The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 33 : War


“What’s this?” Reidy asked.


“I feel like… I’ve seen this before.” Kaoru stared at one of the three-eyed wolves bleeding out black blood for a while, and suddenly thought of something, “That’s right, when Kawasumi Kana was captured last time, they were the men-in-black and their spirits who were killed!”


“That’s right, but they have been eroded by the darkness and turned into demonic spirits, similar to lowly demons.” Yalide walked to the lake and washed the black blood on her hands.


Under the moonlight, the black blood spread across the clean lake like ink, but soon disappeared without a trace.


“Why… did they appear here… Could it be that there are men-in-black nearby?” Nagisa’s body was a little trembled. She had fought a demon apostle before, and understood the cruelty of those people. Not to mention, after watching the news about how so many innocent people died, it made her even more afraid of demon apostles.


“Well, this is just a test. They won’t dare to come here now. Go to sleep, don’t catch a cold.” Yalide looked at the dark woods, and there was a smirk on her face, “Now, Lady Yalide shall look forward to what you all are planning to do next.”




“Everyone! Wake up! Risa is gone!” At dawn, Nagisa woke up and found that Risa’s sleeping bag was empty.


Hearing that, the others got up. Wind Chimes rubbed her eyes and looked around sleepily.


Although there was a small episode last night, everyone was very tired, so they fell asleep quickly after returning to their beds, so no one paid attention to anything. Now that Risa was missing in the morning, Nagisa thought of those dark creatures in black clothes last night and she could not help worrying.


“Her things are still here… Where did she go?” Kaoru found that Risa’s suitcase had not been touched. The clothes inside were well arranged, and her shoes were also placed beside the sleeping bag.


“Where’s that fellow, Yali?” Reidy looked around, but could not see Yalide, “Could it be that Satsuki Risa went somewhere with her?”


When Reidy said that, everyone thought she was right.


“Wah~” Dusty stretched her waist, “Did something happen?”


“Just in time, Dusty, smell the place and find where Satsuki Risa is?”


“Oh.” Although Dusty did not quite understand what Reidy meant, she still did it.




“Hmm…” Lin Xiang was hugging a soft body. He rubbed his chin against a round head, smelled the fragrance, and slept very comfortably.


“Fu~Fu~” The tender body in his arms was also soundly asleep. The two hugged each other very tightly, as if they were treating each other as a pillow.




Seeing Dusty stop in front of Lin Xiang’s sleeping bag in the corner, everyone was a little puzzled.


From the appearance of the sleeping bag, only Lin Xiang’s head could be seen, nothing else.


“Dusty, what’s wrong with you?” Nagisa asked.


“That’s strange. Sister Risa’s scent is the strongest here.” Dusty squatted down and sniffed it carefully.


“Could it be that…” Reidy strode over, grabbed the zipper of Lin Xiang’s sleeping bag and pulled it hard.


The audience was fallen silent.


Lin Xiang was hugging Risa, and the two embraced as they were asleep. What annoyed Reidy the most was that Lin Xiang’s hands were still on Risa’s… with a harmless smile on his face.


“Hehe… We were worried for nothing.” Reidy’s hand lit up with golden lightning.


“Don’t stop!” Kaoru stepped forward to stop Reidy, “You must not disturb Young Master’s rest.”


“Suehiro Kaoru, get out of the way. And what do you mean ‘don’t stop’? Don’t stop? Aren’t you telling me not to stop myself?”


“I was in a moment of impatience, so I made a mistake. Reidy, you must not disturb Young Master’s rest.”


“Are you going to let them sleep like this?”


“The moment I saw this just now, I admit that I thought about separating the two with a sword, but after thinking about it carefully…it really wasn’t right.”


“Oh my… Did I do something wrong?” Dusty scratched her head as she watched Kaoru and Reidy confront each other.


Oh right, hurry up and wake up Master first.


Therefore, Dusty lowered her head and licked Lin Xiang’s face in her way to wake him up.


“Stop… joking… Dusty…” Lin Xiang felt something slippery licking his face, and he knew it was Dusty without even much thought.


“Master, get up quickly, or Reidy will get angry when she gets close.”


“Why… though…” Lin Xiang began to regain consciousness, and he felt that he seemed to be holding something in his arms. He held a round object in his hand, which was soft and a little elastic.


Suddenly, he recalled Risa got into his sleeping bag last night. He tried multiple ways to get out, but Risa grabbed him very tightly, and finally, he somehow fell asleep.


Opening his eyes abruptly, Lin Xiang saw some long black hair in front of his eyes. When his attention was shifted downwards, he saw a small white vest.


Like a cannonball, Lin Xiang bounced out and hit the wall.


“Huh?” Risa was woken up by such violent movement, so she sat up. Part of her black hair was slightly raised.


“Sneaky cat.” Reidy snorted.


“Huh?” Risa looked at her body, a little stunned. She looked around, and everyone focused their eyes on her.


Gentle Water was at the door of the room, watching everything that happened. Paulie Water wanted to come out, but she pushed him back, “Just young people’s affairs, you don’t have to interfere.”




When eating breakfast, Risa lowered her head and Lin Xiang did the same. No one spoke, and the atmosphere was a bit depressed.


Wind Chimes was recording while eating, probably to jot down about the current situation.


“This… that… Does anyone know where Sister Yali has gone to?” Nagisa mustered up her courage, wanting to break the silence.


“She… left first.” Lin Xiang knew that Yalide had returned to his body, and she seemed to be preparing for something.


“That’s it…”


Soon, it was silent again.


Fire Dance and Dusty wanted to say something, but they always felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange, so they buried their heads in their food.


“From now on… you can’t drink anything alcoholic, Satsuki Risa,” Reidy spoke.


“I… I know…” Although Risa did not quite remember, she still had an impression of it.


It was too shameful.




“What? The demon lord is there? Why is that demon lord helping those spirits and humans?” On a high platform in a newly opened, artificial large cave, the old man in a black cloak was surprosed after hearing the reports of several subordinates.


“We don’t know.”


“Are Knight Ballon and the others killed by that demon lordl?”


“Apologies, Prince, we still don’t know. When we arrived at the last place where we lost Knight Ballon and the others’ scent at night, we followed the traces of some biological activities and found a wooden house by a certain lake. At that time, the demon lord was lighting the bonfire outside the door while talking about something unknown with a humanoid spirit.”


“We were not sure if she was hostile. Just in case, we summoned our spirits to approach the demon lord. Unexpectedly, the demon lord killed them all at once, so we had to give up and come back here.”


“Perhaps the demon lord has ideas, and you are right not to interfere with the lord. By the way, the Spirit Country has also been found. It is very large in scale, and it is difficult for us people to attack it.”


“Then… what should we do?”


“You stay nearby and catch any spirits who are alone. As long as we can open the gate of the demon abyss, we will conquer the demon world when the time comes, and then we’ll defeat the human world in one fell swoop. During the birth of a world full of chaos, our [Halo] organization will surely make the greatest contribution!”




The surrounding demon apostles all cheered.


Under the high platform, there was a huge pit, which was crowded with many spirits within. They were trembling with fear, not knowing what they would face in the future.


As Paulie Water said, those demon apostles had already moved their base.


In that airtight cave, the spirits could be better guarded.


Those earth spirits had been killed by them, so there was no need to worry about those spirits running away.


At the same time, spirit disappearances occurred in major cities in the Spirit Country.




Bidding farewell to her parents, Silent Water followed Lin Xiang and the others, and left.


“I really wish I could see my little Silent’s smiling face all the time.” Paulie Water sighed, “Besides, the food she cooks is also delicious.”


“Heh~ I have learned it, but I only learned what I ate this morning. I will research the rest after that.” Gentle Water looked at Silent Water’s back, and her eyes were soft for her, “Silent Water really followed the right master. Sir Lin Xiang is not as weak as he seems. He… can protect Little Silent.”


“I hope so. I need to make some preparations. Demon apostles… I really hate fighting humans. They are cunning and full of schemes.”


“You have no choice, but to go. The Great Spirit Elder’s prophecies have always been accurate. Delza is the place where we grew up and we must do our best to protect it. I will be going with you.”


“Thank the Dragon God for letting you be by my side.”




Despite what happened in the morning, it was soon blown away like dust.


“What should we do if the demon apostles come with attacks?” After hearing the prophecy from Gentle Water, Nagisa panicked a little. Although she visited for only two days, she felt that the Spirit Country is a very peaceful place. The spirits were friendly with each other. She very much did not want that land to be attacked by demon apostles and lowly demons.


“This is already considered war. Our strength is very limited now, and we can’t do anything at all.” Risa sighed, and then cheered up, “That’s why! We must work hard to become stronger, and when the evil forces come, we’ll do what we can.”


Kaoru nodded, “Risa is right. Besides, the spirits will not stay put, they will definitely resist. Not to mention that the Great Spirit Elder just predicted that the spirits will be attacked, but did not say its outcome. It’s hard to tell what will the future be like?”


“Don’t worry. My dad is on the job. The demon apostles and the demon clan can bring it on.” Although Reidy said so, she was actually very worried. She knew what kind of existence the demon apostles were, and what kind of existence the demon clan was. They were not on the same level as the lowly demons at all.


“If a disaster really strikes, everyone should go back to the human world first. The demon world is too dangerous. Master, what do you think?” Silent Water looked at Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang was a little distressed. It was rare that such a thing happened when he brought Risa and the others to the Demon Realm for the first time.


“Well, if something really happens, we’ll head back first. The real war is very cruel, and I don’t want any of you to get hurt.”


In his mind, he recalled the tragic situation of those soldiers that were lost in the world beyond the skies.


“Ke…” Lin Xiang gritted his teeth.


Everyone was silent.

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