The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 36 : Teaching Food


Early the next morning, when Lin Xiang was sleeping comfortably, someone suddenly shook his hand and woke him up.


“Sir Lin Xiang, many spirits have arrived. And, they are looking for you.” Opening his eyes, Fan’er’s small face appeared in sight. The two red ponytails highlighted a kind of youthfulness within her.


“Huh? Alright, I understand.” Lin Xiang yawned as he sat up.


Just as he was getting himself up from the bed, he felt a trace of heat.


Huh? Why was the place next to him so hot? Have he ever slept there? Not to mention, there was a faint fragrance as well…


Wind Chimes!


She must have been there! The scent was unmistakable. The shampoo and body wash made of unknown spices were exactly what she used.


Could it be that she was doing research again last night? Damn it, I don’t know anything when I’m asleep, I hope she didn’t do weird stuff.


“Sir Lin Xiang?” Seeing that he was in a daze, Fan’er slightly pulled his arm.


“Ah, sorry, I’ll get up now.”




When he went down to the hall, there were indeed many spirits gathered there. When they saw him, they started shouting.


“Sir Lin Xiang!”


“Sir Lin Xiang, apologies for disturbing you so early.”


Seeing the enthusiasm of the spirits made him feel like a king, who was on tour and loved by his people.


“Has everyone prepared everything that is needed?” When he spoke, the spirits quickly quieted down to ensure that the people behind could hear.


They really were educated.


“We are ready, but there are some spirits missing out on one thing, which is the circle thing called a pot. The metal spirits, who are in charge of blacksmithing in the city, are still working on it non-stop now.” A spirit spoke.


“Hahahaha.” Many spirits laughed.


“After Sir Lin Xiang teaches us how to make food, I will definitely offer them a bowl of delicious food.”


“Me too.”


“Me too.”


“Well, that’s good. In fact, it’s not difficult to make human food. We humans originally changed from eating raw meat to eating cooked meat, and then changed to eating various dishes. During this process, the most important thing we need is to keep being innovating. I will teach you some cooking methods, and if you want to eat, you can use your imagination to make new food.”




“Then, I’ll start with teaching everyone how to make porridge…”


During his explanation, the spirits were very quiet. Aside from the occasional noises they made, they were earnest and serious beings.


Looking at their appearances, Lin Xiang thought of the disaster that would happen at an unknown time, making his heart feel very uncomfortable. All he could do was to make them happy.


He really hoped that food could bring them warmth and provide them strength during the most difficult period.


There were not really enough spirits that could gather in Thunder Castle Hall. Since they could only look and not being able to practice, Lin Xiang asked Fan’er if there was a plaza, which she replied that there was a central plaza.


The three castles where the three lords lived formed a triangle, and the central plaza was in the center of the triangle. Lin Xiang wandered around aimlessly before, but he really did not know that a central plaza was present.


Followed by a group of spirits, they came to the central plaza in a grandiose way. Lin Xiang found that the central plaza was not the usual kind of spacious.


Yalide said that that might be a place where a large number of soldiers gather.


There was a high platform in the middle of the central plaza, which was really like a place where the leader would give speech. However, was he really able to use that location so casually?


A few patrolling guards walked by. Looking at their armor, they should be from Wind Chimes’s side. Lin Xiang asked them about it, and they reassured him that it was not a problem.


“Besides, we are also looking forward to the food made by Sir Lin Xiang! If it wasn’t for our jobs, we will surely be some of the spirits behind you.”


“Ha… After I teach everyone, you all can eat it too.”


“Yes, please.” After they finished speaking, the guards also went to patrol elsewhere.


Standing on the high platform, Lin Xiang realized that the spirits were densely packed in all directions, covering the entire plaza. Fan’er was next to him, trembling, showing that she was very nervous.


Lin Xiang could also experience the feeling that Angie got as a singer, standing on the stage in front of the TV and receiving the attention of thousands of people.


The central plaza was very spacious and open-air, so it was impossible for him to speak loudly… Maybe even the spirits standing below him could not hear a single word he said.


Just when he was about to find a solution, a figure flew in the air. Lin Xiang narrowed his eyes and gradually saw the person incoming. Dressed in a kimono-like black outfit with short purple hair fluttering in the wind and spiritless eyes that would never fully open, Wind Chimes landed in front of him.


“Why did you come?”


“Did you know? Aside from the lords, there was never a situation where a large number of spirits could gather in one place. How could I miss such an interesting thing? I want to record that it’s the first time a human teach spirits to make food.”


“Really…” Lin Xiang scratched his head. Wind Chimes always liked to record anything, which probably make her some kind of historian who wrote history?


“Fan’er, is there anything that can amplify my voice?” Lin Xiang did not know if there was such a thing as a loudspeaker in Spirit Country.


“N… no.” With so many spirits watching, Fan’er trembled as she spoke.


“This is troublesome…”


The sun was hanging slantingly in the sky, which made him feel a little warmth.


The spirits were also very quiet and did not make any noise because he had not spoken for a long time. However, that gave him a lot of pressure.


“Fufufu~” Wind Chimes let out a strange laugh, “Do you need it? A way to make your voice louder.”


“Uh… Are you implying that you have it, but have conditions that you want me to offer in exchange?”




“What’s your condition…?” Lin Xiang gulped. He wondered what kind of condition Wind Chimes would propose.


“How about letting me kiss you? The spirits have a saying that being kissed by a human will form a contract. I don’t think that’s true, so I want to experiment.”


“No, no, no, this won’t do. What if a contract was really formed?” Lin Xiang heard Freed say that a kiss would not actually form a contract. Both parties must accept each other. At worse situations, one party must be strong in thoughts, while the other party would not have any repels from the heart.


“If the contract is made…” Wind Chimes thought for a while, “So be it.”


“You’re speaking too casually! Wouldn’t anyone be able to be your master?”


“That’s not it too. I have seen human beings before, but I am not interested in them. In their eyes, I only see greed. This is the first time I have seen someone as special as you. So, can you accept it?”


“Let’s not talk about whether we can make a contract or not. Kissing is not really encouraged for men and women with bad relationships.”


“Yes, yes.” Wind Chimes wrote down his words in her notebook, and she would occasionally extract what he said to Risa and the others.


“Then when our relationship gets better, it will be fine, right?”


“How can that be?!” Lin Xiang yelled out.


“Eh, what are Sir Lin Xiang and Miss Wind Chimes talking about?”


“I don’t know. Miss Wind Chimes is a weird one. I hope she won’t disturb Sir Lin Xiang teaching us how to cook food.”


With better hearing, Lin Xiang could hear the spirits started whispering. After all, the delay was too long.


“Can you change it to something else?” He asked.


“Yes.” Wind Chimes’s eyes wandered all over his body, “The research has been completed, and I don’t know what can be studied at present.”


What research had been completed? What did she do to him in his sleep?!


“Well, for now, I just want to see how you teach the spirits make food, so I will help you for free.”


“What is do you mean for free! What the hell did you do while I was asleep?”


“Hehe.” Wind Chimes covered her mouth and smiled, and looked into the distance, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, so let’s stop the gossip and start.”


“Don’t try to change the subject.” Lin Xiang felt a deep sense of powerlessness when in face of Wind Chimes and her strong desire to explore.


Being disturbed by her like that, Lin Xiang felt that his nervous heart had slightly calmed down. He was very curious about what she was going to do.


“The wind can make sound travel farther. You know that, right?” Wind Chimes put away her notes and explained to him.


“That’s right…”


He saw an experiment in textbooks before. In the case of no wind, downwind and headwind, the same decibel sound was produced, and the sound would be received at the same distance.


Experiments have shown that the sound received by the downwind was clearer, and the headwind was less clear.


“You mean to use the wind to carry my voice farther away?”


“Well, with the wind, everyone can hear your voice clearly.” Wind Chimes closed her eyes for a while, and then opened them. At that moment, Lin Xiang could see a gray flickering light in her pupils. She stretched out her hand and tapped on his forehead, “It’s done.”


“Just like this?” It was unexpectedly fast.


“Ahem… the spirits in the distance, can you hear my voice?” Lin Xiang said as he looked at the spirits at the edge of the plaza, even though he did not feel that his voice was getting louder.


“Yes, Sir Lin Xiang! This is amazing. It’s so far away, but we can hear it so clearly.”


“That’s right! Just now, I was worried that I couldn’t hear Sir Lin Xiang’s voice.”


There was a burst of response from the spirits, which showed that they obviously heard him. Magic was really such a majestic thing.


“Then, have everyone brought the things I told?”


“We are well-prepared.” He could see some spirits carrying ordinary-sized round pots on their backs, some carrying cloth bags containing ingredients, while some were holding firewood.


“Well, humans have a saying, ‘practice is the key to mastery’, so now, let’s learn while making.”


“Yes!” The deafening voices of the spirits sounded from the plaza.


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