The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 34 : Returning To Delza


Back in Delza, it was already afternoon. Along the way, Lin Xiang and the others did not encounter any dangers. It was the same as when they came, just like them having an outing.


The first thing the spirits did when they saw Lin Xiang was to ask Lin Xiang when he would be able to teach them the methods of making food. Their faces were filled with a sense of longing, as if they were looking forward to it.


Lin Xiang smiled and said that he would teach the next day as he was clenching his fists.


If they knew that a crisis was coming, what would their faces look like?


After letting Silent Water and the others return to Thunder Castle first, Lin Xiang came to a stall that was selling spring water.


Some spring water bottles were placed on a shelf made of simple wood hooks, and a lonely old tiger woman stood there. She was the same as how she was two days ago, staring at the bottle in a daze.


When Lin Xiang stepped forward, the old tiger woman came back to her senses, looked up and saw Lin Xiang, managing to squeeze out a smile, “Sir Lin Xiang, have you finished your work outside? It’s great to be able to come back safely.”


“Grandma, Toby is fine, don’t worry.”


“Huh?” The old tiger woman was still confused with the situation.


“It went like this. Silent Water’s father, the former city lord of the Meredith family, rescued him and a companion outside, but they were injured and couldn’t return with us.”


“Really!? Is what Sir Lin Xiang said true!?” The old tiger woman grabbed Lin Xiang excitedly.


“Yes, I wasn’t lying to you. The city lord will send someone over later, and he will be able to come back by then.”


“That’s great… that’s great!” The old tiger woman’s tears moistened her face, forming a clear tear trail.


“Please wait a little longer, he will be back soon.”


“I’m willing to wait. As long as he comes back, it doesn’t matter how long I wait. Sir Lin Xiang, please, you mustn’t lie to me.”


“I swear. I really didn’t lie to you.”


————Thunder Castle


Reggie had already finished the meeting, and the three city lords unanimously decided to let the soldiers go outside to investigate. They happened to meet suspicious people and immediately arrested them.


Reidy told Reggie everything she knew, and Reggie, who was aimless at first, suddenly had an idea about who the enemy was. After that, he rushed to the homes of other city lords to hold a second meeting for discussion.


“I don’t know why, but I’m really scared. It always feel as if something is going to happen…”


In the backyard, Nagisa stroked the feathers of the kamikaze bird as she felt stuffiness in her chest. She felt that way every time something was about to happen.


The kamikaze bird gently bumped Nagisa’s head with its head, as if to comfort her.


“In fact, this matter has nothing to do with any of you, and we don’t know when it will happen. It might occur in a hundred years. We never know.” Reidy said indifferently.


“But I feel that there will be troubles incoming… Reidy, aren’t you worried? The bad things will attack your homeland.” Nagisa asked.


“Uh…” Reidy looked away and stared at the setting sun, “Don’t be kidding me! We, the Reiworth family, have never been afraid of danger. What’s more, father and brother have already killed countless demons. How can I be afraid of them coming to attack the country?”


“If I haven’t come into contact with demons before, I might think they are scary… But, compared to the demon clan and those men in black…”


“Stop spouting nonsense, Yorikawa Nagisa. This is the Spirit Country, not the human world. What are you worrying about as a human?”




“Just you wait. When you visit Spirit Country in the future, you will definitely find that the demon clan and demon apostles can’t do any harm to Spirit Country at all, no matter if it’s Delza or other cities.”


“That’s a beautiful speech! Reidy, the lowly I am sure that I’m not mistaken. You really have a heart to advance with bravery!”


“Isn’t that a matter of course?! Hmph!”


Silent Water showed a wry smile. Reidy’s body was trembling slightly, which was clearly not as relaxed as she said.


However, in order not to make Nagisa and others more worried, she had no choice but to pretend to stay strong.


“Alright, everyone, don’t think too much. Firstly, we are here to play, and secondly, to become stronger! The most important thing is to become stronger. Just like Reidy said, it is impossible to tell when they will come.” Risa clapped her hands to divert everyone’s attention, “Look at Kuji, she seems to have gotten stronger.”


Following Risa’s gaze, they could see that Kamiki and Jensy were a fighting stance.


The green toxin arrows that flew out collided and turned into splashes of water, dripping on the ground and emitting white smoke.


“Miss Kamiki has grown up really fast.” Jensy said with a smile on her face.


“Heh, with only such performance, I can’t get on the stage at all.” Kamiki caught gasps of air when she saw Risa and the others. She was too focused just now that she did not notice they had returned.


“It’s Miss Reidy and the others, they have already returned.” Jensy looked around, but found that there was no sign of Lin Xiang. Although she ate the instant noodles given by Kamiki in the past two days, which really tasted good, Jensy just wanted to eat fresher food.


Oh no. When she thought of the food made by Sir Lin Xiang, her mouth would water… She felt that she really became weird. It was fine if she did not eat it, but once she did, she could not stop herself at all.


“Wah~” Fox yawned just after waking up and came out from the back door.




“Kuji really has worked hard. She has improved so much in just two days.”


“It’s just a little bit. I will not be satisfied with this.”


“Miss Kamiki is really serious. During the day, I teach the poison attribute, while at night, Fox teaches the fog attribute. When she practices till her magic power is insufficient, she will drink some magic spring water and continue. It really shocked me. Her break time isn’t even that much at all.”


After hearing Jensy’s words, Kaoru patted Kamiki’s shoulder, “Kuji, I understand that you want to become stronger, but the body is the most important thing. Don’t work too hard.”


“I am tactful in dealing with my own body. Where is Darling?”


“He said he was going to explain the situation to Toby’s mother.” Risa replied.


“Oh? Looks like something happened.”


“I’ll talk to you later.” Risa was afraid that Jensy and Fox would accidentally leak it out.


“Alright, then before dinner starts, I’m going to continue my practice. You girls should also hurry up, don’t let me catch up to you.”


“If you can do it, bring it on. I’ll go meet Fan’er, and start my practice now too.”


“I…” Nagisa looked around. She really did not know any spirits.


Wind Chimes walked up to her and patted Little Ball’s head, “I understand the general situation, do you need me to teach you? Something about the wind.”


“Thank you very much!” Nagisa bowed to Wind Chimes.


“No problems, in exchange…” Wind Chimes moved her red lips to Nagisa’s ear, “You have to tell me about you and Lin Xiang.”


“This…” Nagisa’s face turned crimson red, “There’s actually nothing good to say.”


“I want to know.” Wind Chimes looked very serious.


“Yes, but it’s really nothing.”


“Well, you don’t need to emphasize it anymore. I know it’s really nothing, but I really want to know.”


“I… alright.”




When Lin Xiang returned to Thunder Castle, he did not see Risa and the others. After asking the servants, he found out that they went to the backyard to practice without taking a rest since their return.


He secretly went to the backyard to take a look, and found that multiple elements of different colors were intersecting together.


Oh? The girl named Kamiki has improved a lot.


‘What?’ From her appearance, Lin Xiang could only see that Kamiki was a little tired, nothing else.


Spiritual power. It’s spiritual power. You should be able to feel it too, right? Her spiritual power has increased.’ After Freed said that, Lin Xiang indeed “saw” that an aura, which was subconsciously emanating from Kamiki’s body, had slightly increased.


If there are no bottlenecks and we let them continue practicing, it is estimated that they will already be excellent beings when they return to the human world. Someone, in the meantime, remains unchanged though.


Freed’s words pierced Lin Xiang’s chest like a needle.


‘I can’t help it either. Let’s not talk about this first, Freed. What do you think about the prophecy of the Great Spirit Elder? Is there anything we can do?’


As you said in the morning, war is cruel. If war really breaks out, no matter how powerful a creature is, it will be overwhelmed in the face of a huge number of enemies. In the past, Yalide and I were facing hundreds of millions of demons.


‘Hundreds of millions?’ The image of densely packed dark creatures pervading the earth appeared in Lin Xiang’s mind.


Well, the demon clan at that time should be stronger than the current demon clan. When we looked from the sky, they were like the ocean. Basically, they were killed and replenished. It felt like they couldn’t be killed no matter how much we cleared them. In that battle, they were just weak demon soldiers, but the demons that appeared later were extremely powerful. Some angels, infected by the darkness, turned into fallen angels and killed their followers. That feeling… was never good.’ Freed’s voice spoke the vicissitudes of life.


In that war, the demon clan should have been seriously injured. Even after more than a thousand years, they should still not be able to fully recover. Moreover, the demon lake still holds the power we left behind, so the demons cannot come from there. However, after seeing the sacrifice summoning technique of those demon apostles, it is not impossible for the demons to appear on this land again.


We have to find them. Otherwise, they will die, and powerful demons will intervene.


‘But, it is very difficult to find the demon apostles in such a huge demon world.’


Doesn’t Toby know where they are? Let’s hope to save other spirits by then.


Hope everything will go so well like this. It would be troublesome if the guys who were sealed to enter were unsealed in advance.


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