Chapter 9_Meeting the Master

Li Xiang had a terrible facial expression.


This Shaolin called “Then What” pressed him to the ground and beat him frantically. There’s no way he could fight back at all. Every time he wanted to make a shot, the other party could interrupt him with the right skills; and whenever he wanted to use “jumping up” to escape, the other party managed to use the Dragon Claw to drag him in front…


It really makes one desperate when you can’t beat up somebody and you can’t flee either…


Then? There’s nothing else.


The time to overcome the battle was getting shorter and shorter, and it later became a series of attack, which could finish Li Xiang in 15 seconds.


Li Xiang really wanted to cry!


Brother, can you please give me some face ? Are you just treating me as a monster in the game?


Qin Ye did hit Li Xiang as a monster. Later, he was still yawning while hitting the monsters.


He found it so boring, as he’d originally thought that the sandbag that Liu Chuan had kicked over would be quite interesting. It turned out to be a newbie that Tang sect messed up with, it’s really the most ridiculous newbie among all newbies.


Li Xiang had such a hard time, since he had to summon up his energy after being abused for so many times, and he had to be beaten up every time…


When Li Xiang climbed up again, Qin Ye got impatient and typed directly, “do you think you’ll win?”


Lin Xiang, “…”


“You don’t even know why you lost, so why do you still fight? You’ll still lose after 1000 rounds, just don’t waste your time anymore.”


Li Xiang, “…”


Qin Ye deserves to be called the Queen of Poisonous Tongues, and he really liked going straight to the point.


As Liu Chuan was the one sending sandbags to Qin Ye to abuse, he was the one having started everything. He was looking at everything aside with an innocent look.


Wu Zewen, who had been aside watching, was trying to analyze calmly, “Li Xiang, don’t try anymore. This person is clearly stronger than you, as it takes him shorter time now to beat you up. What does it mean? It only means that he didn’t even try his best before.”


Li Xiang only wanted to cry!


The academic bully Wu Zewen had just a supplementary effect, and he even acted dumbly without knowing that he had a supplementary effect.


He was using data to analyze the gap between two people…


But it is such simple and direct data that makes people most desperate!


Qin Ye typed a line of words rarely, “have you remembered the cool-down time of each skill in Tang sect? Have you ever calculated the connecting time of each skill? And do you know how to create the biggest damage with consecutive attacks?”


Li Xiang, “…”


Li Xiang felt so embarrassed that he instantly blushed, and he dared not raise his head in front of Wu Zewen and Liu Chuan.


Qin Ye said, “I’ve gotta go, bye.”


Seeing that Qin Ye was about to leave, Li Xiang wanted to rush forward, “wait! Master, please wait!”


Qin Ye, “???”


Li Xiang’s face blushed, “master, you’re so powerful, can you accept me as your apprentice?”


Qin Ye, “…”


Li Xiang was worried that he’d go offline and he instantly typed in lightning speed, “master, please accept me! I want to start playing Shaolin! Please teach me, master!”


Qin Ye, “…”


Li Xiang, “master, please accept me! I really want you as my master!”


Qin Ye, “…”


Qin Ye was really speechless at this time.


How come this person never gives up? How optimistic can he be?


Qin Ye had said many harsh words, yet Li Xiang didn’t mind at all. He even wanted Qin Ye to be his master…


Qin Ye couldn’t help but frown, and he looked at all the messages regarding someone wanting him to be his master, then decisively copied someone’s number from his QQ friendlist and sent it to the private chat window, “I need to quit the game for a while first, please add this QQ to chat: 7564XXXXX.”


“Okay, thank you master!”


Liu Chuan was still holding his arms beside him carelessly watching a good show. When he saw the QQ number on the chatbox, he almost fell.


He took out his mobile phone and quickly sent a message, “damn it! Why did you give him my QQ number?”


Qin Ye replied, “I never accept apprentices, this is your friend, solve this problem yourself.”


Liu Chuan: “…”


So, Liu Chuan, who lifted a rock and hit himself in the foot, had no choice but to use his QQ to pass Li Xiang’s friend request.


There’s immediately a small line on the chatbox, “has my master agreed to have me as the apprentice? Thank you so much, master! I finally have a master!”


Liu Chuan, “…hehe.”




Liu Chuan never expected that he’d be set up by Qin Ye.


According to his imagination, Li Xiang realized the power of Shaolin after being abused by Qin Ye, and he’d discover that he’s more suitable for close combat. Then, he might give up on Tang sect and start playing Shaolin as well. However, since he didn’t understand much about the game, he had to learn from the beginning.


…this is actually a method of radical encouraging.


Unexpectedly, after being abused, Li Xiang still wanted to have a master…


Qin Ye never accepted apprentices himself.


Many great gods in the circle accept apprentices and pass on their own style of play and experience. Qin Ye seems to be difficult to approach because of his cold personality. The younger generations are generally afraid of him, and few people dare to ask him to be their master. He had also never met any young people who appeared to be extraordinary. Also, since Qin Ye knew Emei better, he’d rather accept an Emei apprentice.


Qin Ye decisively threw the sandbag back to Liu Chuan.


In fact, Liu Chuan rarely accepts disciples.


The word “having a master” might sound easy, yet it’s a serious matter for professional players.


This is different from online games. There are countless apprentices who have been released after apprenticeship in online games. After all, no one knows anyone across the Internet. But the professional circle is different. Professional players get their masters face to face, once they call someone their master, that master will have to be responsible.


The professional circle attaches great importance to the inheritance of the relationship between master and apprentice. Therefore, Liu Chuan rarely accepts apprentices easily.


So far, he has only accepted one apprentice…


That was a very talented genius.


Liu Chuan thought for a while and quickly decided.


Li Xiang had a bit of a strange character, yet he was quite good in speed. If carefully taught, he might become an expert. And if he’s willing to learn hard, Liu Chuan didn’t mind accepting another apprentice.


Liu Chuan sent a smile on the chat screen, “you really want me as your master?”


Liu Xiang typed quickly, “of course! Master, you’re too powerful, and I’m sure that I won’t regret!”


Liu Chuan immediately said, “okay, then I’ll take you. I once had an apprentice, he should be your senior brother, I will introduce you both in the future.”


Li Xiang sent him a teary face.


He really admires this master. Although he is not a master in online games, he is considered to be an intermediate level. He was also pretty amused – since he was abused for ten times and he couldn’t fight back.



Although the person fighting with him was actually Qin Ye, not his master, Li Xiang perceived himself as having won the biggest prize since Liu Chuan was willing to take him as his apprentice. All the apprentices under Liu Chuan’s leadership turned out to be top gods in the professional league. And he couldn’t be any happier!


Li Xiang, who knew nothing much, was still enthusiastically asking his master, “master, which guild do you belong to?  What is your battle level? Can you teach me how to play in the arena? I’m in the fourth level. I have not been able to move up, and I have lost for several days!”


Liu Chuan said, “you have been losing in qualifying, and you haven’t thought about the root cause?”


Li Xiang was taken aback, “…the root cause?”


Liu Chuan smiled and said, “You are not suitable for playing Tang Sect. You just rushed to the Tang Sect as if it was a melee combat. The essence of the Tang Sect is wretched, long-range combat, and even if you can’t kill your opponent, you have to piss him off to death – you can go behind the back, use stealth, assassinate or sneak attacks, instead of using any skills face to face, you got it?”.


“…” Master typed incredibly fast, and it’s a lot of info in such a short time, scaring Li Xiang a bit.


Li Xiang scratched his head awkwardly. Master was right. The essence of Tang Sect lies in the filthy style of fighting. He could also kill his opponents by using stealth, and since he liked fighting face to face, he’s really not suitable for Tang sect.


Li Xiang asked seriously, “Master, then can I play Shaolin? I played a few rounds just now, and I think that Shaolin is quite powerful as well.”


Liu Chuan said, “Well, I suggest you change your career altogether. Shaolin is a very good choice.”


Li Xiang wanted to play Tang Sect at the beginning, purely because he thought that Tang Sect looked more cool.


When he thought of being beaten by Shaolin just now, Li Xiang made up his mind, “let me read the announcement of the new area and I might as well get a new account and start from scratch!”


Liu Chuan smiled and said, “yes, good luck on that. And find me in Shaolin Conference when you’re ready.”


Li Xiang said with excitement, “I got it, master! I will fulfill the requirements in a month!”


When Li Xiang finished chatting with his master on QQ, and when he opened the official website to read the announcement, he was completely shocked by the long announcement——


Dear fighters, the annual large-scale film “Mystery Master” of “Wulin” will officially be launched on September 6th!

On September 6th, from 8:00 to 12:00 in the morning, the whole region will be shut down for maintenance, and the service will be opened on time at 14:00. At the same time, two regions will be added:


Telecom District 7【Shuilongyin】, Netcom District 5【Queqiao Fairy Order】


We welcome all fighters to settle in the new area and start a new journey together!


The updated content is as follows:


  1. Newly added a wealth of daily activities such as “Martial Breakthrough”, “Light Work Challenge”, “Labyrinth”, and “Treasure Map”;


  1. Added a30-person team dungeons “On the Sword Conference”, “Mist Swamp”, and “December Flower God Meeting”;


  1. Newly added a big map of all-server connected scenes: Misty Forest;


  1. New sets of eight martial sects and twenty-four top orange weapons have been added;


  1. Added30 maps dedicated to the arena’squalifying match;



Li Xiang became more excited as he read. Unexpectedly, this annual update not only included new copies, new maps and daily activities, but it also added new equipment and weapons! 24 top orange weapons!


Such a large-scale update is enough to make the game more dynamic!


Li Xiang couldn’t help but turn around and said, “this time, there’re quite a lot of updates. Zewen, why don’t we go to the new area to play? We’ll play from the beginning, so that we can upgrade slowly while learning new things.”


Wu Zewen had been watching Li Xiang and Qin Ye’s battle just now. He was really too focused, as he was staring at the computer screen intently, such a serious learning attitude was really admirable.


Hearing what Li Xiang said, Wu Zewen nodded and said, “Okay, I’m going to the new area too.”


Li Xiang asked, “which sect are you thinking about?”


Wu Zewen said, “I prefer the five poisons, since I can summon all kinds of poisonous pets. It sounds very interesting.”


“Five Poisons? Summon pets?” Li Xiang was shocked. “Are you talking about the Five Poison Master? Zewen, never think about this, this is like a profession with manipulation of multiple nodes. That’s to say, you have to control your positioning and be distracted to take care of your pets. For newbies, this is really too challenging.”

Liu Chuan, “……”


How could you dare to say this without knowing how fast Wu Zewen typed?


Wu Zewen is a piano player, and it’s incredibly easy for him to multi-task with both hands…


Fortunately, Wu Zewen was quite assertive and was not influenced by Li Xiang. Instead, he looked at Liu Chuan and asked seriously, “Liu Chuan, do you think I can play Five Poisons? I’ve never played any online games before and I don’t know about these rules.”

Liu Chuan smiled and he said with a sense of encouragement, “you can try, as your speed is sufficient.”


Wu Zewen nodded, “Well, then I’ll go back and take a good look at the guide. On the 6th day, I will also go to the new area.”


Wu Zewen turned around and prepared to leave.


Li Xiang shouted from behind, “Zewen, do you really want to play Five Poisons? This is very complex and it’s hard to excel in it.”


Wu Zewen turned his head and said, “I like bringing my pets as it sounds more fun.”


Li Xiang, “…”


Li Xiang was speechless.


Although Zewen wasn’t a talkative person, he’s very assertive. He seldom changes his mind.


He’s interested in Five Poisons…


It’s his first time being in an online game and he had picked the most difficult one. No wonder he’s the academic type, as he liked all kinds of challenging things. When the others refrain from something, he’d find it fun and interesting…


Li Xiang could only return to his seat, opened the Shaolin template on the official forum and read the threads there thoroughly.


—He decided to follow his master’s instructions and play Shaolin in the new area!


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