The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 31 : Prophecy


“The Great Spirit Elder was a spirit who was proficient in all kinds of magic and could be called the God of Elements. According to legend, it had lived for thousands of years.”


“Proficient in all kinds of magic? Can this really be possible? Not to mention, it has lived for thousands of years…” Reidy did not understand, because logically speaking, spirits only had a lifespan of around two hundred years.


“This is a part of its greatness. Generations of spirit elders have learned magic from it. You can see for yourself, which of the spirit elders are not strong? Simply choosing one of them was difficult enough for six city lords combined to fight against only one spirit elder.”


Lin Xiang and the others listened silently. Even Fire Dance and Dusty were listening with seriousness.


“Its life ended more than twenty years ago. Before that, it made several prophecies. There are two of them which I remembered the most. The first one was the disaster of the big snake.”


“The disaster of the big snake was caused by a huge wild spirit snake at that time, which destroyed many villages. It killed thousands of spirits, leaving no blade of grass wherever it went. When the local city lord went there, they were all killed by it. Later, fifty forbidden soldiers were dispatched to subdue it. A scholar dissected it and found that there were two magic crystals in its body. Therefore, the scholar also did crazy experiments, which was by transplanting the magic crystals into spirits’ bodies. Finally, the scholar was arrested. That matter had always been deeply rooted in the hearts of the residents, whether it was the disaster brought by the big snake or the actions of scholar.”


“The second time was the disaster in Delza… The Great Spirit Elder predicted that there would be a big fire in Delza, but it could not predict the specific cause of it, so people ignored it for a long time. It was until twelve years ago, the fire incident happened.” Speaking of that, Gentle Water looked at Fire Dance, who had teary eyes.


“After that incident, the spirits determined your life and death. Many spirits said they wanted to get rid of you, but the elders of the fire element, the Chief of the Fire Sect, tried their best to protect you. With the prophecy of the Great Spirit Elder, you were sentenced and imprisoned in Fireback Mountain. After a few years, a human will arrive to take you away.”


“Master…” Fire Dance looked at Lin Xiang, who just smiled and patted her head. It was fate.


“These are relatively early prophecies. The last prophecy was when the Great Spirit Elder’s life ends. According to the request of the Spirit King, the great elder had predicted the disaster that will happen to Spirit Country. After the prophecy was made, the Spirit King and other spirits present were all terrified.”


“That is… One day, evil creatures will attack the major cities of Spirit Country. Spirit Country will suffer unprecedented damage…”


“After the prophecy, the life of Great Spirit Elder also came to an end. In order not to cause chaos within the residents, its last prophecy was kept secret and known only to some higher-ups.”


“Then, who did Auntie Gentle Water listen from? I haven’t heard it from my father.” Reidy was extremely shocked by Gentle Water’s words.


“Once, Paulie met an old friend outside. He had a high position in the castle and came here to drink some water wine brewed by Paulie. He then revealed it unintentionally.”


“Then, didn’t the Great Spirit Elder share the solution to this?”


“No, at the end, the Great Spirit Elder seemed to want to say something, but the prophecy consumed what little power it had left, and it fell before it could speak any further. The evil creatures should be the demon apostles and lowly demons that Sir Lin Xiang said.”


“No… There is also a group of creatures called the demon clan. They are more brutal and bloodthirsty than lowly demons. To be precise, the demon apostles are fallen humans born to worship demons… If my thoughts are correct… the reason for the spirits recent disappearance is so that they could be used as sacrifices to summon the demon clan to enter the demon world…”


The people who died at the dock back then were used as sacrifices. Their blood was drained. With resentment, panic and black magic, they could summon the demon clan.


“That’s really scary… That’s why after hearing the prophecy, Paulie and I discussed to let Silent Water leave here, so as not to be threatened and hurt by those of unknown source.”


“So, you sent Silent Water to the human world?”


“Well, it was more than half a year ago. Since we met that fire-attributed lowly demon, Paulie and I decided to play tricks. In order to make Silent Water never come back to the human world, we pretended to be dead. In that way, she might be able to live safely in the human world.”


“That’s how it is.” Ever since he met so many demons, Lin Xiang wondered why Silent Water could defeat a middle-level demon, yet Silent Water’s parents were almost killed by a fire-attributed demon. Was it all intentional…


“So, Sir Lin Xiang, you all should go back to the human world. We don’t know when this place will be in danger.”


“No, mom, let’s go together, as long as there is Nora grass, you and Dad can live in the human world.” Silent Water grabbed Gentle Water’s hand.


“Silly girl, Delza is where your father and I grew up. If it is invaded, we will definitely go back, even though we were evicted.”


“Hey, Gentle, there’s a fire lion outside. I don’t know what it’s here for…Huh? Why are there so many people here? Silent? You’re back?”


With the same blue hair as Silent Water, Paulie Water looked young and strong. Paulie Water, who was probably in his thirties, came back from collecting herbs outside, with a bamboo basket he wove himself being carried on his back.




“It’ll be troublesome… Silent Water, you and your master and friends should go back to the human world together. If the predicted time is this time, it will be very dangerous.” After pondering, Paulie Water made a decision.


“No, Dad, if Mom doesn’t leave, Silent Water won’t leave either.”


“Sigh.” Paulie Water looked at Lin Xiang, “If I knew this would happen, we would’ve move after pretending to be dead. Boy, say something. You are Silent Water’s master, take her away and go back to the human world.”


“I…” Lin Xiang looked at Silent Water, who was also looking at him. He saw hope in her eyes.


“I respect Silent Water’s decision.”


“Thank you, Master.”


“We also feel that we can’t give up on our parents.” Risa and the others showed a determined expression as they supported Silent Water.


“Idiot, are you all idiots? You are still young, and you will have nothing if you die.” Paulie Water looked very angry. His handsome and resolute face was a bit hideous.


“That’s right. Although human beings are evil, at least the human world is safe.” Gentle Water patted Silent Water’s shoulder lightly.


“But, I, Silent Water, can’t leave my parents and escape by myself. Dad, Mom, when Silent Water thought you were killed by that Genuoduolasu, I was really very, very sad. When I returned home in the demon world and saw you, Silent Water was very happy, so happy that I thought I was hallucinating. But, you both are truly alive. Silent Water does not want to experience the feeling of losing any of you again.”


Both Paulie Water and Silent Water were speechless. Yalide patted Milan by the door. Raising her head, her bewitching red eyes reflected the blood-red sky. It was unknown what she was thinking.


On the wooden roof, there sat a tightly dressed person. No one could tell the appearance of the figure, but judging from the bump on the chest, it was a woman. With short purple hair slightly exposed in the cloak, she was holding a notepad and a pen in hand.



In order to ease the atmosphere, Reidy asked Silent Water to take Risa and the others around to learn about the place where Silent Water grew up.


In the wooden house, only Lin Xiang, Gentle Water and Paulie Water were left.


“How are they doing?” Lin Xiang pushed open the door and looked at the two tiger men with their eyes closed, still in pain.


“It’s a bit bad. Those human magic have the corrosiveness that demons have. The situation was a bit critical at the time and I was hit in the back. Fortunately, I expelled the magic in time. However, they might have been injured when they escaped. The magic is accumulated so deeply in the body that I can’t remove it, so they have no way to recover.”


“Really.” Lin Xiang walked up to Toby the tiger man, and stretched out his hand to press his forehead.


“What are you doing?” Paulie Water was puzzled by Lin Xiang’s actions.


“I’m cleansing the dark matter out of them.”


“How is that possible? You can understand it thoroughly by pressing like this?”


“Take a quiet look. Sir Lin Xiang must have his reasons for doing so.”


Hearing Gentle Water’s words, Paulie Water stopped talking and just looked at Lin Xiang.


After about a minute, Toby the tiger man’s eyes began to blink.


“Oh dear, no way, is it really cleared?” Paulie Water stepped forward, poured water into Toby’s body for inspection, and sure enough, the substance that eroded his body disappeared.


“Sir… Lin Xiang?” Toby the tiger man called vaguely.


“It’s me, Toby, how do you feel?”


“It hurts… I can’t move my body, am I dead?”


“You mean I’m dead too, right?” Lin Xiang smiled wryly as he placed a hand on the other tiger man.


“Sorry, sorry, I should have been… chased by a few evil humans. How am I here? Where is this place?”


“It’s Silent Water’s home. You know who Silent Water is, right?”


“I know… She’s the one with the blue hair, who was together with Miss Reidy. Is he…Miss Silent Water’s father? Paulie Water, the city lord?” Toby the tiger man looked at Paulie Water.


“I haven’t been the city lord for a long time.”


“Thank you for saving us…” Before losing consciousness, Toby the tiger man remembered that there was a water spirit, who fought those evil humans.


“Both of you is able to persevere long enough and bump into by me. This is all fate.”


“By the way,” Toby the tiger man was stirred up in emotions, “Sir Lin Xiang, hurry up and inform the city lord that countless spirits have been caught. I don’t know what those evil humans want to use them for, but we have to let the city lord send guards to rescue them.”


“Don’t worry, they definitely will. Do you still remember the way?”


“Of course, when I was escaping, I made a special mark.”


“Then there’s no problem. We’ll go when you’re in better health.”


“I’m already fine. Let’s go now.” Toby the tiger man wanted to sit up, yet he struggled a few times to find that he could not.


“Don’t move.” Paulie Water held him down, “What if it’s a trap? I think those humans let you go on purpose.”


“This… it seems so. There was a chance to kill us, but they leaked and let us escape instead… That’s why we didn’t dare to run back to Delza, but deal with them outside for a long time…”


“Well, it’s a good thing you didn’t return to Delza right away. Those humans are dead now. If their accomplices can’t wait for them, they may move their positions, or set up traps, and wait for the spirits to pass by. It’s better to be careful.” Paulie Water looked at Lin Xiang, “How about you take Silent Water back to Delza and inform that Reggie guy? Let him come to me, and I will deal this matter with him.”


“Will this be alright?”


“Ha, boy, before Reggie and I became city lords, we worked as guards in the palace, specializing in hunting down demons and wild spirits that invaded the village. We even killed humans who wanted to take spirits away, so we are very experienced in this field.”


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