Chapter 8_Are you looking for death?

At the same time, in the training room of Chang’an Club.

Under the soft lighting, a neat row of high-end gaming computers lined up one after the other. In the evening, many players went back to the dormitory to rest. There was only one person in the empty room. From time to time, there were clear and sweet sounds of hands tapping the keyboard in the corner.

A man with a cold look walked into the training room, walked behind the person and said, “Xinran, don’t you want to rest?”

Xu Xinran turned her head and said hello with a smile, “the Qin team.”

The girl’s face looked like a melon and she had short hair. It felt very clean and tidy. The main lead of the Chang’an team, Xu Xinran, had her identity named as “The Free Xinran”. She’s one of the few female players in a professional team, and she belonged to the Shaolin sect.

These two people of the Chang’an team were really quite strange…

For the deputy captain Qin Ye, a guy was playing a female role…

The main lead Xu Xinran was a woman playing master…

When reporters first interviewed the Chang’an team, they always made such a mistake. Everyone regarded Xu Xinran as the Night Girl; and Qin Ye as the master of Xinran. Later, they discovered that everything was reversed…as these two people were both shemales, who’d had their gender switched both in the game and in reality…

Xu Xinran was also a very sharp player. As one of the few female players in the professional team, she was even a melee master of Shaolin. The perseverance and tenacity of this girl sometimes made the captains of all major teams subdue.

When Xu Xinran saw the deputy captain, she immediately stopped the work at hand and said, “I was just reading the official announcement. Qin Ye, you still haven’t returned to the dormitory, is there still something else to deal with?”

Qin Ye nodded and said, “You have many Shaolin IDs in your hand, don’t you? Lend me any one you like.”

Professional players all have little IDs. There are eight martial sects and twenty-four sects in the game, and there are many ways to play. It is not so easy to win the game. As a professional player, he has to be clear about all the basic strategies of the 24 sects. Knowing your enemy would lead to your victory more easily. Every professional player would have a comprehensive understanding of all the skills and combos of the twenty-four genres – this is the basic skill of a professional player.

Although Qin Ye was good at the Emei sect, he could also play other genres.

It’s just that he didn’t have a Shaolin ID in his hand, so he contacted Xinran who played Shaolin.

Since it’s the deputy captain, Xu Xinran naturally wouldn’t refuse. She quickly found a book and handed it to Qin Ye. It contained a large row of account passwords. Each account was also marked with basic character information, ranking of the battle, equipment, skills and mode, etc.

Xu Xinran was such a serious and attentive girl. No one in the professional circle dared to look down on this thin-looking girl. This little girl had explosive power – when one didn’t pay attention, he’d be blown to death by her consecutive tricks.

Qin Ye took the notebook from her, picked an ID of the fourth team and entered the password.

Xu Xinran was wondering, “the Qin team, the equipment of this number hasn’t been up yet. The account I just built a few days ago was directly used in power leveling to reach the full level. I was also just playing in the arena for a few days…are you going to play for qualifications ? Do you want a better account for this?”

Qin Ye said lightly, “it doesn’t matter. ”

Xu Xinran was even more puzzled: “This number has only been practiced, and only reached the fourth battle tier…”

When professional players play online games for qualifications, almost all of them would abuse and torture each other with a sub-account in the “7th highest rank”. The 4th stage is too boring for professional players, and the differences of levels were simply too big. It would be like asking a high school student to learn multiplying, it’s simply meaningless.

Xu Xinran said that she did not understand, “the team Qin suddenly wants a little account of Shaolin, so why did they want a rubbish account that has just been upgraded?”

Qin Ye said, “it’d be enough to torture the newbies.”

Xu Xinran, “…”

I understand now!

Xu Xinran felt cold in her back and suddenly felt enthusiastic about that newbie student!

You’d better bless yourself since you’d be tortured by the Qin team soon…

Lin Xiang felt like trying in front of his computer. Wu Zewen finally grew some interest in this game, and he had to show some colors!

The master of the arena is a Shaolin account fulfilling the requirements, and his name is “Then”. He looked quite trashy with his equipment, it’s all purple without being strengthened.

Lin Xiang typed instantly, “is the master here?”

The other party replied, “yes.”

Lin Xiang, “come, let’s start!”

The other party replied, “Yes.”

When Lin Xiang clicked ready, the screen started counting down.

At the end of the countdown, Li Xiang slid the mouse with his right hand and simultaneously pressed the keyboard shortcut with his left hand. The Tang sect on the screen leaped back, quickly distanced himself from Shaolin, and leaped. At the same time, he suddenly drew longbow in his hand, and a shining green arrow shot directly at Shaolin’s chest with a “swish”—

The Cone Heart Arrow!

When Li Xiang released his skills, he still felt quite proud. He was aiming at the other party’s chest, and not many people could avoid that. When that arrow was shot, that person would instantly lose a few thousand points of blood.

However, to his surprise, at the moment when the bow and arrow shot past, Shaolin suddenly turned sideways and let the bow and arrow slide directly against his chest!

Li Xiang immediately jumped back lightly, pulled away the longbow, and another cold sharp arrow shot out——

The arrow of death!

The intermediate skill of the Tang sect was to show sharp arrows in any direction, penetrating all obstacles on the route, causing a lot of physical damage to the target. The range of attack is 40 meters and the degree of damage increases with distance.

This skill is the basic guarding skill of the Tang sect, and it is also the skill with the farthest attack range among all sects.

Within 40 meters, the damage fluctuates and increases with the distance. In other words, the longer the attack distance, the higher the damage would be caused. It’s a pity that this place is not like the wild. The circular arena has a limited range. Shaolin was standing in the middle of the arena. The farthest distance Li Xiang could get with the opponent was only 20 meters. When this arrow shot past, although there was no way to kill with one hit, it could still cause tens of thousands of damage.

What surprised Li Xiang was that at the moment he shot, the other party seemed to have expected it, he suddenly jumped up, and with another backflip, he directly let the sharp arrow fly over his head!

——It’s a God-like prediction!

Both of the signature skills failed. Li Xiang felt incredibly anxious, and he slammed all his skills towards the opponent…

Piercing Cloud Arrow! Cone Heart Arrow! Frostbolt! Deadly Arrow! Seven arrows together! Arrow rain meteor!

A lot of bows and arrows were shot towards Shaolin on the screen, this momentum was just so strong that it almost turned people into hedgehogs!

What’s unbelievable is that Shaolin used a small effort of jumping up to avoid attacks in a large area of “arrow rain”. Except for the AOE range-hit skills such as Seven Arrows and Arrow Rain Meteor, they only had to endure a little damage. Almost all of the other single attack skills were avoided by him.

After playing for a long time, one round of skills was released, Shaolin’s HP was actually still above 80%.

Li Xiang was even more anxious, he was about to go forward and throw a Cone Heart Arrow. Before he moved, he suddenly felt dizzy—

The Dragon Claw Hand!

It’s general intermediate skill of Shaolin. One could reach out and grab the designated target within 20 meters in front of him immediately, and cause a 3 second stunning effect.

One of Li Xiang’s loopholes in his positioning was noticed by the opponent, and he directly used the dragon-claw hand. Li Xiang believed that it was too late to escape. His opponent took advantage of the dizziness to strike the first to eighth methods of Luohan Fist, hitting Li Xiang to the point that he had blood all over the face.

Li Xiang, “…”

Game over.

This scene was actually quite funny when played back. It looks like a stupid mouse flailing and tossing in front of the big cat for a long time. At first, the big cat played with him for a while, but then it got so impatient that it just decided to kill the mouse with its claw…

It was the first time of Wu Zewen to watch a PK, and he couldn’t understand a lot of things, he just found Li Xiang a bit pitiful.

Liu Chuan was cheering aside, “what a good way of abusing!”

Li Xiang felt incredibly embarrassed and he hurriedly typed, “I just played badly, let’s try again!”

For the first round, Qin Ye had already spared his efforts.

Although Qin Ye was powerful, he was being cautious as well. He never acted recklessly without knowing the level of his opponents. When Liu Chuan inexplicably threw him a sandbag, he also wanted to see how powerful this thing would be.

Liu Chuan told him that this player’s speed wasn’t bad, and Qin Ye was just planning to try and see. Therefore, at the start of the game, he chose to leave some time for his opponent to release his skills and determine the situation…

In the end, it turned out to be a complete newbie. Qin Ye then decided to act fast and finish fast.

In the second round, Qin Ye no longer acted mercifully.

The countdown ended. As soon as the game started, Shaolin made a sudden leap, and he jumped to Li Xiang’s face——

The Thousand Jin Falls!

There was a loud noise in his ears, and Shaolin landed from the air, knocking down all the enemies around him and causing a lot of internal damage!

Li Xiang was directly stunned by the Thousand Jin Falls and fell to the ground with his vision all messed up.

He wasn’t even sure how he died, but he just remembered how weak he became…

In the first round, this person still played with him patiently for a while.

In the second round, this person just wanted to finish him quickly!

Li Xiang was beaten up.

Sitting in front of the computer, Li Xiang scratched his head in confusion, completely unaware of how he died.

But it’s fine for him, since he never let himself get defeated and he’d just get stronger after being abused!

Li Xiang got up from the ground again and he typed, “let’s do this again!”


Qin Ye frowned slightly.

The person in front of him was such a newbie. Qin Ye could easily beat him up, also, he was even using a Shaolin account with so-so equipment. If he used his Emei account, then this guy in front of him wouldn’t survive for more than 10 seconds.

What’s really strange is…after being attacked for so many times, this guy still ended up jumping up and down and asking to fight again?!

You’re such a courageous kid.

Qin Ye asked lightly, “you still wanna play?”

Li Xiang didn’t want to admit failure, “I just made a couple of mistakes, let’s try again.”

The corner of Qin Ye’s mouth twitched.

He quickly typed something and sent it in the chatbox…

“Are you looking for death? Fine, let me satisfy you.”


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