The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 38 : Good Things Don’t Last Forever


During the period of candy distribution, the rice was cooked, and Lin Xiang felt it was time, “Everyone, it’s time to add the seasoning. Adding the seasoning is very important as it determines the taste of the porridge, so be careful. As long as this procedure is done, the porridge will be considered complete.”


“Oh!” The spirits looked nervously at the salt stones that were classified by their sizes in their small bag.


There was a salt mountain near Spirit Country, but due to the spirits not knowing the function of salt at that time, the salt rocks on the salt mountain were abandoned and no one moved them because they could not be used as building materials. It was when Lin Xiang mentioned salt that they started collecting salt rocks.


“Alright, open your pot lids and see if the water has reached the level 10.” Lin Xiang has stipulated where the water level should be, ignoring the difference in the size of the fire, the current water level was about the same for everyone.


“It just reached.”


“There seems to be a little more on my side.”


“It’s little low on my side.”


“Well. For those with the exact water level, put in two pieces of salt. Those who’ve got more can put in two pieces. You can put in a little bit more, but you don’t need to put it if you want. If there is little water, put in one piece, then remove a little from the other piece and put it in again. After that, add eggs, stir with a wooden spoon for a while, cover the pot, and it will be ready to be eaten soon.”


“Wow! It’s even more fragrant after putting the eggs in!”


“The egg and the white water merged into one, turning golden yellow, how beautiful!”


“Cover the pot, cover the pot. Take it easy, stop shaking your hands.”


After a few more minutes passed, under Lin Xiang’s reminder, the porridge began to be served in bowls.


Looking at the steaming egg porridge in the bowl, the spirits swallowed their saliva.


A little apprehensive, they took a sip regardless of the heat.


Time seemed to freeze at that moment, it was very quiet, and the next second, the voices of spirits shouting came to Lin Xiang’s ears.


“Amazing! This taste! Indescribable!”


“Which kind of Asian dragon person said before that it’s not delicious without earthworms?”


“Father, take it slow. It’s very hot, so you can eat it slowly.”


The spirits ate very happily. After all, they waited there for an hour, and their hard work paid off.


Although there was delicious food, the spirits did not forget Lin Xiang. Driven by some spirits, tens of thousands of spirits present shouted, “Thank you very much, Sir Lin Xiang!”


Their voices were deafening, and the birds in the woods around the city were scared away.


Looking at the happy smiles of the spirits around him, although Lin Xiang still faced them with a smile, the more he was like that, the heavier his heart was.


————Ten days later


For ten days, the spirits ate human food, calming down the panic brought about by the disappearance cases.


However, that joy did not last long, and something happened again. That morning, some of the returning guards were attacked. At that time, the guards were carrying the two rescued tiger men.


According to the memory of the guard with minor injuries, at that time, they were on their way back when more than a dozen powerful human beings wearing cloaks ambushed them. The guards killed a few of them. Unexpectedly, those human beings blew themselves up before they died, and many of the guards were injured. The remaining humans took the opportunity to capture more than a dozen seriously injured spirits. The two tiger men were recovering well, but since they were attacked, new injuries were added onto the old ones, and they were also taken away.


The old tiger woman who was going to pick up her son at the city gate fainted immediately after hearing the news. Lin Xiang just happened to be there, so he could clearly see the desperate eyes of the old tiger woman before she fainted.


“Why are humans attacking us? Wasn’t it fine before? Could it be that Spirit Country has been discovered? Are humans going to invade Spirit Country on a large scale?”


Words like that spread throughout Spirit Country in an instant.


Originally, in the past ten days, Risa and the others, whose strength has improved rapidly, were happy that nothing happened recently. However, they did not expect that something would happen so soon.


At noon, they were all sat together.


“Did Jensy hear about anything? Aren’t you a guard?” Risa asked.


“Now, the time I have is for teaching Miss Kamiki, so what I know and what Miss Satsuki and friends know are the same.”


“Oh…” It had been twelve days since they came to Delza. After Lin Xiang taught the spirits how to cook food, the spirits in Delza also welcomed Risa and the others greatly, which Risa and the others liked very much. Now that those things have happened, although the spirits have said nothing, they must be afraid of humans.


“Reidy, hasn’t there been any news from your father?” Kamiki felt bad after hearing the prophecy before.


If the demon world was successfully conquered, the land would turn into hell. The human world would not be so far behind from being invaded. However, even if humans were told of that matter, it was uncertain that humans would believe it. With the humans’ aid, humans would know the existence of the spirits. Even though they could successfully repel the invaders, the spirits would have to live a life of enslavement.


It was because humans would think that if they helped the spirits, how could it be impossible for the spirits not to make corresponding payback?


The human world was such a dirty place.


Therefore, Spirit Country could only resist, relying on its own strength to repel the invaders.


“Who knows,” Reidy was not in a good mood. Her father and the other two city lords had been out for many days, but they had not returned. The guards who were attacked also said that they had been separated from the city lord for several days.


Silent Water was also frowning. She knew her parents well, that Paulie Water and Gentle Water would definitely go with Reggie and the others. If there was no news about Reggie, then her parents would also…


‘Hey, Freed, can we seal that abyss? In this way, more demon apostles can be prevented from entering here.’


Even if the seal can be strengthened, do you think the demon apostle will not send someone to guard their passage? How many do you think you can handle now?


“I…” Lin Xiang met that [Blood Shadow Black Star]’s Ralph on the plane, and he felt that he was very strong. If there was a real fight, it would be hard for Lin Xiang to determine the results. If there were a few more like him…


Well, in my opinion, about thirty is no problem. But, the premise is that it is on the same level as that Ralph.’ Yalide said.


‘Tsk!’ Lin Xiang expressed contempt for Yalide.


Stinky boy, let me tell you a rule. Ninety-nine percent of creatures will show contempt when they face opponents they don’t know and think is weak. Don’t judge me for saying thirty. Most of them are killed instantly when they are not ready at the beginning. It will be more difficult later, because they already have a vigilant mentality.


‘Is there no way to stop the demon apostles?’


No.’ Freed sighed, ‘Unless we can know where the demon apostles gather, defeat them in one fell swoop, and then strengthen the seal. But, the demon world is so big, how do you know where the demon apostles are hiding? Now, the event of spirit-capturing didn’t just happen in Delza, but all the cities in Spirit Country. The spirits who lived in the villages all ran to the cities. This shows that there were quite a great number of demon apostles.


Recently, a spirit village was attacked and the entire village was destroyed. Only a few corpses of earth spirits were left there, while the rest of the spirits were taken away.


Speaking of the spirits who were killed, they all had one thing in common, that was they were all earth spirits.


Freed deduced that the demon apostles killed the earth spirits who were the easiest to leave in order to prevent the spirits from escaping.


‘Is it true that I can’t do anything but wait for them to invade and bring Risa and the others back to the human world by then?’


What can you do with this power? War is very chaotic, and it is several times more terrifying than what you encountered in the world beyond the skies. Dealing with those demon soldiers has drained your energy. What if the more advanced demon clan come? Although Yalide is powerful, she doesn’t have enough energy. No matter how powerful she is, she can’t show it. This disaster is what the spirits have to go through. I want to help, but there is nothing I can do, kid.


Lin Xiang knew what Freed said was right. If he did not know about that, then he might not be worried. But since he knew, Lin Xiang felt very uncomfortable, because he could do nothing and only escape back to the human world to hide.


Just get used to it. You still have a long way to go.


——— Demon World, located one thousand kilometers away from Delza.


From the view above, a group of guards wearing armor of three different colors were in thousands. Walking in front of the large army were a few dog people, with their noses outstretched and sniffing around.


“Damn it! The humans who attacked us were caught a few days ago, but they committed s*cide.” Thinking of what happened before, Wind Fury was furious. The veins on his temples burst out.


“This group of human beings is different from the ones we have encountered before. They are more evil and are not afraid of death. Have you heard what Lin Xiang said? Those are called demon apostles, and they serve a creature that is more powerful than demons called the demon clan’s fallen humans.” Paulie Water looked at the sky. The gray clouds seemed to be approaching and it was suppressing their hearts, making them feel depressed.


“They are a*holes who are not afraid of death. If they are afraid of death, it would be great to catch one and ask them where they are hiding.”


“Brother Wind Fury, a calm heart, a calm heart.” Paulie Water’s younger brother, Dusk Water smiled wryly.


“They killed more than a dozen of our soldiers and injured dozens of them. Do you think I can maintain calmness? Those fallen humans must never let me know where they are hiding. Otherwise, I will definitely use my hands to tear them apart.”


“That’s right, no matter what they are, as long as they hurt our residents, they must be punished.” Reggie was also furious.


“Report to the city lord, the smell has faded here.” A dog person who was walking in front ran back and reported to Wind Fury.


“It fades here?” Wind Fury looked around. The mountains were high and the peaks were uneven. Could it be that the demon apostles were hiding in the mountains?


To find them in so many mountains, they would need a team. However, after seeing those humans who were not afraid of death, Wind Fury did not want the team to separate even though it was very difficult to find the demon apostles within so many mountains…


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