The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 41 : Ambushed (2)


In order not to make too much noise, those spirits did not use magic, so they were all holding metal weapons. The number of spirits was not easy for Lin Xiang and Kaoru to deal with, especially because the space there was small and it was not convenient to move around.


“Charge!” They rushed over, and the battle began.


Lin Xiang dodged a spirit’s slash and hit it on the head with his fist.


The spirit did not have time to scream, and fell to the ground. Lin Xiang quickly bent down, picked up his sword and immediately raised it, blocking another spirit who wanted to take the opportunity to attack.


Standing up abruptly, Lin Xiang kicked the spirit in the abdomen.


“Pfft!” The spirit immediately flew out and hit several of its companions.


“Senior Kaoru, try not to hurt them.” Although Lin Xiang used force those few times, it would not harm the lives of the spirits.


“Understood, Young Master.”


Kaoru held the wooden sword, and hit four in a row. The opponent’s metal weapon was immediately shattered. As a result of losing the weapon, they were hit by Kaoru in the neck and fainted.


“I didn’t expect this Lin Xiang to look weak, yet moving so quickly, Carter.”


“Understood.” The cat man who attacked at the beginning approached Lin Xiang relying on agile steps, and chopped towards Lin Xiang’s head with his sword.


Seeing him holding the sword in one hand, Lin Xiang knew that his move was a feint, and he would launch a real attack the next second after Lin Xiang blocked it.


That place was very narrow. If Lin Xiang hid, Kaoru behind him might be affected, so he could only block it.




Sure enough, just as Lin Xiang thought, the moment the cat man’s sword hit Lin Xiang’s sword, sparks came out. The other hand with sharp claws stretched out and tried stabbing Lin Xiang’s heart.


Lin Xiang had been prepared for a long time. Like Kaoru before, he pushed his sword to the side and turned to the side. The cat man missed his attack, and his body leaned forward to expose a gap. Lin Xiang directly chopped the cat man’s neck with a knife.


“Ugh!” The cat man let out a painful grunt and fell to the ground.


At that moment, more than ten spirits have fallen.


Kaoru knocked down the most. Using close combat was the biggest mistake of that group of spirits.


The rest of the spirits also realized that and stopped moving forward, surrounding Kaoru and Lin Xiang from both sides.


“Hey, can you explain why you are doing this?” Lin Xiang looked at the pig man hiding behind the spirits and asked in a low voice.


“Hmph, you don’t need to know that. You, and other humans, need to die, including the city lord and other guards.”


“So, you want to rebel? Because there are very few spirits like you who can become nobles?” Lin Xiang thought of that question when he saw that they seemed very angry. There were very few animal spirit nobles, at least not in Delza.


“That’s not it, we…” Although the pig man has a human body, his head was a pig’s head, so his brain was still a pig’s brain. However, when he was about to say something, a lion man next to him covered his mouth. The lion glared at him, and the pig swallowed his words back immediately.


“You want to know, right? Let me tell you one thing. The country of spirits is about to be destroyed, and you will affect our future life. For our life in the future, you must die.”


“Huh?” Lin Xiang was taken aback when he heard that. Spirit Country was going to be destroyed? Did they know about that prophecy?


“I wanted to deal with you quietly at first, but unfortunately, you are not as easy to deal with as we imagined.” The lion man sneered.


“Are we using magic? Can we finally let go and do it?” The spirits were not very proficient in melee combat, and magic was their strong point.


There were at least thirty spirits left. If they all used magic… that would be bad.


Lin Xiang just heard from Freed that some spirits in Delza were weird, but he never thought that they would want to kill him.


“Senior Kaoru, be careful.” Lin Xiang stared at one end, and Kaoru guarded the other as the two of them backed away slowly. Their backs could not help leaning together, “I will cover Young Master. Young Master should use that speed to escape.”


“What nonsense are you saying, Senior Kaoru? I won’t leave you behind.”


“But, if they switch to long-range attacks, it will be very difficult to avoid them with this little space. We can’t get close either.”


“Indeed… so we need to find a way…” Lin Xiang looked around. There were high walls on both sides with a height of six to seven meters. The highest height Lin Xiang could jump was just over 4 meters. If he brought Kaoru with him, it would become three meters, which was just half the height of the wall.


“Everyone get ready. We have to end this quickly.” Seeing Lin Xiang’s helplessness, the lion man was in a good mood.


“What about the brothers on the ground? When the magic explodes, it will affect them.” A spirit reminded.


“Never mind that, necessary sacrifices are inevitable. Let’s kill him and that woman, and later, we’ll blow up Thunder Castle to avenge our brothers. In that way, humans and spirits who know will die, and we will welcome a new world.”


“What did you say?” Their target was not only themselves, but also Silent Water and the others?


Lin Xiang really could not figure out why those spirits would do such a thing.


The spirits began to condense their magic, while Kaoru became a little nervous, “Young Master, take this opportunity to attack the spirits on the side.”


When concentrating on their magic, distraction would cause the magic to fail or reduce its power.


Lin Xiang nodded and walked in the direction he came from.


“Stop dreaming!” A few water spirits, who had thought about how Lin Xiang and the other would act, had combined to create a stream of water to block the way.


Lin Xiang slashed with his sword. Just like hitting the water with a sword, it only caused a burst of ripples.


“Damn it!” Kaoru kept attacking, but it had no effect.


Looking at the magic of various colors condensed on the hands of the spirits on both sides, Lin Xiang shed a line of sweat, “I didn’t want to hurt any of you at first, but since you plan to hurt Senior Kaoru, Silent Water and the others, you can’t blame me…”


“Humans, just keep trying to be brave. Our magic, with your power, cannot be broken at all.”


“Really… heh.” Lin Xiang smiled, pulled Kaoru behind him, and took a deep breath, “Hooo— Haggeli!”


“Bang!” The deafening sound was even louder in the alley, and a mighty energy group came roaring out, hitting the water wall and blowing the water wall away. Without stopping, the energy group continued to push forward.


Due to the roar, the spirits’ ears buzzed, and they subconsciously covered their ears. There was no time to dodge, and they were all sent flying by the Dragon Roar of Madness.


The spirits on his side collapsed, and the magic condensation of the spirits on the other side were also interrupted because of the loud roar. Lin Xiang took Kaoru, who was covering her ears, and ran along the way they came from.


Looking at the screaming spirits on the ground, Lin Xiang frowned, “Damn it, what in the world is going on.”


After running out of the alley, there was a street, but there were no people in the street, only a few humanoid spirit guards patrolling.


“Hey, guards over there.” Lin Xiang waved to the guards.


The guards were wearing blue armor, and Lin Xiang knew that they were the guards of the Water Meredith family.


Delza had three types of guards, Reiworth, Wind Style and Water Meredith. To be a guard as a spirit, they would need to choose to join one of those three.


“Sir Lin Xiang? What’s the matter?” The other party was taken aback when he saw Lin Xiang, and then rushed over in a hurry.


“Senior Kaoru, stay here.” There were still ringing in Kaoru’s ear because of the dragon’s roar. She nodded and opened her eyes slightly, watching Lin Xiang talking to the guards.


“What? There’s such a thing?” The guards were led by a young male humanoid spirit. Like most humanoid spirits, he had regular facial features. But, at the moment, his face was full of shock.


“I don’t quite know what’s going on. You should go and have a look.” After Lin Xiang finished speaking, he turned and walked back to where Kaoru was.


“Understood.” The team leader responded, looking at Lin Xiang’s back, he pulled out his sword and stabbed Lin Xiang’s waist.




The long sword pierced through Lin Xiang’s abdomen, and red blood dripped from the tip of the sword. Lin Xiang turned his head slowly and saw the ferocious look on the humanoid spirit’s face, “Those idiots, since they don’t obey orders.”


Kicking Lin Xiang away and drawing out his long sword, the humanoid spirit looked at Lin Xiang who fell to the ground, and laughed, “Ha! Enjoy your death, slowly.”


Blood flowed out from Lin Xiang’s stomach and spread around.


Kaoru, who was not far away, had witnessed that scene with her very own eyes. She was stunned.


“Hey, there’s a human over there, let’s kill it too.” A guard said.


“You don’t have to remind me.” The humanoid spirit held the sword and walked towards Kaoru, “Don’t resist like that Lin Xiang. It will be solved in one go, and it won’t be that painful. If you want to blame, it’s because you know too much.”


What did he… do? The blood on that sword… belonged to Young Master, and the blood on the ground…


Kaoru’s brain began to lose her thought process, and her pupils were flickering. At that moment, she only had one thought, which was to get rid of the creatures that would harm her young master.


The white in her eyes were filled with blood veins as Kaoru raised the sword and rushed towards the humanoid spirit.


“Go to hell!” Holding up the blade of the sword, she slashed at the humanoid spirit.


“Idiot, I told you not to resist, stupid human being.” The humanoid spirit smiled, and used his metal sword to resist the wooden sword in Kaoru’s hand.


“Crack!” Under the inconceivable gaze of the humanoid spirit, the metal sword in his hand was cut off easily. Moreover, after the wooden sword broke the metal sword, it did not stop its tracks and directly hit him on the head.


Blood spewed everywhere.


“What happened?” The other guards were all dumbfounded.


Kaoru, whose face was stained with red plasma, glared at them with great hatred. With a cold gleam in her eyes, she voiced, “How dare you… How dare you take action against Young Master… Bet your life and I will kill you too.”


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