59 Part 2

Eventually, all of the barriers were broken.




Magic was released along with that scream.

But Isagi was already close enough.


Isagi decapitated the two of them on the spot.

Their horrified faces rolled on the red carpet.


Isagi was truly invincible with Claíomh Solais on his hand.


Fiddling with Claíomh Solais after finishing off their dead bodies, Isagi looked at Caliburnus.


“You’re all there’s left, Caliburnus.”


A boy who had slain two of this world’s best adventurers in an instant.

Caliburnus tilted his head to the side, as he looked at his black figure.


“Why, though…? Why…?”


The man was muttering to himself.


“I should be the only one allowed to wield Claíomh Solais.

I was chosen by Claíomh Solais.

And yet… Why?”


Caliburnus wasn’t mourning the deaths of his companions.

He was just looking at the palms of his hands, murmuring doubts.


This was someone afflicted by the divine disease.

There was nothing left inside his heart.

A living philosophical zombie.


Isagi slowly approached him.


“If you have any last words, Caliburnus…

Let’s hear them now.

There’s nothing left for you in this world anymore.”


It didn’t matter how much he could harden himself with magic.

There was nothing Claíomh Solais couldn’t cut through.


Caliburnus raised his head, clenching his fists.


“… It’s fine.

I’ve always been alone.

I’ll be alone until my last moments.”

“Your last moments are now.”


Caliburnus chanted a magic spell.

It was a spell he had never seen before.


It looked as if he was uttering nonsense.

However, it boasted a power so immense that it was shocking.

Was he able to manipulate magic that far exceeds that of Sylvenia?


If activated, it would definitely be a destructive power that will completely destroy Dynas City Royal Castle.

Caliburnus seemed prepared to use such a destructive spell without any hesitations.


He uttered the spell’s activation key.


“Be gone from my sight and disappear!”




This kind of magic didn’t work on Isagi.

Isagi’s left eye sparkled.


“Oh, I will disappear. Don’t you worry.

After saving this world.”


The condensed mass of magical power burst at the midpoint between Isagi and Caliburnus.

And then, he was crushed.


Caliburnus hadn’t learned anything. He hadn’t grown at all.

This was the karma of those afflicted by the divine disease.


He had fallen victim to his own technique.


“This is the end.”

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