59 Part 1

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Chapter 59    6-3 Slayers!



The Divine Sword, Claíomh Solais.

It was during the Demon Wars that scholars claimed its significance.


When the Human Alliance and the Demon Empire Army were in the midst of an all-out war, a man said:


[We need to revive this sword.]


It was once said that that sword led humans to evolve into what they are today.


However, even though it was a divine sword, it had no meaning unless it could display its magical power.

It was a sword that had been covered with dust for a daunting number of years.

There hadn’t been a single hero worthy of mastering it.

It was said that Albarisus no longer met the qualifications to wield it.


For that reason, the King of the Central State of Paraberiu decided to call in people from other lands.

Using the last bit of power from its highest magical crystal, he activated the summoning magic circle “Crimson”.


No magic, swordsmanship, or experience was required.

There was only a single condition for summoning.

“To be able to handle the Divine Sword Claíomh Solais”.


That one was Isagi.

He subsequently ended the Demon Wars –a 13-year-old boy at the time.


But after he departed from this world, it was said that Claíomh Solais would go dormant again.


However, a new user had emerged.

Caliburnus was able to wield Claíomh Solais as if the hero Isagi himself had returned.

Or it might have been a glimpse of the divine energy lurking within him.



Cindiana and Cesto were charged with the task of chanting forth barriers in response to the approaching Demon Lord.

These barriers, made by these top-ranked adventurers, prevented all magic from passing through them.


Isagi still swung his sword at them.

But the barriers blocked his blade.

Even though there wasn’t a single thing that Claíomh Solais could cut through, it still couldn’t tear past such magical barriers that easily.


Still, Isagi kept on slashing at them with Claíomh Solais.

The faces of those two who were on the other side of the barriers were distorted with fear.

The sword repeatedly hit the barrier over and over, like a pickaxe mining through a huge rock.

One by one, the barriers started to fall.

It was almost as if the Grim Reaper himself had been knocking at their doorstep.


“Stop, please help–”


Cindiana or Cesto, one of them was the one who screamed.

However the Demon Lord wouldn’t stop.


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