The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 171

  1. Gentle Embrace

When Tiararose was about to ask about this place, there’s a knock on the door and a maid informed them of a guest.


“…? There were no plans for a guest’s arrival though.”


Luca tilted his head in surprise and stood up.


Tiararose sipped the black tea and waited at her seat; she thought of asking about various things from Luca and the others, but thinking about it, they might have plans… and could be busy.


-No, I’m sure they’re busy right now.


It might be difficult for her to take up much of their time now, so she decided to look for Aquasteed on her own first and then come back later.

While thinking about that, she heard a voice- of someone calling her name in a loving way; it’s a familiar voice which she has heard every day.


“I’m glad, Tiara. You’re fine…”

“-, Aqua!”


Tiararose hurriedly stood up from the sofa and dashed towards Aquasteed.

They were supposed to be together, but were separated and that made her uneasy.

He seems fine so Tiararose’s relieved and she felt the strength in her body going away. Right then, Aquasteed gently hugged her.



“Oh- are you okay?”

“…Yes. I just felt relieved upon seeing you, Aqua, and that made the strength in my body go away.”


Tiararose smiled wryly and said that it’s embarrassing; however, from Aquasteed’s viewpoint, it’s cute.


“I’m glad Aqua’s fine.”


Both of them were relieved.


“So… what are you doing here?”

“Ah… that’s right. We are in front of everyone right now…!”


Tiararose suddenly felt embarrassed and covered her reddening cheeks with both hands.


“…I’ll prepare a fresh brew of tea so please calm down.”


Elaine said that and Tiararose desperately nodded.




“Sorry for the sudden visit. I’m Aquasteed, the husband of Tiararose. Thank you for saving my wife.”

“No, that’s natural for us to do it. I’m Luca.”

“I’m his twin younger brother, Leo.”

“I’m Elaine.”


Everyone sat down and introduced themselves.


Next, they explained about Tiararose’s current situation to Aquasteed; about how she collapsed in the middle of the forest and was helped by Luca and Leo.

Of course, they have her checked out by the doctor and confirmed that both the mother and child are safe.


Next, they explained about the strange happening in the sky.

Luca and Leo themselves were not too sure about the situation so Luca explained about what kind of phenomenon has happened.


“Indeed, it’s the first time I’ve seen that sky and the bird.”


Aquasteed also talked about the sky he saw when he was on the way here. However, he shook his head saying that he has no idea about the cause.


“Regarding the weather, something might have happened to the sky fairy king, but as for the appearance of the bird… I have never heard of that before.”


It’s a hopeless situation.

Luca and the others felt the same way too.


“We have read a lot of documents, but it seemed like nothing like this has happened before. We’re desperately trying to research about it now, but didn’t yield much result…”


Luca shook his head weakly and talked about how he could only deal with the bird which attacked them.

Everyone tried to rack their brains over it, but they could not think of a solution and for a while silence continued… until Elaine opened her mouth in an apologetic way.


“If I’m right, Sir Luca and Sir Leo have plans. Lady Tiararose and Sir Aquasteed should be tired so for now let’s tie up things for now, shall we?”

“Ah- that’s right.”


Luca has totally forgotten about it and smiled wryly; Leo showed a troubled look by his side.


“Regardless of our plans, it’s better for you to rest a bit more. Elaine, please prepare the guestroom for them.”



Elaine left her seat and did as Luca has instructed.


“Um- for now, Lady Tiararose should rest and place your health as the priority. If there’s anything, just call me and I’d head over immediately.”

“Thank you very much. I’ve been looked after so much by you two, Luca and Leo.”


Tiararose looked sorry and Leo shook his head.


“No! This much is fine. Or rather, I have made you worry about the matters of the sky… we will deal that by ourselves so it’d be fine!”

“How reliable”


Leo showed a fist as he declared that, and Tiararose smiled.

Aquasteed also looked at Luca and Leo and said that they are strong with a smile.


“I’ll do my best to cooperate if there’s anything I can do, so please do let me know.”

“Yes, thank you very much!!”


Right at that good timing, Elaine came back.

She guided Tiararose and Aquasteed to the guestroom; Luca and Leo left as they had something to do.






After arriving at the guestroom which was led by Elaine, Tiararose took a deep breath,

After all, so many things have happened and she has exhausted quite a bit of strength.


The guestroom prepared for them had a light-blue color tone and it was a very relaxing room.

There were furniture with cute cabriole legs and a flower painting on the wall. There’s a balcony outside the huge window and they were able to look over the streets.

The adjacent room is a bedroom where they could lie down.



“Aqua…? Ah-”


After being called, Tiararose turned around and was hugged tightly.


“There were too many people around just now, right?”

“Tsk Aqua… but me too…”


Tiararose wrapped her arms around Aquasteed’s waist and hugged him tightly. It’s only a short while since they’re apart, but this made her so relieved.

Tiararose rubbed her face against Aquasteed’s cheat and repeatedly said that she’s glad.


“We are supposed to be looking at the stars of the summer festival, but were suddenly apart from each other…. I was wondering what has happened”


Tiararose was smiled saying that she’s glad they managed to meet each other again.


“I was surprised too. When I opened my eyes, Tiara’s not around… I thought I was useless for fainting. If only I could have saved you, sorry…”

“No… that cannot be helped it. Furthermore, Aqua has looked for me and arrived here after all.”


Tiararose smiled wryly that she’s very surprised.


“I was also about to look for Aqua.”

“Tiara too? That makes me happy… But please wait for me instead if it happens again. I’ll definitely be able to find you no matter what.”



Tiararose felt her face blushing at Aquasteed’s words.

She felt like a princess who’s saved by the prince.


-Or rather, Aqua’s really a prince.


However, Tiararose was worried about Aquasteed; she thought that it’d be fine for her to go and find him…

Tiararose raised her head and peeked at Aquasteed, he showed a gentle smile and said “hm?”


She cannot say no to that.


“…no matter where I’m, I’ll have faith and wait for you, Aqua.”



Aquasteed narrowed his eyes when Tiararose said that; he then rubbed her head and touched her cheek.

Aquasteed’s hand was warm and comfortable; this made Tiararose narrow her eyes naturally… and going along with the flow, she was kissed by Aquasteed.




It was a gentle peck, but it filled her up. However, she wanted more… and called his name.

Right then, he showed a mischievous look like a kid.


“What’s wrong, Tiara?”

“Ugh… Aqua, that’s unfair… you know very well.”

“That’s right, sorry.”


Aquasteed plainly apologized and once again kissed Tiararose. This time round, it was a deeper one.

Tiararose let out a sweet breath and Aquasteed carried her up upon hearing that.


“–! Aqua?”

“Even though the doctor said that both you and the child are fine, you must be tired, right? So let’s take a rest, shall we?”



Tiararose nodded as Aquasteed headed for the bedroom. Indeed, she’s forcing herself all these while so she’s a little sleepy.


“I’ll hug you as you sleep, Tiara.”


That’s why it’d be fine, he said and kissed the tip of her nose.



Both of them lied down on the bed and Tiararose hugged Aquasteed tightly.


“Are you relaxed?”

“…Yes. Um, all these while… or rather, even up till now, I’ve no idea where this place is… so I was not able to calm down.”


She still has the same strange feelings now, but it’s quite different when Aquasteed’s here by her side.


Tiararose was not able to fall asleep immediately so she said what she’s thinking of.


“I think… we are in the royal castle where we’ve been staying at… but something’s strange.”


It’s the same building and scenery, but there’s just something out of place. Also, there are so many unfamiliar people.

Aquasteed smiled wryly at Tiararose’s words; actually he has sort of figured out where they’re at.


“That’s right… although I did not regain my conscious here… I feel the same way as you, Tiara.”

“Aqua too?”

“Yes, of course, this place is out of place, but rather than that I’m more concerned about the weird changes in the sky.

“…Yes. I wonder if Grail knows something about it”


If it comes to weird changes in the sky, the first person who comes to mind is the sky fairy king Grail.

However, since Tiararose did not receive blessings from Grail, it’s difficult for her to contact him.

Aquasteed received the blessings of Grail so he might be able to confirm with him; if that’s the case, they might be able to resolve the situation.


Aquasteed nodded and said that’s indeed the case.


“However… it seems like Grail’s not in the vicinity.”

“Eh, Grail is…?”

“This might be related to the happening.”


There are so many troubles ahead and Aquasteed smiled wryly.


“For now, we are safe. Tiara was saved by Luca and Leo when you collapsed in the forest, right? So please rest for a bit now.”


It’s not good for the baby in the womb too.




Aquasteed rubbed her head and Tiararose released the tension from her body; she thought she’d fall asleep while talking but it seems like she could not do so.

Tiararose opened her eyes and Aquasteed rubbed her head; he then sang a lullaby in a tenor voice to calm her down.


-Aqua’s lullaby.


Being realizing, she has fallen into a deep slumber in the embrace of Aquasteed.

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