The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 40 : Ambushed


“What’s wrong? Young Master?” Senior Kaoru could not help asking when she noticed his behaviour like that.


“Nothing.” Lin Xiang shook his head. It was probably an illusion.


When he and Senior Kaoru came to the newly-opened human’s ingredients store, more spirits were finally seen there.


The structure of the ingredient store was similar to a small supermarket in the human world, and it was built by the spirits ordered by Reidy. That could facilitate the management and classification of ingredients. The spirits also liked that shop structure very much.


Although the food he taught them to cook was just simple egg porridge, it seemed to have spread amongst the spirits. If it was not for the incident of the demon apostles, Lin Xiang thought that the atmosphere would be better.


“Sir Lin Xiang! Welcome.” There were more than ten human’s ingredient stores in Delza, and the one he visited with Senior Kaoru was relatively close.


The owner was Furla, the wood spirit who lost her husband. The spirits who opened the store together with her could be said to have lost their relatives.


The funds for the establishment of the store were provided due to Lin Xiang’s request for Reidy to subsidize it.


The missing spirits of the vast majority were adult male spirits, and they were the backbone of those spirit families.


For married spirits, women would take care of their children at home, while men bear all the expenses of the family and work outside. Of course, since the spirits could survive without eating, the money needed would not be much.


However, without a pillar of support, they would have no source of income. Lin Xiang did that to give them a guarantee of life.


Not to mention, business was good. After all, there were not many places where the spirits need to use currency, and the ingredients were sold cheaply, so there were quite a lot of customers there.


Wind Chimes said, by doing that, he had increased the market economy of Spirit Country, which could promote the development of Spirit Country and was very beneficial.


Indeed, after eating food, they would need more money. Unlike before, they would work harder to make money. If it was not for the recent unsettlement, the spirits would have head out to find supplies.


“Sister Furla, hello.” Lin Xiang greeted Furla.


“Eh, it’s Sir Lin Xiang.” Jane-Coral ran over immediately after seeing him, and hugged his thigh like a koala.


Lin Xiang patted her head, “Jane-Coral, have you been good recently?”


“I have! I helped my mother sell things.”


“Oh, that’s amazing.”


Jane-Coral let go of him, and spun in circles in front of him. She was wearing a skirt that was transformed from a maid’s outfit. The length covered her knees, and the color was black and white. As she turned around, the skirt fluttered in the air. She stopped and looked at it with a smile on her face before glancing at him.


“Well, Jane-Coral is so cute.” Lin Xeang also knew now that if a girl fiddled with clothes or skirts in front of oneself without speaking, she usually wanted to be praised.


“Thank you, Sir Lin Xiang.” Jane-Coral happily hugged him again.


The skirt transformed from the maid outfit was the most innovative among the ordinary spirit clothes. It was suggested by Risa and the others. Since they wanted to open a shop, they should do better and have their own exclusive clothes.


Some female spirits who were not clerks like the dress very much. They even wanted to join as clerks, just to wear that skirt.


“Alright, Coral, don’t cling to Sir Lin Xiang so much, it will cause him trouble.” Furla smiled wryly.


“It’s fine, I’m fine.” He shook his head.


“Sir Lin Xiang said it’s all right, so that’s fine.”


“You child… I’m sorry, Sir Lin Xiang.”


“It’s really fine.” It was normal for children to be clingy, especially girls.


“Thank you for your understanding, Sir Lin Xiang, what do you need here?”


He looked inside, and there were a lot of vegetables and fruits on the shelves. He said that cooking could be created by them. In addition to egg porridge, other recipes like pumpkin porridge and red bean porridge were emerging endlessly. The spirits were constantly challenging new methods, so everything that could be used as ingredients were sold there.


“I’ll find it myself.”


“Please take your time. Jane-Coral, why don’t you take Sir Lin Xiang in?”


“Yes~” Jane-Coral ran to the front and waved to him happily, “Sir Lin Xiang, come quickly, come quickly.”


“Sure,” Lin Xiang and Senior Kaoru followed.


When passing by a shelf, Lin Xiang saw Jane-Era hiding behind, afraid to come out. Although she and Jane-Coral were sisters, Jane-Era was very shy. Lin Xiang smiled at her and she immediately buried her head in the shelf. As a result, her nose bumped into the wood, and she quickly covered it to prevent making a sound. She looked very cute.


After buying some things he wanted, Lin Xiang and Senior Kaoru went to the counter to check out.


“No need, Sir Lin Xiang, you don’t need to pay.” Furla waved her hand quickly, and another spirit who partnered with Furla also waved her hand with a smile.


He wanted to give money, but they refused to accept it, so he had no choice but to give up. Seeing how many children they had, he asked Yalide to take out the few candies she had left and distributed to them.


“Thank you, Sir Lin Xiang.” Under the smiling faces of the children, Lin Xiang and Kaoru left the ingredient store.


On the way back, the sky got darker. The temperature dropped and the surroundings became cooler.


“Young Master, you are very much loved by spirits.”


“Am I? It feels the same as usual though.”


“No, whether it’s the clerk or the customer who buys vegetables, the way they look at Young Master was filled with admire. It was different from the way they looked at Risa and the others.”


“Really?” He could not see anything.


“Really. Because of Young Master, although the spirits don’t talk to Fire Dance very much when she was outside, they don’t hold much hostility towards her. The spirits feel Young Master’s gentleness from the heart, and treat every spirit with respect, so they also respect and love Young Master from the bottom of their hearts and treat the people around Young Master kindly.”


“It’s not so exaggerated.” Senior Kaoru said as he scratched his head in embarrassment. After walking a small distance, a pigman blocked the way forward.


“Sir Lin Xiang, I have something to ask you, can you come with me?” The pig man was 1.8 meters tall and had a fat body with a smile on his fleshy face.


“Sure, where are we going?”


“Come with me. That human girl, can you go back first?”


“No, I have to follow Young Master.” Senior Kaoru shook her head decisively, as if she had no room for further discussion.


The pig man hesitated for a moment, “Well, it’s fine if you want to come.”


Lin Xiang was unsure why, but he felt that pigman was strange to him. Was it the way he looked at him? Was that the love that Senior Kaoru said? He was not very sure.


“What do you want me to do for you?” Lin Xiang asked.


“I have a few companions looking for you. I don’t know exactly what they want to do, but you will find out when you come with me.”


“Is that so? Let’s go then.”


The pigman smiled and took the lead towards a street.


Lin Xiang was just about to follow, when suddenly, Senior Kaoru leaned towards him. Her elastic chest pressed against his shoulders, and the hot air from her mouth blew onto his ears, “Young Master, this spirit is a little weird. The way he looks at Young Master is different from others.”


“Huh?” He was a little baffled, although he also felt that way.


“I can’t tell what it is, it’s just a feeling, Young Master should be careful.”




After hearing what Senior Kaoru said, he began to wonder why that spirit wanted him.


While he was talking to Senior Kaoru, the pigman was already standing at the intersection over there. He was afraid that he might not see him, so he waved his hand, “Sir Lin Xiang, this way.”


“Understood.” Without thinking too much, he walked over. He would know later anyway.


Boy,’ At that moment, Freed said, ‘in a moment…




Turning left and right and crossing several streets led by the pig man, Lin Xiang and Kaoru came to a place they were not familiar with. They visited Delza for ten days. Delza was huge, so Lin Xiang and the others did not go deep into those remote places.


“Brother Spirit, can you tell me where you are going?” Kaoru began to frown slightly, looking around.


“Ha, we’re almost there, we’re almost there. I’m taking you to the houses of my friends. They really want to talk to Sir Lin Xiang.” The pigman laughed, the pork on his face was crowded into a pile, which was a little funny.


After turning a few more times, the pig man led Lin Xiang and the others to an alley. There were walls on both sides of the alley, and there was a door at the end, which was connected to the high city wall, which seemed to be a secret door.


“Here?” Kaoru asked.


“Open that door, which is also inside the city wall. The city wall here is hollow, and there’s magic to strengthen its defense.” The pig man turned around and explained, “Although it is hollow, after applying magic, it becomes stronger than a sturdy wall. As there is nothing inside the city wall and has only a passage, no one will normally enter.”


“So, what’s the point of coming here?” Kaoru took a step back and grabbed the cold sword on her waist.


“If no one comes, isn’t it a good place to store your corpses inside?” The pig man turned his head and smiled evilly, “I told you not to follow, yet you did.”


“What?” Kaoru’s eyes froze, revealing the depths of her anger.


“Ha!” At that moment, a spirit jumped off the wall next to him.


The spirit was an owl. It was swift and with a dagger in his hand, it was aimed at Lin Xiang.


Kaoru reacted very quickly and blocked the owl’s attack with the cold sword, forcing the owl back a certain distance.


At that time, dozens of spirits appeared on the wall, and they surrounded Kaoru and Lin Xiang.


“This is troublesome.” Kaoru bit her lips, “I’ll give the holy sword to Young Master. Young Master should find a way to escape.” Kaoru protected Lin Xiang as she stood in front of him.


“Senior Kaoru, you hold the sword.”




Without giving them time to discuss, the spirits rushed over in their direction.


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