The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 37 : Teaching Food (2)


Numerous spirits had never seen such a large number of spirits gathered in the central plaza since birth. That day was the first time.


Several spirits formed a group. They built a firewood pile and started a fire. According to Lin Xiang’s instructions, they first cleaned the pot and then poured rice into the pot.


Rice paddy was a plant that was very common in Spirit Country. However, spirits grew paddy to use the mature rice as a burning material.


After the rice paddy was dried, it was indeed a good burning material. If Lin Xiang did not mention, the spirits would still not know that rice grains could be used as food after removing the hulls. That surprised them greatly.


What they burned before was actually food!


Adding water into the pot, the work to be done temporarily came to an end. However, those seemingly simple steps made the spirits very tired. Firstly, it was because they were excited, and secondly, it was due to them doing it for the first time. They were worried about ruining the procedure, so they were very careful.


“It will probably take a while now. Take note that the fire should not be too high. We’ll wait for everyone to smell the aroma, and then we’ll put the eggs in, followed by seasoning.”


The spirits nodded, and they breathed heavily one by one, wanting to smell the fragrance quickly.


Lin Xiang glanced around, nodding with satisfaction. At the same time, he felt a sense of accomplishment within. With so many people listen to him, even if he was an introverted person with low self-esteem, pride would arise spontaneously.


“Huh?” Lin Xiang was attracted by the group of two children and a female spirit not far away.


Their ears were a bit pointed, and their skin had a bit of tree texture. Lin Xiang remembered that they were wood spirits. The female wood spirit looked to be in her twenties, while the two little girls were around ten years old. It was not difficult to see that they were family members.


Other groups had family members and friends, but most of them had adult male spirits. Even if there were none, their group would consist of more than four spirits. So far, Lin Xiang had not seen female spirits like her alone with two children.


They were still in the stage of adding water. Their speed was half a beat slower than others. When others were adding water, they were just starting the fire, so they did not hear clearly how much water Lin Xiang said to add. All they could do was to add the water little by little.


“Mama, Sir Lin Xiang is here.” One of the little wood spirit girls, who was more lively, pointed at Lin Xiang, who was approaching them.


The female wood spirit raised her head and saw Lin Xiang. Another little wood spirit girl hid behind her mother in fear. The female wood spirit then started to panic and dared not look at Lin Xiang in the eye. She bowed and lowered her head, “We apologize, Sir Lin Xiang. We didn’t mean to go slow on purpose, please give us some more time.”


She was afraid that Lin Xiang would think they were slow and would not let them continue.


Lin Xiang came over, touched the head of the little girl who was pointing at him, and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, cooking can’t be done in a hurry. If you rush, the taste will become bad.”


“Yes, I understand.” The female wood spirit heaved a sigh of relief. Lin Xiang was not angry after all.


The lively little girl looked up at Lin Xiang, “Sir Lin Xiang, we didn’t hear how much water we need to add just now. Mama is worrying. Can you tell us?”


“As for how much water needed, there is no requirement to add too many. The water added can be more, or less. But, due to a certain amount of salt we need to add later, it is fine to fill the water till here.”


Lin Xiang pointed to the scale line inside the pot.


“Noted.” The female wood spirit added water to the place Lin Xiang pointed to.


“Are they your daughters?”


“That’s right.”


“Why are you the only ones? Where is their father?”


Before the female wood spirit could speak, the little girl answered, “Mama said that Dada has gone out, and it may take a long time for him to come back. But if we make human food, and Dada smells the fragrance, maybe he will come back early.”


The female wood spirit covered her mouth, while her expression showed that she was in slight pain. It was as if she was enduring, trying her best to not let the tears fall.


Lin Xiang also guessed that her husband must be one of the victims of the disappearance case. Seeing how the two little girls were clueless about it, Lin Xiang gritted his teeth.


“Damn demon apostles.”


“Sir Lin Xiang? What are you talking about? Dance monsters?” the little girl asked.


“No, I just feel that your dad will surely be back soon, because you girls make really good food after all.”


“Yup! Sir Lin Xiang, can you help us? The food made in this way will definitely be more, more, delicious.”


“That’s good.”


“No, no, how can we do this? We can handle it. Don’t make trouble, Coral.” The female wood spirit was terrified.


“It doesn’t matter. It’s the same since I’m teaching this to everyone here.” Lin Xiang waved his hand.




He covered the pot and waited for a while for the rice to be cooked. During that period of time, Lin Xiang learned about their situation.


The female wood spirit was named Furla, and her husband was Div. The lively one was the eldest daughter named Jane-Coral, and the timid one is named Jane-Era. Their last name was Woody.


Spirits would get sick. Although there were healing spirits, the treatment was only done externally, such as the heating disease (similar to human fever), where medicinal materials were taken to get better.


Div was one of the spirits who went out to find medicinal materials, but after he left ten days ago, he never came back.


The two little girls always missed their father, and asked Furla where their father was. Furla had no choice, but to take them to learn Lin Xiang’s cooking, and divert their attention.


“Don’t worry, Sister Furla. The city lord has already taken people out to search for it. He will come back.” That was all Lin Xiang could say.


“Well, I hope the great lord can bring him and other spirits back.” Furla prayed.


“What’s your name?” Lin Xiang looked at the girl who had been hiding at her mother’s feet and asked even though he already knew her name.


Jane-Era shook her head, not daring to look at Lin Xiang again.


“Era, Sir Lin Xiang is asking you something.” Mother patted Jane-Era on the head.


“Jane, Jane-Era.” Her voice was as soft as a mosquito.


“Oh, Jane-Era, what a good name.”


“What about me? What about me? Sir Lin Xiang, my name is Jane-Coral.”


“Well, Jane-Coral is a nice name too.”


“That’s great.” Jane-Coral hugged Lin Xiang’s thigh happily. Fan’er puffed up her face next to him, and hugged Lin Xiang’s other thigh as well. The two stared at each other.


“Why are you holding onto Sir Lin Xiang so tightly?”


“It doesn’t seem like your nosiness, does it?” Jane-Coral tilted her head.


“Hmm…” Fan’er thought about it. It really was not her business, but for some reason, she felt very angry when she saw Jane-Coral hugging Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang naturally did not know that the two children were fighting fiercely with their eyes, because he was discussing with Yalide.


‘Hey, Yalide, did you bring any snacks? Just simply take some out.’


Ha? Why would I use my material to pick up girls to help you please the little loli?


‘What do you mean ‘please’? Do you think I’m as lecherous as you? Their father’s life and death are unknown now, and they are quite obedient, so it’s okay to give them something.’


Wow wow wow, you talk like a hero and full of love. It’d be nice if I’m the one giving them, damn it. Hold your hands up and make room.


‘Oh.’ Lin Xiang did so, and suddenly, the air he was holding felt real. After he opened it, there were several exquisitely packaged candies lying in the palm of his hand.


“What is that? Sir Lin Xiang?” Jane-Coral asked.


“Where’s your knowledge? It’s called candy, and it tastes very sweet.” Fan’er snorted.


“Very sweet? What is sweet?”


“You’ll know when you eat it.” Lin Xiang picked up two and put them in her hands.


“Thank you, Sir Lin Xiang!” Jane-Coral planned to throw the candy into her mouth directly.


“Idiot, you have to tear off the wrapper.” Fan’er reminded.


“Really?” Jane-Coral tore open the wrapper, and put the nicely colored candy into her little mouth.


“This, what is this? It’s a feeling I’ve never had before.” Jane-Coral closed her mouth, constantly sucking the candy.


“This is candy, this is sweetness.” Fan’er pursed her lips.


Seeing her sister’s happy appearance, Jane-Era also looked curiously at the candy in Lin Xiang’s hand.


“Do you want it?” Lin Xiang smiled.


Jane-Era did not dare to speak, and bent her head behind her mother.


“Sorry, Sir Lin Xiang, she is afraid of unfamiliar people.”


“It’s fine. It’s normal for children to be afraid of strangers.” Lin Xiang gave Jane-Coral two more candies, “Give your sister a taste too.”


“Okay~” Jane-Coral walked to Jane-Era’s front, while Jane-Era stared at the candy in her sister’s hand with sharp eyes.


“Want some?”


Jane-Era nodded.


“Be polite and say thank you to Sir Lin Xiang.”


Jane-Era looked at the candy, then at Lin Xiang. She lowered her head, “Thank you… Sir Lin Xiang.”


“You have to be louder.”


“No need, Jane-Coral, I heard what Jane-Era said.”


Furla felt warmth in her heart. She did not know it before, but she felt that Lin Xiang was so gentle. The spirits around them had the same thoughts, and even some spirits shyly asked Lin Xiang for a candy.


Naturally, Lin Xiang did not refuse, and asked Yalide to bring out more.


Ah!!! I knew something like this would happen, and I wasn’t even the one being thanked. You brat took advantage of me.’ Although Yalide grumbled, she still took out a lot of candy from her collection.


‘Alright, Yalide. It doesn’t matter for the both of us.’


Hoho, if it doesn’t matter for the both of us, then let’s take a bath together later.


‘Let’s forget it.’


After distributing the candy to the nearby spirits, “Ah mm,” they tore off the candy wrapper and put it in their mouths. Immediately, their eyes opened wide. That was the first time they felt the stimulation from their taste buds.


Carefully folding the candy paper, the spirits put it in their pockets. They must keep that well, so as to let them remember that they might only eat that once in their life.


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