The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 35 : Meeting


———— Wind Castle


In the secret room on the basement’s third floor, the three city lords sat around the round platform as their confidantes stood beside them. Everyone had a serious face, and the atmosphere seemed to have dropped to zero, as if the surroundings were frozen.


“This matter can be huge or small… Reggie, are you sure what your daughter said is true?” The older purple-haired wind spirit with graying hair was one of the three city lords, the Wind City Lord. It was Wind Fury that broke the silence.


“That guy, Paulie Water, told me to go meet him. He has two tiger men who escaped from the evil humans, named demon apostles. If you don’t believe me, just ask them.”


“Brother…” Another young man who looked to be in his early thirties spoke. He looked very handsome, with slightly fair skin, which made people felt that he was a little fragile. He was Paulie Water’s younger brother, Dusk Water. Dusk Water looked at Wind Fury, “I believe that Brother will not lie to us.”


“It’s not that I don’t believe him, but I just want to further confirm the Great Spirit Elder’s prophecy. As you know, if the news about this matter spreads, it goes without saying that Delza will fall into chaos, the entire Spirit Country will suffer, let alone fighting against those evil creatures.”


“City Lord Wind Fury’s consideration is not wrong. I can guarantee that this matter is very reliable. The question is, when the evil creatures will attack, how should we prepare, and what are they doing by catching those spirits?” Reggie’s words made the secret room fall into a trap of silence again.


“There are still countless unknown things. Let’s see if we can rescue those captured spirits first. It’s very dangerous to set off at night, so we will have to leave after dawn.” Wind Fury came to a conclusion.


No one else had another opinion either.


Since the enemy was known, the meeting ended very quickly. As Reggie’s confidant, Tuberson spoke up some of his thoughts.


“Miss seems to have mentioned about sacrifices. Sacrifice is a custom carried out by demons. If the spirits were captured, they might be used as sacrifices…”


“I’ve thought about it too. If we can’t save the spirits, we will lose the residents of the city. There will be evil creatures appearing as well, which will cause double the damage. All we can say that we are racing against time.”


“That’s right. It’s best to go tonight, but as City Lord Wind Fury said, it’s not safe at night, so we have to pick up our pace tomorrow.”


“Yes. I know.” Reggie nodded.


Just as they were about to leave, Dusk Water walked up to Reggie and called out to him, “City Lord Reggie.”


“What’s the matter? Dusk Water, if it’s not about business now, just call me Brother.”


Due to Reggie and Paulie Water’s good relationship, Reggie was no stranger to Paulie Water’s younger brother.


“Brother Reggie, I heard that my brother’s daughter was contracted by a human, she has now returned to Delza and is staying in your house…”


“Yes, it’s true. She came last time, why didn’t you go to meet her?”


“Haha…” Dusk Water scratched his head embarrassingly, “I was too busy last time, so I didn’t know it at all. If I didn’t confirm this with Brother Reggie, I might still be clueless and don’t know what’s going on.”


“Why? Do you want to see her?”


“Forget it, she might blame me for letting my big brother leave and letting their family of three live in the dangerous wilderness.”


“It’s none of your fault. After all, it’s the patriarch’s decision.”


The city lords usually retired at the age of one hundred and twenty, which was equivalent to the age of sixty for humans, and would become the clan elder. The Fire incident caused great harm to Delza. As the key figure in bringing Fire back, Paulie Water did not stop Fire when she went crazy. The three clan elders decided to expel the Paulie Water family.


There was no death penalty in Spirit Country. In serious cases, it was imprisonment or exile.


“Well, I can meet my brother tomorrow, and I really look forward to seeing him again.”


“Me too. The water wine that guy made tasted really good. If it weren’t for the bad timing now, I would’ve been drinking with him until dawn.”


“Brother Reggie is still the same as ever.”






After Lin Xiang and the others had dinner, Reggie came back, saw Lin Xiang and patted him on the shoulder first. He then acknowledged that Lin Xiang had not seen him for a while, and had become tougher.


“Dad, are you going to go tomorrow?” After all, Reidy was still very worried.


“Yes. It’s all about saving the spirits. They are my residents, so how can I ignore them? Don’t worry, I’ll stop this matter.” Reggie patted Reidy’s head.


“Yup. Dad definitely can.”


Jensy and Fan’er did not quite understand what Reidy and Reggie were talking about, so they asked Risa, and she replied with “I don’t know”. The others answered the same way.


If she could not get an answer, then Jensy stopped asking, but she always felt weird. Sir Lin Xiang was full of concerns when he returned, and Miss Reidy was not as confident as usual…




The sun had long since set, and a starry sky brought light to Thunder Castle’s backyard.


It was night, and Kamiki was practicing with Fox.


Surrounded by the fog, Kamiki looked around vigilantly. Her surroundings were hazy, and it was impossible to see if anyone was hiding within. Under such circumstances, Kamiki wanted to prevent Fox’s surprise attack.


A black shadow flashed by, and Kamiki turned around abruptly to find that there was nothing. Just then, a hand reached out from behind.


Kamiki had long thought it was a feint attack, and made a roundhouse kick.


Ever since she was kidnapped, Kamiki had learned self-defense. Although she had not practiced it for a long time, she was intelligent and had learned its key points. The kick she made could roughly hit the abdomen, causing the enemy to lose strength temporarily.


However, the area she kicked was empty. It turned out that the hand was just an illusion, and the real attack came from behind again. Fox gently landed the knife on Kamiki’s head.


“Haha, Miss Kamiki, as the saying goes, all’s fair in love and war. You are very smart for thinking that it might be a feint, but you didn’t expect that after the feint, there was still another feint.” Fox’s hands pinched her waist as she laughed.


“It’s really a good move. It seems that the only way to attack you is to get rid of the fog.”


“That’s it. But, can you do it? Although I’m not very good at battle, it’s still possible for me to hide myself.”


“That’s why I want to become stronger, isn’t it?”


“Yes, let’s do it again.”


Although Lin Xiang could not see them from the side, he was full of fighting spirit when he heard their conversation.


“I have to work hard too!”


Holding the cold sword, Lin Xiang was feeling the spiritual power.


Kaoru stood aside, looked at her hands, and clenched them tightly.


(How can the lowly I get your approval? I need strength, the power to protect Young Master.)


Since Kaoru could not summon her spirit and use spiritual power, her strength was weakened a lot.


Freed’s suggestion was to communicate with it more. In that case, the two sides would understand each other, and the success rate of summoning would be greatly increased.


Lin Xiang told Kaoru about what Freed said, so when Kaoru was not practicing swordsmanship, she would communicate more with her spirit.


“Huh?” Kaoru’s attention was suddenly attracted by the cold sword in Lin Xiang’s hand. On the cold sword that was exuding slightly chilly aura, there seemed to be…


Kaoru slowly moved her face closer to the cold sword, wanting to see it more clearly.




The golden flame bound up, startling Kaoru.




“What’s the matter, Senior Kaoru?” Lin Xiang opened his eyes, and the golden flame had long since disappeared.


“Just now, there seems to be a golden flame on Young Master’s sword.”


“Huh? That’s impossible, right? How can there be a golden flame? Pure elemental flames are red.”


“Indeed, maybe it’s just the lowly I’s blurred vision.”


Lin Xiang was a little puzzled. He asked Freed, and Freed said it did not see anything, so Lin Xiang eventually felt that Kaoru had seen wrong.


“Senior Kaoru, if you are too tired, go take a bath and rest first.”


“It’s alright, I’m not tired.”


“Really? Then let’s polish ourselves, the kind that doesn’t use anything.”


“My pleasure.”


Lin Xiang found two wooden sticks that were about the same length and size as wooden swords, and started competing against Kaoru.


“Ha!” Kaoru’s sword slashed towards his face, and Lin Xiang naturally blocked his head with his sword.


“Boom!” There was a dull sound between the wooden sticks. Lin Xiang could obviously feel a wave of shock. He swung his sword to the side, so the force could be released.


It was such a powerful explosive force. Lin Xiang and Kaoru distanced themselves.


Since getting to know Kaoru, Lin Xiang had never understood why Kaoru’s slender wrist could exert such strength. Even the half-dragon body he gotten could barely ward her attacks off.


Kaoru swooped down, and the ‘sword’ thrust forward. Lin Xiang dodged to the side, and the ‘sword’ in Kaoru’s hand suddenly changed directions like a spirit snake, slashing sideways.


Was that a fake move just now? Knowing that, it was impossible for Lin Xiang to avoid Kaoru’s attack. He blocked it with the wooden stick in his hand as he felt a sharp pain between his thumb and forefinger. However, it was fortunate that the wooden stick did not fall.


“As expected of Young Master, the reaction ability is much better than that of ordinary battle technicians. Many battle technicians who have fought with me have been confused by this trick.”


“Indeed, Senior Kaoru is amazing at being able to make such fake moves.”


“No, this is not a fake move. If Young Master doesn’t hide, the lowly I will just stab directly. However, if Young Master hides away to both sides, I will swing in the direction Young Master went.”


“Could it be that Senior Kaoru decides the next attack based on the opponent’s reaction?”


“Yes, what’s wrong with it?”


“Your thrusting center of gravity is in front, while your horizontal slashing applies on the sides. It is very difficult to change the center of gravity instantly during intense movement. Senior Kaoru is really amazing to be able to do such act”


“The lowly I think it’s quite normal.”


“That’s just Senior Kaoru being used to it. Come on, keep going, keep going.”


“Yes.” The two continued to learn from each other again.

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