The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 30 : The Blood on the Ground


At noon, Lin Xiang and others stopped under a big tree. They paved the ground, like they were camping. Lin Xiang took out the lunchboxes he made in the morning.


Due to the lack of ingredients they could use in Delza, most of the dishes contained eggs. There were egg soup, tomato scrambled eggs, steamed eggs and others.


Even so, everyone still had a good time.


“Xiang’s craft is so good no matter what he makes. If there are fried meatballs, it will be even more perfect.”


“It is really an honor to eat the food made by Young Master.”


“Hmph, it’s not as good as Silent Water’s.” Although Reidy said so, she did not stop her chopsticks.


Needless to say, if Dusty and Fire Dance ate like a little cat, it was enough to show the level of Lin Xiang’s cooking skills.


“There are so many ways to make eggs. It seems that Silent Water still has a lot to learn.”


“Very… delicious.” Nagisa felt that it was illegal to have Lin Xiang, a boy, to be able to cook such delicious food.


“Thank you, everyone.” Lin Xiang scratched the back of his head embarrassedly.


“Kaka, the only thing this kid can be proud of is cooking. But, I do know a person who doesn’t usually cook, but if she does, she is invincible. Even if it is plain rice, she can make it delicious. It is not a problem to eat three big bowls of that.” Yalide said.


“You can eat three big bowls of just rice? No matter how delicious it is, rice is just rice. Could it be that the person puts ingredients in the rice as well?”


“No, she didn’t put anything else. She is just so powerful that she can do that.”


“That’s impossible, right? Who is that person?” Risa obviously did not believe it.


“This brat knows her.”




Could it be Freed that Yalide was talking about? Lin Xiang thought so.


Well, I brought the spirits back to the world beyond the skies, so I studied food for them. As for Yalide, well, you do know that this fellow would visit when she has nothing to do. She would tease them, and occasionally eat my food. But, it’s not as exaggerating as she said.


‘This is the first time I know that Freed can also cook.’


There are still ton of things you don’t know. You haven’t really understood us all this time, have you? Seriously, what would you do if we were evil beings try to tricked you into self-destruction? Your vigilance is too low.


‘Ha…’ Lin Xiang felt that he could not be blamed for that. In the original world, there was no such thing as dragon gods that is beyond science. Who knew whether they were good or bad when he made first contact with them?


“Hey, Xiang, is there really such a person?” Risa asked.


“Yes.” Although Lin Xiang had never eaten her food, Freed was a reliable being, “She is very incredible.”


“So, there really is such a person. I really want to eat her dishes.”




Everyone talked about some interesting things from time to time, so they did not finish their lunch that fast.


“Young Master, the lowly I shall wipe your sweat off.” Kaoru sat upright beside Lin Xiang, took out a handkerchief and wiped Lin Xiang’s forehead.


Lin Xiang wanted to say no, but seeing that Kaoru was very serious, it was hard to refuse. It was just that Reidy’s gaze made him feel like he was sitting on pins and needles.


“Hmph.” Reidy did not speak, and packed their things, like Silent Water.


“Oh~ That’s great, Kaoru, how about wiping it for me too?” Yalide tugged at the hem of her clothes, and the deep groove inside was vaguely seen.


“The lowly I still have a handkerchief, why don’t you help yourself, Young Master’s sister?”


“I don’t care, come quickly.” Yalide acted like a child.


She obviously looked like a mature woman, but she was acting coquettishly. Lin Xiang felt that she had no sense of disobedience at all, but on the contrary, he still thought that Yalide was cute.


Yes, cute. Lin Xiang also felt that he was crazy with his thoughts. How could he actually think that Yalide was cute? However, her appearance was really impeccable.


“Alright, the lowly I will be over in a while.”




After resting for a while, everyone continued on their journey.


Silent Water’s home was far away from Delza, and after walking for more than an hour, Fire Dance could not move anymore. If she was asked to play, she might have boundless energy.


“Phew~ I’m a little tired too. I’ll let Milan come out.” Risa closed her eyes and began to sense the fire lion’s presence. Soon, a red magic circle appeared on the ground. After a burst of light rose, a fire lion, with a burning flame on its tail and eyes that were filled with spirit, appeared.


Risa skillfully rolled onto Milan’s back, and beckoned to Fire Dance, “Do you want to sit down?”


“Lion! I want to!” Fire Dance hurriedly ran to Milan, and sat down with Risa’s help.


“Milan, will it be heavy?” Risa patted Milan’s head, and Milan let out a low growl, indicating that it was fine.


“I want to, I want to sit too.” Dusty raised her hand as she bounced in front of Risa.


“Two of us is the limit. Why don’t we take turns? I’ll take a break first, and Dusty can sit down later.”




“Risa’s spirit is great.” Kaoru looked at Milan and sighed, thinking of her spirit that could not be summoned.


After going pass a field of grassland, they reached another forest, which was not far from Silent Water’s home.


“Huh?” At that moment, Yalide was puzzled.


“What’s wrong?” Lin Xiang asked as he looked around warily at the same time.


“There’s demonic energy.”


Hearing that, Silent Water had a bad feeling, “Mom and Dad!”


She started running towards the forest.


“Silent Water!” Lin Xiang hurriedly caught up. Thee others showed nervous expressions and followed behind them.


“Is it a lowly demon? Or the demon clan?” Yalide pondered. Looking at the way they came and behind a tree more than fifty meters away, something gray appeared.


That was the fabric of the clothes.


Yalide ignored it, and walked slowly towards the place where Lin Xiang and the others disappeared.




Passing through the woods, a large lake with crystal clear water came into view. There was no trace of impurities in the large lake, which showed how clean it was.


Next to the lake, there was a large wooden house, which looked very simple.


A path led directly to the front of the wooden house, with lush green grass growing beside it. It was Silent Water’s father, Paulie Water, who cut off part of the grass to form that path. On the path, there was a brown substance mixed with sand and dust, which was…


Coagulated blood!


“Dad, mom!” Silent Water was startled as she ran into the wooden house. There was no door to the wooden house, and Lin Xiang followed Silent Water closely.


There were drops of coagulated blood on the floor, not too much, as if someone was covering their wound midway. The bloodstains stretched all the way to a certain room. That room was Silent Water’s previous bedroom, and the wooden door was closed tightly at the moment.


Silent Water was a little afraid to go over, so she stood there blankly as crystal tears began to swirl in her eyes.


Lin Xiang frowned. He patted Silent Water’s head, and put his hand on her shoulder lightly, “Silent Water, uncle and auntie are very strong. It’ll be fine.”


“Yes, it’ll be fine.” Silent Water and Lin Xiang walked to that room together, while Risa and the others stood at the door, not knowing what to do.


“Squeak~” Opening the wooden door, a smell of blood entered Lin Xiang’s nose, and he was immediately attracted by the blood-stained gauze on the ground.


“Mom!” Silent Water stepped forward and hugged the beautiful woman sitting on the chair.


“Silent Water? Why are you back? And Sir Lin Xiang…” The woman thought she had misheard when she heard Silent Water’s shout just now, but she was still surprised when Silent Water pushed the door open.


“Silent Water… Silent Water came back to see you. It’s great that you’re all right, where’s Dad? Where’s Dad?” Seeing that Paulie Water was not there, Silent Water’s calm heart skipped a beat again.


“Your father went out to get herbs. After all, our waters can only treat wounds, not heal them.” Gentle Water looked at the two tiger men lying on the bed.


After Lin Xiang entered the room and saw the gauze, he naturally looked at the bed. There were two bruised tiger men lying on the bed with bandage marks all over their bodies.


One of them was Toby, the tiger man.


In Lin Xiang’s eyes, tiger people were actually similar in appearance, but there was a small scar on Toby’s eyebrow. Lin Xiang would never recall it wrongly.


“What’s wrong with them?” Silent Water also recognized the tiger man, Toby.


“It probably happened yesterday. Your father was collecting resources in the wild, and found that these two tiger men were being chased and killed by several humans. Those humans had a demonic aura on them. Your father suffered a small injury, and soon overpowered them. But, they all killed themselves when they woke up in the water dungeon.”


“They committed suicide?” Lin Xiang immediately thought of the demon apostles, who would commit suicide if they failed in their actions and was arrested.


“Yes. Paulie has already buried their bodies. Sir Lin Xiang, I still don’t know the reason you and Silent Water came back.” At that time, Gentle Water saw Risa and the others standing by the door, “You brought human friends as well.”




Everyone sat down in the front hall, and Lin Xiang told Gentle Water what he knew.


“So that’s how it happened. I never knew something like that happened in Delza. Those humans must be the demon apostles that Sir Lin Xiang said.” Gentle Water quickly understood the situation.


“Yes. They are all fallen humans. Silent Water was worried about auntie and uncle living in the wild, so I brought her back to have a visit.”


“This is really serious business … It seems like it’s finally getting started.”


“Huh?” Gentle Water’s words puzzled everyone. Did Gentle Water know about it a long time ago?


“You see, during that time, before the end of the Great Spirit Elder’s life, the Great Elder made a prophecy… Hmm? Are you Fire Dance?”


Fire Dance just took off her cloak, revealing her appearance, which made Gentle Water see her looks.


“Ye… yes…” Hearing a spirit speak her name, Fire Dance seemed a little nervous. She was afraid of being scolded by the spirits.


“You have… grown up. It seems that Sir Lin Xiang was the human being who made a contract with Fire Dance. I should have thought of it when Sir Lin Xiang and Silent Water came here.”


“Mom, what is this…”


“This is about the prophecy of the Great Spirit Elder. Allow me to share it to you slowly.”

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