to be seriously injured. However, when Kaoru was attacked by magic, Lin Xiang almost could not help, but want to be involved in the fight.

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