The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 32 : There Are Guests


Silent Water’s home was far away from Delza, so Lin Xiang and the girls decided to return to Delza the next day. Time passed quickly, and night fell quietly.


The sky was full of stars, and the lake was shining brightly. Fireflies flickered in the nearby grass from time to time, like a beautiful painting.


Lin Xiang and the others sat by the lake. A bonfire was set up as they were having dinner.


“Is that human food? The taste is indescribable.” Paulie Water looked at the yellow lump, namely ‘fried egg’. He never thought that eggs could become like that, “There’s also this thing called rice. When mixed with eggs, it makes people crave for more. Silent Water, it was really right to let you go to the human world, otherwise Dad might not be able to try this kind of thing in my life.”


“As long as Dad likes it,” The dinner was made by Silent Water, and Lin Xiang helped her. The food made with the sweet-scented lake water was especially delicious.


“Silent Water, will you teach mom how to cook later?” Gentle Water was very interested in cooking.


“Of course, Mom can learn it right away.” Silent Water and Gentle Water Rou sat together. They looked like two sisters, not seemingly mother and daughter at all.


There were several bowls placed around Yalide, which contained the water wine made by Paulie Water. She gulped down those drinks in big shots, drinking happily.


“The stars were all dyed red by the sky. They look like rubies.” Risa exclaimed as she was looking at the sky. Picking up the bowl next to it, she took a sip of ‘soup’, “Ah…”


“Yeah, it’s very beautiful. The sky in the Demon Realm seems to be less scary only at night.” Nagisa was also attracted by the stars in the sky, and did not notice Risa, whose face was gradually turning rosy.


“Indeed, it’s very beautiful.” Kaoru’s piercing eyes reflected the vast starry sky.


Girls were always attracted to shiny things.


After playing for a whole day, Fire Dance showed signs of dozing off. Her head would nod from time to time, and then she would wake up with a shock. She moved her mouth, and chewed the food in her mouth twice. Dusty was still full of vitality as she ate with pleasure.


Reidy sat next to Lin Xiang, occasionally peeking at him, while Lin Xiang lowered his head and buried himself in his meal.


In the afternoon, Wind Chimes jumped down from above the house, which took Lin Xiang aback. He felt a little uncomfortable, and he was afraid of what Wind Chimes might do to him. Reidy occasionally looked over, just to monitor him and Wind Chimes.


However, after the Wind Chimes appeared, she acted diligently. She sat not far from Lin Xiang at that moment, slowly savoring the stimulation of the taste buds brought to her tongue by the food.


The fire lion, Milan, lay on the ground, twitching its ears from time to time. There was the sound of splashing water next to it.


The kamikaze bird, Little Ball, stood in the shallow part of the lake, with its sharp beak picking up the lake water, and grooming its wings. The lake water splashed and sparkled, as if a beauty was taking a nice bath.




“Haha! Mom’s things are really useful.” Since there were not many rooms in the wooden house that could sleep humans, Risa took out the blankets and sleeping bags from the storage ring.


“Indeed.” Lin Xiang decided that he should also prepare some spare things in the future.


It got very cold at night in the Demon Realm. There were four sleeping bags, two blankets, and two mats. If Wind Chimes was included, then it would be nine people in total with Lin Xiang and the others.


Reidy, Dusty, Fire Dance, Risa, Nagisa, Kaoru, Lin Xiang, Yalide, Wind Chimes.


Since Silent Water had not been back for a long time, she and Gentle Water were sleeping in the master bedroom. They had a lot to talk about, while Paulie Water went to the tiger man, Toby’s room.


The sleeping bag could only accommodate a person. If the mat was laid on the floor with the blanket covered, only two people could sleep in it. There were just eight spaces in total for them to sleep in, which showed that one person had no space to sleep.


What should they do?


“Xiang and I can share a sleeping bag, right? The sleeping bag has been enlarged, so it’s totally fine if you hold me! Ahh~” Risa hugged Lin Xiang’s neck, while her well-developed chest pressed against Lin Xiang’s chest.


“Is this… wine?” Lin Xiang smelled the faint smell of wine from Risa. He had been finding Risa acting a little strange since just now.


“What wine? I don’t know that at all. Hurry up and go to sleep. Ahh~” Risa shook Lin Xiang, and two objects kept bumping into Lin Xiang.


“It’s enough, don’t cause trouble.” Lin Xiang broke free from Risa, patted her on the head, and looked at Yalide, “Hey, Yalide, what’s going on.” She was the only one who was drinking just now, and she was sitting Next to Risa.


Yalide shrugged like she did not know anything.


Paulie Water suggested that it would be good for him to sleep outside, and asked Lin Xiang to go to the room of the tiger man Toby and the others. However, Kaoru and the others disagreed.


“Your Excellency Paulie Water is an elder. Even if someone wants to sleep outside, it will be I, the junior.” Kaoru’s words revealed her respect for the elders.


“Then… I’ll just go out.” Lin Xiang volunteered. He did not agree to let a girl sleep outside anyway. He had experienced sleeping outside, like the last time when he went to the Demon Realm with Liz during the Dragon-Training Festival…


“Master Lin Xiang, you musn’t. Let Paulie sleep outside.”


“Yes, boy, what kind of hero are you acting as? Don’t forget that I have conquered demons before. Sleeping outside for one night is nothing to me.”


“Just like what Senior Kaoru said, you both are elders. It doesn’t bother me.”


The two sides constantly declined each other.


“Well, enough is enough, I’ll head outside.” Yalide pointed to herself. After drinking a few jugs of water wine, she was still full of energy, like a normal person.


“You?” Paulie Water and Gentle Water felt a sense of curiosity towards Yalide. It was due to her strange aura, because it seemed that she was neither a spirit, nor a human being.


“Yes, I’ll guard the night as well, just in case.”


“Well, if it’s her, it’ll be fine. You don’t have to worry about it.” Since Yalide brought it up, Lin Xiang naturally had no objections. If Yalide was tired, she could go back to rest in his body. Besides, if Yalide did not come out, they basically had enough spaces to sleep.


There was an open-air hot spring behind the wooden house. It was surrounded by a fence made of wooden pillars to keep out the wind, and they could enjoy the evening stars. The girls took a comfortable bath and wanted to sleep.


The front hall was still quite spacious. Sleeping bags, mats and blankets could be placed down.


Fire Dance was already very sleepy. She and Dusty jumped into the bed together, and soon fell asleep.


After walking for a day, everyone was exhausted physically and mentally. After chatting for a while, they all went into deep sleep.


After cleaning his body with cleansing crystals, Lin Xiang lay down in his sleeping bag.


He looked at Yalide, who was sitting by the fire outside the door, stroking Milan. She stared at the fire and was thinking about some things. Lin Xiang always felt that Yalide found something, but she preferred not to share it.


What on earth could make that Yalide look like she was in so much thought?


At that time, something warm got into Lin Xiang’s sleeping bag.


It’s cramming!


That body is so close as well!


Lin Xiang was lying on his side looking out the door, and because it was an enlarged sleeping bag, there was room to take advantage of.


Who was it? Wind Chimes?


No, those two things on his chest back were not too big. This faint strawberry milk smell…was it Risa?


Lin Xiang forcibly turned around, and sure enough, it was really Risa!?


In a small white vest, two curved collarbones outline a beautiful shape. Her eyes were closed tightly, and her eyelashes were long. Risa leaned against Lin Xiang’s arms, breathing sweetly.


“Let’s sleep together… Hehe…*^_^*”


“This isn’t good. Hey… get back to your sleeping bag.”


Risa did not respond, but moved her head, rubbing against Lin Xiang’s arms like a kitten.


Thump! His heart pounded rapidly.


They should not make too much noise to disturb Reidy at that time!


“Hey… Risa…” Lin Xiang shook Risa, but she seemed to be asleep.


“This is troublesome…” Lin Xiang wanted to go out, but the zipper was on Risa’s side, which she blocked.


——Late at night


The kamikaze bird lay next to Nagisa’s sleeping bag and fell asleep with Nagisa.


Milan lay docilely by the fire outside, not at all angry at Yalide, who was not its master and touching him. Instead, it closed its eyes and enjoyed it.


Although there was no wind at the moment, the temperature dropped sharply. It was about 3°C outside, the lake stopped rippling, and the surrounding area was very quiet.


A figure came out of the wooden house, wearing a cloak and sitting next to Yalide, the flames stretched their shadows very, very long.


“What do you think it was?” Wind Chimes’s low voice rang, breaking the tranquility of the night.


“Who knows?” Yalide smiled, and poked the fire with a wooden stick, “Do you know them?”


“I don’t know, but I can be sure that they are residents. Not to mention, I noticed something strange last night.”


“Something strange, huh? What’s it about?”


The night conversation between the two began and they chatted for a long time.


“The guests have arrived.” Yalide stood up straight. Milan’s ears twitched, and also got up. Wind Chimes looked around. It was darkness, yet she could feel something approaching and surrounded them.


“Lowly demons? No way, this is…” When Wind Chimes saw the creatures in the darkness through the bonfire, she immediately made preparations to fight at any time.


“Ouh!” Hidden in the dark, a demon-like creature rushed out. Its howl echoed around the forest.


“Heh~ Interesting.” Yalide patted Milan’s head, “Hey, good, chill, don’t bark make noises like them. It’s not good to wake up the others.”


After speaking, a ghostly figure started moving. It seemed like a simple move, but it hit the nail on the head everywhere.


Before the demon-like creatures could scream, a few black figures fell on the ground.


Wind Chimes, who was a wind spirit, could not even see the trajectory of Yalide’s attack. The reason was that the surrounding area was very dark, but Yalide’s speed was also incredibly fast.


“She didn’t use magic. What kind of sacred place is this woman from…” Paulie Water stood by the door, and he was shocked to see that Yalide had dealt with five not-so-weak creatures in less than two seconds.


As early as when those demon-like creatures approached the lake, Paulie Water had sensed their presence. He did not expect to see such a scene when he came out.


Aside from Lin Xiang, Fire Dance and Risa, everyone was awakened by the ferocious howl.


They got up one after another to see what happened. The low temperature and the deformed ugly creatures that fell by the bonfire caused shivers down their spines.

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