The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 39 : Yellow Flame


“Oh~ There’s a lot of spirits, in this case, they can be good sacrifices, right?” Several humans in black cloaks stood on the trees in the mountain, looking at the spirits gathered on the avenue in front of the mountain.


“Yes, yes, and none of them seem weak. All of them at least have the mid-level of the rank A, right? This is very rare. If it is in the black market in the world beyond the sky, they can be sold for good money.”


“Should we charge? Even though there’s only a few of us.”


“I advise you not to act rashly. Remember Luke and the others? We have lost all news of them now. Needless to say, they must have been like you, overestimating their abilities and seeking death. Report this to the prince and let him make a judgment.” A demon apostle said while clinging to a tree trunk before jumping into the depths of the forest.


“Tsk, what a coward. We have already dedicated our lives to the great demon, are we still afraid of death?” The demon apostle who spoke first was a little disdainful, but he followed close behind his companion.




“Brother Wind Fury, should we go in?” Reggie was irritable. He would rather fight the enemies for days and nights than search for them like that.


“It’s hard to say whether there is an ambush here. Although I am very unwilling as well, I suggest that it’s better to go back.” Paulie Water suggested.


The oldest city lord obviously still had a higher ground in decision-making, even though there was no such regulation in the Spirit Country.


Wind Fury’s heart was also in a mess. What happened those few days made him very angry and wanted to kill those humans, but for the safety of the rest of his companions, he did not want to make unnecessary sacrifices.


“Let me tell you what I think. The human beings we meet are all in groups of a few or more than a dozen. They should have their own team. We are at a disadvantage in their hands, which was mainly due to us wanting to catch them. If we saw and kill them directly, then the outcome would definitely be different.” Dusk Water expressed his thoughts.


“They have only a team of about ten people, which proves that their number is not large. As he said just now, if we directly kill them, we don’t have to be afraid at all.”


“Dusk is right. Those brats just need to be killed. We will meet a team and kill each of them. We definitely can find the captured residents.” Reggie could not wait to meet a team right now, start a war with them and wipe out all of them.


“I think it’s better not to. If they are really stationed here, they will definitely set some traps to prevent the spirits from escaping and prevent rescues from coming.” Paulie Water looked at the dense forest and the mountain peaks, while shaking his head, “There are countless unknown dangers inside.”


“Paulie, we haven’t seen each other for more than ten years, why have you lost some guts? You were not like this before.” Reggie patted Paulie Water heavily on the shoulder.


“It’s not about guts. It’s the experience I have summed up after living outside for so many years. You need to be careful in everything.”


“What’s the point of being careful? In the face of strength, any kind of ambush will fail.”


“I support Brother Reggie. Big Bro, if we retreat here and let those demon apostles mess around, more spirits will be hurt.” Dusk Water clenched his fists.


Paulie Water glanced at Dusk Water, then at Wind Fury, “Brother Wind Fury, you decide.”


“Hmm…” There was another murmur, and Wind Fury spoke slowly, “Just like Reggie and Dusk said, Paulie, you haven’t led the team for a long time, it is important to be careful. But now, you are not battling alone. Everyone will be together. Believe in everyone’s strength and we will be able to crush the enemies that disturb the peace of the spirits.”


“That’s right! We want to guard Spirit Country!” A guard shouted loudly, immediately infecting the other guards.


“We want to defend the country of spirits. We believe in our own strength and the strength of our companions. No matter what difficulties, we will overcome them!”


The blood of the guards was surging.


Wind Fury nodded, “Then, let’s form teams. We’ll divide into three groups, nine hundred in one group and three hundred guards from each castle. The rest, stay here, you have to take good care of those a*holes who are about to escape.”






After lunch, it was time for training again. It was cloudy that day, which was very suitable for training. Everyone was also very attentive.


Risa had reached the fifth level of an intermediate magician, and was vaguely about to become an advanced magician. Nagisa had advanced to the third level of an advanced magician, while Kamiki has reached the fourth level of an intermediate magician, almost catching up with Risa. That growth rate was staggeringly fast.


The levels of intermediate magicians and advanced magicians in the human world were actually the names of spiritual power at a certain stage.


They could grow so quickly. Apart from daily training, they also drank something called magical spring water, which was rich in magic power and could refresh themselves by restoring mental power and replenishing magic power. It aided them in their fast growth.


For Senior Kaoru, her improvement was not obvious, because the improvement of combat technicians was relatively slow.


Silent Water, Reidy and the others were spirits, so they only needed to consolidate their skilled moves and comprehend new skills to become stronger, even though comprehending new moves was difficult.


And Lin Xiang, after ten days of hard work, had achieved results. He could finally use spiritual power! Although it was not very proficient, he could be regarded as a beginner in spiritual power.


Lin Xiang was in the corner of the backyard, not affecting the place where Risa and the others released their magic. He held a wooden stick, closing his eyes, gathering spiritual power on it and changing its element.


“Fu~” Upon hearing a sound, Lin Xiang opened his eyes, and there was a yellow flame attached to the wooden stick, which was his spiritual fire. It was the element after spiritual power was materialized.


Although it had a lower level than the fake dragon flame was not a pure element, it still made Lin Xiang incredibly happy.


The color of the spirit fire was very yellow, which shone with brightness. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was golden. That was why Senior Kaoru mistakenly thought that there was a golden flame attached to the cold sword. In fact, he never thought that there would be a golden flame.


Purple, blue, yellow, orange and red were the colors of fire that humans and spirits could emit. Black was from demons and the demon clan. Silver and white were angels. A golden flame was impossible no matter how he thought about it.


Lin Xiang waved the wooden stick in his hand. The yellow flame with an afterimage was very beautiful.


Hey, brat, don’t be distracted, practice quickly.’ While he was admiring the flames, Yalide scolded him.


‘I’m just too happy.’


Lin Xiang was able to use the flame the previous day and was really ecstatic. After all, it took so much time and he finally achieved results. Later, he also tried Yalide’s floating technique in the pool. Although it was only half a second, he felt that he was indeed standing on the water.


“I’m really happy for Young Master.” Senior Kaoru’s voice sounded behind him. With a dignified and neat Taoist uniform and a high ponytail, Kaoru gave off the feeling of a heroic female warrior.


“Senior Kaoru, don’t be discouraged. If a waste like me can control spiritual power smoothly, Senior Kaoru will definitely be able to summon spirits and use spiritual power soon.” In fact, everyone had made such great progress, which was a blow for Kaoru.


“Thanks to the good words of Young Master, I will work hard.”


“Great. Senior Kaoru, let’s continue to compete.”


“Understood.” Senior Kaoru picked up the cold sword he put on the ground. Although the cold sword would turn into a wooden sword in Senior Kaoru’s hand, it did not really turn into a wooden sword. It would only have a wooden feel on the surface.


Senior Kaoru used the wooden cold sword, while Lin Xiang used the wooden stick with spiritual flame.


He was using spiritual flame, while Senior Kaoru did not use anything. It could be said that he was bullying women, but that was what Senior Kaoru requested, because it allowed him to improve his proficiency in controlling spiritual power.


Senior Kaoru also said that in normal battles, the battle technicians would attach spiritual power to their weapon to fight her, so it did not matter if he used it. She could simply adapt to fighting the battle technicians without spiritual power.


It could be said to kill two birds with one stone.


“Then, let’s start.” Lin Xiang grabbed the wooden stick with one hand and slashed at the front first. Senior Kaoru naturally blocked it with the cold sword. At that moment, Lin Xiang took the opportunity to give a kick towards the belly.


That was what Senior Kaoru taught him. When fighting, he could not just use the sword, but he had to use his whole body as well.


Lin Xiang used to not use his feet while learning sword skills in that world, so he really did not think about kicking with his feet.


Since it was taught by Senior Kaoru, the kick had little effect on her. She even predicted that he would kick her when she saw Lin Xiang attacking with one hand, so she pushed his sword away easily, moved to the side, and then lightly scratched his back with the wooden sword.


“Ah… I didn’t expect to be hit like this.” Lin Xiang was a little speechless. If it was a real sword, he would have been seriously injured. It was obviously not long since the sparring started…


“It’s just that I understand Young Master’s attack method. If other people don’t react fast enough, they will be kicked by Young Master. As long as Young Master pursues again, Young Master will be able to subdue the opponent soon. Besides, when Young Master has not used the wind-like speed to fight me, otherwise I will definitely be defeated.”


The wind speed state? Looking back, if there was no wind speed state, Lin Xiang would not be able to defeat many enemies. If possible, he would like to avoid it as much as possible.


“One more time, Senior Kaoru.”




He fought with Senior Kaoru a few times, and found that even if he did know how to use spiritual power, it was useless. Senior Kaoru was able to cope with the battle freely, without using spiritual power, solely relying on fighting instinct. If he did not use the wind speed state, he might not be able to hit her at all. It was no wonder that she was able to hold the corpse king for so long.


Time passed quickly and the sky began to darken. Risa’s food in the storage ring was used up, so it was time to replenish.


Looking at them, Lin Xiang found that they were in tacit cooperation with their respective spirits, and they were fighting in a scuffle. It was better not to disturb them.


“Senior Kaoru, do you want to go shopping together?”


“Well, if Young Master wants to, I am willing to go together.”


“Senior Kaoru wants to bring the cold sword with you?” Lin Xiang saw Kaoru wearing the cold sword on her waist.


“Of course, if Young Master doesn’t want to carry it, let the lowly I do it for you. The holy sword can’t be left alone so casually.”


“It’s the holy sword.” Lin Xiang glanced at the cold sword. It was a stubborn fellow. As long as he attached flame to it, it would increase its ice level.


There seemed to be a trace of white air coming out of the wooden cold sword, but it was gone in a blink of an eye.


Lin Xiang walked out of Thunder Castle with Senior Kaoru, and they reached the street.


The streets were inevitably deserted. The spirits had not gone out to collect materials recently, so there were not many stalls.


Dark clouds covered the sky, coupled with the deserted streets, a gust of wind blew up garbage and debris, making it looked a bit depressed.


For some reason, Lin Xiang suddenly felt strange. It seemed that several pairs of eyes were watching him, but when he looked around, he found nothing.


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